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  1. The piece of "round stock" is either the remainder of the support rod or something someone stuck in the hole. In either case the hole in the bracket is for attaching the support rod that runs between the two headlights.
  2. DB went to 6 volt during 1926. Your headlight is the same style I have on my 1927 (Sept 1926 build) .
  3. Jim's Battery Mfg. neither answers their phone or returns calls. My guess is they are a small business unable to keep up with demand (only co. producing repro batteries). I was only able to reach them by email which they would return to string you along. Waited months for battery with no luck. When you call message states "all agents currently helping other customers" . I do not believe there are ANY agents on any lines (a bit of a scam). I went to Chevrolet and purchased a current Delco (last one lasted 21 years on a tender in a "62 Vette). In my opinion reproduction batteries are no longer available and as an NCRS master judge point deductions should be limited due to this fact
  4. Someone here must know the answer, but from what I have read Dodges' were not built in Canada until after Chrysler bought DB in 1928. Prior to that DB's were sold through a DB Canadian sales organization.
  5. The broken ring may have been the cause of you vibration. I once broke about one inch of the land between two rings that caused a vibration and one heck of a rap at all rpm's. From the sound and vibration I thought I blew a piston. Amazingly it didn't even scour the cylinder wall. Bill
  6. Hey Mike, Short of putting a spare motor in the back seat lol . do you have a ceiling structure above (can't see it in pic.)? I have joists above mine and have used that structure when needing to apply downforce on a frame/suspension etc. All you would need is a couple of 2x's placed between your frame and the joists as far back as possible. Just a thought. Bill
  7. Franklinman, It was common for engine pad and body # stampings to be hand stamped using individual letters/numbers placed in a holder which keeps them in perfect alignment, which as Mike said does not look hand done. You can duplicate the exact stamp you need from this post. It is not cheap but the company I used about 30 years ago is still in business. (Superior Steel Stamp Co. Cleveland, OH.). Jay has provided the height (1/4") and from the posts above all numbers from 0-9 have been provided. All you need to do is copy these posts (gives correct font) . The stamp company can replicate these #'s and the A exactly . I know they can provide the individual #'s and a holder and maybe provide a single use stamp made from one block of steel? The additional info you will need (maybe Jay can provide measurement) is the overall length of the serial # and the distance between the "A" and the first number. Again, won't be cheap but it can be done. Bill
  8. DB26 Had a thought regarding the wire you found in the water jacket. Have you determined if it is steel or perhaps a "sacrificial metal" that someone put there as an anode?
  9. Jay, great data! The first page is a bit generic while the second page fills in some of the gaps. Page one says The C motor gets the air cleaner (what I always thought) but the second page shows "all engines" getting the air cleaner in June on the B engine. Page one shows the C motor coming in at about 6000 vehicles into the '27 series. Page 2 says there was overlap to car # A-762,525. I think both of these issues resolve Wheelmangs' concerns. His '27 series could have a B motor with an air cleaner. Thanks for the info, Bill
  10. Wheelmang, per the published chart The 1927 series started on July 1, 1926 with car # A-702,243. so you car is a '27 series, as is mine A-770,913. What I don't know and have never seen is the actual dates when DB changed from A to B to C motors. I'm far from the last word on the subject but my opinion is your engine is correct to the car and the spread between VIN and engine# is within the 50-70k range. I always thought the " Air Cleaner" 1st came on C motors but your car (& engine) might be real close to the change over to the C so maybe late B motors had the new set up?? Can't remember if you pulled your pan but B motors have three bearings, C motors have five.
  11. DB26, Based on your exhaust manifold it would appear you have a "B" motor (1st version of the 6v 2 unit) that came out in 1926. Later in 1926 the 2nd version was the "C" motor as shown by Wheelmang. His is the same as mine which was built 9/11/26 (a '27 series). The 'lump" on the side of your exhaust mani is the "Carb. Hot Air Stove" which appears to have a hole at the bottom front where an pipe elbow would connect and enter the hole between the valve covers. You will notice that Wheelmangs does the same thing but uses the later C motor hot air stove/air cleaner combo and a Y pipe. The question is do you have a "B" motor? Or did someone in the past change exhaust manifolds?
  12. Moose, You may remember from prior posts that our '27 p/u's are within 10k units or 10/11 days of each other. I was also missing the spare tire carrier (which mounts under the back of the truck and I believe unique to to the commercial car models. I found one on ebay awhile back ,lucky as I believe they are quite rare. I have attached a pic I received from the seller before he removed it from his '27 (he turned it into a hot rod). You may be able to make one. Bill
  13. Mike, I wish ! Problem is I need to build another garage first.
  14. Hi Mike, Great pic. I have the Dodge Bros. sign, the Texaco sign and the tanker body (but shorter) that is on the tanker in the foreground. One of these days I'll finish my DB Texaco tanker. Bill
  15. I was thinking the same thing, i.e. could the 1st # be a 9? Also , would a "C" motor bolt up using "D" motor mounts?
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