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  1. As a marine Yacht Captain in charge of maintaining yachts and antique speedboat restorer, I have found that there are usually 9 opinions from 5 people on this subject! What I have learned after 50 years of working with all types of wood, whether on boats or cars is that if the wood is thin enough to fully soak it with a penetrating epoxy such as CPES, then you can then apply a coat or two of your favorite epoxy. I’ve used many types of epoxy and there are defiantly different final types of epoxy. Some are hard/brittle and some are more flexible once cured. Depending on the intended use,
  2. Back in the early ‘80s, I ran a yacht for a NY attorney, Roy Cohn. The one thing he taught me was that “You can’t sign away your rights. This is America. You have the right to sue anyone for anything! A contract or waiver is a nice thing to have signed... it turns away most people but if he takes it to an attorney, it’s just a piece of paper with ink on it.” Matt, when all is said and done, what is the final cost of this transaction, money or your sanity?
  3. Matt, you are in the “rock and hard spot” part of the program. I make parts for old Cadillacs to help out people’s restorations. It’s a hobby and I do it for fun. Occasionally I get a guy wanting a set of interior door handles for his car. I cast the proper handles and have them chromed with no deposit, then send them to him once he’s paid for them. Then I get a call from a very pissed off buyer saying I sent him the wrong handles. Most times it turns out that a previous owner had replaced them with what he could find, not what it left the factory with. Occasionally they did leave the factory
  4. I’m looking for a vacuum control valve for 1930 Cadillac. These are usually mounted on the left side of the dash. Wayne yachtflame@yahoo.com 413-758-4416
  5. It makes ya wonder what ever happened to all of these models. Wouldn’t that be a great X-Mas present!
  6. What do you have for a 1931 Cadillac? wayne yachtflame@yahoo.com
  7. Would you have the grill from a ‘46 Chevy pick up?
  8. What ignition parts do you have? wayne yachtflame@yahoo.com
  9. Do you want to sell all or are you selling individual rotors? wayne yachtflame@yahoo.com
  10. Do you have a water pump for a 1930 Cadillac? How about a Stewart Warner Vacuum fuel pump?
  11. I do. I can email photos if you send my you email address.
  12. So you’re gonna make her wait until the next one is done! I’m just wondering where you plan on sleeping and eating the next few months.......
  13. Ed, Really, thanks for the virtual ride these past couple of months. I’ve known you a while but didn’t know you were such a great story teller. You should’ve been a charter boat Captain! I’m looking forward to a real ride in the Great White in the future. Plus I’m waiting to see how you portray the next mystery vehicle. Also, I’m waiting to hear how you placated Peggy...did she ever end up with that Mercedes you were supposed to get her? 🙄
  14. Hello all, I am making some interior door handles and window cranks for a 1928 Studebaker President. I’m used to GMs of that era but it seems that Studebaker used a different source for their window and door handle mechanisms. If any one has an old unused window or door mechanism, please let me know. I need the splined shaft in order to cast theses handles in bronze. I’m not sure if other year or models of Studebakers would use the same splined shaft but I’m hoping they might. Thanks for any help! Wayne Elsworth yachtflame@yahoo.com 413-658-4416
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