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  1. How do you post something in the announcements?
  2. Annie, this Tour was originally a 2020 Tour and was full with a waiting list.
  3. Bob, I am planning the AACA Vintage Tour July 11-16 in north central Pa. Cars 1931 and older are welcome. Final plans are being worked out at this time. Send me an email and I’ll add you to the information list. Bob Giles divco100b@icloud.com
  4. Even with an uncertain future, I am gathering information for the Tour. I am compiling a list of members that want to attend. When information becomes available, I will forward information to you. All I need is your contact information, preferably an Email. Tour will be limited to 40 cars. Bob Giles divco100b@icloud.com
  5. Hi Gary, you are right about todays conditions, it would be impossible. But I'm counting on things getting better. So far we have been able to provide a breakfast in places like a fire hall where we can spread out. It's somewhat weather dependent, but coffee stops and lunches will be out doors like under a picnic pavilion. Maybe even the closing Banquet will be outdoors. No venue has given us a hard no, just a maybe. We plan on making the tour group smaller and maybe longer drives. I'm very interested in what you are planning. Of course, anybody attending will be required to mask and so
  6. Thanks Paul. I think you are correct but I’m not going to say it.
  7. The AACA was able to plan and execute two Meets with great success. They were able to do this with social distancing and eliminating formal gatherings like the Banquet. What can we do to pull off a tour with the same conditions. Good food and coffee stops are a big part of a successful Tour. Most of the hotels have eliminated even basic breakfast. Looking for ideas. Is a Tour worth having that ends up being just a drive everyday. Bob Giles
  8. Membership payment can be done over the phone with a credit card.
  9. Thanks Marty. Happy Holidays to you and Dale.
  10. Sure, the physical size difference is apparent. I have two 7K trailers and I don’t think I’ll ever need anything bigger. I want both trailers set up the same so I can use one hitch. I’m aware I can use the 12K bars on the 7K trailers.
  11. Would like to trade a 12K GTW Reese Duel Cam hitch assembly complete for a 7K GTW Duel Cam assembly complete. Bob Giles divco100b@icloud.com Johnstown, Pa.
  12. That 1929 Model G is now owned by a AACA member in York, Pa. He also has at least one other tiller. You could say they are very un-common.
  13. Marty, this looks like the beginning of another hobby.
  14. I have a friend that not only lets friends drive his cars onto the show field in Hershey but also loans them a car to take on a Tour. He has done this many times with pleasure. His answer is always, I restored it once, I can do it again. Now these aren't 6 figure cars but still cars that anybody would be proud to own
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