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  1. Joe in Canada

    The next generation and keeping it in the family

    Well here is my 11 year old grandson and you can see his mind is not on old cars. Asked me last summer if we sold my 1930 Cadillac coupe would that pay for a wakeboard boat. His younger brother is right behind him. I have to bet on my youngest one that was born past Dec. but does not look good. I am afraid the old car hobby dies with me in my family.
  2. Joe in Canada

    Acura tl 2006 repair estimate

    As for GM spark plugs they are good for 140,000 km / 86,000 miles as per the factory. And then they will still look good.
  3. Joe in Canada

    Then and now: where did these prewar cars go?

    I hope to see some of you folks with your pre war cars at the AACA National Vintage Tour. Coming August 4 - 9 in Kingston Ont. as we have a good many miles of country roads to travel and things to do and see. Now we planed this event for brass cars also to attend as a hub tour to park your cars back in the trailer for the night if you wish. If you look at a map you will see Kingston is less than an Hr. from the boarder and no big hills in this area. Contact me for any info on the tour. Thanks Joe
  4. Joe in Canada

    New trimmer in the works

    Thanks for all the tips on the speed adjustment. I think the closest I ever got to a sewing machine was using an extra needle to pick out a sliver out of my finger a few years ago. Again thanks Joe
  5. Joe in Canada

    New trimmer in the works

    I bought a Singer 111W155 industrial machine and now my friends are waiting to see how long it takes me to stich up my fingers. Now I was already thinking of that and was wondering if anyone has slowed up these fast machines and how you did it. I was thinking of putting on a larger pulley on the motor to see if that makes a difference. Any other tips out there as I am in a totally new field.
  6. Joe in Canada

    Interesting side-mount mirrors...

    What ever happened to Bill Shirer business out side of Detroit Mich. He was an avid manufacturer of 30 /31 Cadillac parts including rear view mirrors. He was as great guy whos wife passed not long before him. The last batch of side mount mirrors Bill was making I remember the fellow trimmed the mirror disk so he could not fold the edge in on the glass so they had to glue it in. Extremely slow but his work was well worth the wait being about 87 when he passed. Bill supplied venders like Sanders some parts like the running board trim for one. We are loosing our talented suppliers fast.
  7. Joe in Canada

    bad news for Nissan

    Not actually 2 sides. There is their side his side and the truth.
  8. Joe in Canada

    1908 REO touring original unrestored.

    Must be one interesting building to go through seeing all the great cars you have puled out of there.
  9. Joe in Canada

    Museum cars?

    I bought a 12 T that had been on display from 1949 and then stored in a garage for eight years. But had been run occasionally and maintained to an extent. What I found was the mechanics are fair but I am still rebuilding the engine and trany. I also found parts that come off easy were long gone. It was still a very good deal for me and thank the guys on this forum for my perches of it.
  10. Joe in Canada

    Advice / input on buying a late 20's - early 30's car

    You have to consider what your plans are for a car touring or showing. A late teens or early 20s car have limited events. Too new pre 1916 for HCCA and two slow for other events plus reliability. If you want to tour you have to consider a source for parts. Or for show an expensive restoration that you will never recoup in that vintage era. I for myself would go for a Ford A for a first earlier car as there are many eligible events, great driving, easy for parts and an all fun car to drive. If you have a problem with an A on tour there is always several experts around on As that would be glad to help you out. Then after you got your feet wet the A is an easier car to part with if you choose a different direction. And yes as above Mat Hargrove would be the fellow to set you in an early car. Besides you would be able to come to Kingston Ont. for the AACA National Vintage tour Aud. 4 to 9.
  11. Joe in Canada

    1925 Cadillac .. Kinda Weird .. Need some info

    When walking the Hershey swap meet or for that mater any swap meet you see thousands of parts for sale. I often wonder how many of these parts for sale will ever find a car to go on and what will happen to the rest of them 20 or so years from now. Or are my early cars going to follow the Beany Baby market and cost of an early car be much more reasonable to restore for the Millennial generation.
  12. Joe in Canada

    Shipping/Postage costs

    Bob if I see Global Shipping service I do not buy. If you look at the listing eBay's service does not show you the total cost of shipping were USPS does. The only thing positive is for eBay and not the buyer.
  13. Joe in Canada

    Shipping/Postage costs

    You did not pay custom's a handling charge but a brokers fee to FedEx. Also FedEx makes sure you pay the tax so they can charge you the extra fee for handling the tax. With USPS very rare do they charge the tax and so no broker fee. That is why I very rarely buy on eBay especially now that eBay charges a middle man charge for their Global Shipping Service.
  14. Joe in Canada

    Shipping/Postage costs

    I bought a heavy industrial Singer sewing machine a couple of weeks ago to try and make a top for a 12 touring for my first attempt. But first the machine needs a new timing belt that I intend to also install. Looking on EBay I found one for $35. plus $17 shipping from the US to Canada then brokerage fee and taxes. So the price will be close to double before it is in my hands. Then I found another for $12.55 shipping included from CHINA. I spent the $12.55. and should take delivery in the next couple of weeks and will see how it works out. Well the belt came with no extra postage, taxes or handling charges in very good packaging. It is now on and with a savings of about $39. US. plus 30% exchange rate. I am sold on buying direct from China seeing GM, Ford and Chrysler also buy direct. I will then have more funds to spend in the old car hobby
  15. Joe in Canada

    Then and now: where did these prewar cars go?

    Bob I bought new in box 30 /31Cadillac V8 distributer caps from the McGowan brothers at Hershey back in the 80s. For the unheard of price of $50. a pop. I still have one left.