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  1. I'm not a patina fan at all.I much prefer a good paint job. I have a young friend who has sunk a fortune into a Chevy p/u,but has left the body,dents and all,just like it was when he bought it.He just scuffed it up and sprayed clear coat over it.It's not for me,but he loves it.
  2. 15 years ago,a man ran a stop sign and my daughter hit him in her '98 Ford Escort.His insurance totaled it and paid us off.It didn't look that bad to me,so I bought it from them for $480.I had it fixed for $2600.I didn't care what kind of title it would have.I just wanted it to be legal.I took it to the Mississippi Highway Patrol,paid $50 for an inspection and they issued me a clear title.After all said and done,the car was fixed,clear title,and $2950 in my pocket.
  3. I'm restoring my '51 Pontiac Chieftain.I've replaced all the rusted out sheet metal floors and trunk.All I need is a new spare tire well to replace the rusted out one.I can repair the original,but it would be much easier to get a new one and it would look better,too.I've looked everywhere that I know to look to no avail.I would really appreciate it if someone could direct me to the right place. I've been told a Chevrolet of the same year will fit,but I don't think so.I have a '52 Bel Air and it isn't close to the same.
  4. Would it help to let the air out of the trailer tires?
  5. Yes,I'm going to do my best to keep it as original as possible.I think the interior will be the most challenging part of the entire build.The frame is done,front end,suspension,rear end,new brake system,and completely rebuilt engine.The hydra-matic transmission will have to be gone through,also.I'm on the body now,replacing rotted front floor pans and a large portion of the trunk floor.I'm going slow,doing it right.I'm not cutting any corners as I want this thing to be like new when finished.
  6. That is good to know.I have a '51 four door Chieftain that I am restoring and hopefully I will soon be at that stage.Maybe '51 Chevy stuff will fit this Pontiac.
  7. Agreed,jimy.In my 53 years of changing oil and filters,that's the way I do it.Never had one to leak and I take it off by hand.I guess these oil changing places are afraid something will go wrong and they will be liable for it.
  8. Unless you have uninsured motorist coverage,you won't get a penny.My experience with incidents like this,and I've had plenty(11 accidents with people without insurance,none being my fault),all you'll get is a headache.None will offer you any compensation and if you try to sue them,even if you win the case,you still won't get anything.People like this are irresponsible in life in general and I don't know how they get out of every jam they get into.I couldn't. You will be inconvenienced terribly,being without your vehicle,arranging to have it fixed,financial concerns,phone calls,and your time.It sucks big time.The guilty will go buy another $200 POS tomorrow and continue on as nothing had happened and you'll be holding the bag. Been there,done that,and got a drawer full of T-shirts.
  9. If you used a CO2 extinguisher it wouldn't leave anything on the engine.It would frost up the distributor but as it evaporated there would be nothing left except maybe a little water from the frost. Try some Mopar Rust Penetrant.It worked well for me when all other penetrants wouldn't.
  10. Very nice indeed.This picture helped me as I have my '51 torn down and didn't take enough pictures of everything.I can't remember where and how some of the accessories attach to the engine.I painted my engine with the Hirsch paint also.It's darker than I expected but it looks like yours. Could I trouble you to ask for more pictures of your engine?It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,Andy J
  11. The only notable ones I remember was a Henry J a school teacher drove that lived not far from us.Another lady drove a huge Mercury,'60-'64 maybe;our next door neighbor drove an early '50s Studebaker 1/2 ton p/u and he had two more for parts.That truck was solid rust,not a speck of paint on it,but it ran well.
  12. I'd go for it.What have you got to lose?Nothing ventured,nothing gained.You might could try to braze it.
  13. From my perspective,collectors take care of their things,try to preserve or improve their collection,and they buy,sell,and trade items.They have a purpose for the things they have.They are often profit driven,steadily making efforts to increase the value of their collections. Hoarders seem to just accumulate things with good intentions of using them one day,but that day never comes.They think they might can use an item down the road and it just seems too good to let go.So,things pile up and never become useful,just getting in the way. I have kept things in the past because I thought I might have need for it one day.After a few years I realize I'll never use it,so I get rid of it.We moved a couple of years ago and I gave away a tremendous amount of stuff just to keep from moving it.
  14. Success! I got it to move from side to side yesterday,but it wouldn't turn.KornKurt told me heat it and melt candle wax and let it soak up into the bushings.I did that last night but it still wouldn't turn.I went into my shop today and grabbed the counterweight and it turned it by hand and it was free.I don't know if the Mopar Rust Penetrant or the candle wax or a combination of the two worked but it is working great!I've been tinkering with that thing for nearly two weeks.
  15. Thanks for the advice,Bloo.I picked up a can of Mopar Rust Penetrant today and began to spray it on.It smells different from all the other penetrants I've used,so maybe this is the ticket.I'm tapping on the shaft with a brass hammer,also.I'll try heat,also. I've read if the thing is stuck open the engine will be a little cold-natured until it warms up,so if I can't get it freed up I'll just live with it.Here in central Mississippi,it's toasty most of the year.Even in winter we don't have many very cold days.I'll let you know in a few days the result.
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