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  1. Yup. In fact, Packard and Rolls shared the exact same headlights and taillights in 1929, except that Packard inserted a faceted "jewel" at the top of its headlights that glowed when the lights were on.
  2. My first thought was Cadillac, but I don't think so.
  3. Yes. Definitely 1929 Model 640 Custom Eight.
  4. I'm happy to answer any questions. Please email me at StelvioGT@yahoo.com. Be sure to include AACA in the subject line. I'm more than happy to consider stories from any AACA member. Our policy is that all subjects (cars, trucks, motorcycles, race cars), must be owned by an AACA member. If it's of historical nature, of course, that would be an exception.
  5. John, as you can surmise, these two photos are of incredible interest to me. Can you give me any information as to where these photos originated? From what I can tell, based on the Chevy I see through the windshield, the time period is certainly 1932 or later. If you could, I'd love to have the hi-res images emailed to me. Thanks.
  6. That's not quite true. Greenwich has long-been a for-profit show, with only a small percentage of the profits going to a charity.
  7. That's one way to skin a cat. I just bought one of these. Very compact, plus it will boost your car to a start in case of emergency.
  8. Have you tried taking it apart, Bob?
  9. You should be getting yours before anyone. It's mailed directly from the printer in St. Joe. I'd talk to someone in charge at your local post office and find out why your second class (oops, sorry... periodical) mail is being delayed for so long). I've been told it's up to each individual mail carrier as to when they decide to deliver periodicals. Tell him/her that there is time-sensitive information in the magazine (and there is, if you're trying to register for a show), and that you'd like quicker turnaround.
  10. How does one get a hold of you? I'd like more information.
  11. Well... you can't beat that. I just paid $1,000 for reproduction plastic window crank nobs and escutcheon rings
  12. Auburn went to 17-inch wheels in 1931.
  13. The tires may be perfectly fine. You can't tell by the photo.
  14. I think I've changed my mind on bringing a car, Earl. March is a rough time of the year in the north to be trying to prepare a car for show. I would have been proud to show my '40 alongside your Roadie, though. Are you going for Junior or Senior?