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  1. Nice to see your pictures. By the way, do you know if anyone is making replica tags for the firewall, mine was missing? Now that I look where the holes were drilled on mine I would think aftermarket.
  2. The pipes on mine are threaded on both ends. The ends that pass through the firewall and the ends that enter the end caps of the heater. So you mention no heaters were factory installed, that's very interesting. I will have to look closer to see if there is any Buick markings. I will keep your generous offer in mind. We are now out of school so work is on hold.
  3. My heater core looks like a small radiator. The two metal pipes have threads and seem to be screwed into the end caps which seem to be brass. See pictures. I would like to know if the metal lines/pipes are only screwed in or were then soldered. I would like to replace them if I can but really do not want to add much heat for obvious reasons. I want to rebuild the tin and get it chromed. The fan still works! Crazy!
  4. It would be great to have history of ownership but I guess those records are long gone.
  5. I am going to go to my local DMV this week. I am not quite sure how completely built the vehicle needs to be and are photos required but I guess I'll find out.
  6. My old Buick was bought with a bill of sale only. If you have seen the early pictures when I bought it you can understand why. Can someone fill me in on the steps to acquire a new title? Thanks Tony
  7. I don't like loosing money on a car sale but I do assess the enjoyment factor so I did get my fair share of enjoyment. I'm making a few changes so I am selling a few toys. I appreciate you recognize the work that went into it. I am the only one that drives my cars so they have very few miles. My 2009 Honda just turned 50k miles, my 92 Harley 20k miles, 2006 klr650 6k miles.
  8. I appreciate your input and I see your logic. I guess I think most people would have researched values and know what to expect. This car had a fairly extensive restoration about 10 years ago. I consider it a driver not a show car. Since I do agree with your assessment of buyers I would sell it for 9500.00.
  9. I have found that regardless the price you can justify interested people will offer less. Anyone committing to buying a car on pictures alone would be foolish. The car is for sale , anyone is invited to come see it, drive it and make an offer. But thanks for your input auburnseeker.
  10. Finally pulled it out of the garage for a local car show. 390 , no a/c , crank windows. Power steering, disc brakes, modified to dual reservoir master cylinder and electronic ignition. Come take a look or request additional photos. Make a reasonable offer.
  11. I am using data from Bob. He may have some for me. I will double check mine and see what comes from Bob and get back to you. I still may need one or two. Thanks for helping us out. I'll be in touch.
  12. It seems I can find the 1/2 by 20 but not the 7/8 . The ones I find seem to be small on the outside measurement. Ultimately I can make them but so far I have been lucky with folks that have parts to sell. I think I have at least three on each wheel that are correct. Any you can part with will help.
  13. We need 6 lug nuts. Oddly enough the size of these are not all that common off the shelf. We have the factory wire wheels. Thanks. We got a bit delayed with our project due to typical end of year obligations, but we did get some color on.
  14. Follow the Auto Body / Collision Repair link at Willkes-Barre Area CTC website. wbactc.org