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  1. I think he may have gotten the car corral and swap meet mixed up with the actual show. The photos he took would easily clarify where they were. I agree that the golf carts in the swap meet were plentiful, but did not see any on the show field other then those that belonged and I was there from 8 am till 4:30
  2. Thanks, I think it went to a good home. I delivered it on Sunday on my way home
  3. And 33 Chevrolet as well
  4. Took these at Hershey Saturday afternoon
  5. Looks like the knob on a 1932 Chevy
  6. This thread might do better in "Parts Wanted"
  7. It said in the program that if one walked all of the rows they would cover 21 miles
  8. Right now after Hershey, I would be any car ready for the junkyard! I am beat, and run to the ground
  9. Its really a shame, but you are 100% correct. i personally don't really care one way or the other if a person is handicapped or not using a cart of a scooter, but they must be respectful and careful and there must be some rules and when there are those rules must be enforced.
  10. Just because a person is disabled does not give them the right to drive their vehicle recklessly, and I have been wondering what disability specifically requires a person to ride a bicycle for mobility? or a mini bike? Anyone know? I fully agree with the ADA laws and their purpose, but that should not exempt anyone from operating the equipment their physician prescribes them to use in an unsafe manner. if a person has a handicapped hang tag on their car does that allow them to drive above the speed? or park where they want? The end of events like this is going happen and and it will be due to be someone getting severely hurt with a massive lawsuit to all the parties involved. This has to be regulated and controlled before someone really gets hurt
  11. Correct, in 76 they offered other colors, Car is in Hershey now at space RNH 54, 9,800 or obo
  12. Bump, all set up and ready to go