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    1940 76C Reconstruct

    That is great news, Ken! Sounds like you've found a treasure trove of needed parts. I see that the bondo shop had decided to permanently blend the rear fenders into the body. 😯 What were they thinking? Oh well, it doesn't matter now.
  2. neil morse

    What might this be ?

    Megaphone for shouting at other drivers? 😄
  3. neil morse


    Looks like a fabulous car! You are a lucky man.
  4. neil morse

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    Not mine. Looks very solid.
  6. neil morse

    FS For Sale 1932 Reo Royale 8-35 Sedan

    Fabulous car (and photographed in a very elegant setting)! Best of luck with the sale.
  7. neil morse

    1958 Caballero

    Joe, your patience and attention to detail is outstanding. The work on those heater fins pretty much sums it up! Neil
  8. neil morse

    RIP Michael Paul Smith

    Sad news in Hemmings today, the passing of this wonderful modeler.
  9. neil morse

    1941 Limited Limousine

    Great find, Matt. I have already followed your advice for my tail/brake lights and front and rear turn indicator lights. I will definitely be picking up some of these bulbs when I do my dashboard project. Thank you.
  10. neil morse

    Need a Source for 1939 Body Insulation

    I don't know how concerned you are with authenticity, but since none of the sound-deadening material is going to show anyway, I just decided to go with a modern product. There are many choices, and it's very easy to use. Just cut it to fit, peel off the backing, stick it down, and use a roller to get a solid bond. A lot of people have had success with this Dynamat product: I found this alternative on Amazon that is less expensive, but has worked very well for me. Neil
  11. neil morse

    Brand New 1956 Oldsmobile 88 (3607 miles!) *SOLD*

    Wow! Amazing find, Matt. Good luck with the sale.
  12. neil morse


    I read that sign as saying Herb's used cars are "all square," not that all his cars are used. Or does the "square" mean something else?
  13. neil morse


    I'm not so sure. That's what I thought at first, but then looked at it blown up. It looks like a couple of teenagers in a dancing pose. They are definitely growing out of her head -- maybe not a hat, just a scene from the Twilight Zone! ?
  14. neil morse

    Ford Edsel Speedster Mod 40
  15. neil morse

    1950 Buick unrestored gem

    I'm no expert, but that is the way my 1941 Super 4-door is set up.
  16. neil morse

    My long build of a 1940 56S

    Great job on something that looks very tricky!
  17. neil morse

    Who Doesn't Like Photos

    Hmm ... beware of that link -- I clicked on it and I definitely did not see a picture of a Buick!
  18. neil morse

    Who Doesn't Like Photos

    I am zeroing in on the look I want for my "faux-vintage" photos. Here's my latest, taken with my 100-year-old Kodak Autographic.
  19. It's unbelievable that people still try to promote this kind of BS to try to cover up the fact that a part is not right. I had a very similar experience with my '48 Chrysler Windsor (6 cylinder) years ago. I got new coil springs for the front end, and the thing was riding high in front like a super-stock Pontiac dragster! The guy who replaced the springs assured me that it would "settle down" after I drove it for a while. Sure ... and Santa Clause comes every Christmas, too! It turned out that he had installed New Yorker coils (8 cylinder). When he changed them out for the correct ones, the car looked right again. It's funny that you posted that quote from me. I was just about to repeat the same thought! I'm so glad you got things sorted out, and your Buick looks fabulous.
  20. neil morse

    1931 Packard deluxe eight club sedan

    Wow, a Packard with the "legendary inline fireball 8 cylinder engine!" ?
  21. I just bought this 1941 California plate on ebay, and I have a question for all the professors. As you can see, the plate has a "topper" strip for 1942, but then also has a corner tag that simply has the letter "V" on it. From the limited information I have been able to glean from ebay, these tags are referred to as "V for Victory" tags, and were issued in 1942 and 1943. I figured I could find the whole story on the Internet, but so far I haven't found a thing about them. Since the tags covered the year on the plate, I'm wondering whether they were issued during the war instead of new tags for each year, since no new cars were being registered. Does anyone know anything about this?
  22. neil morse

    California "V for Victory" license plate tag

    Yeah, not only does James Cagny's mom (kind of a Ma Barker character) lead the cops on a chase in the Buick, but she cleverly evades them (in their Lincoln Cosmopolitan) when a beautiful '40 Woody wagon gets in the way! There's also a Limited in the film. All in all, a must-see for Buick fans!
  23. Fabulous! What a banner day.
  24. neil morse

    California "V for Victory" license plate tag

    You're right, but I swear I didn't wash it! One of my gripes about Hollywood films set in an earlier period is that all the cars, even though they are usually correct to the period, look shiny and new. That's because they get the cars from collectors -- there just aren't a bunch of beat up cars from the 40's and '50's around that you can use making a film. But I remember when the Francis Ford Coppola film "Tucker" was being made in San Francisco, they had to line both sides of Van Ness Avenue with cars to make it look like Chicago in the late '40's. I had a '48 Chrysler at the time, and was asked if I would let them use my car. I ended up declining the offer (they only paid $50 and you had to agree to be there with your car for an eight hour shift), but one of the things they told me was that I would have to agree to have them spray my car with some kind of fake dirt and grime that they said would wash right off. They also said they would use water-based paint to temporarily get rid of the whitewalls. I think Coppola (being a car guy himself) was a little more sensitive than other film makers to the problem of all the cars looking too new.
  25. neil morse

    California "V for Victory" license plate tag

    Okay, Wayne, this is still a manipulated image from my smart phone camera, but I think I'm getting closer to the "real vintage" look. Stay tuned.