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  1. I had replaced a fuel tank on a Corvair many years ago, the job looked much easier then it turned out to be. As I recall some of the steering linkage had to be removed. The reproduction fuel lines might be cheaper then cleaning out the line. Get a new sender as well
  2. In 1965 the Muncie used in Chevrolets had a 7/8" gear pin. The "P" code translates as so: P= Muncie Four Speed, 04= April, 12=12th day of that month, so yesterday was the anniversary of it's final assembly. The main case number '5010' is a 66 - 67 case, there has to be some an extruded casting number on the case that would tell the year. George I remember reading somewhere that they built less then 100 M-22 rock-crushers in 65. Might have been Alan Colvin's "Chevrolet by the Numbers" books
  3. Here is the kit that was in the trunk of my 60 Impala
  4. I am sure if you look hard enough you can find that club, or maybe just focus your energy and knowledge to start one for people of that share your similar interest? Seems easier to me then to try to reinvent an established accepted systems used in other clubs. Just think of that club I had found when I was the National Judging Chair for a marquee club the few times I received complaints about judges spending an excessive amount of time on a car it always came down to a judge who had to find something wrong in an attempt to prove they knew everything.
  5. If you are talking local car shows is one thing, but even those shows should have some sort of rules. But when you are talking about shows with a standard recognized award "as it was delivered to the public when new" pretty much sums it up There is no room for "what if's" or "could of" unless supported by paperwork. So regardless of anyone's personal thoughts or feelings the rules are pretty self explanatory, once when you drive the car on the field you are playing by those rules. Now lets try to get this thread back on track, if a person enjoys modified cars or like t
  6. Maybe $1000 as a parts donor. A little long in the tooth and crunchy in the corners
  7. Well said John, well said! There has been a long running show on Long Island at an old estate called Westbury Gardens. I remember going to the show with my Father in the 70's and he would park his Model A in the spectator parking, because he felt that this was for 'the really good cars' not a 'knock around' car like his. The show is run by one of the five AACA Regions on Long Island, now it is anything goes, as long as the car owner pays their entry fee, so the spectators can look at the cars for free? (that can be an entire separate thread) (getting the thread bac
  8. Many Congratulations! Good call Ed, Was the bad coil an NOS coil, old replacement coil or a new replacement coil?
  9. I never heard of that brand of wheel, interesting.....
  10. Been there done that! Also there is an expiration date on bottle, darned if I can find it, so if it is on sale real cheap think twice. Also the box it comes in the printed instructions state store under 90 digress and keep from freezing. once it is in the DEF tank you know control over the temp I think sugar in the DEF would be a problem
  11. Hey Pfeil. Back in the 70's my Father had a few late 30's Pontiacs. He was a member of the POCI and they did not have a year cut-off. Within a few months the magazine (which was more like a newsletter) was consumed with GTO content. Keep in mind that those cars at that time were just used cars, 10 years old an newer. I can hear my old man now complaining "what's with these f!@#$%^g used cars" Today National Club's face many different problems, and many are trying 'something' to save or hopefully add to their membership. Unfortunately, they don't look at the other clubs failed attemp
  12. Mr P, not only have you mastered hi-jacking many other threads, you actually have accomplishes hi-jacking the thread you started! OUTSTANDING!
  13. I am pretty active in the hobby and do not know of anyone who attends Englishtown anymore, or has in years. They do get a lot of attendance but it is not centered around our end of the hobby. John
  14. The Standard book only had the factory interchange part numbers
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