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  1. Haha -- I think it's also called, "Of course you can have your car, sir, that will just be about 45 minutes for me to get it out!"
  2. At least on my '41, the bottom cushion of the front seat is just held in place by gravity like the back seat. Once you pull the bottom cushion out of the frame, you can get access to the bolts that hold the seat rails in place on the floor. On the '41, there are four bolts on each side. I figure the '39 must be similar.
  3. I made it out to an informal "Cars & Coffee" event this morning. Very heavily skewed towards hot rods and muscle cars, but I was able to find a few kindred souls.
  4. Sounds like you hate the car so much you have to make up defects that aren't there! ๐Ÿ˜„ Pretty sure the roof is brown.
  5. It was the matching "1941" front plates that fooled me. ๐Ÿ˜„ Great photo!
  6. On my car, we used a similar idea to what Ken suggests. We had ramps in front and jack stands under the frame in front of the rear axle. We lifted the car high enough so the rear tires were just touching the floor, then used a come-along to roll the rear axle back on the tires just enough to get the torque tube out. You can push the torque tube up above the back of the transmission and more-or-less out of the way after you get it out.
  7. Dude, at least tape that wire back up inside the trunk before you take the picture! Or maybe even secure the wire correctly so it doesn't hang down in the first place. I can never get over these ads where someone is asking for top dollar but doesn't even take the time to tidy up a few things before taking photos. But, yes, looks like a nice car.
  8. Very cool. I think if you got the clock in the steering wheel, they put a compass in the center of the dash where the clock would normally go. I can't quite make it out from the photo of this car, but I think that's what it's got. Unfortunately, it looks like this car also has the not so desirable "someone hacksawed a hole in the dash to a fit in an 80's radio/tape deck" feature. ๐Ÿ˜
  9. That characteristic whine in first is completely normal for the reason you mention.
  10. I hear you Chris -- especially since I live in a city where there's a stop sign at the end of nearly every block. In some local trips around the neighborhood I never get into third gear at all! It gets tedious, no doubt about it, and I freely admit that I've been known to "cheat" a bit and roll through a stop sign in second to avoid having to come to a full stop and go back to first. But I figure that's just the price we pay for the enjoyment of driving a vehicle from another era.
  11. I am very happy driving my '41, and I frankly have never understood the kind of objections that are being voiced here about the standard 3-speed transmission with non-synchromesh first gear. The only reason to "mash it into first gear" is if you're in too much of a hurry, and if you're in a hurry, you shouldn't be driving a vintage car! My advice is either accept the fact that the car has to come to a full stop in order for you to shift into first gear or get a different car. It's not complicated to drive the car as originally intended, it just results in a more measured and leisurely trip,
  12. I see you're getting no response so far. Do you have any other photos? They would be a great help in identifying the car.
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