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  1. The same could be asked about why so few participants from Europe, as well. However, it was an event that the entire world thought was impossible, so that probably had something to do with it. That, and the cost to support a team was not cheap. The only reason Thomas was entered was because of a personal plea by President Roosevelt to E. R. Thomas to put a car in the race.
  2. Found it. Yes, it is the same car.... sort of. The late Fred Weber bought the car and had a reproduction phaeton body put on the chassis. The original and low-mileage Judkins body (having starred in more than a dozen very well-known movies), was passed about for a while, until AACA Forum's own George Albright bought the body, and was able to find enough original Duesenberg chassis pieces, including engine, to put it back together. So, while it's now got a shady history (perhaps to go along with some of the shady movies it was in), it has survived. George deserves a huge applause for this one.
  3. Car has been in a LOT of movies. I'm pretty sure it was owned by Pacific Auto Rentals.
  4. Agree, and there appears to be a pretty big hole in the sheetmetal on the lower right-hand corner of the trunk lid/quarter panel.
  5. I like it. I wouldn't restore it, but I'd clean it up as best I could, put in new wiring, weather stripping, windows, top, tires and seats. The seats and top would be the most expensive things. All the rest could be done in the backyard. That'd be fun to tank around in.
  6. I don't know if it's the same car, but it's at least a duplicate. https://www.conceptcarz.com/profile/3897,16785/1930-duesenberg-model-j.aspx
  7. Luggage rack for the 120 would probably set you back at least 2 or 3 times what it would cost for a Senior luggage rack.
  8. They are the correct plugs for 1929-31 Packards (maybe other years as well). They are also the correct plugs for V-8 Fords. Surprisingly, the relatively high prices for them are dictated by the hardcore Ford fans, not the Packard restorers (I saw one box of NOS plugs at Hershey two years ago with a price tag of $500... advertised for Ford). I've been collecting a lot of the C-4s in the past few years trying to put together a set (or two... or three). They are 3-piece take-apart plugs. My goal was to find the best insulators and marry them to the best iron pieces. What I soon discov
  9. Jed Rapaport could be your go-to guy. He's in Pennsylvania.
  10. First and last cars are meaningless to me, especially for high production vehicles. I'd much rather have a car with documented provenance in original ownership... depending who that was, of course. Given the option of two identical cars, one having been owned by a respected historical person and the other being owned by John Q. Public, I'd pay a little extra for the one owned by the historical person. On the other hand, if two identical cars were offered and one was known to be the first/last, I'd probably pick the first/last car, but wouldn't pay any extra for it.
  11. Thank you for the information. The 734 DL dual-throat carb on my shelf has number I-30825. I'm assuming that indicates a September build. The car was delivered in July, so this is a replacement carb?. Correct?
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