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  1. Thanks, George. "How now, brown cow!" Your stuff looks great, Matt!
  2. Thanks, Matt. My heater was so badly rusted that you really couldn't tell much about what color it was, but I'm just assuming it was the same color as the defroster. Again, colors on computers are very tricky, but you can see that this color is definitely darker and less red.
  3. Haha -- I was just going to say, "Time to cue the Jack Benny jokes!" Looks like a fantastic car at a very fair price. Good luck with the sale.
  4. To me, that's just part of their "charm." A friend of mine had a 1948 Chrysler New Yorker business coupe -- a huge car with a single bench seat. On the long wheel base New Yorker chassis, it would have been even longer than the Royal we see here.
  5. Heater Rebuild I finished my rebuild of the under-seat heater today. Keep in mind my standard here: presentable, reliable, driver. So this is just a rattle can job, but very satisfying nonetheless. The brown paint color is much too red -- I figured I would experiment on the heater which will be out of sight under the seat before I get to the defroster. The factory color is very dark, almost an olive drab. I will search for a better match before I paint the defroster, which will be somewhat visible under the dash.
  6. For what it's worth, my '41 has a shut off valve and it's at the thermostat housing end. I don't know if this was installed at the factory or not. It was on the car when I bought it.
  7. I've never heard of an Ajax, but this looks like a screaming deal to me! If I lived closer and had room for another car, I'd be calling you. Good luck with the sale.
  8. As someone who has just started trying to work on various things under the dash of my '41, I feel your pain. At least you can get a new glove box from Bob's for not too much money. I appreciate the heads up on this -- I will have to check and see if I even have those gaskets on my car. I'm trying to get as much done under there as I can when it's relatively easy with as much stuff as possible removed.
  9. Thanks, Matt, that's exactly what I needed to see. It's odd because it looks like I have a shorter collar without the butterfly plate, even though it doesn't look like it's been cut down or anything. And I have the knob and all the linkage under the dash and the control rod coming through the firewall in the right place. So all I need to find is the correct collar with the butterfly like you have -- should be easy to find, right? 😉 Any suggestions about where to look would be most welcome!
  10. On the dash of my '41 Super, there's a on/off switch marked "Fresh Air" that should open and close the air intake to the defroster unit on the firewall. On my car, the linkage is present under the dash, but the control rod just ends where it goes through the firewall. Could someone post a photo of what should be there? Thanks!
  11. Haha -- I have been assured by a number of people on this forum that it is quite possible to replace the forward harness without completely removing the dash (which I don't want to do). It's pretty cramped under there, but I have been pleasantly surprised by how much more room and visibility there is once you have removed the cowl vent, glove box, radio, and the two "support" panels that hold the radio. Several of the studs holding in the instrument panel are hard to reach, but once that panel is pulled out, you have easy access to the back of all the instruments. At least that's how I envision it now. I'm sure the reality will involve some profanity, but I will keep you all posted and publish a full report with pictures (adjusted for language). 😉 Here's a shot showing one of the radio support panels, and a second shot showing the same panel after a clean up.
  12. Heater and Defroster After dipping in my toes a few times, I have finally taken the plunge and started disassembling the dash area of my car in preparation for rebuilding several gauges and installing a new wiring harness (from the dash forward only). I don't want to render the car inoperable quite yet (since I want to be able to drive it during the summer), but I am removing all non-essential items and thoroughly educating myself about how the dash is put together (and how it will come apart). This past weekend, I removed the defroster and the under-seat heater. The radiator "cores" for both units seemed to be fine -- no leaks, just a few bent "blades" that can be easily straightened. Neither of the blower motors were working before I took everything apart, but I think the problem in both cases was due to worn and/or faulty wiring. After removing both units, I was able to bench test both motors successfully (at the same time testing one of the three-speed blower switches that I had rebuilt). A good day!