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  1. So yesterday my wife and I were out for a drive in our 1914 Chandler, stopped at a light. A kid (probably about 20) pulls up in a modern Civic. He rolls his window down and is real enthusiastic about a car just from the look on his face. The first question he asks is how old it is. I am always curious to know what year other people think it is before I tell them. His response is 1949, sorry no its 1914, WOW! The next question was how long have you owned it. I fibbed just a bit and said were were the original owners, though my wife and I are only in our early 50's. No matter he was
  2. These are the famous "Dancing Daughters" in 1935 driving 1934 MG PAs. Real MGs 🙂 Ready for the 24 Hours of Le Mans
  3. Ordered mine today. Almost done reading my run of Automobile Quarterly. This may fill the void.
  4. Interesting! I just happen to be reading a book on H.A.C. (see photo below). There is a whole chapter on the research that was done on each car. The restoration did not start until the research was done and everything about the car that could be known was collected together. Once the paper was complete Mr. Harrah was presented the report and plans were made on how the car would be restored. This sounds like it might be a collection of all those report. It would be a great help to anyone restoring on of these cars to read through them.
  5. Looks like "Grandpa" Stanley's 1913 Chandler was retired and replaced with a 1925 Cleveland with the "OneShot" oil system for the chassis. Cleveland cars were an off shoot of Chandler to offer a range of cars in the lower price market.
  6. That is very interesting Walt. I always believed that the sedan that Chandler reported to have offered in 1914 was made by Willoughby and looked much different than the 1915 body. Now I think it is very likely there were the same model. This is the only picture of a Chandler Sedan this early that I have been able to find. You and I corresponded a few years ago about a sedan body I had sitting on a 1920 Chandler frame. I had thought that might have been the Chandler Willoughby sedan. Based on this information I am confident it was built for some other make, maybe Cole as the only gauge in the d
  7. What maybe the first Chandler car in 1913. President Chandler driving with other from Lozier men in the car.
  8. 1913 Chandler "Grandpa" (4th one built) with Col. King Stanley and his wife. I just noticed that this photo is probably from the early 1920's looking at the license plate. Given that the car had traveled over 269,000 miles at this point the top has been replaced at least once. Chandler introduced their "bowtie" rear window in 1923 I think. The Stanley's probably picked up on this when they had their new top made.
  9. Studebaker dealership in Monrovia CA along Route 66. Building has been many things since then (1924) and thankfully still survives.
  10. Took me a while to catch up on this thread. Here's a picture of our 1914 Chandler when it was purchased from the original owner in 1958. The 2nd owners grandchildren are in the car. I really cherish this photo as a reference to hold the car looked over 60 years ago. A couple of years later it got a full restoration and has spent the rest of its like touring and making people happy. The second photo is from the 1964 Cattle Congress where the rolling chassis was on display. Incidentally the third caretaker of this car is the one who did the restoration.
  11. The Eastwood's Buick now resides in a private collection. I doubt we will see it out for the Holiday Motor Excursion anytime soon 😔 There was a good mix of cars. My highlights were a 1911 RR Silver Ghost, 1911 Rambler, 1914 Chandler (I'm a bit partial), a 1920 Locomobile. we also had a group of Honda 600's, a plethora of Model A's, and an interesting mix of hot rods. A little bit of everything.
  12. Thank you motoringicons. While the SoCal Club had no official role in the tour today it was so wonderful to get-together and drive the cars. We had some many people waving and taking our pictures as we drove around. The Eastwoods started such a great tradition it was nice we could honor them today in this small way. We hope to do more of this in 2021.
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