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  1. My niece Sue Myers picture from 1985 with my 1985 LeSabre My niece Sue picking up her new Buick Encore in 2018 My niece picking up her NEW Buick Encore GX 2021
  2. took the 73 Regal today and drove down in Ohio Amish country beautiful weather 80 degrees stopped at some antique malls found some Buick ads to add to my collection and a 1972 Buick brochure getting car show withdraws, looking forward to Auburn spring show
  3. got my room last week Red roof looking forward to this the buick shows doa
  4. where is the link to register say if your a AACA member regester on AACA site Auburn not listed
  5. sorry never mind what was the price,,,,,,,,,,mine i had it worked on by some guy in Hemmings mag charged 142 $$ and its still worse then when i took it to him cant keep it on a channel keep turning turner knob
  6. Another beautiful day in Ohio 64 degrees drove down to Utica, Oh Since theres no car shows, where my grand parents cemetery and mom born
  7. First day of spring in Lorain, 61 degrees,,, take your car to work day,, it got a bath during lunch
  8. Annual BOP show Valley View Ohio at Quaker State and Lube, invited any Buick owners in Ohio ,Cleveland area all welcome ..hosted by Northern Ohio Oldsmobile club.
  9. looking for a am/fm radio for 73 Buick Century Regal
  10. out for a ride today fill up the tank 60 degrees in Lorain oh at Lake View beach park Lake Erie in back ground
  11. anyone know if the 2012 Indiana Auburn meet will go on?
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