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  1. West Peterson

    PreWar Mercedes Benz

    I've got a Type 57 book. It lists serial numbers, dealer, and many of the original owners, along with delivery date. Email me with your question(s) and I'll try to find an answer for you.
  2. A quick Google search and it does indeed exist.
  3. If the Cord was built by Proux, I'm pretty sure it is not known to exist. I think there are only four known Cord town cars, and none of them are Proux.
  4. While I'm really enjoying seeing the contemporary photos from relatively recent car shows (post 1942), may I request that a new thread with those types of photos be started? The focus of this thread, if I'm not mistaken (David correct me if I'm wrong) is to post photos of cars that are for the most part not known to exist, or if they do, only known by a scant few. Perhaps the new thread could be called, "Where are they now?"
  5. Yes, I think they all exist. I'm not sure if it is known exactly which of the four this one may be. The Bahre car has a spare tire on the back, and teardrop-shaped running boards, but those modifications may have been made after the original build. This car does not appear to be final edition of the Macauley Speedster, that was pictured earlier in this thread.
  6. Here are a couple of Sport Survivors. The white one is before Turnquist turned it into a "LeBaron" show car.
  7. Yes. A few of these Sport (capital "S") phaetons survive, both in Six and Eight configurations from 1924-1926. It was basically the predecessor to the Speedster series of 1929-30. The bodies were made by Pullman, an were about six inches shorter (vertically) and six inches narrower than standard phaetons. The color of this one is curious, as they were delivered new being grey with deep maroon or burgundy wheels and black fenders.
  8. West Peterson

    Packard radiator cap

    American Arrow
  9. I never noticed that. There is the Ab Jenkins #1 endurance car, though, photographed in 1937 without white tires.
  10. Did this 1932 Packard Individual Custom convertible victoria turned fire truck survive?
  11. This factory concept 1930 Packard 734 Speedster is not known to exist. One wonders (well... I do, anyway) if the chassis was used for one of the five other body styles available for the Speedster series, or was the chassis used for one of the Macauley Speedsters (Phaeton or boattail) of 1934?
  12. This one is my favorite. Oh, please, God, let this be one of the ones in which Ed is talking about. 🙂
  13. I think the same question could be asked today: Where does the private yet crew stay?
  14. Actually, John, the doubt between Smith's car and the original photo that Al posted can be seen in that they are two different series of cars. Smith's car is a 1927, and the "lost" car is a 1928. Note the difference in the hoods.
  15. Both Ed and Al are correct, and I would NOT consider a report written by an auction company as "well documented." I believe I am the one responsible for locating those original Maybelline photos some 5-10 years ago and brought it all to light. The Maybelline owner also owned Bill Snyder's one-off 1940 Packard B&S convertible victoria and a one-off Paige transformable roadster/phaeton owned by a gentleman in Georgia. Neither owner was aware of their cars' ownership history until I discovered those photos. Since then, as Ed and Al said, there are significant differences in the Maybelline car that did not show up during the restorations of the others. It is obviously NOT the "Dome" car, since the photos were taken in Chicago at the time the "Dome" car was being displayed in the fair, and was painted a different color.