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  1. That 1929 Model G is now owned by a AACA member in York, Pa. He also has at least one other tiller. You could say they are very un-common.
  2. Marty, this looks like the beginning of another hobby.
  3. I have a friend that not only lets friends drive his cars onto the show field in Hershey but also loans them a car to take on a Tour. He has done this many times with pleasure. His answer is always, I restored it once, I can do it again. Now these aren't 6 figure cars but still cars that anybody would be proud to own
  4. I was wondering who took all the candy.
  5. Something to try. Lay down a very light coat of paint that’s the same color as what’s under the tape. After it drys lightly, spray your next color over it. The first paint will seal the edge and prevent the wicking.
  6. Bobinvirgina, I am working on a AACA Vintage Tour in north central Pa. for next year. Good meals are part of good tours. With all the restaurants under patron limits, it will be a challenge to pull off. Hoping they get control of the pandemic and things get back to something close to normal. Bob Giles
  7. Looking for enclosed trailer to haul Model T Speedster. Bob Giles divco100b@icloud.com Johnstown, Pa.
  8. Wondering if this is automotive. Has bulb marked 6-8 volt. Could it be an early back-up light?
  9. Colorado has to be the best tour area. Some day.
  10. Memory of Bob Bahre’s generosity.
  11. While exploring some back roads for the 2021 Vintage Tour, We found it comforting to know when you don’t have cell coverage, you can still find a working pay phone.
  12. Steve, very important that you stay on Judy F’s good side as she is the gatekeeper.
  13. Marty, I told Barry to install a governor on the Hudson to slow you down.
  14. The 2020 Reliability Tour will become the 2021 Vintage Tour. Thats assuming we have a 2021. It will be Reliability Car friendly and still have a challenge for the Vintage cars. Still being held in Lock Haven, Pa. with an overnight in Wellsboro, Pa. July 11 to July 16, 2021. Bob Giles divco100b@icloud.com 814-266-2780
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