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  1. Mikefit

    Balancing 4cyl engine

    BLoo that was what I was referring too you made a good point and explained much better than I did. Thanks
  2. Mikefit

    Balancing 4cyl engine

    Please heal me. All these years I was informed the unit on the front of the crankshaft was called a harmonic damper to help with torsional forces of the crankshaft and was not to balance . Many of the external balance was done on the flywheel / flex plate.. The 4 cylinder used a crankshaft that had the the throws in a flat plane each throw had a throw 180 " from the other using the other throw as a counterbalance . Please help me understand.
  3. Would you sell the carburetor s only
  4. Mikefit

    stewart warner guage restoring

    That's why I sent it in both units needed repair was just disappointed that they did not replace the ring it was not like I was being cheap with them I just wanted repaired I guess I expected to much in return . The fuel sender does work so I'm happy with that .
  5. Elton do you have any wiggle room on your price????????
  6. Mikefit

    stewart warner guage restoring

    1963 Studebaker Avanti
  7. Mikefit

    stewart warner guage restoring

    I used Bob's Speedo. Sent dash unit and tank unit they called and told me what the cost would be think I gave my vCard# the dash unit I sent in had bad plier marks where someone had taken it apart I like a dummy I that they would replace the damaged chrome ring . The gauge works fine I just wonder if it was their car would they just returned it that way you just can not miss seeing it. If memory serves me it was close to $300.00 to repair and that $5.00 ring just did not say much for their quality of work bMike 1963 Avanti
  8. Does the fuel pressure regulator and fuel block and lines go also ??
  9. Mikefit

    Blown Tail Light Fuse

    I would put my money on dash light dimmer/ interior portion on the head light switch. Mike
  10. Mikefit

    To shave or not to shave.

    For what's it's worth. I was always told the lowcompression ratio was in fact due to the poor fuel at the time and nothing to do with poured bearings .All things taken into consideration.
  11. Mikefit

    1918 Drive hub needed

    my 18 has both and they look like your. B. But who knows after 100 yrs. I spoke to Bob Scafanis 510 474 2533 he said he had the drive plates your looking for very good guy to deal with. Mike
  12. Mikefit

    Auto Zone vs NAPA

    When I go to any parts stores I like to wait and get the old gentleman that most likely can not find his way home after work BUT ask for a thingy or a watson valve he will be right on it God Bless old car . Guys.
  13. Yes Walt we lost 2 pilots here about 2 yrs ago small plane not property warmed up went to full throttle iced up went in the lake I don't understand why the D/B brother ask if it had condensation on it but ?????? Mike
  14. Mikefit

    1997 f350 diesel manual transmission

    I would not blame the transmission but would think that the clutch is not releasing . Ford had a problem with the firewall bending and then the clutch master cylinder would just move away and not make the clutch cylinder make a complete stroke.
  15. Hi I have 18 4 cylinder had some what the same problem I called a DB brother told him the eng was lazy first question he ask was the carburetor throat wet with condensation (Yes it was ) his answer was its very slow in timing ( loosen the cam screw advance the rotor some and sneak up on the optimum timing then back off a little) boy what a difference it made I don't know what the actual timing is but it runs smoothly and very cool temp. Hope this helps mike