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  1. That might make me want to turn the hearing aids off.
  2. How come it has a Czech license plate? Did Tom get it from there or sell it to there?
  3. I started my career decades ago at Prudential Insurance. In those pre-computer days, everything was processed by hand, with lots of rubber stamps. A favorite trick to pull on newbies was to send them all over creation to retrieve the Death Revival Stamp.
  4. Is that Deux Chevaux convertible a factory body or a custom car? I've never even heard of one before. Looks like a fun car.
  5. Sorry I'm a day late. Is this green enough?
  6. That ad looks as though the ladies are about to put their groceries in the rear trunk. They're in for a surprise.
  7. A Nash Ambassador for smaller people!
  8. Last year I had the water tank on my 1904 Oldsmobile shortened to give me a bit of space to carry stuff. I went out for Thai take-out at noon today. The temperature was 41, but the Thai food stayed nice and warm over the engine until I got home.
  9. It's been a great trip, and it's not over yet. Many thanks!
  10. Very tired today, reaction to the first vaccine shot. But late in the afternoon, after a nap, I set fire to the dragon (1911 Stanley) and went for about a 10-mile ride. My arm almost fell off from waving at people!
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