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  1. Wow, that seems like an odd answer regarding the interior. There's got to be something in there! Even if the fabric is in tatters, what about the dash, gauges, steering wheel, etc.? If this car were anywhere near me, I would go look at it for sure, if only out of curiosity. Sure looks like it has potential.
  2. This original, unmolested beauty was spotted today at a local Cars and Coffee event.
  3. It really helps to see photos of the spectacular original interior. Looking great, Wayne. Good luck with the sale!
  4. Great photo, Ed. Someone swapped out the Lincoln greyhound for Chrysler wings as a hood ornament on that one.
  5. Just an aside here: I had my tube radio rebuilt with an added AUX jack that enables me to plug in my smart phone (conveniently hidden in the glove box) and listen to whatever music I want. Obviously, I'm not the only one to have done this. For a little more money, I could have gotten it set up for Bluetooth. Anyhow, I highly recommend this. It has enhanced my driving experience immeasurably!
  6. Wayne, your car has a lot going for it, but in terms of the market I think the mid-20's is optimistic for a 4-door Super. You've seen my Super, and I think it's similar to your car in terms of presentation even though it's not as original. I paid 12.5 for mine. On the other hand, a car is worth whatever someone will pay for it, and it you have a potential interested buyer, there's certainly no harm in starting high!
  7. Wayne: If you could take some photos of the interior and the engine compartment, I think it would help people give you an opinion of the value of your car. However, I wonder whether it's really in your interest to have a public discussion of what the car is worth? Keep in mind that this is the Internet -- do you really want prospective buyers to have access to a thread in which people might be picking apart your car and giving opinions of what it's worth? Something to think about. Neil
  8. Two comments: 1. I think the main stigma with these cars is the terrible engine, cobbled together by adding four cylinders to a Ford flathead V-8. They are notorious for overheating and other problems. Very high maintenance and not dependable. 2. The styling is the big selling point, but in that department I think the early ones with the pointed prow ('40 and '41) are much more attractive and interesting. When they tried to go with a more "modern" squared-off front end look, they lost the iconic look of the early ones and ended up with a lot of clunky pot metal instead.
  9. As long as this got started again, I wanted to post a great comparison between one of the 1930 Buick ads that thread-starter Ben posted earlier, and a photo taken for a Union Oil ad. I'm pretty sure the Union Oil photo was posed to be used by an illustrator as a basis for an illustration, rather than to be used as a photo, but I can't be sure.
  10. Hi Ben, welcome to the AACA forums! That is fascinating that Arthur Kudner was your great grandfather! And I'm happy that your post got this thread going again. I'm sure there are many more great ad images out there to be posted. And of course, please post more details about Mr. Kudner's life and career -- I'm sure everyone would be very interested to read more about him.
  11. This seems insane to me, but according to Bloomberg, this one sold 10 days ago for $127K!! https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-06-01/this-crumpled-derelict-jaguar-sold-for-six-times-its-value
  12. I believe Ben is correct, but they did it in '42 as well according the the latest Bugle. If you look at the previous issue of the Bugle with the great article by Pete Phillips on the '41's, the Chevy body situation is explained.
  13. I don't think anyone make rebuild kits for these units. I think your choices are either to figure out why it's not working and see if you can repair it, or simply get a replacement. If you look at the posts from Gary W's thread (that he put up on your earlier fuel gauge discussion), you can see that Gary was able to repair his old sending unit. I opted for getting a replacement, and the unit I got from Bob's Automobilia has been working great since I put it in about three years ago.
  14. Looks fantastic!! I love the "Before and After" videos. You have done such a great job on this car.
  15. Looks like a super-clean and attractive car. I don't know if that interior is correct, but it looks very good. I love the color combo.
  16. I certainly agree with Don about going back to 90 wt. oil as a test. However, I am using the exact same Sta-Lube 140 oil that you mentioned in your first post, and it works great. So I seriously doubt that switching oil is going to completely eliminate this problem.
  17. Hmm ... I see one obvious one (a '50?) in front of a Packard and behind the second red truck counting from the right side. But judging from the radio antenna on the roof, I think the one next to it (and behind the COE red truck) might also be a Buick. I'm not so sure about the one you mention parked along the curb on the left -- the grill seems a bit wide for either a '37 or '38 Buick. However many Buicks are in the photo, it's a great photo for sure! A very interesting mix of cars, including two '50 DeSoto's.
  18. I vote for blackwalls, as I think they will make your car stand out from the crowd and have a more "period" look. But I don't think you can really go wrong either way.
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