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  1. With all due respect, "Create some space in our garage?" Let's be honest, it looks like it has been sitting outside for what, decades? A location will help! Try Craigslist and you may find a local buyer for about 1/4 or 1/3 of your asking price... Good luck with the sale.
  2. I like it! Find a correct steering wheel, wheels and wheel covers, and cruise in style! The Cadillac air cleaner can stay, since it will be hidden by the hood...
  3. I think the AACA or Hemmings is a better place to try to sell the Hudson than on BAT. BAT seems to have lost its nomenclature and now caters to the mostly Porsche, Corvette, low production 20-30 year old cars that should have been driven(!), etc., crowd, instead of the people who would actually have to "bring a trailer" to pick up a project car. I DO like the Hudson however, and I hope the seller gets the results they are looking for on BAT.
  4. I am a diehard Corvair guy! I was just in Dover yesterday and saw the ad this morning... Next time I'm there, if it is still available, I will go take a look. Anyway, I recently sold a low mileage moredoor version of this car to a adjacent Corvair club member who was specifically looking for a moredoor so he could easily take family and friends without people being crammed into the rear seat! He was able to drive it home a little over a hour for about the same price. Here is what I see in the coupe pictured above: The factory color is Cascade Green. It is a mid-line 700 model, the 500's were the base model and the 900/Monza's (which came out late in the 1960 production year) are the most desirable '60 models. It is a PowerGlide (2 speed automatic), the 3 speed manual would have been the standard trans and for me would be more desirable (although the PG's are pretty stout and reliable). The upholstery and door panels are NOT stock, nor is the carpeting (it would originally have had a rubber mat for floor covering) The rear bumper guards are in the wrong place. They should be in between the taillights. It has definitely been stored OUTSIDE, although some of that scum may compound/polish out. The front "grill" and skirts are not stock and are aftermarket items. The steering wheel looks to be installed upside down. 1960 Corvairs all had gas heaters if they were built for colder climates. The 80hp engines in these Corvairs will surprise you with how peppy they are if they are tuned well. There are a LOT of unique things about 1st year Corvairs! The fuel tanks for example are a one year item only, but there will be a run of these reproduced soon by one of the biggest Corvair parts suppliers.
  5. "Title Missing" in CL ad could be a problem! Seller should address this first, then it would be an easier sale...
  6. I like and would like to know more about the car in the fourth photo down... Late 20's/early 30's Chrysler?
  7. Looks like it was in a major accident BEFORE the garage fire!
  8. Greetings! So I'm considering having a professional company grind, epoxy coat, and seal my garage floor. It's about 1,600 square feet. Their typical cost is $5/sf, but since I have such a big open space, they quoted me a price of $4/sf. Total cost is still about $7,000! Guaranteed for as long as I own the property. I am in the greater Richmond Virginia area. It will take 3 guys 2 days to do the project. I am typically a do-it-yourselfer, so If I did it myself, I would divide the garage into 5-7 sections and complete one section at a time. What have your experiences been doing it yourselves, or having a pro do it for you? Any particular products to use if I do it myself? Any particular products to stay away from? Any professional company you recommend? Thanks! Greg
  9. If it were closer to Virginia, I would definitely be going to take a look! A "Bullet Bird" is on my bucket list, and this color really appeals to me! Don't mind tackling the work still needed to be done... Seats, dash, etc...
  10. We have all heard by now that cyber criminals are holding a "private" company hostage and asking for ransom, but this should be rectified soon and fuel will start flowing thru pipelines again. My questions are, exactly how many days/weeks/months supply do those tank farms hold? If it is a week's supply there should not be a problem, right? Thoughts?
  11. My wife and I are moving, slowly over the next 18 months, from traffic-choked Northern Virginia to rural Virginia. We live in Alexandria about 2-3 miles south of Old Town about a mile east of Route 1. Currently there are THREE major apartment/condo/townhouse developments going up within 2 miles of where we live. When these are completed and the new owners move in Route 1 will become a parking lot no matter what time you try to use it! Interstate 95 is another nightmare! Going south I get on just above Occoquan where five lanes merge into three. It is ALWAYS a choke point and I consider myself lucky on those few occasions when I can merge easily. This past Friday afternoon as I was getting on (pulling a loaded 26' enclosed trailer with my 5.9 Cummins), the guy directly behind me in a minivan with MD tags pulled around me and sped up past me on the driver's side. Luckily, I was glued to my mirrors and saw him. He looked the other way as he passed me. I could have easily merged right into his passenger side, but my truck and trailer would have been damaged and he probably would have plowed into other lanes of traffic. What's the rush? The absolute worst driver's are those driving German vehicles! Audi driver's are on the top of the worst list (then BMW, then Mercedes)! I think they think I paid up for this Audi, I'm better than you, so you need to get out of MY way... Now for the next few days we are running out of fuel because of cyber criminals! Yikes!
  12. Hi, Peter! I believe we have PM'd a few times... This is a one-shot deal! I'm in Alexandria. My next trip to the mid-west will be in late August for the Detroit Homecoming and I will be driving one of my Corvairs there...
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