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  1. I'm still trying to find a auto store that sells Blinker fluid ( my blinkers are you working really slow hopefully that's all that's wrong)
  2. Thanks all of you guys I will have to n pass on the parts but I will sleep knowing you all supported me. But not going to mention to my daughter this hat she was right.
  3. I have been looking for top sockets for my D/B for along time First of the week a AACA member told of a gentleman in Texas that the parts I needed. Contacted him yes I have them he set the price and the shipping cost I ask for a photo of the parts. He also wanted me to pay by some kind of electronic payment plane. I told him I was old school check or cash. Ok he sent me a address in Mississippi. Still no pictures no phone numbers to call him told me he was having trouble with the pictures. What do you think ???? Thanks. Mike Ps last email he said if it was not what I wanted he would refund
  4. Matt: Shortly after I got married my wife and I bought a 55 MGTD. man I thought had died and went to Heavytill the day we went to the grocery store bath boy brought out our grocery's. Ask where did I want to put them in the car whoops. Took my wife home came back loaded the grocery's in the front seat and drove back home after that we went too the local Chrysler/ Pplymouth Dealer and bought a CAR.
  5. I need top irons for a Dodge Brothers touring car. Any years 1918 thru 1925. Any condition do not need the wood bows do not care bent broken or rusty. Just so all parts are there Help me guys. Mike
  6. I checked with DFE not much help Surely some one here could help one side years are flexible condition as I would just use for a pattern. Wood bows are not needed. Thanks. Mike
  7. JP do you still need an in closed trailer I have a 28 ft in closed with alum floor and a electric wench. I need an open trailer.
  8. My story I bought a Avanti that came from California. The owner worked for Boeing Air Craft. He must have a lot of pull he had backing plates chromed nuts bolts clamps fuel pump carburetor lines hinges about anything he could carry in the plant Did you ever try to start fittings with chrome on them there about .002 to large . Engine / transmission separation plate would not let the starter slide in place as the chrome Made the hole to small carburetor parts the same way check valves in the fuel pump were planted as would not seal. But not front or rear bumpers
  9. I sold my 12k hitch about a year later I had to buy another 12k hitch should have keep them both 20 20 ,💡
  10. Sure hope someone can help me find a top for my touring car any parts ,leads or help would be greatly appreciated. Mike PS any condition rusty,broken,rotten ??????
  11. Still having fun I see. Mike
  12. Very fine workmanship I father built one very similar back in WW2 he worked in a machine shop for the war effort and was a son of a cabinet maker
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