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  1. That sounds more like the accelerator pumps in the carbs to me. they don't like to sit for awhile dry. The old style do not react well with the ethanol gasoline
  2. Driver less technology is coming sooner then you think, real soon. That might have more of an impact on the future then electric cars to the hobby. Cars will just become another throw away appliance,
  3. Forklift, been there,,,,,,, and done that,,,,,,,
  4. Interesting thread, I feel the need to ask this question, How many of us have children who grew up around the hobby and those children have no interest in the hobby? I have three sons who grew up around the hobby as I did. Traveled all over the country going to meets. One has some interest, and even has one of my Father's car, the other two really could care less. The problem I see is that their spouses have no interest, just my opinion I know myself having grown up in the hobby, I continued with it. My fathers interest turned to antique toys, and I had no interest in
  5. There is a ski lift in New Hampshire or Vermont,(it's been awhile) that they use bovine emissions to run
  6. Very good Joe! I worked in Times Square on and off for about 20 years, and always saw a tourist's buying a "ROMEX" watches, Congratulations on the Zenith Award with your Buick Cabellero, stunning car. I just got finished reading the article this afternoon
  7. I really can't speak for anyone else, but I read the entire thread, and what you said is just is your opinion, not to be confused with any one else's
  8. My Grandfather had what he called "fake teeth" I don't think he was looking to deceive anyone. Many humans don't have all of their original parts, and even some have some parts enhanced to be something that they were not. Clone cars are like hairpieces the more money spent the more realistic they look.
  9. If a $20 bill can be counter fitted, how hard could a build sheet be to do
  10. How about misuse of the word "restored" ?
  11. 39 operations, that's a record nobody want's to break! I use ice also, but with Vodka! (not for taste only effect) but I only had 11 with full anesthesia. Hey Lebowski, good luck with the recoup, 4 of those 11 surgeries of mine were hernia operations and one was to remove an infected hernia mesh.
  12. What does that have to do with a 1939 Buick?
  13. Where did you find that statistic to be debunked? I found that statistic in several credible printed news sources. Seem to have been debunked is not debunked, including the word seem makes your reply seem that you are uncertain of the information you are presenting.
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