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  1. Thanks guys for the encouragement........It's been a challenging, but fun along the way. The car is in original condition and had been sitting since 1954. The pistons were frozen and took a great deal of TLC to break them loose. After we broke them loose, we finally got the engine running to find out the clutch was stuck..........ending up pulling the motor and freeing the clutch. We are currently in the process of reworking the fuel system at this time. Distance is pretty limited on a 1 gal gas tank! Again, I'd like to thank everyone who has helped along the way. Couldn't have done
  2. Attached is a link to a short video of my Dad, Al, who is 92 years young driving his Buick for the first time. It was our goal to get it running and with the help of many we were able to get it going. I'm an old Packard guy, but this is really a great car! https://youtu.be/VTEhuyZxNeo
  3. Dave, Thanks for the info........since, I made the original post in '08 ,I've done extensive research on the Piedmont Motor Car Co. located here in Lynchburg. They were like so many car manufacturers at the turn of the century. They were enthusiastic, energetic and most of all............underfunded. The company was chartered in March 1916 by the Va SCC and amazingly, the first car was rolled off in March a year later. I'll be glad to send a copy of a presentation that gave to the historical society a while back. As far as remaining cars, I know of three. One in Lynchburg, the s
  4. Here is a link to the car that my Dad is trying to sell................ Any interest, please feel free to contact me. http://ebay.us/a0k7cX?cmpnId=5338273189
  5. John, Thank you for your response........After listening to all, I've reached out to Tony and I'll be going back with the relay in the harness. As always, I appreciate everyone's time and input! Regards,
  6. Thank you Bill, I appreciate the help! Regards, sapuckette at g mail dot com
  7. Sorry guys, This is the car that has been sitting since 1954. It runs great, so I'm in the process of re-wiring the car. Unfortunately, the previous owner removed all of the wiring including the relay. I'm n ot sure what happened to it so, I'm looking for one I can use or maybe mount a fuse under the dash. As always , Thanks
  8. I'm looking for a replacement source for the current limiter relay for our 29 Buick. I'm also interested to hear if anyone has rewired a car and replaced the relay with a conventional fuse block. Thanks,
  9. Ryan, You've gotten a lot of input on this subject, so I'll throw in my two cents............Mine was pretty simple ....mounted the frame on two engine stands (with a few modifications) . Rolled into the blast area, then sprayed with a two part epoxy. Results were great..........
  10. An interesting Article on the "Brief History oh Model T Racing" courtesy of "Antique Automobile" Christmas 1959 , Vol. 23, No. 6
  11. Thanks Guys, I appreciate all of the input and help! I have located the metering rod through Vintage Carb. The input and suggestions have been a tremendous help! Thanks for all the support! Stay Safe.........
  12. In desperate need of the metering rod and linkage associated with it. Any help greatly appreciated........
  13. Guys, This is a great car .....fun to drive!
  14. David, Thank you for the kind words.................
  15. It's a great car..........drives great.........just traded up and need to let someone else enjoy it.
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