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  1. Hi, John/All: The house in York PA I was referring to and you mentioned, "Property taxes aren't low in Pennsylvania, but if you are looking at a property with taxes of $17,000, it must be very large and exceptional," is a very reasonable $255K, 49 E Springettsbury Ave in York. It's the taxes that are $14,771!!!
  2. Open the chokes on each of the carbs and goose the throttle, are you getting two strong streams of fuel in each carb? If so, you do not have a fuel issue... There is a rubber fuel line just inside the DS rear wheel well where the main steel line from the tank attaches to the steel line in the engine compartment. Is that rubber hose in good flexible shape and not cracked or sucking air? This is a good place to install an inline fuel filter. Look at these two things first and report back... Good luck! Greg
  3. I have looked (on-line) at the house above many times... The taxes are $8535! I could place a bet that in 5-10 years, the same house will have a $12k a year tax bill! I would prefer a house in the country on 5-10 WOODED acres! Not spending my retirement MOWING! I could also live in a small historic town, but I need a garage/building/shop to handle 6-8 vehicles... I would consider an in town house if I can walk to a garage close by which would require two purchases, two tax bills, two sets of utilities...
  4. Hi, John/All! At the end of this month I will be exactly 2 years from retiring! I CAN'T WAIT! Currently I am only actually going in to the office one day per week, the balance teleworking... So, I am getting a good taste of what retirement is all about! Last fall I started installing a new roof on my home. It was much more involved than I thought. I added an extra rafter between the original 24" on center rafters on the addition to the house to take the "spring" out of walking on the roof, replaced some sheathing, re-insulated, etc... Currently, I'm about 1/3 way done replacing the fas
  5. Greetings! Brand new Extruded Blade Street Signs are $45-$50, plus shipping. This is an original double-sided Hudson Street Sign! Make your best strong offer! Plus shipping from 22306. Thank you! Greg
  6. Hi, George! So you are selling the Sprint Car, but if you found the original RDWB engine, would you keep it? Good luck on either! Greg
  7. Replace the top, advertise it on every Chevy and/or Impala website you can find, the put it on eBay with no reserve and you will find out how much it is worth!
  8. Just looked on-line for 1 gallon jugs of Evaporust with the following results: Advance Auto $27 Auto Zone $23 (Rust-o-leum Dissolver) Napa - nada... Harbor Freight $28 - 20% discount = $22.40 Amazon $22.26 w/free shipping eBay $14.59 w/free shipping (I would have to wait until Thursday since it would be shipping from Washington State to Virginia!) Pep Boys $15 w/promo (I can pick it up today!)
  9. The only vehicle on my radar right now would be the new C8 Corvette! Unfortunately, you cannot buy one with a manual transmission! I like the whole idea of a mid-engine sports car but I'm concerned how easy it would be to get in and especially out of! Current daily driver fleet includes a 2015 Holden SS with a MANUAL Transmission and an LS3! My wife's daily... My son drives a 2006 Chrysler 300C with a HEMI (my dad's last new car before he passed away in 2012). My daughter drives a 2000 Jeep Cherokee with 208,000 miles, but it runs great, passes both safety and emissions, and has no check
  10. I bought a copy yesterday thru Amazon and had it shipped directly to a friend in Indianapolis as a gift. Thank you! Greg
  11. Hi, Billy! Thanks for posting the photos! Looks like you and your brother had a great day for touring... Merry Christmas! Greg
  12. I like the huge zip ties holding all the doors closed! My guess is the seller bought it at a local auction for next to nothing and is now trying to cash in! If the seller was brave, they would put it on eBay at NO RESERVE and let the market set its value! It would have a better chance of getting restored if the buy in cost was $5-10,000...
  13. First and foremost, I am a "Corvair" guy, but I also like FC Jeep/Willys and Edsels; however, my daily drivers include a '05 Suburban (bought new), '01 Dodge 2500 Cummins (built in St Louis!), '06 Chrysler 300C (my Dad's last new car before he passed, now my son's daily driver), a 2015 Holden SS (with all three options! My wife's daily driver.), and a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Classic (206,000 miles, given to us my a neighbor, now my daughter's daily driver!). Someday, I would like to be the next caretaker of a Classic pre-war vehicle...
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