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  1. Pfeil

    Base Coat / Clear Coat

    I special ordered this Oldsmobile 43 years ago . It's still in it's original G.M. lacquer paint and the car has 115,000 miles. No clear coat here.
  2. Pfeil

    Base Coat / Clear Coat

    The nice thing about single stage paint. When the clear coat starts to be worn off, crack, peal which you see on so many new cars just a few years old is SOL. The single stage owner on the other hand, when the paint starts to oxidize, pulls out his 1,600 wet/ dry paper and color sands and later buffs the paint back to a shine. The two stage owner is in for a new respray.
  3. Why don't you call Frank's Pontiac Parts in Twenty Nine Palms.
  4. Pfeil

    california olds dealer

    My sister bought a new 1964 Cutlass Holiday coupe from Allen Paul Oldsmobile, 313 North LaBrea, Inglewood Ca. About 15 years later ( 1976 or so ) my in-laws moved to Del Mar Ca. and on the way down there for visits from Hermosa Beach somewhere right off the 5 FWY around Mission Viejo or Laguna Hills was a Allen Paul Olds dealership. I always assumed that after Inglewood took a turn for the worse that that's where it ended up. FYI. The Allen Paul dealership in Inglewood Ca. was previously owned by Harvey Smith Oldsmobile Co. Which is where my uncle bought his 49 Futuramic 88 and later his 1957 J-2 Super 88. What it looks like today
  5. Pfeil

    What is your preferred degreasing technique?

    A gallon or two of Commercial ZEP purple, find it at Home Depot. Use in a gallon garden sprayer with a stiff brush. And if you want to remove mineral deposits and soap scum use Commercial ZEP Calcium, Lime, rust, remover. Use a good pair of gloves with this stuff, use eye protection. If you get any stuff on your skin wash immediately because it starts burning fast. Remember back in the 50's & 60's when some idiot stuck his hand/arm in a 5 gallon bucket of the good stuff carburetor cleaner in shop class and his arm peeled a couple of times and burned like hell??? You get the picture.
  6. Pfeil

    bad news for Nissan

    Nissan is not the only manufacturer that uses it in the automotive industry. Ever been to Japan? Whale and Dolphin meat can be a part of the dinner menu and it's been going on for 100's of years. Japanese are not the only people to eat Whales as it's becoming trendy in Norway again. The Inuit of Canada and Greenland and related peoples of Alaska, Plus you have pockets of Indonesians and Island people of the South Pacific and North Pacific.
  7. Pfeil

    bad news for Nissan

  8. Pfeil

    Freshly Rebuilt 1958 Olds Oldsmobile 371 knocking at idle

    The owner says it's got a flexplate, so it's a HydraMatic and a HydraMatic would downshift under load unless it was above 65 - 70 mph and at that speed the engine would not be hard on the thrust bearing. About 40+ years ago I helped a friend rebuild a 64 Morgan +4 ( Triumph engine ) everything went well, later my friend buttoned up the engine ( accessories / water pump, belts etc. I was over to help for the start up. This Morgan developed after about ten minutes a knock which progressively was getting worse. I sounded like the # 1 rod bearing except the sound was deeper like a main bearing. The sound came from the front of the engine, so I decided to first check the vibration dampener because I knew everything ( because I did that part myself ) Crank, Mains, rods, pistons/ Pins were right on, plus I had done the rods resizing and balanced the rotating assy. myself at my machine shop at work. It was puzzling and damning for sure and the vibration dampener appeared OK so I hooked up the timing light to make sure the dampener hadn't torn loose and see if the timing marks hadn't shifted. That's when the strobe revealed a chunk of fan belt 1/2" long 1/8" deep missing in the bottom of the V groove of the fan belt. When my friend assembled the front of the engine he used the old ( not worn looking) belt. It visually wasn't noticeable with the engine running , however the strobe revealed it.
  9. Pfeil

    bad news for Nissan

    I'm glad you are open minded about the subject.
  10. Pfeil

    bad news for Nissan

    That's mighty nice for you to say. At least people know where your coming from. BTW it's CVT or PST depending on the type of car for your information. I've had about 20 years experience with them so far. I've seen them abused just like any other transmission, but driven with sanity equal to anything out there today. They are here to stay and one of the reasons is they have close to 90% efficiency. Couple of things to be aware of though. Strict adherence to maintenance schedule especially oil changes, and the use of the proper transmission fluid ( I only buy NISSAN's CVT ATF )for them. FYI, I'm going to try some experimenting with that fluid on a slant pan 4 speed Hydro. NISSAN CVT fluid has in it something that we haven't had for those hydro's for a long time.
  11. Pfeil

    bad news for Nissan

    If it hadn't been for Ghosn, Nissan wouldn't have survived it's financial crisis. There is more to this story than has been told.
  12. Pfeil

    Hubcap and Emblem Paint

    I use acetone to clean the surface to be painted, in my case the VW logo on the hub cap. I mask off the hub cap except the logo area. I use a Metal etching primer ( black) and spray the entire logo stamped area, then take a clean sacrificial hand towel with lacquer thinner on it and while the primer is still tacky I carefully remove the primer/ paint on the raised chromed surface I want exposed and let dry. After the primer is dry I spray Back lacquer paint and repeat the removal of paint in the unwanted area and unmask the wheel cover. Primer one day to dry, paint the next. One hour for four hub caps on the first day, and one hour or less on the painted day.
  13. Pfeil

    300 ci Buick Engine in a Regal?

    Ca. law says if you are installing a OBD2 engine in the car in question, the car must conform to all the OBD2 requirements. EPA says it cannot be done. My understanding is federal law trumps state law.
  14. Pfeil

    300 ci Buick Engine in a Regal?

    After reading the law and considering the year of car I say you can't do it. Before the EPA was established ( 1970) California law said you could do engine swaps and it went like this. For example, you could put a 1969 Chevy 350 engine in a 1955 Chevrolet but in doing so you would need the engine to comply with 1969 emission systems and emission test numbers. Conversely, If you put a 1955 Chevy 265 engine in a 1969 Chevrolet the 265 would need 1969 Chevrolet emission systems added to make it comply and pass the visual and emission test. It wasn't until catalytic converters happened ( 1975 ) on the scene that this type of thing changed because cars emission systems went hand and hand with altitude, rear axle ratio, weight of the car, type of transmission etc. to match the engine and it's emission system. Back in the mid 70's when I was testing cars for EPA certification if you took away or changed just one of the factors above like say changing a 2.69 to 1 rear end with a 3.08 or a 3.23 to 1 the car would fail a 7 bag emission test. Remember back when certain engines, transmissions or axle ratios suddenly became unavailable? This is why. That is why those EPA laws were written. Those tamper proof laws started to be written in 1974 on the eve of cars with catalytic converters.
  15. Pfeil

    300 ci Buick Engine in a Regal?

    Putting a newer engine is possible IF the engine had all the emissions equipment for the year of the engine. And how many LS engines in older cars have the emission systems including the exhaust do you see at a car show? NONE.