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  1. Frank...if you want a quick answer just phone AACA HQ (717/534-1910)
  2. As with 'ole Ron Green I owned this 1972 TR6 since new. Meet was held by the stadium at Virginia Tech. Had no idea West Peterson trudged up to the top of the stadium to take the photo. (If I recall correctly West was not too pleased for all the pigeon droppings in the stadium seating area)...😀
  3. Mike, I advise that you post this query in the Forum Support arena just after the Speedster forum. To post it here in the General forum is not going to get you the attention desired unless a Moderator happens to stumble across it. In all fairness Moderators are not here 24/7 looking for such queries. For backup I just reported your post and maybe a Moderator will see it. They usually do by going this route. Peter J.
  4. Wow, Mike!! This is the AACA Forum not Verizon, Comcast, etc.
  5. In addition should someone decline an EZ-Pass transponder and use a more expensive paper ticket or receive a bill in the mail for the toll it offers tracking. On a paper ticket or bill is printed your booth entry number, travel date, time, direction and so forth thus manually one could easily calculate the time it took you to travel between on and off toll booth mileage numbers. These units today take a photo of your license plate so it means nothing if you have transponder or not. Example: I get on at Lebanon/Lancaster booth (mile marker 266) and drive at 120 mph to exit at the Reading exit (mile marker 187) state police or PennDOT can easily read these and a summons could be sent to me. Some years ago a case made the news about a Philadelphia plumber driving a company van at over 95 mph on the NJ Turnpike. No EZ-Pass back then. The computer raised a red flag, the van owner (the guy's boss) received a very large fine and the driver is working elsewhere.
  6. Confusing, Nick. Is the car in question actually yours or just a representative photo? I had asked in what museum is it on display and to say "It is in Nebraska" does not really help us.
  7. Greg, Tinindian is correct. The email is only to notify you that someone either quoted your text in a post or responded to a thread you authored. You will not receive an email that contains your thread.
  8. Nick, I concur with John. The car in the photo is beautiful. I would not change a thing. Let a new owner put a V-8 in it on their nickel. Like selling a house (mobile home to keep it vehicle related, Bob😀). A realtor will say never paint the interior to sell it as the new owner will probably repaint it and no financial gain to you. In what museum is it on static display? Really nice looking car. Peter J.
  9. Have you contacted the AACA Library & Research Center on this website? Peter J.
  10. If not directly related then why did you post it? All you have to do is start a new topic. The OP was seeking assistance.
  11. Finally I can concur, Jeff. That extremely treacherous stretch not to mention traffic lights would drive someone nuts if trying to keep on a schedule. Coincidentally just last week I received a letter from EZ Pass that my transponder battery is getting weak. By not responding they will send a new one plus an envelope for me to mail the old transponder back postage prepaid by them. Peter J.
  12. Served in the Mekong Delta (I Corp) area at the same time frame. Army Specialist E5 assigned to Military Assistance Command-Vietnam (MACV), Joint Liaison Group J3-12 in Cho Lon June 1969-September 1970. Peter.
  13. 1, Sorry your post was hi-jacked from the get go. Matter of fact I think it has to be the record holder for being ruined as it is on Page 2 now. You posted a legitimate question and not one response I have read is remotely on topic to assist you unless you care about rental costs in the NY area not remotely close to Hummelstown / Hershey, PA. I believe you would be best served to re-post closer to the Fall Meet in Hershey for temporary renting or local newspapers for long term renting. Peter J.
  14. I prefer Steve's direct link to Hershey's winners listing which Terry specifically requested. The full link of course lists all meets in 2019.