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  1. NOT MINE 1923 REO Speedwagon Vintage Firetruck - $12,000 (Escondido) https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/cto/d/escondido-1923-reo-speedwagon-vintage/7304535954.html $12,000 OBOThis Vintage Fire Truck has been sitting in storage for the last 14 years and needs some love and attention. Was used to drive neighborhood kids around and used in parades.Overhead intake valve "F Engine" is 240 cu in 27 new horsepower. Engine is complete and was running and clattering like an old-time sewing machine and drove steady at 30-35 mph. Might need a new battery and a tune up.This
  2. I made one from a model T hand crank and an end cut from a stainless shaft. This shaft was work hardened on the outer diameter. I was able to drill down the center on the lathe and cut the slot using an angle grinder, and then weld both pieces together. Kevin
  3. 1924 Buick 4 cylinder closed cars used loop door handles. Other car makes did too.
  4. It is a 6 cylinder motor right ? 1922 6 cylinder serial numbers start with 753000. 1923 6 cylinder serial numbers start with 879623
  5. Those print photos are probably from 1995. Ask the seller to take new digital photos including the interior wood and close ups of the lower areas that look a little rusty.
  6. Here is a front view of a 1915 Apperson that belonged to a member of our local car club about 40 years ago.
  7. Radiator shell shape suggests Apperson to me, but it looks like a V radiator which 1918 in this photo does not have.
  8. (2) door window trims from 4 door. Either Briggs or Murray used this design with non removable stamped door pull. Measures 24-3/4" x 15-1/4" x 15-1/2" (height tapers from end to end). One of these has some rust issues on top. $70 free shipping within continental US
  9. Serial number falls into 1922 6 cylinder range and body looks right for model 45, so it looks to me like a 1922-45 touring car !
  10. Ken This is what 1925 Master Shop manual recommends. Standard should be the same. REAR AXLE Use steam cylinder oil for temperatures above freezing. For temperatures below freezing mix steam cylinder oil half and half with engine oil of a cold test not to exceed 5 degrees fahrenheit. Keep housing filled to level of filler plug opening. Wash housing out thoroughly with kerosene at least once each season and refill with fresh lubricant WHEEL BEARINGS Use soft cup grease Fill through plug hole in hub every 1000 miles. So maybe installing a zerk
  11. That hole should have a slotted brass plug. Wheel bearings are also lubricated by the differential oil. These old cars are just full of surprises aren't they ? Finding and fixing all these little bugs is what we call "sorting out", and you seem to be making good progress. Kevin
  12. Brass wind wing brackets $75 free shipping within continental US send PM and include "Bracket #23" in message.
  13. 3 Brass wind wing brackets $180 free shipping within continental US send PM and include "Bracket #22" in message.
  14. Brass and steel wind wing brackets $200 one side is complete, other side is missing 2 stanchion clamps free shipping within continental US send PM and include "Bracket #21" in message.
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