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  1. The model name appears on the hood release handles, which are at the front of the "grills" on the fender under the hood on each side.
  2. As Ben says, it's definitely a '41. I looks like the C body to me, which would make it either a Super or a Roadmaster. Given the rarity of the Roadmaster coupe, I'm betting on Super. It would have come equipped with dual carbs. It was not only the "big ones" that had dual carbs.
  3. Please explain! If this image is from a movie (as I suspect it is), I want to see the movie! In term of current values, how about that 300SL Gullwing tucked in there at the edge!
  4. You raise a good point, Peter. Just put your car on a rotisserie and turn it 90 degrees! 😄 Seriously, even though the paint will end up thicker at the bottom if you paint the piece in place, I don't think it would be noticeable. As long as the paint is cleaned off the highpoints, you will get the desired effect.
  5. I'm sure none of this was particularly funny at the time, but you tell your story in a very entertaining way! Hang in there, Elpad, you're on the home stretch! (And particular kudos to you for caring for the lost dog.)
  6. Hood Latch Handle Replacement This is probably not something that people will commonly have to deal with, but I figured I would tell my story here just in case someone else has the same problem. The passenger side hood latch handle on my car has been funky since I bought the car. It just never wanted to close all the way. I figured (mistakenly as you will learn) that this was due to the poor alignment of the front end sheet metal on my car. There's a gap between the hood and the fender on that side. Anyway, I became accustomed to the fact that you had to give the ha
  7. Looks very nice and actually realistically priced. I would have expected more hype and higher mark-up based on its history. And I love that '37 Caddy dash -- one of the prettiest ever!
  8. Yes, but that particular V-12 is a major liability, not an asset!
  9. Go for it! Seems like a good price for an unusual car with great lines. I've heard those early Nashes were very high quality machines.
  10. Love the interior, but I agree that the asking price is very optimistic given the problems with the engine.
  11. You of all people should understand that the plug should be made of "Harwood!" 😄 So happy to see that you have overcome another annoying obstacle!
  12. Oh my -- the MoPar hits just keep coming! A little pricey, but what a beauty. Lovely paint scheme, and hemi power to boot!
  13. Brooklyn: That is one of the best and most accurate descriptions of the M6 transmission I have ever read. So many people are confused by it -- which is very understandable. I had a '48 Windsor 4-door for many years, and never had any problems with the trans. I love the fact that the pedal pad on the clutch pedal has the words "Safety Clutch" embossed on it! The marketing folks were trying to figure out how to turn a liability into an asset. Chrysler did not have a full automatic, but at least they had a "Safety Clutch!" Not like those dangerous GM cars with no clutch at all!
  14. Looks like a nice example of a not particularly desirable car for a ridiculous price. (@58L-Y8, you might want to edit the thread title -- this is near Oroville, way north of the SF Bay Area.)
  15. But here's the thing: yes, the price is "outrageous" in terms of the value of the car, but I would be willing to bet that they actually spent a lot more than that to create it. So I think the take away here is that people obviously can spend the money to create whatever kind of car they want, but if they expect to get their money back from a sale, they are going to be bitterly disappointed! (Unless of course they manage to find the one other person in the world who has the same sentimental attachment to that particular car.)
  16. Here's what I don't understand about cars like this: if you're going to spend a fortune restoring a "run-of-the-mill" car like a '49 Plymouth sedan, why not at least make it 100% correct? Right off the bat we see the incorrect interior on this car -- not that it looks cheap, mind you, it's just not correct. Also, odd narrow white-wall tires. Also, new incorrect radiator. And probably many other things we can't see from these photos. It just seems to me that you end up with a car that is neither "fish nor fowl." If you want to make a resto-mod, you might as well drop a chevy V-8 in there.
  17. When you say it reminds you of a lens in a lighthouse, you are exactly right. It's a "fresnel" lens that concentrates the light from the bulb. In '41, they went to a plastic version, and reproductions are available from Bob's Automobilia. I'm sorry I don't know of a source for the '40 version.
  18. They are correct for '40 and '41 (and perhaps other years also -- that's all I know for sure).
  19. This is quite obvious, but in the interest of completeness, I will post a pic of the backside of my set up. As you can, the top part of my plate holder was missing completely, so I used a chrome metal frame to come up with a rigid attachment. As I indicated previously, the bottom bolts go through the plate, the frame, and the holder. The top bolts just secure the plate to the frame. A wide variety of frames is available at any auto parts store. Just make sure you get the kind with holes on both top and bottom to attach the plate.
  20. Yes, Cars, Inc. in New Jersey. I have bought a bunch of things from them over several years and never had a problem.
  21. Here's what my set up looks like from the front. I will take a pic from the back when I get a chance.
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