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  1. I had the same problem some how over the years the cylinder shrunk and the key way close e d up some I used a small file and thinned the key used a magic marker on th side of the key to have a reference as where it was too thick and some3/1 oil it worked. B
  2. Broken ring lands, was common in the 350 diesel want to be starting fluid would break rings and the ring lands and would not show up as a,problem right away.
  3. When in doubt let there be no doubt. Put in new
  4. 36 Ford ?? Belonging to an old rum runner and was running when he parked it and passed away from a gun shot
  5. Well the number on the plate is what it is the color is not important I have yet to see a registration certificate that states the colors on the plate just my 2¢
  6. Just looked at the picture the 2 Plymouth p u must have been older as the head lights were mounted from the radiator and not the fenders
  7. Yes 2 of the Plymouth picks showed up at our local car show last summer think 37or 38 neither the guys know each other at the time
  8. Like t o order a new1948 Packard 4 door in black and wide w/w fob my local dealer.
  9. Mike. At times I think some post just to brag look at what I have bet you don't have one But it would sure be nice to post a follow up this is what fixed it. The other Mike
  10. Do u have front and rear bumpers the top and what is the in motor condition??? Where is the car
  11. Please put me down for ....... no on second thought just forget it I'm going to use the truck for a yard ornament.
  12. I personally got to meet and talk with him where else in the pits at a race track in the 80s sure could tell he did not a stranger. God Bless
  13. Mikefit

    door handle repair

    Do you have the broken peace if so use some J B weld and make a band from a peace of tubing that will go around the shoulder tight a little file work and drilling you should be good to go. Mike