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  1. Walt G, Focusing on the accessories that might be Packard Manufacurer - Distributor - Dealer installed: Jim
  2. Sincere Thanks To All Who Have Contributed 😉 I found my way to Mr. James Pearsall in NJ who is the Packard Roster Keeper for this Packard Model for The Packard Club. We had a good conversation. Just to refresh - the tags I had found were: Engine Frame Inside Firewall Jim asked me about a fourth tag .... A tag he said was located at the rear passenger door sill on the floor on the wood body ..... We found it: The first three numbers denote body style ( Sport ). The second three denote the production number ( 218 ). This is the 218th Sport produced in the first year of manufacturing the Sport. I don’t know know numberwise where it stands for 1924 Packard Sport 8 production ( factory 8 cylinder cars ). Jim
  3. I am researching the history of the car. I started this thread to see if any members had any information they had to contribute to the research. I reached out to The Studebaker National Museum today where ( hopefully ) the sales records of 1924 Packards are kept. I am not selling the car. Jim
  4. Walt, Thank You for posting. I did a walk around video which I posted on my Facebook page and in it I noted that the windshield and the side windows were marked “ safety glass “ which means they were replaced probably because of practical concerns. I think the front deflectors were also marked “ safety glass “which explains the difference in appearance. Do you think the additional lights on the front clip and by the windshield are also factory accessories ? Jim
  5. I am not suggesting the paint is original - it likely is not. My point is - the color choice might be if the original owner ordered that color from the Agency or Dealer. Jim
  6. I had an interesting conversation with my friend Wayland in Oregon. This Packard has been repainted - no doubt about that .... He told me that some car dealers back in the early years would customize a car to make a sale - including painting it a custom color for a customer in order to make a sale. I went to the Packard Dealer Registry and found only (4) dealers listed for the Portland, Oregon area. Assuming this Packard was custom ordered with rear windshield - not a far stretch to imagine a custom color might have been applied at the Dealership or Agency that took the order. I don’t imagine a lot of 1924 Packard Sport Single 8 cars were sold out of Portland. This car would have definitely stood out. Here is an old photo of one of the Portland Agencies or Dealerships. Jim
  7. I reached out to The National Packard Museum In Ohio yesterday for any records they might have on this car. I have not heard back yet. Interesting front side glass deflectors ? I assume the rear passenger windshield ? and folding side windows are original. The rear passenger window assembly had ” safety glass “ markings on the (3) pieces. Jim
  8. Mr Karl Binner apparently hosted at least one AACA Texas Tour. Again - probably anyone who toured with him of a contemporary age has most likely also passed away .... Jim
  9. Hopefully the history of the car can be fully researched. If someone personally knew the previous owner(s) & the car - it would be nice to hear from them. Jim
  10. West, Thank You for posting on my Facebook page and thank you for bringing the discussion back on topic here. Did you get a chance to watch the walk around video on Facebook ? Jim
  11. Excellent idea ^^^^ if your relative is up to a train ride. I have heard of this before - seems to be quite satisfactory to those who use it. I have to take a train ride like this sometime - sounds like fun ! Jim
  12. Is there a relative who can drive it back -and then fly back to Florida ? Thst is your best bet. Jim
  13. It is for sale now. I am helping the Seller research it. Jim