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  1. Marty, I finished reading the book you gave me. I look forward to reading the book you write about yourself.
  2. I am planning next years Reliability Tour in North Central Pa. We have 3 Dinners planned at different restaurants 1 mile from the host hotel. If there is any interest in doing a gaslight Tour, I’m sure the local police would give us an escort.
  3. 22 inch Neon Clock. This has been hanging in my garage for at least 35 years. I bought it from a local garage where I remember it hanging for longer than I can remember. I had the outside tube replaced when I got it. I’ll include a new clock motor if and when it might need it. $850.00 delivered to Hershey. I’ll make a box to protect it. Bob Giles 814-266-2780 C4I 25-28. Down from Brookville Roadster
  4. Zeke, I can only speak for the AACA because they are my sponsor. The AACA Reliability Tour is for vehicles built in 1915 and earlier. The photo in a Grist Mill in Loganton Mills.
  5. Wasn’t aware of any conflicts when we settled on the date. It’s not the first time that choices have to be made. There’s also a overlap with the AACA Grand National in Allentown.
  6. Thanks for the advice Paul. I’ll make sure that everyone knows this isn’t a city tour. I took that picture on one of the legs. It’s about 4 miles long and pretty the whole way.
  7. We have the tentative approval to Host the Reliability Tour, July 19-24, 2020 in North Central Pa. It will be sponsored by the AACA with all proceeds going to the National. It will begin and finish in Lock Haven. We will spend one night in Wellsboro. We hope it will be challenging with some time spent in the woods. Everyday will have a coffee stop, lunch and dinner provided. Look for more information in the Speedster and the Antique Automobile Magazine. Contact: Bob and Patti Giles 814-266-2780 Tom and Sheri Roberts 814-479-2459
  8. 1930, ‘31 Ford Model A gas tank. I was saving this tank “just in case”, but I’m confident my tank will out last me. i removed the steering wheel clamp and had a radiator shop seal the rivet holes. It’s cleaner on the inside than on the outside. Appears to have all the tearn(sp) coating inside. Will not take any chances on shipping. Can deliver to Hershey. $500 firm. Bob Giles. 814-266-2780
  9. Last day of the Tour, went by too fast. The Americans finally invaded Fort Henry.
  10. Yesterday we had to give the boats the right of way and today we gave the cars a ride on the boat
  11. Wonderful day traveling the lake country on the Vintage Tour.
  12. Looking for a good or rebuilt T. Ruckstell in the Pa, Ohio area.
  13. Come for the Show and stay for Friday’s picnic.
  14. Thanks for the reply’s. I have already talked with those with experience. I’m hoping to get some opinions from people that went on the Tours and not planned the Tours. I planned the 2017 Vintage and 2018 Divisional Tours in this general area.(north central Pa.) I was hoping to capitalize on my experience and present this area to a Reliability group of people. I’m just not sure of the capability of the Reliability cars. Bob Giles