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  1. I’m searching for a passenger side rear light for a 1931 LaSalle. If you have a full unit with stand or just parts, let me know. wayne yachtflame@yahoo.com 413-658-4416
  2. I’m looking for an interior corner light. If any one has this and would like to part with it, please contact: Wayne at yachtflame@yahoo.com 413-658-4416
  3. It’s a delima in the antique speedboat world also. Most boat building companies in the ‘20s and ‘30s stamped the boat number on many pieces of the boat. That way a member of the building team could go to the pile of frames or planks and pull the ones with the number of the boat he’s working on. A known current boat builder salvaged a burned and sunk Hacker from the bottom of a lake. While restoring it, he removed several pieces of the numbered frames and was able to build 4 “original” numbered boats. Over 90 years, a boats planks get cracked, damaged or rotted. If you replace one plank a year for 90 years, is it more or less of an original then if you were to replace 90 planks in one year? It’s a major question trying to figure out when a boat stops becoming a restoration and becomes a new boat. I’m feeling the same about antique cars.
  4. Oh, did I say that out loud? You didn’t take offense to my previous post did you? Just the mumblings of an old sea Capt. I think I’ve been on land too long...please forgive me!
  5. At least he’s pointing it in the right direction....if turned in the other direction, we’d have to look at him! We all know a 104 yr old car is much more attractive!
  6. Wow Roger, thanks for the link. I appreciate your help. Your REO looks very nice and probably is a great price for such a beauty. It’s a bit more then I want to spend on a friend...a good friend but not quite THST good! 🙄 I’ll look into the Dodge. I used to run a yacht for Horace’s granddaughter. There were some fun stories told by her! Wayne
  7. I headed you towards a fellow in Ohio before when you were looking for a 16. I’m not sure if you reached him but I know he has 12s and 8s. He has over 1200 cars and fire trucks. I myself have been after a 12 Imperial Sedan for a few years. A good friend whom has gone from a wonderful marque to the “Dark side” and is now touting another brand using the letters PA, has told me that the 12s are even fussier then the 16s. I’ve not owned anything past an 8 in Cadillac but I’ve learned to learn from others experiences!
  8. I have a friend that is in his mid 70’s. The guy is a workaholic s as Nd works 7 days a week fixing everything from a modern car wheel bearing to rock quarry crushing machines. He never has time to work on his own cars. He’s helped me with my 1930 LaSalle and now my 1949 Jaguar MK V. He won’t take money from me cuz he says I’m always helping him out. The other day he sighed and said he wished he had a late teens to mid 20’s car to Cruze around in on warm nights. This guy is ALWAYS helping others out and I’d like to help him have a little fun time. I asked him what type of car and he said it didn’t matter, just wanted to be able to drive something like his grandfather and father drove just for fun. If s as ny one has a drivable, reasonably priced car that they’d be willing to part with, I’d like to do something for my friend. We never know how long we’ve got and should be able to enjoy some of the time we have left. The closer to Western Mass, the better! Wayne
  9. Hello, I am looking for Pilot Ray light buckets. The nicer, the better. Also looking for actual Pilot Ray lenses that say Pilot Ray on them. I now cast in bronze, the transmission housings, interior pivot shafts, activated swing arm, fastening brackets as well at the light bucket bottom fittings. I make the threaded tubes. Plus I make the pitman arm fitting and “Y” pivot as well as custom length rods. I just need buckets & Lenses! if you have any spare parts laying around that you would like to sell, contact me. Wayne Elsworth yachtflame@yahoo.com 413-658-4416
  10. I have three of these overdrives but I’ll have to check if they are the A type. Wayne Elsworth yachtflame@yahoo.com 413-658-4416
  11. I’m in need of one interior corner light lens for a 1931 LaSalle or Cadillac. It’s a “milk pearl” colored lens oval in shape 3” long by 2” wide. If you have a spare or know anyone who sells these, please let me know. Wayne Elsworth yachtflame@yahoo.com 413-658-4416
  12. The one thing that is not forgettable is that as much as you think you know about your series of car, it’s amazing how much you don’t know! I focus on 1927 to 1931 Cadillacs. Mostly 8’s. I am pretty familiar with these cars. I’ve owned dozens, more parts cars which I’ve disassembled for parts then drivers but still very acquainted with them. I am constantly amazed at the number of times I contact Ed to ask a question about these cars even though he “crossed to the Darkside“ and went to PA’s a dozen years ago. Between his knowledge and reading comments from Matt Hardwood, I have learned more from these two then dissecting the actual thing! This forum is a deep well of information that is hard to find anywhere else. I thank not just the two mentioned but everyone here that are asking and answering questions. It’s simply amazing!
  13. Looking for a good 1937 LaSalle horn button. If you have an extra one, please contact Wayne 413-658-4416 yachtflame@yahoo.com
  14. A known scammer Mark Johnson either has a friend or another name, Peter Jones. Has the part but his phone doesn’t take photos. Won’t use US Postal Money Orders “for small amounts of money” and prefers Steam Wallet Card and asks for the scratch off number to be sent to him. Seems this type of payment is being used more and more by scammers. I just thought I’d post this so someone in our group doesn’t get burned by him. Wayne
  15. I may have one of those also. I’ll look tomorrow and get back to you. wayne
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