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  1. West Peterson

    What does original mean?

    Is this FaceBook news?
  2. West Peterson

    What does original mean?

    Too many people confuse "Original" with "Authentic." Original means it has never been altered. You cannot restore a car (or anything else for that matter) to "original." Also, the phrase, "original as it left the factory" is being quite loose with what that terminology. Very few cars fall into that category, especially prewar cars (pre WWII). Cars did not leave the factory covered with surface rust, faded paint, etc.
  3. West Peterson

    The next generation and keeping it in the family

    Great photos, BabyChadwick!! These two young men (men, because this picture was taken some 22 years ago) had two great-grandfathers that belonged to car clubs with Rolls-Royce, Packard and Delahaye ownership. Both of their grand fathers were club members, their father and and four uncles are club members, and they both now own their own collector cars/antiques.
  4. West Peterson

    1969 Hurst Oldsmobile Purchase

    That wouldn't make much sense, either, in my opinion. I think the '69s are the most valuable of the Hurst Olds', generally speaking and not taking into account some one-off anomaly out there such as a tru-blue pace car.
  5. West Peterson

    1938 Packard 120 convertible

    I wonder why they're marketing it as a "120". It sure looks like a Super Eight to me.
  6. West Peterson

    1969 Hurst Oldsmobile Purchase

    I'm not fully aware of the market, but I know that Hurst didn't build any 1970 Oldsmobiles. Also, it would be my opinion that the '69s would be worth more than the later ones (they started back up again in 1972), since the '69s are totally unique. They aren't just a gussied-up 4-4-2. Each of its "Hurst" body parts are unique to Hurst, whereas the ones built after that were basically just paint and decals on top of 4-4-2 panels.
  7. West Peterson

    1933 Buick 90 series engine and body numbers I.D.

    The Buick Heritage Alliance is capable of researching Buicks, especially prewar Buicks, "by the numbers." For the most part, original selling information is not available through them, but I believe their archive is the most extensive for researching. It is currently housed in the AACA Library & Research Center. If you contact the BHA, this is an example of the professional response that you would receive (this is an answer to the OP's original question): Memorandum Re: Engine and chassis numbers for a 1933 Buick Model 33-91 Club Sedan (138" wheelbase), Fisher Style Number: 33102 You have asked me to research the following engine and chassis numbers for a 1933 Buick Model 33-91 Club Sedan, as follows: Engine number: 2827342 Chassis number: 2674162 You have also asked me to research Buick engine number 2841271. For model year 1933, I am unable to research engine and chassis numbers by series or model. All I am able to do is confirm whether a particular engine or chassis number was assigned to a 1933 Buick. Engine numbers 2827342 and 2841271, and chassis number 2674162, are all 1933 Buick numbers. Beginning with the 1932 model year cars, definite blocks of numbers were no longer assigned to the engines and chassis for each series and model. Unlike in previous years, beginning with the 1932 model year, engine and chassis numbers were assigned sequentially as they were manufactured, regardless of series or model. With the production data presently in my possession, I cannot identify engine and chassis numbers by series and model after 1931, only by year. The Buick Heritage Alliance is working on the preparation of a data base that will hopefully enable us to research post-1932 engine and chassis numbers by series and model. Work on this database is slowly proceeding, but the work is still far from complete. I hope what little I am able to offer above is useful. All the best. http://www.buickheritagealliance.org/about/mission_and_history
  8. West Peterson

    Historical info on chassis 2631046 1932 97series

    If it's a 90 series, it qualifies. Also, I just learned the 80 series have been accepted.
  9. West Peterson

    Then and now: where did these prewar cars go?

    Bob That's the way I feel about it, too, but it makes for a pretty expensive piece of garage art. I think I would have put up with the discomfort of driving it as often as I could.
  10. West Peterson

    Then and now: where did these prewar cars go?

    I have since found a couple of ads from the 1950s for Regal Speedsters. One I think is the car we owned, but I'm fairly certain the other wasn't. So, there may be another authentic Speedster (or two) out there somewhere. I wish the one pictured above was still in one of our garages. My brother Webster says it was such an uncomfortable car to drive that he couldn't wait to get rid of it.
  11. West Peterson

    How do you drive a 1934 Bentley?

    Is there such thing as "too much track time"? I think not.
  12. West Peterson

    Vintage dealership buildings that are still around

    Winders in Columbus, Ohio, sold Chevrolet and Velie. This building was built in 1924, and is a restaurant today.
  13. West Peterson

    Need help identifying this car only picture I have

    Really looks like '29 Nash to me.
  14. West Peterson

    Need help identifying this car only picture I have

    And this one. Both from 1929.