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  1. Bob Giles

    Getting old I guess

    Joe, free scooter parking at our spots.
  2. Bob Giles

    Optima 6V discontinued!

    I ordered 6 volt Optima this morning. We will see if it is here on Tuesday.
  3. Bob Giles

    Rickenbacker needed for an article

    You can find a Rickenbacker at Restoration Specialites in Windber, Pa. Call and speak with Jeff.
  4. Bob Giles

    Optima 6V discontinued!

    I just came from our local Battery Warehouse. I asked him if 6 volt Optima were being discontinued. He called his supplier which is Interstate and they told him they could still order them. $170.00
  5. Bob Giles

    Auction that pipe dreams are made of

    Auction house told me the family is looking for the titles.
  6. Bob Giles


    Kingston here we come.
  7. Bob Giles


    Yes, I had the distinct privilege to show the vehicle belonging to your member. He was unable to attend and gave me the opptunity to experience a Concours. This was a thrill of a lifetime.
  8. Bob Giles


    Having just returned from the Keeneland Concours, I can tell you it’s not anywhere like a AACA event. You can’t compare the Hershey Elegance with the Hershey Region Show. The judging appears to be at a much higher level where you are being judged against the competition and not yourself. Everything about a Concours event is at a much higher level. Admission was $20.00 and lunch was by invitation at $45.00. By the way, there wasn’t a charge for trailer parking. The vehicle I was showing won First Place in its class. Far and away, the most fun I ever had at a show.
  9. Bob Giles

    Keeneland Concours clean up

    What a difference a day makes
  10. Bob Giles

    Keeneland Concours clean up

    Storm damage on Friday before the Keeneland Concours Saturday.
  11. July 20, 21 and 22 will be a big event in Couderesport, Pa. 3 days to honor Eliot Ness. For more information contact or 607-423-6902
  12. Bob Giles

    AACA Eastern Divisional Tour

    Next time Wayne.
  13. Bob Giles

    AACA Eastern Divisional Tour

    Special thanks to the people that participated in the Tour. You made it special. Even when things didn't go exactly as planned, nobody said a word. Only one car took a short ride on the trailer while two others toughed it out and completed the Tour. You might have learned something along the way and if you didn't gain 10 pounds, you weren't trying. We made some money for the AACA building fund and made friends along the way. We even found out Wayne Tuck has another wife named Carol. Thanks again for making this a special tour. Patti, Sheri, Bob and Tom.
  14. Bob Giles

    Eastern Divisional Tour

    Budd, We will have a booth in Philly. In one of the overnite stops, we could only block 25 rooms. If additional lodging can be found, We will accept more cars. Bob Giles
  15. Bob Giles

    Eastern Divisional Tour

    We just received the go ahead to put together a Tour under the Eastern Divisional Tour Banner. It will be very similar to the 2017 Vintage Tour that started in Wellsboro Pa. This Tour will start in Lock Haven, Pa. and end in Lock Haven, Pa. We will overnight in Coudersport, Pa. and St Marys, Pa. This will be sponsored by the AACA and benefit the AACA building Fund. Daily milage will be under 100 miles but it will be challenging. Tour will be limited to 25 cars for logistical reasons. June 25 to 29, 2018. Information at: Bob Giles 814-266-2780 Road trip 2018.pdf