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  1. 1926 Buick Standard front spindles $50 for pair located near Portland, OR Kevin BCA # 47712
  2. 1926 Buick Standard front brake backing plates $40 for pair front brake universal joint & lever assembly $40 for pair located near Portland, OR Kevin BCA # 47712
  3. 1926 Buick standard brake band assemblies. 4 mains and 2 parking bands with levers & assorted parts. $100 for all located near Portland, OR Kevin BCA # 47712
  4. This bolt on rear loop was attached to a partial 1927 or 28 rear axle that I bought. This might have been added when remaining stock of leftover 1927 backing plates lacking the loop mounting boss & hole were used on early 1928 models. Kevin
  5. 1926 Standard, 1927 series 115 control levers and 2 tubes. $120 3 Levers are good condition, inner & middle tubes (light switch & spark I believe) are straight and turn easily. Outer tube is missing. Horn button has about 1/3 broken away. lever diameter is approx 2 5/8", middle tube measures 52" location near Portland, OR Kevin BCA # 47712
  6. Who is manufacturer, approximate years, and car makes these snubbers would have been installed on.
  7. There is also a Buick touring body tub in pieces hiding in that photo. Below is a photo of my 1925 Buick touring. Have your friend pull out those other pieces so we can see what he has. Kevin
  8. When my Klaxon 12A horn arrived, it had some loose parts rattling around inside. One of the bakelite brush holders was broken. These were originally overmolded to the steel crossmember. I found some angle grinder brush holders and brushes that looked like a close match. To mount these I sanded a flat spot on the holders and clamped them to the bar with hose clamps. I soldered a jumper wire to the holder conductor tab and connected to the field windings with a wire nut. After a little tinkering, the motor ran great. The most troublesome part of this project was mounting the ratchet to the shaft. It was hardened steel fastened to the end of a steel shaft with a single screw. Every time I tried testing the horn, it would get out 1 or 2 aahoogas and that ratchet screw would come loose. I tried adding lock washers & star washers between ratchet and shaft, and each time it still came loose. I finally found a thin washer with some type of coating on it that added enough friction to resist loosening up. We will see how long it holds Kevin
  9. Here are front and rear shock strap loops for 1928 Master Kevin
  10. Flywheel for 6 cylinder models E, H, K, 1921, 1922, 1923. part no 36136. gear teeth look good. $60 located near Portland, OR Kevin BCA # 47712
  11. 1927 1928 Buick series 115 exhaust manifold part no 201705. Measures 24 1/2" between #1 & #6 port centerlines. .008 max warp in the machined surface measured with straight edge and feeler gauge. No visible cracks, no broken off pieces. $180 located near Portland, OR Kevin BCA # 47712
  12. 1924 1925 1926 Buick Standard open car windshield frame & stanchions in good condition. Measures 40 3/4" across the upper windshield frame. 2 extra holes have been drilled thru the driver side stanchion, probably for a spotlight. The upper frame needs a little straightening, the bottom appears to be straight, but 1 corner is slightly expanded from water freezing inside. Windshield channels are not deeply pitted or rusted thru. $160 Kevin BCA # 47712
  13. 1925 Buick Standard Starter-Generator unit. The insulated rollers have been replaced. it has been bench tested and operates in both motoring and starting mode. Clutch is included. 2 jumper wires still need to be replaced. $350 located near Portland, OR Kevin BCA # 47712
  14. 1926 1927 1928 Buick Standard 21" wheels in unrestored condition. 4 fronts and 2 rears available. $50 each. Also 2 Standard demountable rims 21" x 3 3/4" wide. One of these is straight but rusty, the other is not rusty and not so straight. $50 for the pair. I have 4 more decent demountable rims for standard, but at the moment they are holding up my car which is a Master, so if you have 1926 thru 1928 Master rear wheels and/ or 21" x 4 1/2" Master demountable rims I would trade located near Portland, OR Kevin BCA # 47712
  15. NOT MINE https://seattle.craigslist.org/kit/pts/d/bremerton-buick-cabriolet-parts/6872867030.html 1931-32 Buick Cabriolet parts. One box full of metal parts including some items for top mechanism, door handle mechanism, window mechanism, fan blade, brackets, etc. All parts have some surface rust but are very restorable. $150.00 cash.