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  1. If you are talking about actually varnishing a wood trailer floor ... I don’t know anyone who would recommend doing that. A friend of my designed & built these aluminum ramp holder brackets for me. Jim
  2. I just dropped off my second load this week of donated automobilia items transported from Charlotte, NC to The EFV-8 Foundation Museum in Auburn , Indiana yesterday. A Honda Gold Wing & Vintage Scooters in the front πŸ˜‰ A 1936 Ford Sedan Delivery behind those in the middle πŸ˜‰ A vintage air compressor at the rear powered by an early Ford V-8 engine I transport a variety of automobilia to & from museums on a regular basis so rear barn doors with commercial aluminum ra
  3. Dennis Carpenter started his museum back in 1967 - his son Daniel carries the collection forward today. Thursday was spent at the private museum outside of Charlotte, North Carolina .... If you like Fords - Old Motorcycles & Scooters .... I posted (6) videos to my YouTube Channel: @ https://youtube.com/channel/UCok7ZpPwaVkpdgvkfXKecUQ Enjoy ! Jim
  4. Commercial Posting $1.25 a mile on up Starting March 28th Scheduling Now Several trips available Auburn, Indiana To Charlotte, North Carolina 30 feet enclosed - 7000 pound capacity - 8 foot door FULL from North Carolina Call or Text Jim 260-804-6695
  5. I have been told the watermark is an obscure Belgium manufacturer mark - but that is not supported. I am trying to get independent documentation of who manufactured the radiator. You asked for an image of the radiator & I posted one. Jim
  6. American Brand Car. Unknown if design - parts - assembly was in America or abroad. Trying to find the radiator manufacturer which appears to be from Belgium. Anyone seen these watermarks / tags on a brass radiator before ? Thanks ! Jim
  7. That is probably cost prohibitive for you to pay someone to transport. Jim
  8. I put that on my trailer floor when I put in a new floor. It is working out great πŸ‘ Jim
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