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  1. I was in touch with David Landow today. All open BHA orders have been printed and filled, and will ship via USPS tomorrow. David said the BHA endured weeks of web site technical problems for which they had difficulty resolving, which delayed orders, and he was out sick for a few weeks. All orders are filled. David and the BHA apologize for the delays, and they want to assure everyone that all orders going forward will be very quickly filled. The BHA appreciates everyone’s patience and indulgence with the delays. Any questions about your order can be sent directly to David at: DLandow@LandowCo.com He will answer as quickly as he can.
  2. It looks like it could be. The value would be based on how nice the plating is. As mentioned, though, it should have been left nickel, rather than going through the extra step of chrome. So, the value could be equal to the quality of the plating, minus the fact that your potential buyers are fewer because it was done wrong. It's certainly worth at least a couple hundred bucks soley as a wall ornament.
  3. We are looking into it. Sounds like a great idea, Roger.
  4. Matt That's exactly what I was saying in my editorial, "Chicken Little."
  5. That couldn't be as bad as WKRP's turkey drop promotion.
  6. If it doesn't need an engine job, that would be a fun car. However, if it needs an engine job, you're looking at $10-12k, and finding a good 356 rebuilder isn't easy.
  7. Interesting. Close, but no cigar. The car takes 7.00. I like black better, anyway, so I'm not looking.
  8. I don't know. All I'm saying is that when the prices drop, in my opinion that is good for the hobbby in general. I agree with you. This 1940 Packard is a great car, and one of the most powerful production cars built that year.
  9. 1940 Packard 180s came standard with double-side white sidewalls. Some sources say it was an option. I have two original tires in my sidemounts that are double-sided. Reproductions are not available in the 16-inch size as far as I know.
  10. What is the concern? In my opinion, if values go down, that can be good for the hobby.
  11. That was me. One of the differences is that bias ply tires have inner tubes. I'd drive bias ply tires at least twice as long as a radial, if not longer.
  12. But... it sound like you didn't try driving it with NEW bias ply tires after the front end was rebuilt. Your only reference is a restored car with radials.
  13. Nethercutt collection has a 1930 Dual Cowl, black and yellow. I think it's an earlier body on a 1930 chassis, though. Fantastic looking car.