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  1. I imagine that you will get quite a response driving this rig around Cologne! It looks great, and seems to be an ideal project with the heavy mechanical things already in order. Please keep us posted on your progress.
  2. Looks like a great deal for someone looking for a project -- that new wiring harness alone is worth at least a third of the asking price.
  3. Yes, here's a heads up on what you are sacrificing by monkeying around with Buick's wonderful "Compound Carburetion" system (from the marketing folks, of course). Apparently the 165 horse stock 320 with compound carburetion got lower gas mileage than the 107 horse 1940 single carb engine. At least that's what they claim. 😉 PS: Peter, your car looks great under the hood (as well as every place else). As I've told you before, I find it difficult to look at photos of it!
  4. I count five, but there are a few I'm uncertain about.
  5. Thanks again to all for your helpful contributions! I am mulling over my alternatives for now. Neil
  6. Thanks, Lawrence. The hoist sounds like an excellent idea.
  7. Ahah! I had a feeling that was the problem.
  8. Find the Buick A beautiful winter day in San Francisco. Driving out to the beach is one of my favorite activities.
  9. Yes, please make that video -- we would all enjoy it!
  10. Ingrid Bergman in Cannes.