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  1. Also install the top fabric outdoors on a hot day so the fabric is pliable and stretchy. I think that tonneau cover fabric is OK. I considered using that before I found the NOS stuff. Post a picture of your car.
  2. You are right about the S&S hubcap being from a Sayers and Scovill hearse.
  3. My understanding of how a woodie roof works is there is the wood slats, then a layer of fabric, then padding, then the weatherproof top fabric. Since the first layer can be seen through the slats, choose a pleasing color and texture. This layer is so you can't see the padding through the slats. Knowledgeable people told me not to use foam for the padding because it will deteriorate in the summer heat. "Trimacar" on this forum told me to use cotton quilt batting from a fabric store. SMS has some 70's style vinyl top material on their website which may be closer to the texture you are looking f
  4. You are right. I did not word that clearly. Psych!
  5. I am restoring a woodie and I recently dealt with this subject also. Many woodies had canvas on the roof with a vinyl coating in the cobra grain texture. I could only find black and none of it was wide enough to cover in one piece. Seams would be necessary. I needed 66" also. SMS Auto Fabric had this fabric but not wide enough. Look on their website as they had other options too. I considered what I call convertible top fabric or Haartz cloth. This may be the same as what you call tonneau cover material. I see this on a lot of woodies also. You are much more likely to find this in your color
  6. Again, very nice. As usual I have questions. You built the whole car in the time it took me to make and varnish the tailgate. What kind of wood is on the panels? If mahogany, what kind? How do you get the shape of the panels so there are no gaps around the edge? On mine, I made a template of thin plywood. I used trial and error to get that just right and used it as a guide with a router. Router bit had a bearing. Why do you have panels in the windows? What finish are you using and how are you applying it?
  7. I just wanted to remove the rust from a porcelain coated exhaust tip. I soaked it in phosphoric acid and it took the porcelain off along with the rust.
  8. I'd be interested in hearing more about the ignition module and its problems. I have a 1973 318 with similar symptoms. Also where can I get a reliable quality new ignition module?
  9. What is the proper pronunciation of "Duryea" ? dur-yay dur-ree-a dur-yee
  10. A channel lock pliers that was in a 1967 Mustang I had as a teenager in the '80s. I also have a wide variety of older American made tools from my Dad and both Grandfathers.
  11. Very nice. I am doing the same on my Lasalle now. Where did all the body hardware come from? (brackets, hinges, locks, handles). Is it reused from the original body or reproduced. I was lucky almost all of the original hardware came with the car. Also- slotted wood screws are getting harder to find. Where did you get yours?
  12. I found this while looking for something else. Scroll down for International pictures. burb Click on this.
  13. I suspected that these cars may just be leaky. I'm going to put a weatherstrip on all four sides of the tailgate/liftgate but I'm not going to worry about possible leaking.
  14. Thank you for the nice complement from a pro. Only another woodworker would notice those things. Thinking ahead to when I drive the car, how do you prevent rain from leaking through the piano hinges on the liftgate and tailgate? I was thinking of putting a rubber weatherstrip between the leaves of the hinge that would be squeezed in the closed position. Everybody looks at me like "you're going to drive this in the rain?" Also what about the sides of the tailgate and liftgate? That is why I kept the gap tight so it would help out whatever weather strip I come up with fo
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