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  1. I found this video I posted at the pick up that details the build process Belly Tank Build Jim
  2. I owned a factory Greenbrier camper van like this one - I towed it from Idaho to Arizona with a custom tow bar in the mid 80’s. The back cushions arranged to make one complete giant bed that started behind the driver bench seat. A great vehicle to camp in - I could see over roof - it would go just about anywhere. Jim
  3. That was the inspiration for a movie … @ Jim
  4. Rather than tease you ….. I post my travel adventures on Facebook among other places - I posted a “ memory “ yesterday and the son posted an image of the race car. As it turns out - I delivered to & met with the CEO or Chairman of JD Powers who turned it into a conference table 👍 Jim
  5. So the son had been following my travels for awhile on Instagram and insisted that I haul this - unbeknownst to me. When I arrived - I took a long video interview with his Dad the builder along with pictures. Then we loaded. Jim
  6. Several years ago I picked up a belly tank race car that a guy had spent several years building that was based on a Model A. The frame was a Model A and the power train was also a Model A. He took great care in planning and assembling it with period fasteners in an attempt to replicate what someone would have built all those years ago. He took it to TROG on the East Coast and raced it - it made at least one trip down the shore. Having achieved what he set out to do he had his son put it up for sale on the Interweb and found a Buyer just out of Chicago. Jim
  7. I am in Transition Made my first boat haul yesterday ⚓️ Left Orcas at 12 noon & didn’t return until 10:30 pm. Close to 3 hours on a ferry and 7 hours driving from Anacortes down to Issaquah and back for a total of 200 miles towing. Jim
  8. You got the Wheels … You got the Gun … You just need the Girl … For A Night Of Terror …. Or I could put you in touch with the ex wife Jim
  9. One of my favorite images I have taken over the years …. 2018 MTFCA National Tour Jim
  10. Chances are - a passenger car vehicle built 54 years ago was not designed to be a towing platform for a 4000 pound trailer. A tow vehicle has to incorporate engine horsepower & torque along with differential gearing - combined with transmission torque & cooling - brake capacity - etc …. It is an engineered complete design that has to safely tow and stop under control a suitable load that is being pulled. Jim
  11. Dean goes to town for necessities in his Model T vehicles as the need arises. Conservatively speaking - he has logged at minimum over 100, 000 miles in Model T vehicles. This current trip started in Iowa City, Iowa from his farm a few days before the MTFCA Annual Homecoming in Richmond, Indiana which was June 19th. From there - Dean and his traveling companion took a long ( mostly two lane ) dirt & gravel road to Spokane, Washington for the MTFCA National Tour which started around July 9th. Dean has been on the road now well over a month. Jim
  12. At Chickasha Swap earlier this year I parked my truck & trailer across from Dean. He invited me to dinner cooked on an old Coleman stove in a cast iron frying pan 🍳 Hamburger with onions sautéed in 🧈 As the sun set I remarked that I couldn’t believe I was sharing a meal he cooked over open flame 🔥 Just like he had done countless times in his travels - just like folks did all the time over 100 years ago … Dean paused - looked up at me … ” Your full a’ shit “ he said … I laughed & agreed but still I considered it a high honor none the less 😏 Jim
  13. There is a discussion here …. @ I wouldn’t recommend it because you are not going to find factory approved accessories “ off the shelf “ for a vehicle that old. Jim
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