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  1. I spent 40 years on yachts sailing and motoring several oceans. I learned a long time ago about coating brass that gets splashed with salt almost every day. Polish the brass , my favorite was Never Dull. Wipe it with alcohol to make sure it’s clean, then brush on one layer of Johnson & Johnson’s acrylic floor wax using only one stroke in one direction over an area (as in don’t over work it!). That one coat would last 3-4 months being coated with salt several days a week and then rinsed and wiped every night. I now live on land and my trim is chrome plated! Capt. Wayne Elsworth
  2. That’s all well and good if the donor unit has the same fitting, bulb length and carries the same amount of gas. If not then you’re back to square one.
  3. I think he’s the one with the dark tan and big ears! Actually it’s Barbara’s family. They had just returned from a two month long honeymoon in Europe. Once Kaiser31 said he thought it was an ‘07, I removed the photo from its jacket and it was noted on the back “1907 in PA”. So I guess it was pretty new at the time of the photo. Tires look pretty dirty tho!
  4. Hello all and Happy New Year! We’re going through a trunk of old family pictures and came across this picture. Boy, what a family car! No one here knows what year this is from but we are interested in what type of car it might be. Can any one help us out? Wayne
  5. If it’s complete but just doesn’t work, most likely it has developed a leak. If that is the case, I can repair your gauge. I have repaired many 1930’s Cadillac gauges as well as several Jaguar XK 120 and 150 gauges. You can contact the owners of Rogers Motors that restore and supply parts for most early (pre 1970) English cars. You can find them on the net. That way you’ll know I’m not feeding you a bogus contact. I get $250 including shipping in the US to restore your gauge. If not satisfied, I’ll refund your money. Wayne Elsworth Cadillac LaSalle Club #17057 yachtflame@yahoo.com 413-658-4416
  6. I broke a lens on a small Pilot Ray Light unit. If anyone has a lees on a 7” x 6” lens, please let me know. Wayne yachtflame@yahoo.com 413-658-4416
  7. As Ed once told me, it’s cheaper and easier to buy a restored car classic then to restore one. There was a nicely appointed and running ‘32 V-12 Town Sedan at the Hershey auction two years ago that went for just under $45K including the buyers premium. Yes it was a closed car but it was in really nice running condition. To start a 12 with unknown wood and engine at $50K will drain a pocket pretty quick. Just the jewelry will cost you well over $15K now and that’s something I know about! As stated, if it was given for free, you still won’t come out a head if money is all you’re after! Wayne
  8. No, not complete. It’s from oil pan to valve covers with everything in between but not bolt ons.
  9. Chris, if you end up with a Cadillac V-12, you might want some spares. I have a nice 1932 with good jugs and good heads plus valve covers with oil caps. Keep me in mind if you end up with a 12. wayne 413-658-4416 yachtglame@yahoo.com
  10. Terry, Thank you for the look into you work and process. I also do a lot of mold making and casting. Mostly investment casting with silicone molds, wax then bronze. Bronze has 3% shrinkage and usually isn’t too bad but on long thin pieces, it tends to become a problem. I also have problems with spline recesses on door handles. I try to cast these slightly larger but I usually end up having to press a hardened door splined shaft into the handle to make a sure fit. For a couple of years I have been considering the possibility of having a handle scanned and the file enlarged by 4% then printed in plastic in order to make a mold which would include the shrinkage of the wax as well as the bronze. I’ve never worked with a computer much less a scanner and printer, so I’m not really sure if this is the proper way to do this. I don’t know any one with this skill or equipment. I am quite close to UMass, Amherst but don’t know anyone in their engineering department. I’m thinking there must be a student or grad student that would know the answers to my questions and might even take this on as a side project. I guess I’ll have to go over there and start asking around.
  11. I have the entire set of MK V LHD Drop Head Coup impeccably restored in Coventry by Jaguar. All parts are paper and bubble wrapped and in a crate ready to ship. For more info, contact me at yachtflame@yahoo or call 413-658-4416 Wayne
  12. It is a nice size. Doesn’t take away from the large headlights.
  13. Is there any body here that can help me find a lens?