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  1. old car, how are you? Nonsense to your post from what I saw at an enjoyable Hershey. I have entered a car since 1998 at Hershey and cannot recall ever seeing what I believe is as a crisis situation.
  2. Ted, I just sent Phil Cole a PM to see if he can assist you. Possibly someone else may chime in. In the past the director's board meeting has been on Wednesdays of Hershey week so if this is the case you might expect a delay of a day or so. Not certain if Mark McAlpine or 61polara are on line this week. Regards, Peter.
  3. Mr. Renz. I offer the following very simple suggestions and fully realize your anxiety after all your years of work. 1. Chat with people in your class during the meet. Possibly ask someone you meet to give you a call on your cell phone if you must head home after the show. Or...if you know someone who is attending is a form to fill out and I believe it will be in your meet packet when you come on to the show field or request one when you stop going on to the show field. Basically you are authorizing your friend to pick up your trophy in your absence. 2. If you are staying in Hershey and heading home on Sunday do what many have done and still do go have dinner somewhere in Hershey, relax, then go over to the Hershey Lodge around 7:30 - 8:00 and by then the dinner should be over. You can relax there as well. When the awards are announced hob-knob with the many others around you and wait until your class is announced. Or... 3. If you win and have none of the above HQ will send you a letter that you won xyz trophy and make advance shipping payment. The trophy will then be sent to you.
  4. Glad it worked out as well, Cutlass Guy. I would advise you send a PM to those who request it. The AACA Forum has rules about being the media involving disputes between customers and vendors. (501c3 status could be jeopardized and legal action has been threatened in the past.) Just a heads up.
  5. FMF, see below. As Phil noted you can check it out by clicking on the AACA Home in the opening page header bar. Scroll over to the Publications topic then when it opens scroll down to Judging Guidelines HPOF. Regards, Peter J. INTERIOR Comments – Owner Seat panel __________________________________ Back rest __________________________________ Door panels, headliner ________________________ Floor Covering, sills, trim, welting _______________ Console, shifter _____________________________ Dash/instruments/AC/sound system _____________ Steering wheel, column, pedals _________________ Handles, cranks, windows _____________________ Trunk _____________________________________ Other _____________________________________ This vehicle has anUL approvedfireextinguisher CIRCLE AWARD Owner notified of major non-compliant areas Evaluation summary HPOF CERTIFICATION FORM OWNER MUST CHECK THOSE COMPONENTS AND FINISHES KNOWN TO BE NON-ORIGINAL COMPLIANCE TABLE (Judges Use Only) Thru 1931 1932 Thru 1959 1960 And Newer HPOF Oval or Repeat HPOF 21-30 23-30 24-30 Judge ENGINE / DRIVE TRAIN Comments – Owner Heads, valve covers _______________________ Block, manifolds, crankcase _________________ Battery, starter __________________________ Gen/Alt, A/C, pumps ______________________ Wiring, ignition __________________________ Fuel system, carburetor, filters ______________ Radiator/fan, horn ________________________ Clamps, fasteners, hoses, belts ______________ Firewall, finish ___________________________ Drive system, steering _____________________ Wheels, rims, tires ________________________ Suspension, chassis, exhaust ________________ Other Judge BODY / EXTERIOR Comments – Owner Hood, front fenders __________________________ Trunk, rear fenders ___________________________ Doors _____________________________________ Roof, panels ________________________________ Bumpers, grill, radiator shell ___________________ Trim, striping, molding ________________________ Lights _____________________________________ Accessories _________________________________ Missing / non-authentic parts __________________ Other _____________________________________ I CERTIFY THAT THIS INFORMATION IS CORRECT _______________________________________ _____________ OWNERS SIGNATURE (Mandatory) DATE Signatures: Team Capt: __________________________ Team Members: _________________________ __________________________ HPOF Oval REPEAT HPOF (HP2) CERTIFICATION Compliance Not met Maintenance Authenticity Owner SHOULD place a check mark next to each component and finishes known to be non-original. If the owner is
  6. If he is an AACA member could HQ send a card of sympathy? Regards, Peter J.
  7. prewar40 and what is it?, Thank you, gents. Certainly worth a try. Regards, Peter J.
  8. Hello, Wayne. Try contacting Regions or Chapters in Minnesota. Possibly a member could help you out. Never know unless you ask. May or may not be convenient without having to meet somewhere but give it a try as you do not have much time. Regards, Peter J. ESOTA Hiawatha Region President - Erwin Frederichs 7804 Co Rd 10 SE Chatfield, MN 55923-2301 Minnesota Region President - John Rempfer 112 5th St NE Melrose, MN 56352 Minnesota Region - 412 Lakes Chapter President - Rod Boyer 51127 E Wymer Lk Rd Frazee, MN 56544 Minnesota Region - Arrowhead Chapter President - Kent Oliver 5821 Industrial Rd Duluth, MN 55811 Minnesota Region - Capitol City Chapter President - Joan Frisk 9270 Syndicate Ave Lexington, MN 55014 Minnesota Region - Central Chapter President - Nancy Garwick 7214 Columbus Ave So Richfield, MN 55423 Minnesota Region - Dairyland Chapter President - Willis Selle 1440 US Highway 63 Turtle Lake, WI 54889-8849 Minnesota Region - Prairieland Chapter President - James Jose 515 1st St SW Madelia, MN 56062 Minnesota Viking Region President - C Gilbertson N19019 Cty Rd. G Dodge, WI 54625-9711 River Bend Region President - Jerry Tiede 321 Ridge Rd LeSueur, MN 56058
  9. John pretty well summed it up, Ted. I might add: --Important to open your hood and roll up all windows. (If you would leave the hood down and walk away during judging you will not be judged.) --Important: After you are judged leave your hood up and windows up plus the windshield info card under a wiper blade. The reason being the National Awards Judges will come by over the meet duration checking out vehicles to nominate for a coveted National Award with the winners being presented a beautiful trophy at the February Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. --I advise not to put tire changing tools, sales literature, photo books of any restoration steps, plastic trophies won at local shows, and so on. --Of note do not become overcome with worry. The judges are on your side to give you the most fair assessment and benefit of any doubt to win. This is preached to them in judging school. Regards, Peter J.
  10. cfryer, I would advise that you phone AACA Headquarters for a quick answers and direction at 717-534-1910. Very competent staff and you speak to those in the know. I could advise more help but wish to avoid being corrected which management has been doing lately to my attempts. Regards and I agree with Terry that Tigers are great cars. Peter J.
  11. Bingo, Tim!!! This was Mexico Free Trade (MFT). I suppose it is OK to name them as they are out of business under this name. Real life experience of mine: I have been in management for 46 years in the ferrous foundry casting business. Quite a few years ago there were 3 gents one of whom contacted me about casting 3 manifolds for their Duesenberg autos. They were really in a bind. MFT demanded upwards of $3,000 per manifold "up front". They sent the $9,000 along with a cracked manifold for reproduction to MFT in El Paso, Texas. Turns out MFT then takes the sample across the boarder and who knows where in all of Mexico a foundry receives it for modeling and casting. That was the last they heard of their rare sample casting or the $9,000. Incidentally, I could have cast them with a very good profit for around $800 a piece back then. Listen to what others are saying here.