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  1. Thanks, I’ll try to contact him, and maybe the ‘39 guys.
  2. Is there such a thing as Buick Team ‘40, like some of the other years have teams? Phil Taylor, BCA 7103
  3. Thanks , I’ll check again, but the last time i checked, came up with nothing. That’s odd because it was a big dealership in a big town. But that was a long time ago.
  4. Check out my thread in September in this forum entitled “1950 cranking trouble”. I had a different kind of starting trouble that was resolved through this forum. Your car should start by pressing the accelerator all the way to the floor, and not by a button. Mine was acting up in a different way. Back in the day, a lot of people drilled holes in perfectly good dashes and installed starter buttons, when instead, had they just cleaned the starter switch on the carb, it could have worked. My fifty special now works fine, as does my forty century. I had two other forties, where
  5. I am looking to see if any of you have any pictures or information on Willcockson Motors in St. Louis during the thirties. It was a Buick-Pontiac dealership owned by my grandfather who died before I was born and was originally the Vesper Buick distributor (bigger and more important than a dealer). There was a large article on the internet a few years back with modern pictures on when it became listed as a national historic place, and was later torn down, but I would really like to find a period picture of it. I live on the east coast and don’t envision getting to the St Louis li
  6. Very interesting. I think many years ago there was an article in the Buick Bugle about converting to RHD, but I’ll bet many would read another one, since it would be such a difficult task,
  7. I can name you three people that have been dead or non members for twenty years. That’s just me. I have four Buicks from 1940 to 1950. All have tripled in number of cars listed. The old ones are assumed to be fading away as their owners do. Of the cars I am familiar with that does not seem to be the case. The 2017 roster was 232 pages as opposed to 396 pages. You can’t attribute that to just the size of the font. The size of the club is said to be smaller. Why cant the two data bases be compared side by side for glaring errors before it goes to print. You can’t
  8. I like the choice of having paper and electronic because i do use both and they both have their place. I hate to criticize the organization because there is so much volunteer effort put into what we see. That being said, when i see how many dead people are still listed as owners, and how many model years of interest to me have doubled in size when i know they haven’t, and the total number of pages have nearly doubled since 2017, there was money to be saved, had there been better proof reading. You could say anything is obsolete before it gets printed but I hope there is a next one and hop
  9. Great story and it actually taught me a good bit about your wonderful country. Your rhd discussion makes me wish someone could write a story about what all is involved in concerting a car to right hand drive. It doesn’t sound easy. Phil Taylor BCA #7103 1940 61c 1950 52
  10. I was talking to a friend of mine who is working on someone else’s ‘36 120 and is trying to replace the temp sensor line and cant figure out how to get it thru the firewall without screwing it up. I’m really a Buick guy and I haven’t seen the car yet but I will. He says it looks like it was put on before the body was dropped on and has to be fished through two walls. He doesn’t want to damage anything. Has anybody run into this before? I will try to look at the car next week so I can better describe the problem. Thanks a lot
  11. I don’t have the car back yet because the shop is still working on the transmission (waiting on parts) but the mechanic working on the car tells me he has started the car many times and it is now starting normally and has not messed up. He cleaned the carb starter switch and that seemed to do the trick. There must have been slight debris in there that came loose from when the carb was disassembled . I will try it several more times and let you know if there are any more problems. If that’s it, and I’m sure it is by everyone’s comments, I don’t know why some many cars had their switches by
  12. Thank you all. We will go down the list and try to eliminate the problem and keep you updated.
  13. Thanks O.T. We will check that out. I won’t get back to the car till next week. Every thing was fine until We had the carb worked on. They test drove it several times and all was good. But the guy told me it wasn’t holding a charge. So I got a new battery. Do you think that relay could be sticking even with the ignition switch in the off position causing the battery to run down? I think we are zeroing in on it. Phil
  14. Thanks Joe. I will show your post to the guy who owns the shop where my car is. Though I have been in the BCA for decades, I have never had first hand experience of the carb switch malfunctioning, nor known anyone who has. I’ve just seen a lot of cars over the years where someone ruined a perfectly good dash by punching a hole in it to mount a button that would bypass the carb switch. That’s not going to be me. It took a little bit to figure out the progression of how it was going wrong, but after talking to you guys and reading the manual over a few times, I’m beginning to understand it
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