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  1. I visited the website & found the parent company @ https://www.ptacadmin.com Jim
  2. ***************************** My Website[/b] @ http://www.trulyvintagetrailers.citymax.com/trulyvintage-feedback.html **************************** September 27th Available In Auburn, Indiana Pick up in the surrounding area or adjacent states is available I can go to the West or East Coast I have vehicles waiting in Maryland Washington - Oregon - California 30 feet enclosed - 8 foot door - 7000 lb. capacity Please Call or Text Jim 260-804-6695 **********
  3. The guy who posted this is a Hauler on the Facebook group I belong to. That was a serious post he made πŸ™„ Jim
  4. β€œ The Twilight Zone β€œ is a reference to an alternative reality where some folks seem to reside. Like the guy who wants to haul 6 to 8 cars on a trailer with a one ton truck. Jim
  5. It is alway nice to haul The Early Fords Last week I dropped off this 1906-1907 Ford Model N Near Austin, Texas πŸ‘ The body number Is from 1906 The engine number is from 1907 It had been restored probably in The 1940’s judging by the paint Jim
  6. Share actual posts here that are from The Twilight Zone πŸ™„ Posted today from a FB group I belong to 🧐 Jim
  7. Actual post from a Facebook group I belong to posted today: Jim
  8. This trip is done September 20th Leaving Atlanta, Georgia I can pick up in the surrounding area Taking I-81 up to Frederick, Maryland 30 feet enclosed - 8 foot door - 7000 lb. capacity Please call or text Jim 260-804-6695 I actually have been in business since 2006 and have been on this forum since 2008 πŸ’‘ So I get a fair amount of referrals πŸ˜‰ I just dropped off this 1976 Ford F-150 Ranger XLT Camper Special yesterday In Huntsville, Alabama πŸ‘ Passed down from Mothe
  9. Don’t leave the house 🏠 A meteorite might fall from the sky and kill you. Come to think of it - unless you build a nuclear bunker - you are susceptible to every kind of peril 🧐 Jim
  10. Carl, A high deck means more clearance which is good when you go across low driveways. I think the most important thing is the width of the trailer - it looks to be about 7 feet wide which restricts the use of it for narrow smaller cars. You can make or buy ramps to use to load and unload at the rear. it seems the usable footprint of floor space is around 15 feet with that generator box in the way. To have a gooseneck trailer with such a short & narrow box and a rating of 12,000 pounds just makes the use limited. Jim
  11. I don’t think you could haul a car in that πŸ‘€ it look like a 7 foot wide trailer that is almost a deck over design - the floor is high off the ground - the angle for ramps would be really steep. With the generator box there isn’t much floor space. Limited use trailer. Jim
  12. This trip is done September 17thAvailable In Nashville, TennesseeI can pick up in the surrounding area or adjacent states30 feet of room - 7000 pound capacity - 8 foot rear doorI can deliver to anywhere in the lower (48) states*****************************Please call or text Jim 260-804-6695
  13. Disconnect the driveline if you insist on flat towing. Jim
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