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  1. That Dodge one has a center bolt, the one they are using looks like the lid screws on and off the body casting
  2. The seat trim looks like 59/60 GM
  3. The master/clutch cylinder is. I guess when Honda added the power brake set-up to the Chevy they had to find something that would work the clutch
  4. Hey Joe, The Chevy pick-up's had a factory hydraulic clutch. The original cylinder shared the same casting body as the master cylinder but had two separate chambers, one side for the brakes and the other for the clutch. The cylinder that they are using on this truck is not the same coveted screw top.
  5. Earl, Your Buick is stunning! and it will sell, just that the right person has not found it yet. That car is the peak of GM's art-deco, pre-war elegance. More importantly is your health, at least you will have it home and under your management while your procedure is being performed and recuperating. I recall seeing it in person on a Sentimental Tour about 10 or 11 years ago when it was in Ocala, and it was even more stunning in person. Remember everything sells eventually
  6. I disagreed with you when said the price to title/register a pre-war vehicle in Florida was expensive, antique tags in Florida are not $200, (they are for what they consider to be a used vehicle) the vehicle MUST be at least 30 years, all vehicles newer are considered to be used cars as far as the Florida DMV rules go. I thought I was pretty clear with that in my response. I waited two years to tittle the 1988 Celebrity wagon my mother in law gave me to avoid the $200+ fee for tags on a vehicle that sits in a building. Have you gone to title a car that was 30 years old or older in Florida recently? I would have no idea what your best road trips were, so I would have no place commenting on that, so why would you think I would disagree about that? As far as your Jeep comment I must have missed a post because I did not read where anyone was asking about preferred tow vehicles, maybe you got threads mixed up?
  7. Would love to see the photos, getting back on track all of those two seaters mentioned by the OP are tight for most people, just a little too cozy for me. Not mentioned is the 55-57 T birds which are trying to get into a peddle car. Creature comfort was not on the top of the list back then
  8. that is one of my dream cars, especially fuel injected. If I had one now someone would have to call 911 to have me extricated from the car. When I was back in high school and a lean young man it was a tight fit at 5'11" and 175 lbs, now if I could even get in it would be a task. Too bad it had to go. They had some real great one year colors in 60 and 61 on the vettes
  9. I do not find that statement to be true at all. Florida is very financially'friendly' to register/title an antique car. However, I did find it rather costly for new or a "used car" Maybe you got that confused or could have things changed since you had last titled a pre-war car ( 1942 or older)? I also am missing the point of your statement about the Jeep, or how it applies to this thread.
  10. I came upon this the other day in my collection and would like to pass it on, $10 domestic shipping included. I like pay pal send me a PM if interested Thanks John
  11. John, The real story is that a Chevette lasted 19 years!
  12. Mercer, That seems to be the formula, start the price low to gain some traction, and having a reserve just seems to hold back people from bidding or invites curiosity seekers just bidding to see what the reserve is resulting in a no sale. I just don't have the stamina for it myself, but I am tempted. There are so many dynamics involved, and ultimately it comes down to location. I decided to sell my Cosworth Vega, rare but..... all of the 75's are black and most have black interiors, and the few that survived are in identical condition. The Model A produces a similar but different set of problems, most body styles, years, and colors are available in close proximity giving the buyer many options.
  13. Mr P, Thanks for explaining, now I understand the point you were trying to make
  14. I don't want be accused of bashing your posts again, but I believe the war they are speaking of when they mention pre-war cars is WWII, not Iraqi Freedom
  15. I just put my Cosworth Vega on Criagslist and found nothing but bottom feeders the first five hours that the car was advertised, ridiculous low offers, then not a peep for the last 6 days