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  1. It probably started out as a 1-1/2 ton flatbed truck and was converted into a chiva by a local shop.
  2. How much gap is there around the doors ? Does the door contour match the body ? Is there any mismatch in paint or condition in any of the doors ? Has the body been taken apart and re-wooded ? Do the doors open and shut correctly and do they sag ? give us a few clues and post photos
  3. Standard wb = 114" Master wb is 120" and 128" both powered by same motor. To identify Master or Standard from photos: Master has a hole through the bottom of the radiator shell for the hand crank ; Standard crank hole is below the radiator shell Master rear wheel has 6 acorn nuts on the rear wheel hub ; Standard has 12 carriage bolt heads on rear wheel hub. Master motor has a 3 pipe hot water return manifold attaching to top of the head ; Standard has a single return pipe exiting the front of the head. Master instruments are slightly oval shape with Buick widow's peak at top; Standard has round instruments with oval choke/heat control plate. Kevin
  4. I want to give you a heads up on something you will eventually run into while working on this car. Components supplied by Delco often used fasteners with nonstandard thread pitches which can be difficult to find now. That special bolt has 10-30 threads on my 1925 Buick. Starters, generators, combination light/ignition switches all had nonstandard fasteners. I don't recall running into that problem anywhere else on the car. I usually clean up fasteners and tapped holes with tap & die and learned to check thread pitch before chasing old threads. Nonstandard taps & dies can be ordered online for this purpose and I had to buy several while working on Delco parts. Kevin
  5. The linkage rod to the distributor base is correct. Now you need to look through any boxes of loose parts and find the special bolt with spring and sleeve that acts as friction device to hold the distributer in place after it has been advanced / retarded for starting & driving. This is fastened into the generator through the slot in the distributer base If you can't locate the original, something could be cobbled up to substitute. The radiator thermostat has been removed so look for the cover plate with 4 bolt holes. If the cover has disappeared, you could fabricate a flat plate with 4 holes to plug up the hole with gasket or sealant. I don't know if that old style thermostat can be replaced with a modern type. Kevin
  6. First 2 are 1924-1926 Master 120" wb models third is 1924-1926 Master 128" wb models 1927 was first year for backlighted instruments, so those will have a narrow window on the side and the blue on white Buick logo in the middle is printed on translucent plastic material fastened with 2 small rivets
  7. Those photos have been lifted from BAT. Car sold for $114k in 2019. Looks like a scam to me https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1931-buick-8-90-series-roadster/
  8. Big red flag on that e-bay car ! It was sold in 2019 on Bring a trailer for $114k. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1931-buick-8-90-series-roadster/
  9. I can't identify the body, but the radiator shell looks about 1922, headlight about 1923, front fender is 1924-1927. Body looks like it had the lower 2" sheetmetal trimmed away in preparation for rust repair.
  10. The 1923 looks to be a roadster with wire wheels, and the 1928 roadster body is still intact. Why do people post cars for sale half covered by a tarp ?
  11. Here are photos of Ford's Quadricycle engine. This is the engine he built in his home garage. Manufacturing the 2 cylinder motor from a casting requires a big jump in machinery and skills, which is why all these early car manufacturers had to find investors and raise capitol - to get the heavy machines to build something more powerful and sturdy than a Quadricycle.
  12. Do yourself a favor by researching machinery required to manufacture a motor starting with machining motor castings, turning and grinding crankshafts, line boring a motor, and general foundry casting. Once you realize just how much machinery is needed to build your own motor, I am sure you will narrow your focus down to just building the body yourself.
  13. The steering wheel in my 1984 Chevrolet S-10 was "decomposing" and left sticky gooey stuff on my hands, so before selling the truck I installed a similar cheap cover over it and the buyer was never any wiser about the issue. Actually the entire interior of that truck was plastic and was cracking from UV exposure
  14. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1929-buick-series-121-model-44-roadster/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+BringATrailer+(Bring+a+Trailer) location Connecticut auction ends Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at 2:01pm
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