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  1. I had several hundred old family photos to copy and had same difficulties with glare. To solve this I set the photos on a 3 ring binder tipped away from a big window so there was plenty of natural light. Angling the old photo away from the light eliminated most glare. A pair of rulers and spring clips held down the edges of the warped photos. This freed up both hands to steady the camera and allowed me to get everything aligned before snapping a digital photo. Kevin
  2. There is a 28 motor in a collection of parts for sale in Hillsboro https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/pts/d/hillsboro-1926-or-1927-chevrolet-coupe/7073469866.html Also a 28 block in Boise https://boise.craigslist.org/search/pta?query=1928 Springfield Auto Recyclers had some 4 cylinder Chev motors/parts last spring.
  3. North East Electric Co speedometer. Numbers and mechanism inside are good condition. Miles per hour return spring is working correctly. $100 includes shipping Kevin
  4. Northeast Electric horn motor 12v, type 3715A. motor runs good. $30 Kevin
  5. Steering post cowl bracket most likely from models 51, 54, or 55 between years 1924 and 1927. Original nickel plating mostly intact. Casting #195392. $35 includes postage within US. Kevin BCA # 47712
  6. 1926 Willys Knight light switch. Levers have small cracks $50 Kevin
  7. I have one with very good mechanism and numbers inside. Front bezel measures approximately 52mm x 60mm at widest parts. 3 hole mounting pattern is different than other speedometer pictured above. Housing has a side window for back lighting from external light source. Kevin
  8. Water stains seem to be minimal. It looks more like pigment was scooped from the bottom of a can of stain and spread over the wood in an attempt to cover up the light colored putty. There are a few more areas of thick pigment that still need cleaned off. Kevin
  9. Pretty sure its a model 27-29 Get a Shop Manual and Master Parts list
  10. There is something confusing here. The firewall tag in your first photo identifies the model as 27-20 which is the two door sedan. The other tag lists Body No. and Job No. 6960 which is Model 27-29 Town Brougham Sedan. How many doors does the car have ? Welcome to 1920's Buick ownership ! You have a new project.
  11. When I bought bushings, they came in a pack of 3. That leftover bushing measures 7/8 ID x 1-1/16 OD x 1 length. OD is +.003 oversize so it measures 1.0655. It has been around 5 years since I replaced these bushings, and I don't recollect if I had to turn down the OD or if it fit the housing bore without modification. Remove your bushings and get actual measurement before ordering. Atlasbronze.com has 7/8 x 1-1/16x 1 bushings Hugh is right about the screws. check screws with a thread gauge before replacing or chasing threads with tap or die. They are non-standard sizes. Kevin
  12. Ken removing the armature is not the tricky part, in fact it does not even need to be pulled out at all. While the rear housing is removed, carefully pay close attention to these items: 1. there is a jumper wire or 2 that need to be disconnected; 2. first photo, red arrow- this spring loaded fork sits in a slotted insulating wheel. THIS MUST BE LIFTED OUT OF THE SLOT or else it gets bent. 3. the copper brush (second photo red arrow) could get caught if the commutator is deeply worn, lift this up and put a piece of plastic or something under it so it does not catch. if it does get caught, the arm it is attached to will get bent. (I made this mistake) If either part gets bent, its not that difficult to bend them back so that brushes line up with their respective commutator. There are 2 insulated roller wheels that are often cracked and brittle or already broken. I had to make new rollers using a metal lathe for my S-G. Kevin
  13. Ken The bushing is completely trapped until S-G unit has been removed from the car and end cover removed. Old bushings will have to be pushed out and new bushings pressed in. In front of the pictured end cover is a new bushing, and visible down inside the hole are the old bushings (there are 2). To replace this bushing (should cost under $20) with a bearing would require a new re-engineered casting with more material to support a larger bearing OD, and could cost thousands after casting and machining. The old bushings worked well for 90 years. Kevin
  14. Here it is after stripping. The now visible wood grain looks much more appealing than the dark stain. I applied citrus stripper, scrubbed with a Scotchbrite pad, cleaned up with lacquer thinner. There was a patch where the dark stain came off, so wiped it some more using acetone, and the majority of dark stain came off. The only issue with acetone is my nitrile gloves broke open after contact with acetone. Kevin
  15. This mash up was on e-bay several years back.