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  1. Hi I need the glass sediment bottle that is attached to the vacuum fuel pump on a 1918 D B it screws on the bottom of the pump. About 1 1/8 // 11/4 in diameter. Thanks Mike
  2. Mikefit


    I find myself in need of the small glass jar that is attached to the vacuum fuel pump on a @1918DB. Maybe used on other makes also. The top threaded part is about 1 1/8 to 1 1/4 just depends on how you measure it. Thanks. Mike
  3. VL: You could post about how to boil water and very one would read about it. Looks like you may be winding up some loose ends I just wish I had your fortitude I just admire what you have been through.. God must be right there with you. Lots of love. Mike
  4. 20 + yrs for me run the hill in model Ts and As also Do time I did not get up th dge Brothers 16 times with a1918 Dodge first time I did not make it to the top😞
  5. Now you made me cry remembering some of the same things but thanks for a reality check. Mike
  6. Mikefit


    I did a similar set up 11yrs ago and guess what still working. Lucky for what. I did provide good cooling for the diodes though
  7. My money is on a cracked case the more you tighten the plug or wrap tape on it the more you force the crack open even a small amount.
  8. Richard I will take pictures of front and back of them for you tonight. Mike.
  9. Get the largest magnet you can find use it like a magic wand bingo you found it and a lot of other things. / screws washers small springs check balls Mike
  10. I'm sure if I drove by their shop I would just keep on looking.
  11. Dental pick remove the build up on the terminals and the tip of the rotor. center terminals just wipe clean.
  12. Mikefit

    Engine knocking

    C49 Has the correct answer put him at the front of the class.
  13. Here is my view. Had the car for 10 yrs. Sold it for say $2,000.00 less then I paid for it divide that by 10yrs that's $200.00 a yr. divide that by all two fun car shows road trips stress relief. Washing cleaning and polishing. And I did not have to pay a therapist $$$ Was a very good investment along with all the friendships added along the way.
  14. How about 4 sheets of plywood and some grease on it just slide on the plywood and move to next sheets.