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  1. Am I over priced or is there no Hudson owners interested. Mike
  2. I have 4 tires and wheels mounted and ready to go white walls about 3 4 years old very good condition they are in northern Indiana make a reasonable offer. Thanks
  3. Not real sure but I think there should be a filter in the canister that is part of the tube assay. Is this the one that is attached low on the side of the block the filter acts as a baffle just having trouble remembering Mike
  4. Yes the spring pulls the bearing back the amount of pull the spring has is not critical just so it pulls the bearing back and also keeps it from rattling. Have you found a good retainer yet. Mike
  5. I have a pair of fog lights that say Hudson on them I have all the hardware to mount them . I removed them a 37 Hudson there is a unity switch that was under the dash edge they mount on the bumper brackets no mods needed to install. $200.00 + shipping. Mike in northern Indiana. Thanks
  6. The town 14 miles from me was the home of McCord radiator building new radiators seemed like everyone that worked there would carry in government jobs and fix clean and repair. Sure was no shortage of repair ( home shops) But this all is gone now McCord is gone and only one radiator shop left and they would like to sell out
  7. I have a pair of fog lights that have the name Hudson on them all mounting bolts and hardware along with a unity switch you mount under the dash I would think condition is at 8 or better. $200.00 + shipping.
  8. Yes when the oil level is low happens when you're slowing down oil goes away from the pick up screen.
  9. I get batteries from our local marine's battery pile they put new batteries in customers boats each year regardless if they need one or not the story goes something like this. You sure would not want to get caught in a storm on the lake and your battery is dead. Sold a battery. I do a file test on each one (have a very large file cross the posts lots of fire = a good batteries I give them my junk one in exchange.
  10. I need an explanation of why you can not use a deep cycle battery to start a automobile engine .
  11. Hi. A good machinist could repair that make a new shout machine out the bearing retainer so the New shout is centered and weld with nickel rod. Mike
  12. Could mean that it is a replacement plate for one that was lost or stolen
  13. Photos soon weather getting better. Mike
  14. Like rope or similar to water pump packing some one it's the same thing they use on wood stoves doors the packing goes on the pipe at the shoulder where it slides into the manifold Mike