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  1. They are correct for '40 and '41 (and perhaps other years also -- that's all I know for sure).
  2. This is quite obvious, but in the interest of completeness, I will post a pic of the backside of my set up. As you can, the top part of my plate holder was missing completely, so I used a chrome metal frame to come up with a rigid attachment. As I indicated previously, the bottom bolts go through the plate, the frame, and the holder. The top bolts just secure the plate to the frame. A wide variety of frames is available at any auto parts store. Just make sure you get the kind with holes on both top and bottom to attach the plate.
  3. Yes, Cars, Inc. in New Jersey. I have bought a bunch of things from them over several years and never had a problem.
  4. Here's what my set up looks like from the front. I will take a pic from the back when I get a chance.
  5. Stuart: Here's a link to Bob's online catalog: https://bobsautomobilia.com/ And also a link to Cars, Inc. in New Jersey, that specializes in Buick parts: http://www.oldbuickparts.com/ Good luck. PS: on my '41, the top piece on the rear plate holder was also missing. I just used a plain chrome plate frame. The bottom bolts go through both the frame and the plate holder. The top bolts just attach the frame to the plate. It's very secure. I will post a pic when I get a chance.
  6. It's so funny what jobs people dread compared to others. Having been a "pot-walloper" in a restaurant kitchen as a teenager (my first summer job), the idea of cleaning up the oil pan seems simple and straightforward to me compared to the much more technical tasks you are performing. Yes, it's messy, but very difficult to screw up!
  7. Looking really good, Matt. It's great to see the progress you are making. The pics of the timing chain and oiling system were fascinating. I would say "overengineered" is an understatement!
  8. There's so much great stuff going on in that photo! I wonder if the members of the Pilot Club whistled when they drove past Holton & Sons Mortuary? Dude driving the beautiful Roadmaster convertible is outstanding, but Tootsie gets first prize for sure! (Extra bonus -- isn't that a '41 Coupe parked on the curb behind Tootsie?)
  9. This statement is so true! You have a great car there, Rlasker3, and the family connection just makes it better.
  10. It almost looks like the cars that the Soviets were turning out in that era.
  11. Yes, it's unfortunate, but having pulled my dash apart and removed the wiper motor, I can certainly understand why someone would do that.
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