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  1. looking for a wiper delay switch for a 1973 Buick Regal ..car only has factory single speed switch, i know ill have to buy new wiper motor with delay option
  2. https://www.rvparkstore.com/rv-park-directory/ohio/strongsville#:~:text= RV Parks near Strongsville%2C OH 1,Lake Campgrounds 10 Chippewa Valley Campgrounds More
  3. went to two show and cruisins one in Mansfield,Oh car show and Avon Lake Oh cruisin ,,not two many Buicks out today,, mine the 73 regal
  4. Cruisin tonite at Matus Winery Wakeman, Ohio a couple Buick chapter members there
  5. took the 73 to a cruise tonight heard about it last minute, finally got the air conditioning fixed on the 73 and on the 90 GS plus rear strut's getting the 73 to closer to driving to Concord, these Buick money pits getting expensive
  6. Drove it to work today took pic in front of the Buick dealership i work at, getting fixed up got the air fixed . been driving it a lot lately.
  7. from Roberta Vasilow 1981 Buick meet Cedar Point thank you http://photos.buickclub.org/thumbnails.php?album=32
  8. Road trip today to Cuyahoga Valley National Park Cleveland,Akron 90 degrees no air in car doesn't work soon to be fixed. Making sure it'll make it to Concord in warm weather next year.
  9. i posted your pic from 1977 Buick meet on our North East Ohio Facebook page,,,,,,,,,,,do you gave more?? wanted to post pics from Ceder Point meet also on our Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/groups/NorthEastOhioBuickClub/
  10. drove down to Utica, Ohio today, top picture is the Velvet ice cream plant and their ice cream parlor, second is downtown Utica Ohio mural
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