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  1. Mercer I'm sure you could be right comfortable in the fluffy seats could have your name embroider on them at no additional charge.
  2. This is a Black 61 Bird I will add photos as soon sale I can get them loaded I had them on there under Ford Lincoln but they were removed some how.
  3. Do I have this add in the wrong place and I could not get the pictures turned right side please help me
  4. Mite it be from the release agent use in the manufacturing process that the fold could feed on just a thought
  5. 1961 T-Bird $10,000. Located in 46511 Culver, IN. Od-meter shows 36984 ??? text or call cell. 574-952-0345. Leave message to moderator. Feel free to rotate my pictures
  6. If I remember the . Rule is /was 1 " down 2" to the right @25 feet all measurement are taken for the center of the car right and left the height floor to center of the lens. Use low beams when adjusting.
  7. Glade to see your story keep up with the story Mike
  8. I would just remove the switch assay. Take to a . Lock Smith he will cut a new key that will work just like t he old one and you will not damage any thing beyond repair
  9. Carmover look at the suction side of the water pump packing I had that problem and found it was the packing would not leak coolent but running it would suck air in and before long you had quite lot of air in the system try snuging the packing up some on the suction side of the pump did it have grease cups . On it did you fill them.
  10. They will hold the tickets that are sold so far and have the drawing in 2021
  11. That's what I tell my wife ( I need not I want ) Mike
  12. John is it still available. Mike Fitterling
  13. The Hill Climb for 2020 has been cancelled was so sorry to hear that one of the events I looked forward to going to 20 plus years
  14. Don : Regardless of what other's have said I think you have a very good car and do not let them discourage you I would love to have the Buick
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