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  1. Mite the color be army drab I have 2 that are similar that were army surplus .
  2. A question for the Table of Knowledge: What would the members think of advertising a 61 T Bird for sale at this time with the c19 going on and so many out of work . Would it be best to tell the lady now is not the time to sell please give me your thoughts and opinions and will tell her what you all thought. Mike
  3. Look at Ace Radiator in Fort Wayne Indiana they have a web site and been business since 47 they fixed up in a week and was not over priced
  4. I'm still on the look out for a radiator but will fill you in on my experience. My radiator leaked bad from a crack in the lower tank. Took it to what I thought was an old school one man shop he fixed the crack in the lower tank claimed it was leaking at both super corners and tried to fix it well he called and said he couldn't fix it recommended another shop paid him and get my radiator back. I called Ace Radiator in Fort Wayne indiana they said bring it over and they were about a week out 2 hrs trip dropped off they called and said been better if I would have never let the first guy work on they did fix it less than a week also found other problems and fixed them price was very reasonable I worked with John ( he did the work and I think he is the owner ) if any others have radiator repair do not hesitate to call them 1 800 288 7964 have been in business since 1947 3rd generation Mike
  5. I have a call in to them but said of today they have not called back maybe c19 has them close . Up
  6. I need a good radiator for my Dodge Brothers touring car 1918 I would not mind if it needs boiled out and or minor repairs Mike
  7. Mikefit


    I need a good radiator for a 1918 Dodge B help. Mike
  8. Do you still have the point sets and $$$$$ Mike
  9. String was used to tie the gasket on the pan
  10. 1928 2 door Model A it needs right now New battery some time in the future (yrs) a new top all gravestone short block installed leaderless water pump turn lights that do not distract from the original look. Wind wings I owned the car for over 20 yrs some rust showing along a lower cowl area you have to look radiator stone shield Quail motor meter interior is very good as per original some spare parts most new tires are white walls and some age on them . Car has run on the Indianapolis race track and many two day road trips no problems The down side it's in northern Indiana not in Florida paint looks good two tone black and light brown. Original color combination there is a after market trunk and rack trunk is not to good the bottom was made of practical board and is not good but could be replaced thinking $8,500.00 Thanks. Mike.
  11. I did mine in glossy. But I'm a wood boat nut
  12. My money's on a plug up converter. Drop the exhaust pipette a short run it will be obvious
  13. I have a friend that has a 4 post lift it's a commercial lift was in a Ford dealer ship we brought it to his home and installed it worked great few years he sold the home New owner wanted it out it was not part on the sale long story short it is how disassembled and in storage would be a very challenging to reassemble it be wood sell it what's it worth.
  14. Could it be the ones swingers on the lamp the other on the door pillar?????
  15. Looks somewhat like Ford's vv carburetor of the 60s