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  1. Thank you all. We will go down the list and try to eliminate the problem and keep you updated.
  2. Thanks O.T. We will check that out. I won’t get back to the car till next week. Every thing was fine until We had the carb worked on. They test drove it several times and all was good. But the guy told me it wasn’t holding a charge. So I got a new battery. Do you think that relay could be sticking even with the ignition switch in the off position causing the battery to run down? I think we are zeroing in on it. Phil
  3. Thanks Joe. I will show your post to the guy who owns the shop where my car is. Though I have been in the BCA for decades, I have never had first hand experience of the carb switch malfunctioning, nor known anyone who has. I’ve just seen a lot of cars over the years where someone ruined a perfectly good dash by punching a hole in it to mount a button that would bypass the carb switch. That’s not going to be me. It took a little bit to figure out the progression of how it was going wrong, but after talking to you guys and reading the manual over a few times, I’m beginning to understand it
  4. Thanks for everyone’s suggestions. I eliminated the bad ground cable issue. I took it off, spread the terminal and reconnected it and made sure it had a connection I was happy with this time. Then, again, I turned the key on and it turned over before I pressed down on the starter pedal. I talked with Doug Seybold and he said when they rebuild a carb, they always do over the switch on the carb as well, saying it sometimes gets debris in it. We will try that next. I read the manual on the vacuum switch and can believe how dirt could mess it up. Several times I held the pedal down and the
  5. Thanks so much for posting that link. Yep, that’s the car I saw under restoration forty years ago by Dennis Landers. I’ve been playing with old cars for fifty years now and that is one that I’ve never forgotten!
  6. Thanks for posting that photo of your very beautiful car. I have been reading the forum for several years but only recently joined. I had never run across any posts about Garfords before, until I saw yours today but you are obviously one of the most knowledgeable people currently around today. I have only ever seen one Garford that I know of and you are probably familiar with it. In the early eighties I used to visit Landers Antique Autos in Elyria Ohio as we were in the same Buick Club Chapter. They were restoring a large probably Studebaker Garford for the Bettcher fami
  7. How about a photo of the whole car please. Not many people know what a Garford is. Thank you.
  8. Thanks guys, I will check all those things and let you know what worked.
  9. Thanks John, I did clean the post and cable end but when I go back there I will do it again and have a better wrench to lock it down more. When I get it all diagnosed, I will also order a new cable just to eliminate any future problems.
  10. I have my 50 Super in a shop for some tranny and gas tank work. It’s been there awhile and he calls and says my battery is not holding a charge. So I go get a warranty replacement of my 17 month old battery and I put it in. I depress the accelerator and hear this loud noise (one of my manuals says clattering) and when I get off the accelerator the engine keeps turning but doesn’t catch. It doesn’t quit turning until I put the key in the off position. That kind of freaked me out because I’ve never seen this after owning the car for 45 years and I didn’t know if the wires were going to fry
  11. Thanks Matt, I will get someone to help me because I”ve been cautioned it’s unwieldy but do-able with some finesse.
  12. Are there any special tricks for one person to lower this big top without screwing it up or bending anything, I”ve heard it is easier with two people to do it and all the manuals from eighty years ago assume you know how to do it manually so it isn’t addressed.
  13. John Is your remaining Jack still available and do you think it would work on a 1950 Buick Super?
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