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  1. I know what you are saying as I had a very good friend ask to borrow a box pan brake and shears for the winter and I relented and said yes. The wife is not happy when I do things like that and especially when I do a door to door delivery.
  2. My boys may be wright on me having too many tools, machines and equipment. As most car guys I have a hard time turning down a tool bargain as I could not pass by one again. I bought my 3rd band saw blade welder being able to weld and anneal from 1/8 to 1 inch blades with the push of a button. You just do not see them for sale very often and you should always have 2 spares.
  3. Here is a 12 T I came across by accident when I was approached by a fellow in his 90s when leaving a parking lot. We stopped for lunch in PA on our way home from the 2016 Sentimental Tour and got sidetracked to the fellows basement to look a 4 cars he put away in 1942 before leaving for WW2. I made him an offer that he rejected as he wanted to sell them seeing his family had no interest in them. I told a friend about them and he also could not strike a deal with the fellow who wanted 2X the value. This pass spring a family member contacted my friend as the fellow had passed and bought 2 of the
  4. Very good! Yes 18 volts on the package but you really have to look for it. The bold print 20 volt is all smoke and mirrors and is actually referring to the charger itself not the tool. John Deere and many other manufacturers that lost their law suit for over rating the motor size then had to reimburse money back last year. Check and see if your mower is on the list for your refund.
  5. Here is a quiz for you. How many volts is a Dewalt 20 volt Max* tool after being fully charged. A tip is it is not 20 volts.
  6. Peter has two of Ron's Pierces with one for sale . The daughter has another and John has one in baskets. Unless Peter sold it he had an extra cast body for sale also.
  7. Thanks for the info I think you are right it is cobbled up model 129. I called the guy and is asking $12,500. and insists it as a touring possibly being a one off. I think I am going to bypass this fellow. Thanks again all.
  8. I have a hockey arena trumpet horn that signals a goal or end of a period if anyone is interested in a horn that people will hear. But they may go temporarily deaf after you hit the button.
  9. A friend sent me a link on a 1929 Canadian Buick for sale up here. Is this an original touring or has the roof been cut off? The owner bought it from an estate and thinks it is original but I do not know Buick's and have many questions. The windshield does not look right to me for one. The chassis is totally done from tiers to motor but no pictures of that part to see. Any thoughts?? Thanks Joe
  10. I know of a 1931 roadster body that went into a shop for sand blasting. When the owner went back to pick it up he found that someone else beat him to it. It was never found that I know of.
  11. I know the dismantled car and the driver car. They were both owned by a good friend who restored the one and started the second. The second one got side tracked by a 1963 Buick Riviera then a 1937 LaSalle touring he had restored. The DOT revoked his licence to drive the day before he was to take the 37 on its first vintage tour and then passed after a very long painful battle with cancer The driver in the first picture stayed in the family and the project was bought by a close friend of Jim's who I also know. The last I heard was the new owner I have not seen in a while is not well.
  12. Our region had a guest speaker from a major oil company last year. His comment on fuel stabilizer was he did not know what good it did if any and did not recommend the use of it. He also commented that running your engine in the winter is not recommended as most do not get it hot enough before shutting it down creating condensation.
  13. A couple years ago had a stuck valve after a long winters nap. Added some Marvel Mystery Oil and a few minutes later it was fine the problem was solved. I do not believe in gas stabilizer as mentioned above as I see it also as snake oil. It is equal to the stuff they sell at a carnival side show off the back of a wagon.
  14. Do you think it was a prank about him saying he wants to restore it. Or was he serious and thinking about restoring it. We may never know but he was not with us long as we may have scared him off also. The first Cadillac I did the body and paint was a 27 limo. 38 years ago. The owner passed away a few years ago and the car went to Portugal. JoinedOctober 3, 2017 Last visitedNovember 12, 2017
  15. You have to give Mike Butters a try at castings. He is very busy even though he is full time at it. But his prices are very reasonable and does top quality work shipping parts around the world. He did all the castings on my 30 Cadillac.
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