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  1. My Curved Dash Olds, on a day I did NOT go touring; my 1912 Buick on a tour in Delaware a few years ago; my 1911 Stanley, steaming up at daybreak on last year's HCCA one-and two-cylinder tour.
  2. I don't consider it a scam. We're not the only place that's had last minute cancellations due to COVID, and this event is huge. It's been on my bucket list for years, but I never had a car old enough. Last year I bought a Curved Dash Olds that has done the run several times and been certified by the Brits as being a genuine 1904. My intention was to ship it to England this year for the run. Heh. Heh. Heh. I'm leery of going next year unless my wife and I can get a trustworthy vaccine. That means I'm looking at 2022. But I'm now 84, and my wife is 81. We're still in pretty good shape,
  3. Apparently, after some initial confusion, NY governor Cuomo said travelers to NY from CT, NJ and PA would NOT have to quarantine. Subject to change without notice!
  4. With less than two weeks to go, this year's London to Brighton Veteran Car Run has been cancelled. Entry fees are NOT being refunded. This is probably of only casual interest to most U.S.-based readers, since travel to the U.K. was so severely restricted.
  5. Buy a shamrock for the unemployed and a Duesenberg for yourself.
  6. F. O. Stanley (F. E.'s twin brother) and his wife did it in 1899. First car to make the climb.
  7. The groups I mentioned have their own websites; hcca.org, snappers.org and vmcca.org. There is also a very active website at mtfca.com for Model T Ford enthusiasts. And they have Facebook pages, too. When we tour with brass cars, most of us go to and from the tour's host hotel pulling our toys in a trailer. Each day's tour is laid out, with each turn and destination specified, so people from out of the area don't get lost or end up on the on-ramp to an interstate. The roads are old-car friendly. People tour at their own pace, not in a snake, since some brass cars are comfortab
  8. I admit to strong bias, but I have several pre-war cars and tour with all of them. But the war in question is WWI. The Horseless Carriage Club, AACA Snappers and, to a lesser extent, the Vintage Motor Car Club have week-long tours all over the country - of interest to you, specifically, from Virginia north to Canada and west to the Mississippi. This year, of course is a wipe-out, but I probably aggregate 4,000 miles a year in my brass-era cars in a normal year.
  9. The Standard Catalog says that car production dwindled after 1929 to individual orders.
  10. The cars that arrive on Friday night will tour to Hershey and back on Saturday. Originally they were going to drive to the show field. Now they're just going to visit the town.
  11. I believe that's true of the flash boilers in White steamers, which were much more sophisticated than Stanleys. A Stanley has a fire tube boiler, and that takes quite a while to fire up from cold. I figure that I can be driving my Stanley from cold in 25 minutes if I'm not in a hurry. If I AM in a hurry, I'll do something silly, set it on fire, have to wait until the fire burns itself out, and start again. Hurry and Stanley can't be used in the same sentence!
  12. I believe the Hangover is going to Hershey, the town, on Saturday and to the AACA museum on Monday by a different route.
  13. For those who feel the urge to drool on old cars, there's still the Hangover. Next Saturday through Tuesday, October 10-13. We'll be staying at the Comfort Inn in Denver, PA, about 40 miles from Hershey, and touring on back roads every day. Social distancing rules will be in effect. About 35 pre-1916 cars. Sponsors are the Snappers Bas and Gas Region AACA and the Susquehanna Valley Regional Group HCCA. This will be the ninth consecutive Hershey Hangover.
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