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  1. Coming back to San Diego to complete the trade was this 1934 Ford California Cabriolet V-8: Safely delivered to San Diego Jim
  2. Then I loaded up the Ford for the trip up to Long Beach: I have safely transported over (300) Ford Model T's and TT's in various configurations. As with all early cars - it is important to keep the top up for transport - that is why I have an 8 foot rear door. Safely Delivered Jim
  3. Anyone have a good classic car trading experience to share ? Recently I have been involved in a couple car trades involving rare cars ... Here is the first: I was asked by my friend to travel from Flagstaff, AZ to San Diego, CA.for a trade from San Diego to Long Beach and back ... While that might seem a relatively long way to travel for a short round trip ... Kim is my good friend and I was honored to make the exchange. Jim I picked up this 1908 Ford Model S in San Diego, California: The Ford was in the back yard of a home in a residential neighborhood - so I rigged up a tow line to get it to the street. Jim
  4. I have been hauling cars for (12) years. I listen to my little voice. I watch for 🚩. Most folks are honest and I trust folks until they prove otherwise. When it comes to buying a car - who you are dealing with is equally important as the vehicle. I just completed transport in a trade of two cars between Albuquerque and Cincinnati. Both parties were great to deal with. Jim
  5. Often I would pass this chain of tire stores located next to major truck stops but I figured they would be too expensive 👋 Then I bothered to check them out. Glad I did 👍 This is the best deal on 14 ply ST trailer tires including mounting I have found. These tires will run without shredding if you get a puncture and they last me (6) months inn average. Jim
  6. I replace my tow vehicle on average every (2) years. I favor the first generation Ford F-350 PSD in a CC 2WD platform. ( 1995 to -1997) because they are economical to service and maintain. One of the things I address is the driveline - I get it rebuilt & balanced. I put my current truck into service in January and took it to my regular driveline rebuild shop. They told me it was in good condition & did not need re-building. On Monday I scheduled another driveline shop along my route to re-build the driveline just based on gut instinct. Good thing I did - the rear u-joint was coming apart 😳 Jim
  7. 1906 Ford Model K Load Out In Oregon April 2018 Drop Off In Iowa April 2018 New London To New Brighton Finish Line 2018 Jim
  8. I stay at motels on average about 125 nights minimum a year. Motel 6 is my preference. I get a room where I can see my truck & trailer out the window. I disable my truck so it can’t be started. I park at an angle so the rear doors open away from the parking area or I back up to a wall or another vehicle to block the doors. Tonight .... Jim
  9. Nope Not unless you buy a newer model specifically custom engineered and designed for towing that weight. Jim
  10. Since you mention Mercedes - I am assuming your brother is considering a Sprinter Van type platform. My brother currently has (2) later model Sprinter Vans. Don’t buy one unless you can get a factory or extended warranty. Major $$$ repair costs on common problems that should have ( but did not ) generate manufacturer recalls. Jim