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  1. Hell, I was at the DMV the day I could get my learners permit at 15 1/2! Funny, I had my drag racing license when I was 14 racing in FS/A and F/X. The F/X car ran mid 8's @ 168MPH
  2. As long as we keep using fossil fuel to keep the demand up it will be a long time before we will have those shortages. In the last three years the U.S. has been the worlds largest oil producer and refiner. As long as we stay the course and keep those policies in place we will be OK.
  3. Certainly is. If any of you who are in accord that the CO2 levels are rising because of man then this must be the primary issue to focus on. With a limited population, food, water, natural resources, and energy are no longer a problem and give the planet the ability to recycle waste back into the ecosystem. The problem is that population issue is something no one wants to talk about, especially a politician. Until we are ready to talk and do something all the other efforts will eventually fail.
  4. In relative the near future, say 20 years from now; Government regulations that might occur related to access to gasoline. (not anytime soon, but soon enough) The right to drive on the roads (will self-driven cars effect the hobby?) The right to repair or modify our own vehicles (Tesla, Apple and GE already prevent it) Apathy from youth. It probably means we won't have this hobby in the distant future. And I am unanimous in that !!!
  5. Does ignoring the change benefit us as a society? NO, Climate change deniers sure a hell do. Should we not be acknowledging the change? YES Planning for it? Measuring it? Apply some science to it? YES Know its positive and negative effects and start addressing them? YES Or do we stick our collective heads in the sand and ignore it? NO Do we simply scratch our heads in wonder where the rainfall has gone for our food crops? We will have rainfall, there was plenty of life in the Cretaceous period and you need water for life. Do we ignore the temperatures
  6. Try this one on for size; The CO2 levels today are around 400 PPM, the CO2 levels during the Cretaceous period ( 66million to 145 million years ago) were at 1,000 PPM's CO2. At that time there were no polar ice caps and there was a inland sea in the Midwest. Mean surface Temps were average 11 degrees Celsius higher. More importantly the earths axis does a swing between 21.1 deg. and 24.5 every 41,000 years. So my question is where did all this CO2 come from in the Cretaceous period? Know what the ocean temps were then??? Surface water temperatures were about 30 °C (
  7. Mine is forest manage that turned into mismanagement because it was hampered by organizations holding up measures in court, and allowing building housing tracks right up to and into the forest.
  8. So that equates to cars for the elite and mass transportation for the peasants and serfs.
  9. This nightmare happened to me once before. My Grandfather worked as a machinist for the SP Railways. My goal in the early 50's was to be somehow in that world. A fireman, then Engineer or building of or maintenance of steam locos, just somewhere in that world. That world was Steam Engines. When steam went away in or around 1956 all the the romance and the key word interest went away. I don't doubt for a minute your point at all Peter. Having worked for a major automotive company for 34 years and been in the automotive repair business for ten years before that, I know it's coming. Mand
  10. Since 64 -65 GTO's are a option on a LeMans, technically they are a LeMans. What do you reckon Jon how that would be played out?
  11. You must have a short memory. Try and remember back about six months or so. There was a BUICK guy on the General section of the forum talking about modifying a BUICK that got the moderator involved. It was reiterated that the general section was for the purist and that thread was moved to the BUICK section where anything goes. So Yes alsancle, padgett did get it backwards. If I want to talk about my modified Pontiac's I might go to the PONTIAC section on this forum or I might want to go to the Performance Years forum
  12. Not up to me at all, read the mission statement of the club and the general section for guidance.
  13. It's not elitist, it's purist. A purist is not a bad person. Purist built this club and forum and you say maybe it's time for a change. I say maybe this is not for you and there are many clubs and web sites that fit the things you are interested in. That way everyone can have what they want.
  14. As long as it doesn't get in the way of Seals, Killer Whales, Penguins, Porpoise, Pelicans, Swimmers, Body Surfers, Belly Boarders, Knee riders, Board Surfers, Sea Turtles, and anything else in the marine environment.
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