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  1. Sorry for the delay getting back. I tried to send a few messages individually just to find out there is a limit. For those that wanted to see the back. See pic. There is no bed in it at this time. Trying to decide if I should build it to tow truck use standards or just for show or just put a wood floor in the bed.
  2. Yes sorry I did not get back to you earier.
  3. Ok, I think I get the picture. When we started this I knew our car will never be worth restoring because it was too far gone. So I figured parts that can help someone else to complete a true restoration would be offered up and maybe their part if in worse shape we would use on ours. But it seems the bumper cores do not have any major value so the plating is the value. I think I'll just fill it and paint it since our car will never be original. After all we are just trying to preserve what we have and not looking for trophies. Thanks for the input.
  4. The bumper on our project looks to be original and surprisingly straight. It is however pitted but not rotted. If the bumpers value is high after chroming and it adds extra value to the project I will make the investment. If not I will fill the pitting and paint to match. So I guess I need to know the value of this bumper chromed properly. Any ideas? Tony
  5. Hello once again. Sorry to say but I think it is time. If any Prewar Buick folks are interested in this project Buick let me know. I cannot give a price at this time because I have not figured what I have invested. I figure any serious buyer would want to come see it first anyway, which would require an appointment. Thanks Tony
  6. Here is mine. Do they usually Crack in the same spots? If so where are the weak spots? I found no cracks but this engine had two bent pushrods in number one. I figured head gasket and hydrolock held the valves so the rods bent.
  7. Thanks Steve. I have enough parts to determine measurementso so I guess I was just looking for an easy way out by buying reproductions in place of making them. Thanks anyway But if you get a chance to post a picture I think it could help. Tony
  8. Our car was a 1932 97 model. Those that had it before us cut out the back doors as some of you may already know. We need to make doors but the issue is the door hinges. The original slots and holes are there but I have no original hinge info or specs. Are there any repro hinges that fit? I see ford stuff. Just not sure what can work. Tony
  9. Sorry goofed up. Thats the car on the rotisserie. Here is the car now. I had it listed here before for I believe 9500.00 changed my mind on that. Dug out my old receipts , it's gonna take 12K . Engine and transmission professionally rebuild.
  10. The car is complete with some minor unfinished tasks. For example the rear bumper probably should have been rechromed when the front was done. The windshield washer pump needs replacing. The new trunk upholstery kit was junk I've seen better. Small stuff like that and not many more. Here are some pictures.
  11. Chas ,I'm new to old Buicks. What typically goes on at this tour event?
  12. I was concerned about the manifold washers but never knew what went there.
  13. Str8 8 Dave I pulled the filter today. Primed the carb. Fired up and ran til I shut it off. The filter seemed clear enough for a newer pump but may just be to much restriction for the old pumps. Unfortunately I did not work with a control and did loosen the top of the carb and tapped it to see if the float was stuck. Tomorrow the filter will go back in and I'll see if the problem returns. If so I will install a larger in line filter back at the tank outlet and eliminate the carb filter. Nice call. Tony
  14. The intake is flipped and I designed an adapter in AutoCAD that was made on a 3D printer. It will allow most 2 barrel Rochesters to fit. I never had enough original components to go all original. Tony
  15. I filled the carb bowl though the bowl vent. Fired it up and watched the pump glass fill in about 20 seconds. Car ran out of fuel once the bowl emptied. Pump is rebuilt. Am I expecting too much from this pump or do you feel the float is stuck. I've seen a few comments regarding adding the electric assist. And if needed , have it push to the pump or pull from the pump? Tony
  16. Well I hope to answer everyone's questions and hope to not leave anything unanswered. My administration does not tie my hands. We do not have unlimited resources so I use school budget funds to meet curriculum requirements and my personal funds for supporting any holes in that process. I have about 20 students in each session, am / pm. My guess is 50% never touched a tool in their life. Another 30% used common hand tools but most likely that tool box had two screw drivers and a pair of vise grips with the back of the jaws smashed from using it as a hammer. Not their fault and I'll leave
  17. Sorry Jeff -a I forgot to mention I have been a fan of single stage urethane. My favorite was always Chroma One. I don't think it's available anymore unless someone has it on the shelf. I bought up the remaining black from a local store years ago. Tony
  18. These are parts I figure I do not need but may be of use to someone. Heat riser is in fairly good condition my opinion as I have seen worse. 146 -34. Windshield parts , lower dash trim and cowl vent and one sill plate. I also have the aircleaner. Tony
  19. Jeff a and Mr. BUICK Great info and appreciate the comments. It did have rails and I have them to put back on. To my knowledge and due to the assistance of another member I believe the vehicle came from Hazelton at a garage called Johnnie's on the corner of First and Arthur. Inspection station #691 I have to make the doors because the original modification does not allow the belt line to match up. But they will be painted as the image. Tony
  20. Great tip Bob. That's the route I will go since it is much less expensive. Ya know, I am looking at that picture I posted behind the dash. Isn't that the relay we are talking about with all the screws. If so I must have had it.
  21. I agree Larry. Maybe it was used to run some accessory. Since it is not of the 32 Buick I will offer it up to someone who may need it. I will put it in the parts for sale ,maybe someone can identify it. Tony
  22. Hey Bob, I did look back in some images and saw that this unit was mounted up on the left of the radiator. Not sure why. Additionally my reproduction and original wire harness has a wire that sticks out of the harness near the distributor. This wire looks like it has one half of an in line fuse holder. In the manual it seems to go to the horns. Is that just a connector but no fuse? T
  23. It was buried in one of our boxes of junk. Anyone ever test one? Tony
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