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  1. It's sad that Car Museums are becoming a thing of the past! Forty years ago, I discovered the "Gast Car Museum" in Lancaster Pa. I loved going down to take pictures of the cars every summer, particularly when Mr. Gast purchased a "Waltz Blue" Tucker! The Museum is history now that it closed several years ago! So did the Reilly Car Museum just outside of Wilkes Barre, Pa. I miss them both!
  2. I've been using Stabul for 25 years now with no ill effects! It must work because Walmart was sold out of the stuff! I start and run my car for 20 minutes once every month over the winter! Starts right up every time! The first year I had it, I went by the book! Drained the tank, pulled the battery, and left it covered at a storage facility! Four months later I went up with the battery to start it and found the cover soaked! After I put the battery in, I cranked and cranked and all it did was backfire! The choke was stuck! Never again! I keep it home with a full tank of treated gas and start it
  3. Heated garages are nothing but rust incubators! As soon as you open the door in the winter, your car immediately gets soaked with condensation.Keep the temperature the same inside and outside. Also, my neighbor has cats that patrol outside my garage daily. I have the plug in ultrasonic rodent repellent too! Bounce Drier Sheets help arbitrarily with mice , but what have you got to lose? With them your car always smells fresh. No stale storage smell.
  4. Over inflate tires. Full tank of gas . Add Stabul Fuel Stabilizer. Wash and wax the entire car. Change oil. Make sure a waterproof tarp is placed over the concrete floor before driving it on. Spread Bounce Drier Sheets throughout the garage and car interior. Place Desiccant Bags under front and rear seats and in the trunk. Cover car with a good quality car cover. Uncover and start the car and run it for 20 minutes once a month during the winter, running the heater and Air Conditioner as you do. Let the engine cool before recovering.
  5. I went through 3 isles in the flea market, but usually I have in mind one single part I'm looking for and unfortunately this time there was nothing I needed. I did see the guy that was selling Trump memorabilia, at least I hope it's memorabilia! Mostly I photograph cars. I've been doing that for 30 years now. And the Cutlass? I've bought enough parts to cover everything that could go wrong, including decals. All of them stored in a third floor closet!
  6. It is! You'll notice it has no back window, because I had to re fabricate the top with vinyl! It is sitting on the front tires. They're resting beneath the fenders.
  7. Long story short on this one! Thirty years ago the frame on the 32 Ford Street Rod I assembled many years ago and displayed, split, followed by the entire front end. It just collapsed. I figured "no biggie" I chucked it in the garbage after pulling off the useful parts. I would just buy another one I thought, but Monogram told me to try Ebay, because they're no longer being made. I ran out to the garbage and fished it out. For years I wasn't the successful bidder, even after raising the ante by hundreds. I finally gave up and began patching the old one back together. It had no suspension and t
  8. The first one I built was the blue Corvette! I kept it until I got married in 1970 after which my kids played with it and lost many parts. I glued it back together and after displaying it on a shelf in my den, decided to collect them! Several are the intricate and more detailed Pocher models . like the Alfa Romeo where the transmission actually shifts, and the wire wheels had to be laced. The Ferrari's are all metal and had to be screwed together with tiny little screws! I saw one at Carlisle for sale in kit form. The guy wanted 1000 bucks for it! I never saw another Ferrari F40 though!
  9. Back in the eighty's Monogram was releasing a new 1/8 scale car model kit every year. I couldn't wait to see what the next one could be. I even sold my savings bonds to buy them. Today I still proudly display them in hand built cases. Boy, I sure miss them!
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