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  1. John348

    Shipping/Postage costs

    Greg, I agree with you 100%, providing everything fits in that size it is the best bang for your buck. As a matter of fact I have a flat rate box of Christmas Gifts going out to Palm Springs tomorrow.
  2. John348

    Shipping/Postage costs

    Earl, The main part of the problem is that you are shipping from one extreme part of the country to another. Shipping to the PNW is expensive from Florida, almost to point that that price prevents you from doing it.
  3. John348

    christmas cards

    The car is horizon blue , but the color seemed to have gotten lost in the scan
  4. John348

    Shipping/Postage costs

    Bob, I am surprised that you can edit that feature once you have a bid., What I have been doing is checking off "local pick available" After the sale we deal with the shipping outside of ebay. About 2 years ago I had a guy in Australia who bought a set of NOS finger shields for a 50 Pontiac. Fedex was almost $100 to ship them, so asked me if i could pick up some other parts and include it in the box if he paid me up front and I did. Things we take for granted like points and plugs I picked up for him and packed them up, as long as the box stayed under the maximum weight we were golden John
  5. John348

    Frank Sinatra's Final Car

    Doing side work out of my garage I made a lot of money replacing head gaskets on the Chrysler 2.2's, they were bad engines While the car was titled to Frank Sinatra, I just could not see him riding in it. I suspect it was for the help on the compound
  6. No Bob...............they do because they can afford to do it
  7. John348

    Car Vending Machine 7 stories tall in Indiana

    I will bet you that they are all leases!
  8. John348

    Can anyone tell me what car this is?

    Vega parts are pretty hard to come by
  9. John348

    Autronic Eye

    Make sure that the dimmer switch is in the box. The few I found over the years it seems like someone borrowed the switch. They do work pretty well
  10. New Delco Remy in an UNOPENED Box. Chevrolet 1929- 1937 Part #1867781 $80 domestic shipping included, Thanks for looking PM me if you are interested
  11. I don't know if I would do that, considering you are going to be getting the new tires anyway.
  12. I was going through some things and found this NOS 1953 Ford Grill Tooth fits the left hand side, $25 Domestic shipping included )pacific NW, AK, HI additional) Thanks I do accept paypal. Please PM me if interested I PREFER TO OFFER IT FOR SALE ON THIS SITE FIRST BEFORE I PLACE IT ON EBAY placed on ebay 12/14/2018 Thanks
  13. I was going through some things and found a pair of these NOS starter field coils NEW IN AN UNOPENED PULL STRING BOX. They are both the same for the right side they Box alone is a great shelf decoration in your shop. They application is 1929-1949 and Chevrolet truck49-50 and GMC truck 1951. $30 domestic shipping included (note Pacific NW AK and HW will cost more) Thanks I do accept paypal. Please PM me if interested I PREFER TO OFFER IT FOR SALE ON THIS SITE FIRST BEFORE I PLACE IT ON EBAY Thanks
  14. LI was going through some things and found another one of these. I sold one on this site last year, and would like to put it up here before I put it on ebay, This is a new relay in an unopened pull string box. You will need this for fog light or any accessory light accessories, I had seen them sell for much more then what I am asking,,,,, I had sold two others on this site as I had come upon them for less, but the fact that this box was never opened increases the value $120 shipping included (USA) Part number 1117689. Thanks I do accept paypal. Please PM me if interested I PREFER TO OFFER IT FOR SALE ON THIS SITE FIRST BEFORE I PLACE IT ON EBAY Thanks $120.00 shipping included (domestic)
  15. John348

    Winter meet 2019 Ocala

    Orlando and Tampa are about the same time as far as travel. Tampa is just an easier airport to get in and out of, no attraction traffic and planes full of kids screaming! I have a part time home in Ocala, and travel there several times . There is an Airport in Gainesville about 35 miles away but not many direct flights to anywhere. The problem with either location I had found is just make sure you are not landing in the late afternoon, there will be some traffic to deal with