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  1. Mine's a different shape than that, the center middle part is longer, the end is more flat Here's a better photo of the end
  2. Was thinking this was a 1940 Cadillac air cleaner but appears the center section is too long, does anyone here recognize this air cleaner?
  3. Sorry I didn't see your reply before. This is a small or maybe a medium size bumper. I think it as 65" long when I measured it, I'll measure it again as I don't remember and let you know. I believe it has a 2 or 3 digit number on it. And yes, I am guessing that top has some sort of rubber or plastic covering to cover the ribs. I really think it is 80s GM but I am not sure what it is exactly
  4. Yeah that is what I found after doing a lot of google searching. I'll offer a $5 reward to anyone who can ID this because I'm lost 😅
  5. Yeah you could call them notches. They really made think it was a station wagon rear bumper or some kind of small truck?
  6. Seemed close but different, what stumped me is the ridges on the top of the bumper and parking light size
  7. I have this rechromed bumper that I got in a lot of other bumpers. I have asked many people and done a lot of looking online, I can find similar but nothing quite like it. Does anyone here have any idea what it is? Note the ridges on it. I'm stumped...
  8. Delco 820370 generator armature that fits all Marmons 1927-33 Remanufactured and ready to install. $150
  9. I bought some 1956-61 Packard Cormorant Newsletters at and estate sale recently. I was just curious if anyone else had come across one this early. They are in a binder and have glossy photos and technical sheets with them-- very interesting.
  10. They are splined yes. I think there are 2 originals and 1 repro.
  11. Thanks. What years were these used on?
  12. I have this box of Trippe light parts, it was labeled Packard, can anyone identify these things? Are they Packard specific? There was a "junior" and "senior" Trippe light if my memory is correct? Thanks
  13. Pair of very rare 1932 Pierce Arrow V12 side mount covers. Good condition no dents or rust through or thin spots. Asking $1400 for the pair Have a lot more photos. PM me
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