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  1. Yes, Graham Brothers built trucks for Dodge before they went on their own and built cars with the Graham name. I have seen vintage print ads on the internet for Cantrell/Dodge vehicles. Are you going to restore/replace the wood or drive it as is?
  2. I am building the rear window/liftgate frame for my woodie. Is it necessary to put a U shaped rubber channel in the rabbet that accepts the glass? How is it on other woodies out there?
  3. That actually looks good for sitting under a tarp outside for 31 years. Without the pictures I would have assumed it to be much worse. Deciduous trees in the background = humidity. Do you know who the body builder was? Any history on it?
  4. The top one is from a 1940 Lasalle. The center should be red and the letters black. 1939 were the same but the center was black and the letters were white. The bottom one is from a 1937 and 1938 Lasalle. The center should be red and the letters chrome.
  5. Yes, I leaned on the guy a bit to persuade him to restore it. As you can tell I have strong thoughts about street rods. However, I have to remind myself that a street rod is not illegal or immoral. I like the camaraderie in the old car hobby with people who work with their hands, street rodders included. There is far more in common than not.
  6. Hello Tom, I encourage you to restore rather than street rod this truck. It appears to be a complete and intact example of a fairly rare woodie. You have a lot more to work with to begin with than I did. If interstate driving is a must, you can get an aftermarket overdrive unit. Mine is 100% stock and that is a situation I may have to deal with when it is finished. The rear axle ratio on mine is 4.31 : 1. Cantrell is another possibility as to the builder of your woodie. I am originally from St. Louis. My dad and I heard about this Lasalle woodie at a swap meet in St.Louis in 1985. It was in a barn in Illinois nearby. The seller was not actively trying to sell it. Long story short, I did not buy it until 1997. After much research, it is one of two 1940 Lasalle woodies I know of. Both custom built by Meteor Motor Car Company of Piqua Ohio. The body design on my Lasalle is very square. The only "third dimension" area is above the windshield and that turned out to be not as hard as I thought it would be.
  7. Hello Tim, Did you start with the person you bought it from? Who did that person buy it from? You could go backwards that way. I did that with my 1940 Lasalle. I did not find the original owner but I did find out a lot of interesting information about it along the way. I traced it back to about 1950. Be persistent and leave no stone unturned.
  8. Nice truck! There is a lot there to work with for an accurate restoration. See my post on my 1940 Lasalle woodie in this section. That was smart to have the seller treat for powderpost beetles. Make sure the infestation is dead before you bring new wood into your shop. Ask me how I know this. There are 17 International woodies in the roster of the National Woodie Club. You should join to do some networking if you are not already a member. Are you going to make the new wood body yourself? Feel free to contact me, I have been through the learning curve already. Do you know what company built the original wood body?
  9. Post in the "parts for sale" section of the Cadillac and Lasalle Club's website forum.
  10. That transmission goes with a Cadillac flathead V8 1938-1948. 1937 and before were floor shifts. It is nearly identical to the transmission in my 1940 Lasalle.
  11. Great idea for a thread. I hate any sanding. It is necessary and makes all the difference in a quality job. I also hate cleaning the spray gun after painting. On the other hand, parts cleaning, the final coat of paint, and sandblasting are all instant gratification.
  12. 1940 Lasalle Woodie Ist picture 1997 2nd picture 2019 Notice the skid marks in the first picture. My neighbor had to drag it off the flatbed with his tractor. I am reusing as much as possible. The wood and the middle and rear floors were replaced. In general everything else will be original.
  13. Hello Bob, I am the guy with the lasalle woodie refered to in a previous post. First, I doubt there are any drawings or directions available for a 1941 chevrolet woodie. Is the wood you have reuseable? Or do you have to reproduce it? I would suggest looking on the internet for pictures of 41 chevy woodies so you can get an idea of what pieces go where. Also I suggest you join the National Woodie Club so you can get access to their roster. The roster is categorized according to type of car. So all the owners of 41 chevy woodies are listed together. Contact other owners to get questions answered and pictures. I would recommend traveling to see some in person. I did that with my Lasalle. Also the NWC has a library housed at the AACA library in Hershey. That would be a great place to look for any info that does exist. What state are you in? There are 8 1941 Chevrolet woodies in the NWC. Wood station wagon bodies were supplied to Chevrolet by 2 outside companies in 1941, Cantrell and Ionia. There are slight differences between the two. Do you know which you have? Cantrell bodies have the horizontal door rib on the lower third of the door. Ionia Bodies have the horizontal door rib on the top third of the door. There are differences in the beltline wood also.
  14. I am restoring the tailgate hardware now. I was lucky that most of the custom made/hand made body hardware was with the car. However it was all very rust pitted. I skimmed each piece with bondo and sanded it smooth. The piano hinges for the tailgate and back doors were rusted solid. I blasted them and soaked them in Evapo Rust for a month to get them loose.