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  1. Named my car Flattery. (It got me nowhere )
  2. That load of logs today would be worth more than the truck today
  3. Each and everyone of the posts have make good . Points. Me I can afford it and I enjoy it so I just don't we
  4. Leo I'm sure they are off windmill as I have never saw them on a windmill
  5. Dad always used a 1/4" lock washer pressed into the pump arm was a tight fit and when the pump was installed it could not fall out. Was just the right thickness to work very well
  6. Had a gentleman stop by with his older motor home Dodge Chassis. He hard just changed to oil put in the 6 qt called for in that he owners book he looked under the engine totally dry no oil leak or drips. Found the dip stick tube rusted off at the pan and was just dangling in mid air.
  7. I had a 20s Buick it would push out coolant then run hot there was a baffle in the top tank to defuse the water interning the baffle came loose and was laying on top of most of the tubes not letting water flow. 're attached the baffle problem solved
  8. With the limited amounts of information I had a s very similar problem. Running to heavy oil engine with a very good lower end progress relief valve was stuck closed in the oil pump had real high oil pressur un till the oil filter material collapsed then very little oil pressure Just a . Though.
  9. A1 Foam and Material in California only does online orders and their fast on sending orders out They only ship the material rolled up they don't fold it up so you don't fight nasty creased material.
  10. To to the administrator. Peter what blanks do i need to fill in I failed to see spell check put the word set in place of step sorry
  11. Just a heads up the . Black over tan material that I see others comment that it is no longer available. Just ordered 12 yards from California 3days later it was on my door set and priced some what lower than my first attempt.
  12. V/8 check the fuel pump push rod they wear down and then it to short to give the pump a full stroke. Don't remember how long it needs to be but someone on here will come up with it
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