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  1. They aren't popular, even on one-and two-cylinder tours. But the few people who campaign in them, seem to like them. I've been a passenger in one on a hill, and it climbed pretty well. Gil Fitzhugh the Elder
  2. I'm afraid the "northern winter tour" on this occasion consisted of backing the car out of the garage, taking a picture for our annual holiday letter, and driving it back into the garage! GIL fitzhugh the Elder
  3. I can't compete with Carl Fisher's Packard, but here's one to add to the four I posted on Page 1 of this thread. I still think it's one of the best threads on the forum, and I'm really enjoying it. Thank you, VL2, and all those who have participated. Gil Fitzhugh the Elder
  4. All I need is to download "In My Merry Oldsmobile" to my cell phone so I can play it in the parking lot when I go to Cars and Coffee!
  5. Many of the people in these film clips are long gone. And I've never seen even one Bugatti being driven, let alone two. But there are many opportunities to see cars of these vintages. They'll be on tour, and they'll be parked in public venues, and not behind ropes, at lunch time and at various destinations. They'll be on: Any HCCA national and most regional tours Any AACA Snappers tour Once a year on the VMCCA 1-and 2-cylinder tour. Any Glidden tour. Any Model T or Model A club tour Any steam car tour Many one-marque gatherings like Franklin Treks or E-M-F Homecomings These tours are happening all over North America. There are websites with calendars to tell you where and when they take place. Come out and see the cars and ask questions. If you're lucky, you might score a ride!
  6. Hamlet, Act III, Scene II, spoken by Queen Gertrude, Hamlet's mother: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." And no, I'm not a Shakespearian scholar. I Googled it.
  7. The Model 35 Buick engine is 3-3/4" bore and stroke. It's basically the same engine as the better known, earlier Model 10 Buick. The Model T Ford engine is the same 3-3/4" bore, but 4" stroke
  8. I have one of these, but a southern widetrack. The engine's a bit smaller than a Model T, but it pulls like a train. Very strong. Comfortable cruise is 35-40.
  9. Princeton University's colors are ORANGE and black - hence the Princeton tiger. The bright yellow you see on Mercer Raceabouts is stunning, but nothing at all like Princeton orange. Class of '57
  10. Classic sailboat owners say you have the right boat if, when you've put it on its mooring and are rowing your dinghy back to shore (facing your boat), you want to linger and enjoy the view. I hope you clear a path from where you park to where you enter your home, because you're going to walk that path backward slowly while you linger and enjoy the view, and you don't want to trip. That is a glorious machine. May it give you many years of pleasure.
  11. No, thank you. My toys range from 106 back to 116 years old. Your scripts probably don't envision them being driven by an 83-year-old geezer, and nobody but this geezer is going to drive them. I answered your original post only because the dating requirements you specified were so vague, I thought those with available cars might want a better idea of what you were seeking. Gil Fitzhugh, Morristown, NJ
  12. Boy, would I like a ride in that! Better yet, some instruction. Is that an OX-5, or a later, more potent (and possibly more reliable) V-8?
  13. Pre-1939 covers a lot of territory. You probably don't want a 1908 and a 1938 in the same movie scene. If it's pre-'39, what is it post- ?
  14. What became of the Travel Air biplane?