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  1. I have a complete set of interior wood from a left hand drive MK V drop head coup. These pieces were sent back to England where they were revaneered and lacquered. They have been beautifully restored and are ready to install in your car. All of the pieces are individually wrapped in paper, then wrapped in bubble wrap and are all in a wooden crate, ready to ship. Why spend all that time and money to restore your deteriorated wood when you can install a complete factory restored set now! $3900 plus shipping
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions. Guess I’m going with the Stainless Steel from restoration supply. wayne
  3. Both the shower hose and phone cord are great ideas....anybody know where you can find a payphone now days?
  4. Stainless would work if it’s polished stainless. I’d like it to look proper alongside the newly chromed light unit. Thanks!
  5. I’m trying to find a source for the chrome conduit for my Pilot Ray lights. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Wayne
  6. Is this to buy, to sell or to insure? It depends if they are a single unit, dual unit, 7” buckets, 8” buckets and do they have the Pilot Ray inscription in top and in what position. If you’d like to talk about them, my phone # is 413-658-4416 and my email is yachtflame@yahoo.com Wayne Elsworth
  7. I believe I have the speedo that you are looking for. I am in Florida until April 3rd but my parts are in Mass. If you email me on the 3rd, I can look and see what condition it is in. If it’s broken, I can cast a new lower unit in bronze. Wayne Elsworth yachtflame@yahoo.com
  8. Flex-seal is silicone. I’ve had problems with its ability to adhere to things. It’s not as good as the TV ads say! If you plan to use something like silicone, dilute regular RTV silicone with naphtha, this makes it water thin and can then be brushed or sprayed. Depending on the amount of naphtha used, you have 10 to 15 minutes working time with it before it evaporates off and is normal silicone again. I’ve used this method on molds when building boats. Clean, smooth and nothing sticks to it!
  9. Ok, Dynamat it is. Thank you all for your input! Wayne
  10. My thought is that it would quite down noise and vibration with minimal added weight. The car has some kind of tar based coating in the doors and roof top now. Just trying to stay semi original. wayne
  11. I’m redoing the inside of a 1948 Jaguar MK V saloon. I’ve stripped it down to bare metal. Wire brushed it and acid bathed with ospho. Once dry, I wire brushed it again the painted with rust converting spray paint. I’m thinking of now spraying undercoating to seal it all but I’m worried that the smell of tar might stay with it. Has anyone done this that can advise on lingering smell? I’d hate to drive the wife around hearing about an awful smell! Wayne Elsworth
  12. I have a friend that is seriously looking for a disc wheel for his ‘29 Lasalle. I’ve been trying to help him find one but have exhausted all of my sources. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Wayne Elsworth 413-658-4416 yachtflame@yahoo.com
  13. Do you have any of the three part distributer caps? wayne 413-658-4416 yachtflame@yahoo.com
  14. Hey Mike, how are you doing? Im just gathering parts for future projects. Wayne