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  1. Don’t let the Wife read your thread ( which is very funny by the way ). You should be doing stand up comedy ( although I don’t think your Jeep should let you ) .... Jim
  2. Joe, I have transported (3) Red Bugs. Here is the first one that I actually used my own money to purchase for someone I didn’t know who had bought it off of Craigslist. At Pick Up: At Drop Off: Your engine is actually quite valuable - if you want contact information about fair market appraisal - send me a PM. I do not buy or sell - I educate myself on vehicles I transport. Jim
  3. Looking at the images ... Chains ? - Not a good idea to secure an antique vehicle in an enclosed trailer. Almost no clearance between the vehicle on the upper deck and the roof of the trailer - vehicles bounce and sway in transit. Jim
  4. This past weekend I transported a pair of Caterpillar Model 22 Crawlers - one at a time - from Napa, California to Virginia City, Nevada. I made separate trips - each Cat weighed about 6200 pounds - neither one had run in many years. They had been sitting for a long time in a corner of the vineyard .... The first one rolled fairly easily so we pulled it out to a paved road on the property with a tractor and chain. Finding a rollback proved a challenge - as I expected most tow companies do not want to transport anything on steel tracks. I was able to line up a local company for the first Cat ..... This is why I build my enclosed trailers with barn doors and use ramps - versatility for cargo management .... The trip is relatively short - in terms of miles it is about 250 one way. But going up & down over Donner Pass on I-80 and up & down the south entrance off Hwy 50 to Virginia City takes it's toll. I picked up a few sheets of 1 -1/8 inch sub-floor plywood and had it ripped in two length wise. I placed it over the removable rubber stall mats in my trailer to protect the floor. The owner used them to protect his shop concrete floor. The hauls went fairly smoothly - the second Cat was stuck but we finally managed to free it up. In Virginia City - John & Liz had a truck & equipment trailer to take delivery and transfer to their shop. Their PJ tilt trailer had a 12K Badlands winch like mine so transfer went smoothly. On Sunday - after dropping off the second Cat -I got to have lunch with John and visit while Liz shot pictures of the Outhouse Races on Main Street. They live in a largely original house built in 1865 right above the Train Depot. - it is one of the few houses that never burned. Liz is the Unofficial Town Photographer - they have been visiting since 1999. We became friends when I moved several of their vehicles from Napa to Virginia City in the Summer of 2017. I probably would have not taken this job if we were not friends. Jim
  5. The “ Notel “ system shown above in the You Tube video is not compliant for commercial use. This sleeper is: I have seen drivers caught sleeping in their quad cab pick up trucks by Vehicle Enforcement in: Oklahoma Maine Pennsylvania The guy in Oklahoma was parked next to me at a Toll Service Service Plaza. It is no laughing matter. If you can’t afford to purchase the proper equipment to sleep in your pick up truck - find another job. Don’t BS folks by telling them it is for the “ security “ of their vehicle. Jim
  6. If you are a professional hauler with an actual company - not just someone pulling a trailer behind a pick up truck - you have regulations and rules to observe. One important one - you cannot legally sleep in a pick up truck without an approved commercial sleeper conversion - either external to the truck cab or integrated into the rear seat on a crew cab of a quad cab: After driving the legal limit of hours in a given day - the last thing professional haulers want to do is sleep in their pick up truck - that is just depressing and frankly would stink up your truck real quick .... Jim
  7. If a trailer is disconnected from a tow vehicle and not being actively used - position it so it is backed up against a wall - fence - vehicle at the rear and block the front with another vehicle that is disabled. If it is actively being used and is attached to a tow vehicle - when you stop and leave it unattended ( like at a motel for the night ) - back it up so the rear is blocked - disable the tow vehicle. I tow just about every day - if I leave my rig unattended - this is what I do. Jim
  8. Why are you trying to compete with “ FREE “ ... ? Nothing is free - there is a cost point for everything. As a Seller - if you include “ free shipping “ - you stand to lose the item and have to refund the money paid by the Buyer. I get weekly calls from folks who sell vehicles that include “ free transport “ - they are trying to get it below cost. Bad Idea .... Jim
  9. Spot On ... Improvements in performance and handling capabilities have reduced the need for driving skill .... Jim
  10. Welcome ! We all like images ... Thank You for posting ! Jim
  11. Here is a rare and interesting car I dropped off yesterday in Whitefish, Montana: 1957 Dodge Coronet Convertible Documented Two Owner 66K original miles Current owner has had it for (20) years Came from original owner in Iowa This is the third vehicle I have hauled for Wayne ( who is moving from St. Louis, Missouri ). Yesterday was a long day - 600 miles of driving to get in and out of Whitefish, Montana before an early major winter storm hit .... I had to move custom cabinets out of the way to make room for the car .... Jim
  12. Looks like it sold on ebay: @ Jim
  13. I don’t know anyone would part with a Good Head .... Jim