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  1. If anyone happens to need a vehicle transported between the Outer Banks to the Washington DC area and all points in between in an enclosed trailer the weekend of 13-14 April 2019, please let me know ASAP! Thank you! Greg 202-306-8916 (text/cell)
  2. At least it is being stored inside and not sinking into the dirt outside...
  3. Hi, Sean! It might be a good idea to let folks know where the Buicks are located! I see a CA black plate and your area code indicates Riverside. Good luck with your projects and finances! Greg
  4. Hi, Matt! I've been enjoying reading about your progress. Any reason you can't replace the broken, or all, of the studs with Stainless Steel studs. I'm sure some future restorer would appreciate it! What do you think? Thanks! Greg
  5. About 15-20 years ago, I purchased a RUSTBUCKET Rampside pick up truck thru an ad in the Washington Post. It was somewhere in Maryland... When I went to look at it it was in pretty tough shape, but it yielded a few great parts - factory gas heater (relatively rare in an FC Corvair), straight as an arrow F&R bumpers, and an excellent windshield. I offered $50 for it and said I would remove it from the property. I think the "remove it from the property" was more important to the seller than the $50. It was sad when I laid the two $20's and one $10 in the sellers hand. The best part was the NOS FC-only gas heater exhaust pipe behind the seat! That alone was worth more than the $50. I sold the gas heater for $150! Recently I paid $25/each to have the bumpers professionally blasted and I painted them with epoxy primer. Another friend cut the DS panel out of the bed for a new skin for a ramp for another Rampside. I still have the nose, which I will cut the DS corner to repair some accident damage on another RS I am making roadworthy...
  6. Quite a lot of car for the money! I'm sure the restoration costs were well above the asking price...
  7. It would have been much better if the deceased owner would have concentrated on maintaining an adequate structure to house maybe 5-6 vehicles and maintained those vehicles in driving condition. In the end his estate would have been able to sell those 5-6 for much more than the scrap values they will receive for all these hulks. I feel bad for the two Mark IIs...
  8. Is it a Cadillac? Or, is it a LaSalle? Unclear... It seems as though Craig's List is not the best way to advertise such a car.
  9. I'm a Corvair guy... On my 32nd birthday (I'm now 52!) I bought a '62 Rampside from a fellow Corvair nut who never did anything with it. Just to be on the safe side, I pulled the oil pan, which is very easy on a Corvair! There was at least 2" of thick gray clayey sludge on the bottom of the pan which was probably the remnants of leaded fuel. Since having this experience I have dropped the pans on many many other Corvairs and have never had this experience again, but knowing you have a clean pan eases the mind...
  10. A colleague of mine came to me a few weeks ago to tell me about this same car in his neighborhood. He is NOT a car guy and was unsure of the maker, but a quick search on CL found it quite easily.
  11. So Reserve Not Met At $50,100! Now what? I would be curious to know if the seller pulled each out of the garage, spent a few hours cleaning and making each one look its best, would they sell for more than $50k?
  12. The first photo looks like TESLA to me...
  13. Amazing how many of the early machines survived WWII!!! Also agree on the efforts to transport the un-mobile/wheel-less industrial machinery to the show!
  14. Hi, John! I couldn't find them on the Coker website... Do you have a link? I'd be interested for a Corvair. Thanks! Greg
  15. I'd be curious to know the original colors... The current paint scheme screams 1970's!