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  1. yes Im flying in coming in Tuesday couldnt get enough time off to drive heard some of our members are driving in from Ohio
  2. we are looking into it nothing is confirmed yet ,,we have several tours the committee is looking into, train was just a suggestion nothing concrete yet. Next 2020 meeting is March 29..Any cleveland chapter members or people looking to join our chapter our monthly meeting is 7;30 third friday of the month at the Strongsville fire station Webster road Strongsville ,Oh. The 2020 National planning meeting is March 29 at the same place at 7;30
  3. were working on it there several ideas being worked on,, hoping for volunteers to work the show
  4. well bought my air fare for Ok Buick meet haven't flown in 20 years bit nerves looking forword to going signed up for just one tour
  5. were working on it ,,getting tours worked out will, has to be ready by JUNE it can be in the July Bugle
  6. Had our first meeting for the 2020 Buick National meet in Strongsville,Oh
  7. was there a price change in the hotels i got a reservation at the Hampton Inn and price they say is $124 per nite,,in the Bugle info on hotels say group rate is $119 ill try calling again tomorrow durring the day
  8. my dealership i work at looking for a steering wheel for 70 Wildcat 2dr convertible
  9. thanks shop had new top on in just a few hours bought vinyl materal from http://www.newstalgiaparts.com/ mine cost 212.00 dollars
  10. i was real lucky they didnt break the window,,waiting for him to put moulding back on this spring
  11. had a shop in Elyria,oh do the body work and had a shop in Norwalk, oh do vinyl roof
  12. My 1973 Buick Regal i bought in 2012 im second owner bought off original owner in my neighborhood. Iv been having work done on it this past fall on the roof . The car had rust under the vinyl roof. Now its almost done next to get the window trim back on and its done. Here some pics on work progress,New vinyl roof now on.