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  1. My first date after receiving my drivers license at the age of 16 I drove my 1959 Pontiac Catalina, a 389" four bolt main 420"A" Tri-Power with a 4 speed HD Super HydraMatic with a 3.08 Posi for the street, and 3.90 and 4.10 Posi for drag racing depending on track conditions. It's funny that when I was 14 years old I received my IHRA drag racing license also in that 59 Catalina!
  2. Funny that you just mentioned this because today on my 1976 Oldsmobile ( which is not a daily driver) I performed my annual service which includes checking and performing maintenance on my HEI ignition system. My service manual does have this information in the tune up section of the HEI., however because the makers of my car probably never anticipated people collecting these cars and only putting limited miles a year the makers recommend miles between tune up service.
  3. Consider this: To disc jockeys or whatever you call yourselves these days and event planners. We all like old cars and that's why we collect and sometimes show them. So for the people that come to a event and play the music why not play the appropriate music for the years of the cars presented on the show field. It's funny that the people who owned a 40 Chevy or Ford never played Glenn Miller to the volume of the 10's because really good music doesn't need to be played that loud to be appreciated.
  4. REG. MID. PREM. DIESEL California $4.044 $4.200 $4.309 $4.197
  5. California has already worked that out. Every electric and Hybrid car will be talking ( GPS) to motor vehicles dept. to calculate how many miles you've driven to you can pay your fair share of road taxes. Arizona is already in deliberations of how to implement this too. SO LAUGH ALL YOU WANT!
  6. Of course new cars. You don't think they would ban cars already on the road do you??? Of course New guns, you don't think they would ban guns people already have do you??? Ever hear of Executive Order 6102???? Banned for 42 years!
  7. Just remember that the California ban proposal is not just gasoline, but diesel as well. California is not alone in this thinking as the EU and the UK are already on board with this and so are many people. A example of this is this; XXXXXXXXX will introduce legislation to mandate zero-emissions vehicles make up all new car sales by 2040. The bill is co-sponsored by three XXXXXXXXX running for president in 2020 who support the Green New Deal.
  8. They abandoned that one and have been trying to split the state into three states so that they get more representation in the federal government.
  9. You're a smart guy, you should know during the course of the day or work week that things come up and some times things aren't loaded and used like a assy. line, besides the front of the bed is where the tool box sits if you had forgotten. Things happen , schedules are sometime rearranged I thought people could understand that and relate, but I can see you can't by your other comments to people you can foresee the future 100% of the time.😉 The comment I made about the VW Transporter was all about the Transporters bed and not the "truck" "if" you read carefully, and that the bed part is a very good idea that I wish other manufacturers would adopt. Nothing about me owning a VW truck that is no longer for sale in this country, it was just about the bed however a bed like that would sure help people from wearing themselves out climbing in and out. Next time you are at a lumber yard, hardware store, masonry supply etc. ask some poor old sod trying to load their truck how much they like their high bed rails?? When I worked for a major manufacturer our engineering department was close by to a viewing facility that product planning and marketing would use. The facility had a viewing area like a showroom in a dealership and these departments would pay people off the street to give opinion on our product. When trucks were presented we never had contractors or people who worked in the building trades that actually used their truck for what trucks are supposed to be designed to do. I guess those types of people had no time because they were "working".
  10. What happens if the only space in the bed is in the front?? No, I didn't bring the wrong tool, and I don't need a S10- my 1999 Ford is just fine except it's old, it's just the new trucks ( ALL OF THEM) are too high and too expensive because they are all loaded with needless accessories. The new Ford ranger is also too high and only comes with a I-4 and only in a automatic so forget about towing. Also the Ford Ranger is almost as big as a F150 and wide??? 59-60 Cadillac's are about 80" wide, these Rangers are 80.4" wide !!! When I worked in the automotive industry I was always advocating in fold down bed rails to the VP of marketing and people from product planning, but they were dead set in bringing trucks into the WANNABE realm that was in 2006 when I retired. There was only one company who really made the effort to put the right kind of truck bed on a truck, and the bed rails could be folded down and the truck could be loaded with a forklift from three sides; what a concept!!!
  11. NO, I think Ford should build a real work truck that doesn't wear you out loading and unloading it. Try lifting a 90Lb. wet saw over the bed rail of a 2WD ford truck! My 1999 Fords bedrail is 3' 10" high and it's a 4X4, a 2wd NEW Ford is at least one foot higher and a 4X4 is even higher. Sure Chevy has a new truck with a folding step, but that won't help you when the bed is full and you need something at the front. That fold down step is a admission that ALL the trucks are too high to WORK out of. They are all IF you prefer the term "WANNABE" Trucks. Or in other words useless to someone who works out of a truck because it wears you out. Offer it with V-8, 5 speed stick shift, A/C, AM FM CD radio, manual windows, full rubber floor mats/NO carpeting. Let's also keep the price down.
  12. You mean Ford sells a F series want-a-be truck every 41.8 seconds!
  13. Badge engineered. That's what happened to Oldsmobile and Pontiac. When you remove the heart out of the product the product ceases to exist. In Pontiac's case the last REAL Pontiac made was in the very early 80's, and only on some models. By the time the corporation got around to axing Pontiac and Oldsmobile it really didn't matter because Pontiac and Olds people/fans knew those brands had died years before. If Buick goes tomorrow there will be no loss, the middle class who bought Buick Olds and Pontiac are going too, which might have something to do with the welfare of the hobby in general in the future.
  14. Us younger generation of the 50's and 60's also wanted two doors.