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  1. Pictures taken by Julie Brennan, Clinton County Chamber of Commerce. https://www.facebook.com/ClintonCountyPA/photos/pcb.2966417623645566/2966391966981465
  2. Could this be Model A material?
  3. Jim Dunlap thinking about trading.
  4. Jan Olszewski making a new friend.
  5. 100% Wool Material made for LE Barron Bonney Co but never delivered. Made by the Woolrich Co. 79.5 yards, 60.5 inches wide, Blue Gray in color. you might be able to research the part number and determine what it was made for. $50/yard < 10 yards. $40/ yard >10 yards. Not interested in shipping, but will take to Hershey. Prepaid and you can cut the amount you need.
  6. Wayne and Denise Tuck sharing the road in Loganton, Pa.
  7. Penn DOT gave us a wake up call with a 10 mile detour with 1 mile being a 15 % downgrade. Most everybody took it in stride and made it to the bottom. A few chose an alternate route and joined us later. Heavy rain last night added some driving challenges.
  8. Hyner view outside of Renovo, Pa.
  9. Looking for local wildlife on top of Hyner mountain.
  10. Gary, we toured Graymont Lime plant which is a Canadian Co.
  11. We were one of the 900 + in the park. Best show ever.
  12. Blackwater Falls on the last day of the Tour.
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