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  1. I like the exterior color!
  2. Hi, George! So you are selling the Sprint Car, but if you found the original RDWB engine, would you keep it? Good luck on either! Greg
  3. Replace the top, advertise it on every Chevy and/or Impala website you can find, the put it on eBay with no reserve and you will find out how much it is worth!
  4. Just looked on-line for 1 gallon jugs of Evaporust with the following results: Advance Auto $27 Auto Zone $23 (Rust-o-leum Dissolver) Napa - nada... Harbor Freight $28 - 20% discount = $22.40 Amazon $22.26 w/free shipping eBay $14.59 w/free shipping (I would have to wait until Thursday since it would be shipping from Washington State to Virginia!) Pep Boys $15 w/promo (I can pick it up today!)
  5. The only vehicle on my radar right now would be the new C8 Corvette! Unfortunately, you cannot buy one with a manual transmission! I like the whole idea of a mid-engine sports car but I'm concerned how easy it would be to get in and especially out of! Current daily driver fleet includes a 2015 Holden SS with a MANUAL Transmission and an LS3! My wife's daily... My son drives a 2006 Chrysler 300C with a HEMI (my dad's last new car before he passed away in 2012). My daughter drives a 2000 Jeep Cherokee with 208,000 miles, but it runs great, passes both safety and emissions, and has no check engine lights on! My two daily drivers include a 2005 Suburban with 125,000 miles and a 2001 Dodge 2500 with a 5.9 Cummins with about 44,000 miles. Happy that I can maintain and typically repair everything!
  6. I bought a copy yesterday thru Amazon and had it shipped directly to a friend in Indianapolis as a gift. Thank you! Greg
  7. Hi, Billy! Thanks for posting the photos! Looks like you and your brother had a great day for touring... Merry Christmas! Greg
  8. I like the huge zip ties holding all the doors closed! My guess is the seller bought it at a local auction for next to nothing and is now trying to cash in! If the seller was brave, they would put it on eBay at NO RESERVE and let the market set its value! It would have a better chance of getting restored if the buy in cost was $5-10,000...
  9. First and foremost, I am a "Corvair" guy, but I also like FC Jeep/Willys and Edsels; however, my daily drivers include a '05 Suburban (bought new), '01 Dodge 2500 Cummins (built in St Louis!), '06 Chrysler 300C (my Dad's last new car before he passed, now my son's daily driver), a 2015 Holden SS (with all three options! My wife's daily driver.), and a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Classic (206,000 miles, given to us my a neighbor, now my daughter's daily driver!). Someday, I would like to be the next caretaker of a Classic pre-war vehicle...
  10. Hi, Randy! Congratulations on your new ride! When I first looked at the photo, I was a little confused by the hubcaps! Although slightly out of focus, they looked to me like they had the Packard insignia. Can you please post a close up of one of the caps? Thanks! Greg
  11. Original poster here... A BIG THANK YOU for all of your replies! I'm going to single out and reply to a good many, but I'm sure there are other lurkers who may thinking along the same lines of where an old car guy should retire... My wife, Virginia, and my immediate family live: 3 stop lights away (MIL), 2 siblings and their families in Richmond VA (about 1:45 away), my sister lives between Carlisle and Hershey (2:30 away), and my Mom lives near Dover DE (2:15 away). So staying in the mid-Atlantic region makes the most sense right now. DE is too flat for me and too close to my mother... I do like to go there and enjoy the slower pace, especially the manageable amount of traffic. Real Estate Taxes: My wife and I toured a beautifully restored Victorian home within the city limits of York PA. The owners spent over $500,000 restoring the home and were selling for $299,000! The tax benefit they received for saving the old house was ending and the taxes were going up to about $12,000/year! Yikes! Tiny lot, no room for a garage... Personal Property Taxes: I live in Fairfax County. Property taxes are reasonable and the services are great. We live between two full-time fire departments. The tax that I don't like are the personal property taxes! We have four "modern" vehicles. Here is my bill for each for this year: 2015 Chevy SS - $754! (Remember this is a FIVE year old car!) Each year it goes down, but not by much. It discourages ME from buying a NEW vehicle... 2006 Chrysler 300C (my son's daily driver) - $99. 2005 Suburban (123,000 miles) - $128. 2000 Cherokee Sport (206,000 miles, will be my daughter's first car) -$54. 2006 Harley (my commuter) - $59. John S in PA: Thank you for your vote for south central PA. I forgot to mention Macungie in my original post (1:30 or so to the east but worthwhile) VermontBoy: Great response and vote for central NY state! KFLE: To answer your question, a little bit of both (Too many people have taken advantage of me over the years when money is not mentioned up front. Live and learn...) I can fix your car or house, but I expect to be paid... 51Dyno: I would love to escape the HUMIDITY and MOSQUITOES on the east coast, but I know that may not be a reality. No, I do not fish or hunt (but I grew up next to 13,000 acres of State Games Lands in NE PA, so I do like the woods!) Spinneyhill: Sorry! New Zealand is just TOO FAR! But, I'm sure it is beautiful! Nick8086: Thanks for posting the SuperFund Sites! I can tell you the location of every landfill close to where I have lived over the years. A scourge on the earth, but a necessary evil. Are landfills in developing countries sanitary? Do they use liners there? EdInMass, KFLE, & others: Western Michigan does sound appealing and close to a myriad of old car go to places. I went to the Corvair convention in Kalamazoo about 10 years ago, so I am a little familiar... Keiser31: Sorry... Oregon is just a little too far from immediate family. McHinson & Alsancle: We have good friends in Wilmington NC in a huge over 55 development on an old paper plantation. The homes there are huge and beautiful, but many are for sale at unrealistic prices. A very good friend of mine who retired from the NVA area considered Ashville NC as his #1 retirement location on the east coast. I'll have to ask him why he decided on SW New Mexico instead. (How is the humidity and mosquitoes in Ashville?) Ronnie & The Handleman: TN sounds appealing on many levels. Dynaflash: Thank you for telling us your story... I hope we all learn something from your decisions! Godspeed... Restorer32: I don't know if you recall, but my son and I visited your shop about a year ago on our way back from checking out Penn College in Williamsport. I may be in touch over the next few years... John348: Expletive HOT! I went to another Corvair convention in Jacksonville and as soon as the sun was up the glass wall to the parking lot was covered with water droplets and the HEAT was oppressive! I will NOT do another convention in July in Florida! Pfeil: Prescott looks beautiful! RGSmits: No grandkids yet! My kids are only 19 & 15, so hopefully, it will still be many years. I never understood why my aunt & uncle from northern NJ moved away from their kids and 5 grandchildren to Vegas! As they get older the flights back and forth for various family events must be wearing... The quality of life in the Washington DC area is crazy! I usually leave for work between 6 - 6:15am. If I wait until 7, I can add at least :20 minutes to my morning commute. My evening commute is :45 minutes and I only live 11.5 miles from work. This is on a good day. If there is an accident on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, add another :30 minutes! What I really don't understand is Beltway/Route 66 traffic on the weekends. It's 2pm on a Saturday and I'm sitting in traffic for no apparent reason. In-fill development is gobbling up any free space with mostly townhouses and condos/apartments. Thank you for listening and weighing in! Greg
  12. In the next six months to three years I plan on retiring... I'll be in my mid-50's and currently live in the Washington DC area. I'll be looking for a state that doesn't tax federal retirement. I'm thinking either Pennsylvania (think Hershey/Carlisle) or North Carolina. Any suggestions? Since I will have worked in a office environment for 30+ years I would like to finally work with my hands and turn wrenches, especially on old vehicles! Any suggestions? Anyone have a shop where they would need eager help? Willing to relocate. Thanks! Greg
  13. I would love to be the next caretaker of a classic vehicle some day and as a lifelong Corvair fan, the natural progression would be for me to gravitate toward a air cooled Franklin! While this Franklin offers great lines and completeness, it is really sad that it has been left out in the elements...
  14. Ok, let's note some positives! I looks well grafted together. A lot of thought went into this mash-up. The body work and paint looks well done. The worst thing for me is those hideous wheels! Anything with three or four "spokes" just looks wrong...