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  1. It would not fair too well on Long Island with our famous 10' 6" clearance bridges on parkways that parallel 495. besides a normal 58 Chevy list's on any turn, that has to go around a corner on two wheels at 10 miles an hour
  2. Welcome Terryallen, I don't know if you are familiar with the area. What is interesting is that the area that car was registered to in 1959 was always hospitals, I never recalled any residential around there, not that there wasn't just always presumed it to be medical use property, I am sure something could have been hidden somewhere in there. I am pretty sure that Stillwell was on the grounds of Downstate Psychiatric Hospital or Jacobi Medical, most likely it is named something else now. Pre-covid I used to go up that way once a month to an American Legion Hall for a club meeting of Union Electricians that do charity work in the Bronx and Yonkers
  3. Tom, thank-you so much, I will give you a call later today
  4. The infrastructure needed to support these early car phones had to very limited back them. Cell phone service in Manhattan was very poor prior to 9/11, it took a major event to correct that problem, The technology evolution is amazing looking at these early mobile phones were analog rotary tip and ring phones, to what we have now is fascinating! It all starts with an idea, just think roughly 60 years after the Wright Brothers we were orbiting the earth. Look at the growth of the portable phone industry.... who other then me thought texting was the dumbest thing they ever heard of when it first happened ? Go figure
  5. I don't think these are the correct brushes, anybody have the correct information as to what are the correct brushes? Thanks
  6. I am helping my friend out with his generator. The field coils were done by a previous owner and they are testing fine. Armature looks good will test it later, the brushes look pretty crappy does anyone know the application numbers? The characters I can see stamped on the brushes appears to be B78 This is about 30 years older then most stuff I am familiar with, but ohms law is ohms law. Any help is appreciated Thanks
  7. I don't think the the title is self imposed of being a hoarder or collector, but rather given to the person when they pass away by the people who have to clear out the contents of their estate.
  8. I am in the process of doing it now, what a difference! Ballast's and fluorescent lamps were getting pricy and harder and harder to find
  9. The 40's clip or Chicago clip looked like around the 2:00 minute mark that it could have been Manhattan? A lot of the stores referenced "Times Square" is there a Times Square in Chicago as well?
  10. I also had done some work in some of the surrounding buildings around the Chrysler Building and it is amazing at the minute details that can't be seen by many people, real art deco stuff. That photo above taken of me was around this time of year I had just bought a new camera to take on vacation. I bought it in Times Square and took it in to test it out before we left. The red circled area is approximately where the photo was taken on the raw steel by my partner. We still keep in touch every week to this day. Very seldom photos were taken in the pre-cell phone era. Really a shame, some of the greatest views were never captured
  11. I posted this photo before on another thread, this was taken of me 35 years ago (give or take) across from the Marriot Marque in Times Square.
  12. That is an interesting question. how many people really would know? I have seen several 1959-60 El Camino's with Impala Trim and Interiors with Senior Ovals and even know a friend of mine who paid good money for one because he was 'told' the Impala trim was and option. The quality of the restoration on the Dodge is done so well it would hardly draw a question because it looks so genuine. Chrysler products of that era are seldom ever seen. The Kardashians... speaking about parts that did not come from the factory great example!
  13. In a situation like that there is never too much safety involved. Don't forget eventually the task required will be above the workers head risking possible injury I would venture to say that worker was replacing the aircraft warning light, no other reason to be up there. That would fall under the jurisdiction of the union I worked through, Local 3 IBEW. The guys who climb are a pretty elite group and there were not many them.
  14. I was up in the pinnacle area below the spire as an apprentice for a few days in the late 70's there are no windows up there and it was FULL of pigeons! The contractor I was working for was doing an exterior lighting job and the freight cars stopped a few floors below so everything had to be carried up stairs. Work rules prevented apprentices from going 'outside'. It was a pretty cool experience.
  15. a place for grown men to tell lies about their cars,
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