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  1. Print is good for Buyers - not Sellers. There are Sellers who do not list vehicles for sale on the interweb for various reasons. Sometimes - a Seller’s idea of pricing is way off with regard to current value - in a direction that favors a Buyer. I recently transported this early Cadillac that sold for 30% or less of market value. I can’t be more specific as to the year - model - price or what print publication it was advertised in. Jim
  2. Call your local Uhaul See if it is their database of cars acceptable to have transported on their trailer. JIm
  3. According to a guy I spoke to at Universal: Coker & Universal are owned by the same financial group. Jim
  4. Educational day ... These tires are not available: We don’t have $2000 for Excelsior tires. Flaps are in stock at Lucas in Long Beach. Brass stem tubes have to be ordered from Europe - not in stock. I am picking up the 1904 Ford Model B body from Ray Wells in El Cajon, CA where it has been for several months. Ford 1904 Model B # 51 ( historically known as B # 52 ) is the only regarded largely original 1904 Ford Model B known to exist. It has been in Southern California since December 2018 when I dropped it off. If everything goes according to plan - it will attend The EFR Tour in the week leading up to The 2019 New London Run in August. History will change ..... Jim
  5. Thanks for the link in your post but it doesn’t go anywhere - it just redirects back to this thread. Jim
  6. Assuming the rims are original ( which I believe they are ) ..... I have been told the current tire on the rim shown ( 810 x 90 size Dunlop ) is Post WW2. The rim measurement is approximate. What would the equivalent pre WW2 size clincher tire be ? Jim
  7. Already called Coker Don’t want their acquired “ Excelsior “ brand Jim
  8. Rim size is 26.25 x 3 Existing tire is Dunlop 810 x 90 Car is 1904 Ford Model B 51 Was told after WW2 - tires were bought in Europe due to limited manufacturing in US Clincher rims Need (4) new tires & tubes for running on the road - not dancing on the stage Jim
  9. You are stuck on the engine. The engine is one component. The towing platform the engine goes into - the transmission it is mated to - the gear ratio of the rear differential - the suspension - the cooling system are ewually important. That truck is not suitable for the application you intend. Jim
  10. Greatly disappointed in Jay on this episode ..... Around the 4:00 minute mark he links Davis ( who went to jail for 24 months ) and Preston Tucker stating “ they both went to jail for fraud “. Preston Tucker was acquitted on all counts. It just shows ignorance continues decades later about the facts concerning Preston Tucker. Jim
  11. The link I provided makes for some fascinating reading .... Regarding the proven design of his car: Regarding his workers: Preston Tucker cut his teeth working for several auto manufacturers. I believe he was innovative - ingenious - charismatic - successful. Had he been allowed to remain in business - his cars would have progressed and helped shape automotive history even further. Jim
  12. Visit the “ Museum That Shall Not Be Named “. Linger At The Tucker Exhibit. Observe - Let It Set In ..... My appreciation of the man - his vision - what was accomplished in the blink of an eye - greatly increased. Jim
  13. Troy, You need to do some internet research .... Start here: Preston Tucker Jim
  14. Back in 2010 when I was pulling an open trailer - I delivered this wagon to that same town .... I have a photographic memory for most hauls. This wagon was used as collateral on a business loan that defaulted - it had a lot of money invested in it. I picked it up in Pennsylvania - it sold very cheap. Jim
  15. John, Actually what you are doing is a good idea. You are doing your homework about the cost of transport before you buy the car. Jim