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  1. Picture taken last fall less than a year old. I may have posted this picture in the past. And my two older grand kids on a 1972 Honda mini bike this morning.
  2. Here a a couple of nice ones that had a sad ending.
  3. I was talking with a school official over a year ago and was under the impression the class enrollment was down. You need a number of students to have a class if that is the reason.
  4. Here is the 1928 McLaughlin Buick used in the 1927 Royal tour that a member of our car club had and drove until the Ottawa museum bought the car. I remember the car was upholstered in alligator hides. Can not find an good original picture of the car.
  5. Back in the day we referred to this type of seating arrangement as a make out car.
  6. I take it the guys complaining about spelling here have never seen how people text I guess. Here is an add that is self explanatory that will take your mind off spell checking.
  7. Weld the crack with ni rod, grind it level, run a descaler over the welded area to give it that casting texture look, paint and then bolt it back on.
  8. Chevy Guide 20-25 A fog light as you see it looks to be in almost new condition. Chrome has very light shelf scuffing on the very back.
  9. Speedometer cable very nice and easy bending condition Cannot remember how it differs than my 30
  10. 20s 30s Cadillac pop out switch no key has extra wire. Where it goes in the trany fits in hole but is longer for 1930 V8
  11. 31 Cadillac center steering wheel small switch Cadillac 20s robe rail nice condition use as is $150 31 headlight holder $125 30 left headlight holder $60 Cadillac emblem $50 30 Cadillac stuck $25 pr Cadillac hood pulls