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  1. No, no carbs..... The winning engine;
  2. At 200 mph or near those cars would get a bunch of air underneath and would be taking off all over the track
  3. That sounds like Lee Petty who did that a few times to Richard. But alas that was STOCK CAR RACING.
  4. Don't be sorry, Many of us feel the same way too. There is just one thing though. In order to be honest, NASCAR needs to change it's name.
  5. Owners manuals tell very little about maintenance these days. Service manuals cannot be had in print anymore, that means when you are under the dash working you can't take the computer monitor with you which means you have to print a schematic off your computer to take with you. Oh, also a 20 years ago when you bought a factory service manual they were about 40 bucks. A new factory CD for my 2019 is $290.00 and the blank they burned cost 3 cents! On checking the owners manual for my 64 & 65 VW beetles tells how to; with pictures! changing oil, adjusting valves, adjusting the carburetor, cleaning and oiling the air filter- ( Oh God! a real oil bath air filter!) setting points, static timing the engine, replacing and gapping spark plugs, checking/replacing transaxle gear oil, adjusting brakes, checking brake lining, repacking wheel bearings, tire pressures and how to rotate, checking and adjusting the steering gear, check/adjust the clutch cable, seat adjustment and removal, battery checking and how to use the hydrometer. Unbelievable it shows how to rig up a wall and all the specifications on the wall for adjusting the headlamp high and low beams. And I'm sure I've left some things out. You have to remember this is a time when real men painted and worked on their own houses, worked on their own cars, cut their own lawns and tended gardens, built their own fences and concrete walls. In those days self reliance was a virtue and gave self worth. I replaced a water heater the other day and my neighbor said why don't you call a plumber? My answer was why should I pay good money to someone when I know how to do the job better and save money to boot. The money I saved just gave my wife and I two nights dinners out for free. God another Pansy! It only took 40 minutes!
  6. Some states 4 years from brand new before they have to be tested, some states six years.
  7. Actually something similar already happened. Manufacturers for years had told state governments that it was no longer necessary to have state emission testing stations because the cars today do their own testing and tell the owner when it's out of compliance. The reaction to that was owners would just drive the cars anyway. So the suggestion was made to disable the car. That triggered a liability issue so it was suggested that a special odometer be used in conjunction with standard and trip odometers that would give a count down from say 500 miles down to zero and after zero the car wouldn't start. That was part of OBD3 proposal. I still don't know where it is all going and I've been retired for 14 years now so I don't know. Besides it could become a political issue in that states have invested lots of money in these testing stations and are a good source of income.
  8. Bumper facias are expendable bumper covers that blend in with the body and make your car more aerodynamic. There really is a bumper behind them, but they are not the bumper. If you look at what manufacturers had to deal with ( gov. regs.) with the old mid 70's cars with the appearance was even uglier, so they created facias to conceal the ugly bumper. See these nice looking bumpers below; See what happened when gov. regulation took place below; Today;
  9. AM Radio ok if you want to listen to certain talk radio stations. FM radio all play from a play list and HALF are in a FOREIGN language! - N/G! Satellite radio N/G! they play from a play list as well and have dropped 40's music altogether. A play list, For example 50's music IF you can find a station that plays 50's, just google the top forty for each year of the 50's and make a list of them and compare them to the 50's music they play from their play list. Of all those 10 years they only play 10% at best of the top 40 songs. That goes for the 60's and 70's music too. So, you spend a lot of money collecting 8 track tapes, you spent a lot of money collecting cassette tapes, you spent a lot of money on CD's. Get the picture???? Now my new 2019 truck has NO CD player and I'm stuck with a bunch of CD's that have music the stations never play. Android, iPhone , NO I have a NEW flip phone. And I'm done with the game. And yes I have vinyl at home! Cars and trucks. Lets get the price down. Stick shift, Disc front , drum rear, no ABS, no Cruise control. Roll up windows. Plain heater and A/C and get rid of the micro switches, servos and actuators and just go back to the cable operated valves/ doors etc. Get rid of the heated seats, power seats, visor mirrors and damn cup holders everywhere. And let's just talk a little bit about trucks. When GMC and maybe Chevrolet announced this new step created to get into the bed of the truck they proved what many of us that have REAL trucks have been saying all along--THE BED RAILS are too HIGH. In a way the new fold down step was a admission of guilt! And those steps don't do a thing when the load you need to get at is in the front of the bed and there is stuff in-between. Those trucks we use for WORK don't have to be as high as a off road vehicle. Since because I worked for a auto/truck manufacturer for 34 years I can tell you this; Product planners don't listen ALL I WANT IS A REAL CAR! or truck!
  10. I was lucky to be able to meet Alf Wight and little Jimmy ( who isn't little and is older than me ) in Thirsk. Another good one gone. Speaking of another good one gone ( my favorite male actor ) Robert Hardy one of the masters of the English language. I believe the Morris 8 is a four cylinder flathead?
  11. A James Herriott type Morris eight roadster? Hart to find these days.
  12. It's a sedan. The L-rear window is partially rolled down in the door window frame
  13. I worked in automotive engineering for a manufacturer for 34 years and you are absolutely right " Never say never" ! and that's before you get to running changes, and after the fact TSB's and recalls. BTW this is also a 69 GTO shifter handle; 2nd column / bottom in which many Judge owners prefer.
  14. Well I know what you mean about cars that left the factory different than production. My Dad's / later mine, 1959 Pontiac Catalina was one of those cars. The Catalina was built with a S/O tag next to the firewall vin plate though. A car that should have been built in South Gate Ca. that was purpose built in Mi. with a hand built blueprinted and balance 4 bolt main 389 built in the Pontiac tool room, those engines were destined for NASCAR recipients and drag racers. A heavy duty 4 speed Super HydraMatic. with a twist, A tri tone leather Bonneville interior. That would be a hard to explain car these days without some paperwork. I even had a hard time/ impossible time explaining my 69 H-O 355 LeMans that I special ordered in Nov. of 69. It seems that POCI judges wanted to put that car in a semi modified category at the POCI nationals back in 92 or 93. All because my LeMans came with a 140 MPH speedo! Apparently those cars ( Tempest, LeMans, GTO) were only supposed to come with a 120MPH speedo. I still have the car, and the dash has never been apart, but it's got a 140 MPH speedo. I found out at that show the only car in 1969 that has a 140 MPH speedo is the Grand Prix. I also found out the instruments/ clusters are identical to Tempest! Did the assembly line run out of 120 MPH speedo's? Anyroad I got shoved into semi Modified because of it and I have a copy of the sales order, the build sheet and the window sticker.