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  1. "A step by step manual for the complete idiot" You would have to be a Idiot to follow that book. The only thing it's good for is the hilarious illustrations. A novice idiot illustration ;
  2. I was thinking the same thing. They sure screw things up when planning for the future.
  3. Not if the "New Green Deal" goes through. Do you realize that all the new presidential hopefuls have endorsed it?
  4. A donor car is a must if you want a factory A/C. The dash is not half as bad as replacing the firewall for the Evaporator/heater/ blower assy. Since this is a sentimental car to you, why not restore the car the way your grandfather drove it. Adding a non stock A/C which is the easiest/cheapest way is not what your grandfather was thinking about when he was thinking about A/C.
  5. Pfeil

    What a great dash!

    !958 Pontiac Bonneville
  6. Pfeil

    Your Future, will you fit?

    Why don't you read it? it's on line.
  7. Pfeil

    Your Future, will you fit?

    My concern is there are people in high places that think this stuff up, plus it's in schools too. Plus there never seems to be a counter balance, be it schools, media etc.
  8. Pfeil

    Your Future, will you fit?

    Your future and will you fit? Has anyone studied the newly released this week " THE GREEN NEW DEAL"??? And what a impact it would have on our hobby, our lives?
  9. Pfeil

    1933 Pontiac straight 8

    If you are going to join a club I would join the POCI Early Times Chapter and AACA's Chapter called Oakland Pontiac Worldwide region. The nice thing about the Early Times Chapter is you can be a member of the chapter only and not belong to the POCI club. All Pontiac's in 1933-34 are straight eight's. 1933 is the first year of the design and 1954 is the last year. This is Ben Anibal's Pontiac engineering department and G.M. research laboratories design. From the get go the engine has full flow oiling and more importantly has main and rod and cam bearing inserts and NO more poured bearings which makes rebuilding easier. The engine starts out at 223.4 cubic inches and by 1950-1954 ends up at 268 cubic inches, also the Pontiac flathead straight six ( 1935-1954) is derived from the eight and shares many parts. These engines are very reliable and noted for their smoothness and they easily pass the Quarter test in which many other engines fail.
  10. If you guys are interested on how these engines were made and are interested in the four cylinder engines ( inboard and outboard of the frame rail arrangement) click on the link below. BTW it's not the same engine as above but Princess class loco is similar and is the mother of the engines above. A Study In Steel 1935 - LMS - Building A Princess Class Locomotive ...
  11. This is a Coronation Class loco built for the London Midland Scottish railway or the LMS Designed by the famous William Stanier and there were 38 produced from 1937-1948 and the first ones were streamlined . I've witnessed the real thing twice. Once while on the platform in Manchester station one came through the station as a express excursion train and it blew me away - not stopping just a 60mph roar! The second was riding behind one of her ( Duchess of Buccleuch) sisters the "Duchess of Hamilton" on the way to Glasgow. They say that once you've been over the top ( The Pennines mountains ) in a Duchess you'll never forget it and I can attest to it. Like some British engines and none to my knowledge of American steam engines the Duchess is a Pacific Class loco with FOUR cylinders. Two caring swivel at the front of the engine, SIX driving wheels and two carrying wheels under the cab. Of the Six driving wheels, the front driving wheels have no axle but rather a crankshaft, from which connecting rods inboard of the frame rails are attached to two cylinders and their valve action. On the outside of the frame rails are two cylinders which are attached a connecting rod to the center driving wheels, and they connect with another connecting rod to the front and rear driving wheels. To say these 100+ mile per hour machines are a Grey Hound is a understatement and none of the Duchess Class have ever reached their potential because they have never been fired up to their potential because no Fireman has ever been able to feed it's appetite for coal.
  12. Pfeil

    So whats under the hood?

    I couldn't tell as they are blurred, However on close inspection that air cleaner is a rare one. I have only seen them on 1966 L-79 327 Chevrolet engines, specifically to the L-79 Nova
  13. Pfeil

    So whats under the hood?

    Now that is interesting. A FE Ford engine with a GM air cleaner with the red stick-on that looks very familiar to the mid 60's Oldsmobile Ultra High Compression stick-on ones!
  14. Pfeil

    Your Future, will you fit?

    Hey John, no worries on the embarrassment. I'm proud to say I have a 20+ year old Verizon flip phone. I can text, but I never do. I can takes pictures, I seldom do. It receives text messages, receives voice mail, tells me the time and date and has a calendar, and it probably has some other stuff which I don't use. It does a great job and does all I need. I have no land line, I carry it when I'm out and use it all the time and It's still on it's original battery. Speaking of refrigerators; A good friend of mine that's into antique everything, house, car, furniture etc. has a 1952 PHILCO refrigerator that he bought used in 1971 that is still doing it's job in his 1950's antique kitchen. Sometimes when I go over to his house and get the 56 T'Bird out and go for a cruise, afterwards will go back to the house and have a beer and go up to the big loft and run the electric trains. Later the wives will bring up tea and cake. You have no idea how relaxing going back into time can be.
  15. Pfeil

    Your Future, will you fit?

    I just wish Nissan would bring out a electric version of the Versa with the range of a Lief, and while their at it bring out a in town commuter like their old Hyper Mini. Trouble is, that won't happen because all maker are doing away with sedans even though they cheat the wind better than SUV's.