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  1. Ols Car Dog, --In the post you just made click on your name just above "Ols Car Dog" in the left column. --You will then see "Edit Profile" on the right. Click on it. --Edit Profile page opens up. --The first block you will see "Member Profile". Delete "Junior Member" and add "Senior" or whatever you want. Regards, Peter J.
  2. Gents, You are on the wrong Forum Subject arena. Everyone dumps their questions into the General forum expecting someone in charge to see it. They do not monitor this looking for your problem queries. On the menu page simply scroll down to "Forum Questions" and post your thread questions there. Occasionally the website is corrected and / or updated. For example I noticed the who is on line re-appeared and minor iotas as menu topic wording. Regards, Peter J.
  3. Good point, Marty. Years ago when I made Development & Support visits to Regions / Chapters I was amazed at how many members were not aware that you did not have to own a vehicle to join. Regards, Peter J.
  4. Howard, I would post your query in the Forum Software Questions / Instructions forum. On the menu page scroll down a bit and you will see it. (With the Annual Meeting this weekend you may not hear anything until next week. Who knows...) Peter J.
  5. papafarms, I had a friend and long standing AACA member go the route MochetVelo suggests. Worked well with peace of mind. I know most buyer's do not like to disclose much about a subject vehicle to ward off anyone on this forum from buying the vehicle. However, a location would be very helpful so we could possibly see if there is an AACA Region or Chapter close to the vehicle's location of whom just might go look it over for you (I did this 3 times for people and it worked out fine). Regards, Peter J.
  6. OK. Just thought I would remind you of his name.
  7. Correct, Matt. "Novaman" (David Devine) was David's user name. I do recall that he put a lot of effort and artwork into designing the badges. This was back in the day when we met in one of the Salon rooms at the Sheraton just after they tore down the St. George's restaurant for development. Peter J.
  8. Padgett, Barrett-Jackson and other TV auction "shows" do not advertise them as selling restored or original cars only to satisfy people that belong to the AACA. That is a given and at least from anything I have noticed. So with that I see the "shows" as entertainment...nothing more, nothing less. Change the channel or do a "search" on this forum for previous years on the same subject. Nothing has changed. Regards, Peter J.
  9. Gents, Folks that put everything in the General Forum are not going to get help unless a Moderator just happens to notice it. This question has come up before and the way to get direct Moderator assistance is simply scroll down from the good 'ole General Forum to the FORUM SOFTWARE QUESTIONS / INSTRUCTIONS FORUM that is the next one after the Speedster Forum. Your post triggers a notification to the Moderators. Peter J.
  10. Then do yourself a favor and do not watch the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction this week on the Motor Trend channel. Every car on the auction block is either original or Classic. Peter J.
  11. I recall the movie "Them", too Dave. Even the commercials were pushing chain stretchers for the rear wheels. Those were the days. Peter J.
  12. PP...I would still phone HQ to speak with a "person" if you want peace of mind that all is OK. Regards, Peter J.
  13. PP...this late in the day I would just phone AACA HQ tomorrow morning 717-534-1910. I am confident something can be worked out or just use a credit card on-line today as Bob stated. Peter J.