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  1. Come for the Show and stay for Friday’s picnic.
  2. Thanks for the reply’s. I have already talked with those with experience. I’m hoping to get some opinions from people that went on the Tours and not planned the Tours. I planned the 2017 Vintage and 2018 Divisional Tours in this general area.(north central Pa.) I was hoping to capitalize on my experience and present this area to a Reliability group of people. I’m just not sure of the capability of the Reliability cars. Bob Giles
  3. On a previous topic by Mark, it was asked where it would be possible to hold a Tour. I'd like to expand on that and ask what makes a Tour memorable. All Tours are good, some are a little bit better. I'm working on a Reliability Tour for 2020 and I need input. I have never been on a Reliability Tour so I'm not familiar with the limitations the older cars might have. Whats your opinion on coffee stops, lunches and dinners? How far do you like to travel each day. Is a trouble truck necessary? Is it possible to spend one night away from the Host hotel. Is it better to keep the number of cars around 30? Please give me your thoughts. Bob Giles
  4. 159 Model A’s on the Tour. These were at Cass Mt. Railroad in West Virginia.
  5. It’s on the flyer that came with the registration form.
  6. Need One ‘26-27 steel spoke wheel. Would like to find one in Western Pa.
  7. Marty, try and keep up.
  8. Found a 1915 Speedster. For sure it’s not correct, but it will take me on Relibility Tours.
  9. Searching completed Ebay auctions found several 15 T cars that would have been good Tour cars for 10K and less. Being "correct" for a Tour car would be far down on my list.
  10. Day late and a dollar short.
  11. Looking for a Model T for the Reliability Tour. Bob Giles 814-266-2780
  12. 2nd year for the Fest. Those on the 2018 Divisional Tour will remember the Hotel and Ice Creme shop. See attached tri-fold for information. You can also PM or call me, 814-266-2780.
  13. If you’re going to dream, dream big. I would like to see a Vintage Tour around Nova Scotia.
  14. Sounds like a Tour is looking for you. Jump in and start planning. AACA will help you.