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  1. Yeah, but it’s behind so much stuff, you’ll never see it again! 😆
  2. What have you got? Send me photos and description. Wayne yachtflame@yahoo.com
  3. I’ve used them several times to explore visiting cities. Newport, Boston, Berlin and Carcassonne. Really fantastic. Easy to learn and fun to use. The only problem with them is they make your cheeks hurt.....from smiling so much!
  4. From what I’m reading, Hershey fall meet has been cancelled. Do you know something I don’t?
  5. Like Matt, I use pantyhose feet in both lines going to the radiator on my ‘30 LaSalle. It’s amazing what you catch. I also bought a few magnets with holes in the middle from Home Depot which I hang on long wire ties in the radiator. Gives a new meaning to Klingons! And while I’m talking about magnets, I buy the pliable magnetic covers for heater vents which I cut to fit the bottom of my oil pan to grab and “floating” Iron metal bits.
  6. I have a box of 1932-33 Cadillac V8 & V12 parts for sale. A tested generator, a starter, fuel pump, a pair of shocks, heat vents, fam motor, brake rods and various other parts for sale. If interested in any of these or the whole batch, make me an offer! Wayne 413-658-4416 yachtflame@yahoo.com
  7. I bought a 5 gallon pail of Evaporust from Home Depot for $85. I did have to order it and have it delivered to my local store which took about a week. My 1948 Jag MK V was running hot so after a good friend suggested using it, I followed his instructions. I drained the system and flushed it twice with water to remove the antifreeze. Then filled the system with Evaporust and ran the car for a month. It dropped the running temperature by 15 degrees! Drained the system and flushed it twice with water before refilling with antifreeze. WOW, what a difference! I then used the same Evaporust in my 1930 LaSalle and it cleaned that system also. I gotta say that this was the best advice Ed ever gave me! Wayne
  8. Oops, I goofed! I pushed the 9 button instead of the 6 button. The price is $680.
  9. Please take some photos of the Bently. Outside, Interior, boot and engine area if possible.
  10. I have a restored NECO fuel sending unit for sale. I know it fits 1930 and 1931 Cadillac V-8, V-12 and Lasalles. It has been taken apart, cleaned recalibrated and resealed. It has free motion with a ohm range from 6 ohms to 190 ohms. The price is $980 including shipping in the US. If interested, contact: Wayne Elsworth yachtflame@yahoo.com 413-658-4416
  11. Hello Joe, I am interested in this switch. How much do you want for it? Also I sent you a couple of private messages about some of your other parts. Is there a phone number I can call you at? wayne
  12. Joe, Please email me at yachtflame@yahoo.com I’d like to buy a few of your parts. Wayne 413-658-4416
  13. I have a 1948 Jaguar MK V with the 2.5L engine that’s in need of big end rod bearings. The ones pulled out were Glacier GS7583M. Funny thing is that even though the Jaguar book shows those as original, the oil hole is offset to the rod oil hole by half. Maybe to increase oil pressure? Who knows...I just need at least one new set. 5 sets are fine, one set has major scoring. An old Jag builder says that if I can’t find new ones to swap the top half of the bad set kfor another sets bottom part as the pressure is pretty much on the top half. It’s open, might as well replace it if I can find them.