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  1. Magnificent building as backgroudn to such a nice car.
  2. Hi Phil, my car was converted by an Engineer and he used an Australian RHD 1946 Buick dash & steering column etc. The Australian 1946 Buicks used a RHD 1941 Dash (presumably leftover from previous years).
  3. Well that is very interesting Tom. Many thanks for that information. Cheers, Grant Zippel
  4. Hi Tom, I've asked a guy here in Australia about the engine-turned dashes here and he said there were no 1941 Buicks produced in Australia due to the cut-off of production of domestic cars for WWII (obviously earlier than the US cut-off). However, my dash came from an Australian RHD 1946 model so I'm pretty sure they would have been left-over dashes meant for the 1941 models but saved and used in later years. Whether it was originally engine-turned I'm not sure yet but am keen to know. I'm aware that 1940 Buicks also had engine-turned dashes so want to find out if they had that feature here in
  5. Hi Tom, many thanks for your message. You must look me up if you come near Adelaide. We will look after you for sure. Your Buicks sound fabulous, and you may have noticed I mentioned a friend with a 1918 roadster and he's restoring a 1910 roadster. He lives about 5hrs drive from my home but well worth the drive (mileage doesn't scare me). Great to hear from you. Cheers Grant
  6. Hi, I'm not sure if Aussie '41 Buicks had the engine-turned panels or not. My car is from the USA (30-yrs ago) and was converted here using a Australian RHD dash from a '46 Buick (we used the same dashes for several years apparently which is why it appears to be a '41 dash). My dash has been resprayed at some stage anyway so unsure about mine. I suspect the Aussie dashes may not have but I need to ask the old guys who've been into Buicks for decades. They will know. Cheers
  7. Hello Paul,thanks for your comment. Yes it's sad about the Nationals being cancelled, but rest assured my wife & I will be going on a driving holiday somewhere (even if we can't cross the border) and it will be documented. I'd want several weeks to do Dubbo. When I'm retired I'd like to go around the coast as have never been there before (only Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns by plane). I will catch up one day with you guys over there for sure. Cheers Grant Zippel
  8. Many thanks for your comment Ian. The Cockatoo was a treat I wasn't expecting.
  9. He thanks for your kind words. It's also great to see some of you come over the the previous Buick Nats, but sad about this year as I would have met you at Lakes Entrance. Never mind, hopefully at a future Nationals. Cheers
  10. Many thanks. You should come down sometime. I’ve been to the USA 6 times and been to around 28 states.
  11. Many thanks. I loved every minute of it. There were many more photos but I could only put so many in the post. Cheers
  12. Many thanks John. As you can tell I had a ball. Cheers
  13. Too short? I was afraid of making it too long for others to read and too boring. Thanks Ben.
  14. Yes many don't realise our size and sparse population.
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