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  1. Suggestion, Gwells. In all fairness to Rock Auto and you being an Administrator on this forum you could send an e-mail bringing this thread to their attention to hopefully receive a response or explanation. If successful this whole issue could be resolved. It has always been against forum rules to use the AACA forum as the media for complaints between a customer and supplier. Try it. Regards, Peter J.
  2. Now you tell me, Terry...sheesh😆!!! Where was the internet when I needed it? Had a 1960 VW in my college days. Made a few bucks giving friends a ride home on weekends and all they did was complain about freezing to death...(My Bible was the latest copy of J. C. Whitney's catalog and I must have overlooked the optional heater.) Regards, Peter.
  3. Hi, Terry. Have you tried the Scotish Motor Heritage Museum? Found this via the British Motor Heritage Industry many years ago. They provided for a $40 fee a beautiful gold seal on parchment the complete build sheet to include date of build, date of dispatch (ship date), U.S. delivery point (Gensmer and Foreman, Union, New Jersey), etc. for my 1972 Triumph TR-6. The trust covers all British built vehicles. (Susan might find this an interesting site that also has info on their huge museum) I tried out of the dark to see if there is a similar trust for Scotish vehicles and sure enough there is. You may already know of this but worth a try. Regards, Peter.
  4. Life member of AACA since 2001 era and life member of Vietnam Veterans of America since mid-1980’s.
  5. Nice of you to post it, Metro. Attended 2 past shows in Norwich. Always great in a beautiful area. Regards, Peter J.
  6. You will have to ask Hershey Entertainment about your concerns. They own the property.
  7. Hi, Greg. Many years ago someone on this forum told us a “sub-woofer” was a German Shepard riding in a Submarine.
  8. Thank you very much, Matt. Well done to say the least. Peter J.
  9. Thank you, Peter for the much needed simplification of on how to use the Forum with very simple explanation steps on answering various "how do I do this questions". This was needed for years...good job! Regards, Peter J.
  10. Just my thoughts, folks. Both the AACA & Library and Research Center fall under the coveted 501c3 "Non-Profit" status with the IRS. The AACA must be very protective so as not to lose this category for being the media allowing anything illicit.
  11. Nice article about your VW Rabbit, Charlie. Peter J.
  12. Randy, Just a suggestion if you plan to have painted pinstriping applied. With this car being absolutely beautiful I would go to one of the chain auto stores and pick up some of the pin striping tape. They all handle the blue and maroon colors. Apply some of the tape in the thickness you choose then step back and take a look. You could just apply the tape to one area, a whole side, etc. Ask various friends or relatives to offer their opinion of the color, location, etc. If you then opt not to put any one the tape comes off easily with no damage of the paint.
  13. Please do ASAP so as not to assume anything about ownership versus retaining award tabs only. I believe you should be OK, AJ however let National HQ give you details.
  14. AJ: Send an e-mail to Chuck Crane, VP Judging @ Possibly Steve Moskowitz will see your query first and have some input on direction.