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  1. You mean the experts who work for the White House? They stood on the stage at a press conference and both said that we should wear a mask when going outside to slow things down. SO I am only following their direction. I have a home in both Florida and in the NYC Metro Area. The answers your questions are pretty simple. The population density in NYC is much greater, most people rely on mass transit, which dose not help. In Florida the Corona Virus showed up about 6 weeks (give or take), NYC was in full swing of the pandemic when it showed up in Florida. I have been in Florida since January and if I did not have any contact with friends and family up in the NYC area, plus getting the NY Post delivered to my house in Florida, I just might not understand severity of this. I think Florida would be a total different story now if Disney and the theme did not close after Mardi Gras. You might not be aware of this but an annual vacation for Europeans is, fly to NY spend a few days, go to New Orleans and then wrap it up in Disney. I know of 3 people who passed away from it in NY,, all younger then 60 years old. One of which I was sitting at the bar at a Christmas Party of fellow Union Electricians. He was asking me about retiring and was planning on doing so this coming fall, and at least 15 more who have had it and survived. As far as Hershey goes, there is a lot of money that has to be laid out prior to the swap meet and I am sure they are at that point now. There are just too many variables that nobody has any control of, and I can understand the concerns of the Hershey Region
  2. Mike you do know that you can have the virus and not show any signs for 14 days while speading it. I thought it was going to be be gone by Easter? so now the new deadline is October? There are also professionals who are pretty certain that we will have a relapse in the fall,
  3. AMEN to that! I just don't feel comfortable staying in a hotel. As I am writing this we are just a little shy of 100,000 people dying in 12 weeks from this virus
  4. Ed, that applies to the majority of spectators and vendors Please, it is not about anybody's freedom, it is about spreading the virus to someone else
  5. Very well said, and I agree with your statement 100%. I have seven spaces and I am pretty sure that I will not be attending this year because of Covid 19 situation mostly due to my fellow man's ignorance to be respectful of other peoples concerns. Even though I wintered in Florida I know of three people personally who passed away (all under 60 years old) in the NYC metro area and about 20 more who had it and had a tough time fighting it off. Everyone acts like Rambo until they need to be put on a ventilator I have just seen too many 70+ year old self proclaimed "tough guys" lately
  6. Your vehicle would have to earn a Senior First to be eligible for the GN, sorry, it is a shame when a major is so close
  7. I understand Earls concerns all to well. I am still in my home in Florida and usually head back to Long Island by now. I am registered and the real killer to this is my home in NY is only about 130 miles from the meet. I can't get anyone to go with me just for the day from the Long Island Area. My wife who takes car of here 101 year old mother at home have manged to avoid the virus so far. She is apprehensive of me returning to NY for fear I will bring the virus back to her and her mother.
  8. What time does he go to work in the morning? I really would not want to hear that early every morning
  9. The car owner is a disrespectful jerk
  10. The seven dwarfs are perfect!
  11. I paid $1.99 for Diesel in Ocala Florida yesterday afternoon
  12. I hear ya big beat! I bought a Roger McGuiin autographed Rickenbacker 12 string and i feel honored just to be able to touch the same instrument he touched. If someone gave me a choice between one of my cars or that guitar, I think the guitar will win. I still get a strange chill when I take it out of the case
  13. Maybe where you are.. I don't know what a "Deseret" is and the groves????