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  1. A friend of mine saw it on Thursday and said his brother could use it, I am sorry I did not post the item is no longer available. Since they changed the layout in the classifieds I don't come here too often any more, that is why I mentioned in my listing to PM me I get an email letting me know, thanks anyway John
  2. They always were, a disposable commodity, to be consumed and thrown away, the only exception, there is a market for used cars, not so much for appliances
  3. Yes I noticed ads for it on TV, very sleek looking
  4. That is amazing! You think that there are so many other hardware (window regulators, vent window assemblies, glass, and such) that they would be the same hood springs
  5. The continental kits on the 58's are factory kits, they don't have that "picnic bench" filler panel like the others do to extend the bumper
  6. Anything major they have dealerships who have lifts on retainer, they are not jacking cars up in driveways and using jack stands. What about people who do not have driveways? What about inclement weather?
  7. Very true, just think of having that thing in your way going in and out of the trunk? or even worse having a flat tire and taking all of that crap off to get the spare out?
  8. I still call him a kid but is no longer a 'Kid" that I had I coached in football is a mobile tech for Tesla in Huntington Beach California. He has his degree and worked for Audi before being recruited by Tesla. I had seen him last year when he was visiting his family for the holidays. He said really nothing fails on them, no fluids to watch, maintenance is minimal, he finds it boring.
  9. I am far from your Glee Club Mr Peterson, I am just trying to figure out what your trying to communicate with what appears to be random thoughts and statements. Getting defensive when someone asks for clarification is no way to be. Name calling someone who asks for a clarification indicates that you can not clarify your statement. I am not working overtime, looking for clarifications, but you have to admit that you just been more random than usual By the way last time I checked it is not 1981, or 1970. I suggest you do the same, Please clarify what you think the large
  10. What is this huge dealer problem you state? This is not 1981 anymore and the service technicians are just that technicians. When was the last time you heard of anyone needing to replace a starter on any vehicle made in the last 10 years?
  11. You can't see them from that angle, they are along side the cowl behind the fender. The springs on the Chevy's are real "wimpy" and are known to get weak, I am 99.9% sure that they are the same
  12. I am pretty sure that they would be the same springs used by Chevrolet. The FIlling Station sells them and also has a tool you can either rent or purchase to do the job.
  13. I think we are missing the point as to why he does not want it, he can not get insurance on the car for everyday use because the finance company requires a certain coverage, and that coverage does not apply to use he intends to use the car for. Once the car is sold, (as long as the car is not misrepresented) it is not the sellers responsibility if the buyer finds that the vehicle is not suited for their intended use.
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