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  1. 2021_HERSHEY_FALL_MEET_BROCHURE.pdf (aaca.org) Ted, to answer all of your "????" click on the above link. The current 2021 Fall Hershey Meet is August 15, 2021. If you go to this website's home page you will see a wide variety of practically question you and many others just throw out on the Forum arena. Check it out. Lists Judging Rules, Meet calendars, AACA Officials names and responsibilities, etc. Peter J.
  2. Ted: Carlisle Events 717) 243-7855 Being a "For Profit" business I suspect totals are not publicized. AACA Meets are made public as we are a non-profit 501-(C) Just my 2 cents.
  3. Wayne, I have used Rhode Island years ago, too for a Triumph Spitfire I since sold. Excellent workmanship and worth the wait. Peter J.
  4. RIP William "Tom" Gerrard. Wonderful down to earth gent and was a huge benefactor to the AACA National and Library.
  5. I do not believe I ever saw a rule that mandates a certain size such as length, O.D., etc. You received a lot of good info on type and chemical specs from respondents. At this point I advise you contact Chuck Crane, VP Judging. He is a great guy as I can attest. flivverway@gmail.com (If that is not a good email link phone AACA HQ at 717-534-1910 for updated contact info) Regards, Peter J.
  6. Correct, sagefinds...my 46 year career was in the jobbing foundry business. Made various sizes of radiator and boiler section nipples by the thousands for U.S. Boiler, Dunkirk (NY) Radiator, etc. Very lucrative Class 30 grey iron jobs to include machining them. Great value added. Next time you see a few radiator sections joined together there are pressed fit nipples joining them. (yes, folks grey iron is brittle yet once machined they press fit simply due to the tapered machining.) Regards, Peter J.
  7. Padgett...I'll let you know if I have a 2020 Jeep Cherokee parts car when my wife returns (hopefully) later today. Reason being she and 4 of her girlfriends are out shopping at a few malls today...😁
  8. Send or phone Richard Petty Motorsports your query and history. Petty may answer you himself. Who knows. Hi, Grog...our posts collided
  9. Gent decides to join a monastery. Goes up and knocks on the door. The Superior answers “Can I help you”? Gent replies “I want to join up”. Superior says “you must be made aware we have rigid rules such as absolute silence and at 5 year intervals I will ask you in only 2 words how you are doing”. OK the gent replies. At the 5 year mark the Superior asks “how are you doing”? Gent replies “BED HARD!” At the 10 year mark the Superior asks him “how are you doing”? Gent replies “FOOD STINKS!” At the 15 year mark the Superior asks him “how are you doing”? Gent replies “I QUIT!” Superior replies “GOOD! ALL YOU DID WAS COMPLAIN ANYWAY!”
  10. Same to you, Walt. Very nice photo. Just wish I could have shown it to my late mother Simone. She was a war bride from Marseille and was a nurse in WWII. Her father imported the first Ford model T's to Algiers. He died fighting in the French Resistance. Regards, Peter.
  11. As Johnny Carson once said: “...there is only one fruitcake in existence. It just keeps being re-gifted around the world.”
  12. What kind of cars do the salesmen drive? Anything interesting?
  13. Outstanding museum. Many electric vehicles to include Duryea's, carriages, sleds, etc. Welcome to the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles
  14. Foundry pattern makers used the shrink rules to make the Master Patterns which obviously have larger dimensions than the blueprint show net shape desired. This is a "two shrink" scenario (master pattern-to-production pattern-to casting desired dimensions). I recall a few times over the years when replacement casting issues from folks came up here. They wondered if they could take an existing casting, clean it up, then have a foundry use it as a pattern. Well they did not know that the iron would shrink to below the desired net shape. Today most working patterns are produced via CAD and the shrink dimensions are included in the end model. Example customers over the years: Stanley Tools, New Britain, CT: Wood Planes, Straight Edges, Bench Vises, etc. All gone offshore now. Millers Falls Tools, Millers Falls, MA: " " " " " " . L. S. Starrett Co., Athol, MA: They made precision machinist' tool, gauges, bench vises, etc. Brink & Cotton bench vises of many sizes. As for Terry's case the handles virtually shattering I can only guess it is due to age. Plastics as we know turn brittle due to being petroleum based. Wonder if they did not have hairline cracks that were unseen ? Regards, Peter J.
  15. "Gnaw"...tell me it ain't so, Jeff. Did you have any 4-legged college friends named Ben?
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