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  1. On my Buick, there's a valve where the hose exits the thermostat housing. Your car may also have been equipped with this. The idea was that it could be shut off during the spring and summer months and then opened for the fall and winter..
  2. Two things: (1) He wants to trade for a boat. He already has a boat!! 😄 (2) All that green -- very 1973, for sure!
  3. Great looking car! That curved windshield was trend-setting for the period for sure. A great project for someone -- unfortunately, too much for me right now. Good luck with the sale.
  4. Matt (Hinson), I'm not sure you're familiar with what's involved in removing the gauges on a '41. I think on the '38 it's pretty easy to pull out the whole instrument cluster. On the '41 it's a major undertaking. I sounds like Matt (Harwood) will eventually want to replace the messed up wiring in his Limited with a new harness, and that will be the best time to deal with repairing/replacing the existing gauge. But in the meantime, getting a replacement dash unit will enable him to complete the diagnosis. That's my take, anyway.
  5. Matt, I would buy another dash unit and continue. Since your test of the dash unit (until it got fried) showed that it was behaving exactly as the one in the car when it wasn't grounded, maybe there's a problem with the ground on the one that's in the car? That could be an easy fix (maybe that brass plate on the phenolic block is badly corroded or something). But getting the old unit out of the dash is not easy (trust me). NOS or used dash units come up pretty often on eBay, so I think it's worth getting another one so you can diagnose the problem and know where you stand. In fact, I just did a quick check and found this '41 Olds unit for $9.00 that I'm sure has the same guts as the Buick one and could probably be adapted fairly easily to fit the gauge face from your fried unit.
  6. Okay, I looked back at the wiring diagram and it indicates that Bloo is correct (no surprise) -- the gauge unit is grounded through the housing. (A little hard to see on this image.)
  7. Okay, so my memory was wrong. The gauge housing needs to be grounded. That must be your problem.
  8. Love the Rolls! -- probably being driven by Ramon Novarro or some other leading man of the silent era.
  9. If I recall correctly, the gauge housing does not need to be grounded. My memory is that the contacts on the gauge are insulated from the housing. I agree with Ken -- this is all good stuff you are doing (although you may have chosen an awkward time to do it). 😜
  10. Okay, I'll bite. What doesn't look original?
  11. Um ... that's a Pontiac, not a Buick.
  12. Don't despair, Matt. It's all pretty simple under there. I would be very surprised if you dislodged anything that's going to make your car not run. Let it sit for a while and then take a deep breath and try to see what's going on with the wires. I know it's hard to see under there -- if you have one of those LED flashlights with a magnetic swivel mount, that can make a big difference. And if you DO end up putting in a new harness and need any advice, I'm your man. Neil