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  1. Chris, if you end up with a Cadillac V-12, you might want some spares. I have a nice 1932 with good jugs and good heads plus valve covers with oil caps. Keep me in mind if you end up with a 12. wayne 413-658-4416 yachtglame@yahoo.com
  2. Terry, Thank you for the look into you work and process. I also do a lot of mold making and casting. Mostly investment casting with silicone molds, wax then bronze. Bronze has 3% shrinkage and usually isn’t too bad but on long thin pieces, it tends to become a problem. I also have problems with spline recesses on door handles. I try to cast these slightly larger but I usually end up having to press a hardened door splined shaft into the handle to make a sure fit. For a couple of years I have been considering the possibility of having a handle scanned and the file enlarged by 4% then printed in plastic in order to make a mold which would include the shrinkage of the wax as well as the bronze. I’ve never worked with a computer much less a scanner and printer, so I’m not really sure if this is the proper way to do this. I don’t know any one with this skill or equipment. I am quite close to UMass, Amherst but don’t know anyone in their engineering department. I’m thinking there must be a student or grad student that would know the answers to my questions and might even take this on as a side project. I guess I’ll have to go over there and start asking around.
  3. I have the entire set of MK V LHD Drop Head Coup impeccably restored in Coventry by Jaguar. All parts are paper and bubble wrapped and in a crate ready to ship. For more info, contact me at yachtflame@yahoo or call 413-658-4416 Wayne
  4. It is a nice size. Doesn’t take away from the large headlights.
  5. Is there any body here that can help me find a lens?
  6. Boy, that brings back a lot of old memories. We had, and still have a house up the East side in Pilot Knob. I remember once or twice a summer, all the kids being taken down to Gaslight Village. Thanks for bringing those memories back!
  7. You guys are as sick as I want to be! 🤪
  8. Still in need of a 7” lens for a Pilot Ray light unit. Can any one help??? wayne
  9. I’m building a set of the smaller bucket Pilot Ray Lights. One of the lenses is broken, so I’m in need of a replacement. I did ask the group before but nothing has produced the needed lens. So, I’m asking again to see if anyone in the club can help me out. Someone must have an unneeded spare or know of one. It be a shame to have the unit all set to go and not be able to mount it from the lack of a lens. I’m hoping some one here can help! Wayne 413-658-4416
  10. I thank you all for your input. That’s what makes this club really great!
  11. Hans1, That’s what I’m thinking. I have seen a 3 part replacement kit with the seat, shaft and a “cap” which I guess gets soldered on. I’m thinking that the vent needle is kinda important as a vacuum is needed to make the unit work correctly.
  12. Turns out the crack was two sided and a 1/4 of the wall came off. I suppose I could epoxy it back in place and use the collar suggestions from above but I do have a nice new top.... might as well figure out how to use it.
  13. Tom, Do you have rotors and points for a 1930/31 LaSalle. I believe it’s the same for Cadillac of those years. Wayne 413-658-4416 yachtflame@yahoo.com