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  1. It might also be the oil pump as they were made from pot metal in some years. It looks like your car might actually be a 1928. 1927-1929 were very similar, the key is the badge on the radiator if you are not looking at the serial number. I believe there may be about 12 Chandlers left in Australia with less than 200 left worldwide. Ed is correct get the Chandler book, you'll learn a lot about their history. Please message me if you have any more Chandler questions.
  2. You what amazed me about the two originals we found is that they both still had their original attaching hardware. Just amazing that they stayed together after all these years!
  3. Bill was correct. The modern repo is in the middle with the originals top and bottom. Would love to learn more about these. We have an old brochure that Chandler put out listing hundreds of owners who had a badge. Surprised I have only seen two now.
  4. Here's a rare sight! Two original Chandler badges and a modern reproduction . Th original's even have their original attaching hardware. Can you tell which one is the repo?
  5. Thanks! Our son is up in Davis and we talk about the terrible air quality you all have gone through for a while now.
  6. Aside from the terrible air quality and the ash all over the place it likely our neighborhood may escape the flames. The firefighters have done a really good job so far in keeping the fire in the wilderness area. Its really hard to believe but some idiots have flown a drone in the area where the helicopters are flying and twice now they have had to break off the attack on the fire. The fire has now driven much further west past our house than it was yesterday. Which just adds to the smoke in the air. Cars are pointing to the street and ready to go. Fingers crossed...
  7. We have a few options to go to should we need to evacuate, our club (Horseless Carriage Club of Southern CA) has been very supportive. Wildlife will be the most impacted so far. Its normal for us to see bear, dear, or even mountain lions in the neighborhood. Never an issue as long as you respect their space. The only time there has been an issue is when the media sees them are tries to make a story out of this normal and natural behavior. I expect in the coming months we'll see a lot more activity in the neighborhood. They say this fire will continue to burn for about a
  8. Since last Sunday we have had a major wildfire near our neighborhood (Bobcat Fire). Our section of town near the mountains has been put on pre-evacuation orders for almost a week. We are packed and ready to go. So humbling to go through your house and decide what you want to keep and what you can live without. Trust me I know how fortunate that we even have a chance to make a decision. Between our house and my in laws we have three non-running classic cars that we have trailered to a secure parking lot at my work just over a mile away further away from the fires. In the garage we s
  9. The current most popular thread has recently run aground in discussions about registering the car in question. Rather than add to that wonderful thread I figured it would be helpful to start a thread devoted just to "Tips and Tricks" to register an old car. If possible we can keep this thread positive and on point to educate and entertain. As been mentioned before there has not been found a reference book for the average car collector to use. The book would be huge at this point as every state has their own rules. Throw in Federal regulations and changes over time and the book gets
  10. That is the same clock and key that we have in our 1914 Chandler, same clock that has been in it since new. Great find.
  11. #8 is a Chandler from the late teens, still no front brakes
  12. Here is a picture of the plunger attached to the #12 valve that maintains the air pressure in the fuel line while the engine is running. There is a hand pump on the dash to get you going. As for cranking, while I can hand crank it its much easier to use the Westinghouse starter. With the primer cups open on the other five cylinders there is not much strain on the starter motor. Today I adjusted air pressure back up to the recommended 1.5 psi, next will be to adjust the valves.
  13. Thanks for the responses guys. I was told by another friend with many years of experience the same info that W_Higgins has suggested. I plan to set them all cold to the measurements listed above. While I am in there there is also an adjustment on the #12 valve that regulates fuel pressure. At the moment it is down to 1/2 psi, down from 1 psi. The factory manual with a stock carb is 1.5 psi. It's going to get bumped up a bit. Eric have you done a compression check on your 1919? At the moment I am getting 30 cold and 40 hot on all six cylinders. Even though I know there a
  14. The manual for our 1914 Chandler says to set the valves hot with a .004" To properly access the valves I need to take out the generator and starter to have free access to that side the engine. I am wondering if I can adjust for the temperature and set them with a larger cold setting? I just put in new valves and set them all at a cold setting of .006". The car started up and ran smoothly but after it warmed up did not have much power. So it's back in the garage for some fine tuning.
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