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  1. I am going to be away from the computer for a few days,
  2. Good question, and I can't comment on that. I know that she was a NYC school teacher and lived in the same apartment house as my grand parents. I never noticed it before until it was pointed out now. I also have the original leather key case with the dealer "Bayer Chevrolet" on it.
  3. Actually the 150 Club Coupe had a production of just under 7,000 and the two door sedan had a production just under 80,000. The two doors were not that common. This car has been in or around my family since new and we seldom ever saw another one and we were looking as well.
  4. Very nice condition! $40 domestic shipping included. PM me if interested or any questions. Paypal works fine for me Thanks
  5. Thanks for the compliment David, I feel it is a good car at a realistic price. I want it to go to a good home and some one who will appreciate it, and preserve it I forgot to mention that I replaced the exhaust also Thank-you as well Plymouth Cranbrook.
  6. This 1953 Chevrolet 150 two door sedan, was bought new by a friend of the family from Bayer Chevrolet in Long Island City in Queens NY. My father had always wanted the car and was promised first opportunity to purchase the car when the original owner decided she was going to sell it. There is ZERO rust/rot on the car and has just a little over 40,000 miles on it. My father took ownership of the car in the early 80's and I inherited the car 10 years ago. It was off the road for some time prior to my fathers passing. I installed 5 brand new bias ply tires, a new fuel tank and sender, new fuel lines, new brake lines (steel and rubber), master cylinder and wheel cylinders, as well as all brake hardware and shoes; radiator was boiled out, new water pump and hoses. carburetor was rebuilt as well as the fuel pump. It has been certified HPOF by both the AACA and VCCA. The interior is original and is in nice shape, still has the original dealer installed cover on the rear seat (I removed the cover off of the front seat it was torn and uncomfortable to sit on) The car has the cheap heater and a radio delete, as well as a three speed transmission. The car runs and drives great, my reason for selling it is that I need to start downsizing and I just don't use it. As you can see this car has all of the patina that can not be replicated. The chrome was redone by my father prior to any clubs acknowledging unrestored cars. I had to paint the rims and had them pin stripped prior to mounting the new tires. I will post more pictures of the bottom of the car later today. It is located in central Florida the price is firm at $9,000 more information please email me at or PM me
  7. I was there and all I could see was someone else's back. When it hammered down the Auctioneer mentioned something like "congratulations Frank"
  8. I found after working 40 years outside in heavy high steel construction in NYC it is a lot easier to sweat then it is to freeze and cooling off takes a lot faster then warming up. I never want to see a snow shovel again unless it is to throw it out. I would be in FL full time if my wife would get on board, cheaper to keep her, so far Home heating oil is not exactly cheap, either.
  9. I found the card of the guy who did it, the company's name is MBI from Norwalk CT. I don't really remember anything that was specific or even interesting about what they did.
  10. I agree but when the person is holding a gun, as much as I like to believe in Karma, I believe more in common sense, so my answer is NO, I would not stop
  11. Danbury used my 60 Impala for measurements, they came to my house two weekends in a row. Very involved process
  12. Good question, the only people who I ever saw eat them were tourist,
  13. I worked in Times Square for the last 15 years of my career. I retired 2 years ago and never had the desire to go back! The only thing I miss is eating lunch at Carmine's a few days a week. I never understood what the desire is to go to Times Square, all it is an open air shopping mall.