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  1. I sure would like to give it a try. Measurements seem the same and ends look the same.
  2. Hey Pete do you happen to have a front brake cable for my 90 series?
  3. Please see image. Need a right front brake cable for 90 series. I was contacted by someone who makes them . Not sure if anyone has used a company that makes them new. I don't mind used if you have one. Tony
  4. Thanks for the info about the all 32 headlamps the same, that's good to know. I would welcome any pictures. I would not want to use top quality parts on this since it was drastically modified before we got it. I know the badge bars are fragile and expensive for the repro. I will most likely make my own.
  5. Looking for headlights for 1932 model 97 Buick. Probably just going to paint them so they do not have to be perfect. I may be able to make the parts that mount them to the fenders. Thanks Tony
  6. Actually I intend on having it assembled in 3 weeks. But I do welcome your thoughts on reducing the condensation. Recommendations?
  7. I thought I could post a small clip here but this site doesn't allow videos. We are uploading images to our school website soon. I will let you know when and how to access.
  8. At first crank we noticed an advanced timing condition so stopped cranking. We then rotated the distributor to full retard and it fired right up. We pre- pressurized the oil system so oil pressure was up in under 4 seconds. Ran smooth as silk. And we did video the start. On to the reassembling.
  9. Here is where we are as of today. See pic. I am not sure how well it will run but with the enormous assistance from those of you around the country I am sure it will run. This coming week we only need fuel in the carb and a hot to the coil. Once it starts we will proceed to the reassembling of the body. Hopefully we saved one more Buick.
  10. Oh WOW ! Didn't see that coming. Never seen those pans when I got it. Thanks Bob, I will have to get to Hershey again and see if I can get to see them in person.
  11. Sounds like we are on the same page. I would appreciate the photos. I did notice a piece of tin around the the bolt you mentioned but the rest most likely rusted off.
  12. Keep in mind my 32 Buick sat in a Salvage Yard for over 35 years and before that not sure. It is a model 97. On the bottom of the flywheel housing is a half moon cast iron cover that takes four bolts. On the drivers side there was an "L" bracket about one inch by one inch with the bolt hold on one side and a small hole for a spring that goes to one of the pedals. On the other bolt , drivers side , is a similar bracket bit it has a spring with about four coils that attached to something. There is a matching one on the passenger side. I have no idea what attached to these springs. Can anyone tell me what went on these springs?
  13. I strongly suggest you convert to a dual reservoir master cylinder. Not very difficult and much safer. I did mine on my 65.
  14. Albert Sr , since I found all the parts for a complete engine I prefer selling everything together as an engine. I have been told different values for everything from 700 to 2500. I will get casting numbers next time I'm at the shop.
  15. Looking for the flexible brake cable for right front wheel. 1932 Buick 90. Tony