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  1. So does my 62 and 63 Pontiac's
  2. Isn't there two different hood ornaments for sixes and eights? Also a Pontiac script badge on the front grille saying six or eight. I would Google 1936 Pontiac images.
  3. I think for me it's too far to drive a nice car. It's not a excuse, it's the way it is for ME.
  4. Sounds like you do since you know so much about it. But no, I collect Pontiac, VW, and Olds. I also collect electric trains and Surfboards, Piapo Boards and Kneeboards.
  5. Now you are talking about a truck and trailer/hauler $$$$$$
  6. It is indeed a Pontiac Eight 4 door Touring Sedan Style # 2819 and was or is painted in Perugia Blue. It's the heaviest of all 36 Pontiac's. Note that after the middle of the year was called the Deluxe Eight 4-door Touring Sedan, but still a Style 2819
  7. Look at #5, a picture of Jane Mansfield and caption says she's riding in a limo. The author of the article wrong again as so many of the media are. Jane is in the front seat of a 1965 Pontiac Bonneville convertible.
  8. Engine sounds. Ever watch some WW2 pictures when say a F6F or F4U go by sounding like a Lycoming 4 cylinder 233??? Ugh, just not the same as a R-28 eighteen cylinder 2,000 HP Radial.