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  1. It is! You'll notice it has no back window, because I had to re fabricate the top with vinyl! It is sitting on the front tires. They're resting beneath the fenders.
  2. Long story short on this one! Thirty years ago the frame on the 32 Ford Street Rod I assembled many years ago and displayed, split, followed by the entire front end. It just collapsed. I figured "no biggie" I chucked it in the garbage after pulling off the useful parts. I would just buy another one I thought, but Monogram told me to try Ebay, because they're no longer being made. I ran out to the garbage and fished it out. For years I wasn't the successful bidder, even after raising the ante by hundreds. I finally gave up and began patching the old one back together. It had no suspension and t
  3. The first one I built was the blue Corvette! I kept it until I got married in 1970 after which my kids played with it and lost many parts. I glued it back together and after displaying it on a shelf in my den, decided to collect them! Several are the intricate and more detailed Pocher models . like the Alfa Romeo where the transmission actually shifts, and the wire wheels had to be laced. The Ferrari's are all metal and had to be screwed together with tiny little screws! I saw one at Carlisle for sale in kit form. The guy wanted 1000 bucks for it! I never saw another Ferrari F40 though!
  4. Back in the eighty's Monogram was releasing a new 1/8 scale car model kit every year. I couldn't wait to see what the next one could be. I even sold my savings bonds to buy them. Today I still proudly display them in hand built cases. Boy, I sure miss them!
  5. I don't know why it wasn't considered to contact the Millers at Carlisle! They may have been willing to extend their facility by one week to host the AACA show!! The place is set up for a large car show already, plus a flea market and Car Corral.The food vendors would have been in seventh heaven with more money to be made, and that alone would have buffered the fee the Millers would have charged!. No Covid Restrictions there!
  6. While I was taking the pictures, all the Studebakers got a free pass.I actually helped the staff with their identification.. I don't know if the club prepaid or not, but the $25 gift certificate I received for being a National Winner was certainly more than the $10 fee it cost me to get in. The Lions are very generous and I hope to participate for years to come. In fact they are planning something really special for next year, their 50th anniversary show. I can't wait!
  7. Great day for the show! Decent turnout! I was a little disappointed that they gave gift cards instead of the Die Cast Car on a wooden base. Their award for the Senior Cars is the most unique I've ever gotten. They change the model every year but keep the same format. That's why they get so many Senior Cars. Still, they had the senior parade as usual and I felt better with that.
  8. I think it means a smaller version of the Ectomobile from the movie "Ghostbusters"
  9. How will we be positioned on the show field without a packet in the windshield? Should we make up a card with our previous years ID?...ie 27J R. Could you afford the postage to mail a windshield card to each? It's hardly worth it for me to drive down on Friday just to pick up my packet and drive back home without a flea market or car corral .
  10. When I first bought my 72 Cutlass "S" it had a lot of surface rust underneath! I sanded it down, coated it with rust converter, painted it with Rustoleum Flat Black, and now the secret ingredient......:Old Car Touchless Acrylic Coating" , an "As seen on TV" product from the 90's.It was a liquid that came with an applicator sponge and could seep into every nook and cranny. The product was a disaster on topside paint and turned your car into a zebra when exposed to sunlight, but when used to detail the surfaces beneath it was beyond compare. You couldn't remove it with a blowtorch. The underside
  11. Saw this one at Fall Carlisle 2015! What a cruiser!
  12. I believe the next Winter Tour stop after Clear lake, Iowa was Moorhead, Minnesota! Bobby Vee stood in for Buddy Holly at that venue and the similarity of Buddy's familiar "Hickup" style was mimicked in his earliest recordings! Whether or not he dedicated that performance to Buddy is up to arbitration!
  13. AACA Car Owners that recently passed away. Sometimes remembered more for their vehicles than they themselves! RIP. You will be missed! Bernie Bobak Jim Ide ED HUNT TONY KRICK
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