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  1. Trulyvintage

    Vehicle Tow needed..Erie, Pa to Washington DC area???

    Wayne, The transport should have been addressed by both parties BEFORE the sale along with the storage. There is no cheap alternative way to transport an F650 Rollback Tow Truck with no engine - it has to be hauled professionally - if the Buyer is not prepared to pay the price then they should not have bought the truck. Jim
  2. Trulyvintage

    Vehicle Tow needed..Erie, Pa to Washington DC area???

    The Seller should NEVER offer advice or recommend a hauler to a prospective Buyer as it usually will end end up badly for them. A SERIOUS prospective Buyer will arrange their own transport. Anything can be transported provided you are willing to pay what it costs to move it. Jim
  3. Trulyvintage

    Towing needed from Fargo ND to Memphis, TN

    Winter has arrived. Not much demand to transport vehicles into Fargo - you have to drop off before you can pick up. Most folks haul more than one vehicle at a time. If you don’t have concrete plans to keep the car - sell it where it sits. Jim
  4. Just dropped off this 1924 Auto Red Bug in Ocala, Florida ...... Jim
  5. Trulyvintage

    Dodge Charger Roadster Concept Car (1964)

    Article is here with more images @ Jim
  6. Trulyvintage

    Security certificate for website is expired ?

    So .... My website has been active since 20006 - this has never been issue. I would think if someone who was doing a search & was warned not to visit this site because the security certificate has expired - might not visit. Has the security certificate for this website actually expired ? If so - then why ? Jim
  7. Interesting car I dropped off today ..... I don’t haul too many of the big wide cars from Seller to Buyer in the states. They usually go overseas. Jim 1959 Buick Invicta Convertible
  8. Trulyvintage

    Height of 1930 Model A Station Wagon

    The revival of the Dead Thread from (4) years ago ...... Jim
  9. Whoever monitors this website - it appears the security certificate has expired. That means if you are doing a google search & don’t have “ cookies “ stored in your browser for this site - you will automatically redirected away. Jim
  10. Trulyvintage

    Crew Cab from PA to SoCal

    Looks like you are a new member. You don’t state whether it is a Dually or not but I assume with a lift kit it is not. Any full size crew cab truck is the equivalent of two vehicles from a weight and length standpoint - with a lift kit it might fit on the back of a “ flying wedge “ open three car carrier but you will pay for two spaces - it might fit on the upper deck of a six or nine car open trailer but you will pay for two spaces. Buying most vehicles 2500 miles from where you live is not a good idea unless you can fly or drive out & drive it home or go get it with a trailer yourself. You bought two when you bought that truck - no one is going to haul it for what the auto transport brokers are telling you .....: Winter is just a few weeks away ..... Jim
  11. Trulyvintage

    Lincoln and Mercury accessories from 1978

    That ther gal has an e-lec-tronic ear massager ..... Jim
  12. Trulyvintage


    Are you referring to me ? If so - yes ..... Just dropped off yesterday in Grantville, PA Jim
  13. Trulyvintage

    Trailer height and wind?

    Your GVWR of your tow vehicle should appear on the driver door & on your vehicle registration. If you are going to or from anywhere where you could buy or sell - you could be construed as commercial even if your trailer is empty. There is a fine line between investigative detention & unlawful detention, Evidence can be planted to justify a stop and subsequent seizure of property. Jim
  14. Trulyvintage

    Trailer height and wind?

    You can have a trailer built with triple 7K axles - have the manufacturer give it a GVWR of less than 16K. You can tow a trailer with a GVWR of more than 16K with an RV and probably be ok - but if you are stopped you will be ticketed. Example - your triple axle 7K trailer weighs 7K empty - you load it with 8K - it is rated at less 15K - you get a ticket. If stopped - never say you are going to a swap meet or judged event or car show. If stopped - never open up your trailer - tell them your insurance will not cover injury to non-family individuals. If stopped - be courteous & cooperative but do not consent to a search. If you are pulled over driving out of state - chances are it will be for no points violation(s) that are intended to generate revenue. Jim
  15. Trulyvintage

    Trailer height and wind?

    A manufacturered trailer can only have one VIN tag issued - it is usually placed on the lower front driver side of an enclosed trailer - it can also be located on the tongue - it is on special adhesive paper that has “ Void “ imprinted on it if you attempt to remove the tag. The maximum trailer GVWR as indicated on the manufacturer VIN tag is 16K for non-commercial use. Anything over that puts you in a commercial class. The GVWR determines the class - not your use. The maximum GVWR of a tow vehicle is 10K. Anything over 10K on a vehicle registration - driver door GVWR tag qualifies you as commercial. Pull a 1000 pound trailer with a 10,001 or heavier pound truck - you are commercial. Pull a 16, 001 or heavier trailer with a 6000 pound truck - you are commercial. It is either/or - combined can not exceed 26K. Tell an officer you are going to a judged event - that can also get you a ticket - if you transport for any type of compensation ( awards can be interpreted as compensation ) - you can be fined. Vehcles registered as “ recreational vehicles “ on their registration are exempt thanks to decades of heavy lobby efforts. Jim