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  1. greenie...I would not take anything for granted or any "assumptions" as facts. I would contact National HQ asap. Regards, Peter J.
  2. TA...Strausstown, PA is about 500 feet off of I-78 at the juncture of S.R. 183 (about 17 miles north of Reading, PA. Regards, Peter J.
  3. On the evening news with David Muir the fire report segment highlighted Phoenix, OR. The neighborhood of which the photos were taken were similar to John's from past forum photos. The area shown was completely destroyed so hopefully John and other residents are in a safe evacuation area. Prayers... Peter J.
  4. Greenie, I fully echo Bob's comments to a "T". This show is a combination of great family fun coupled with a consistently great car show to include outstanding restored farm tractor club's and many hit or miss engines running. I also recommend it would be worthy of your attendance. (Make sure you are hungry. Excellent food vendors.) Regards, Peter J.
  5. It is well publicized based upon this...https://www.moderntiredealer.com/37296/the-coker-group-has-new-owners#:~:text=Wade Kawasaki%2C CEO%2C president and now an owner,the company's leadership team and Irving Place Capital. Regards, Peter J.
  6. You have to remember Hershey is no different than Disney World, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, and so on. I think Steve did a great job considering all immediate area hotels/motels charge in the $200-$300 range...JMO. Peter J.
  7. Correct. It something about Wives Tales. I am still trying to find out who the Engineer was that designed the snow-chain stretchers for tires...😄
  8. At first glance, Padgett I somewhat agreed with you. Surprised to find out the truck lettering reads: Macbet Pools, Inc., Rancho Cucamonga, CA. (More useless info so we can all sleep tonight...😁). If it is actually parked in California I doubt it would go to far before the CHIP pulls it over. Whatever the case it is funny.
  9. I wonder what the Toyota pick-up and the box truck on the lead tow truck look like now after they hit the first encountered overpass?
  10. Received word the Pottstown Region of AACA along with the Boyertown Museum of Antique Vehicles has cancelled the 2020 Duryea Days show held in Boyertown, PA. After much discussion and careful consideration, the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles has decided to postpone our 55th Annual Duryea Day Antique & Classic Car & Truck Show and Flea Market. While we always enjoy fellowship with others in the car hobby and bringing together the Boyertown community for this event, we believe postponing this event until next year is the responsible thing to do for public health.
  11. I agree, Padgett. Art Deco that displays post WWII vehicles.
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