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  1. I broke down and bought a new rad from the Brass Works for the 12 T like on my 15 T to solve my problem. Nothing worse than being on tour with a bad rad.
  2. I feel unwanted as I have not been contacted yet!
  3. One thing I have to say is all the folks that stopped me in the isles and told me what a great time they had on the National Vintage tour in Kingston On. this year. Thank you very much for all the kind words and glad you all came. What made the event even greater was all the AACA member getting together driving the back roads and enjoying each others company. Thanks again for the kind words at Hershey Joe in Canada
  4. I would say this was my worst year at Hershey. First the wife injured her foot on Wed. so she sat in the room until Sat. and helping her in the car for the long ride home. Secondly I never saw a single part for the Cadillac that I needed or not. I picked up my order of T parts from Snyder's then later bought a license plate bracket that turned out wrong. The only score was two brass carbs for 5 $ each and I should have bought all she had. Went back later and they were all gone. Looked for a late 12 /13 KW coil and never seen one and that was my time at Hershey. Things better improve next year or I will have to bite the bullet and fall back on EBay and pay the horrendous shipping costs. Some of the cars I seen there.
  5. Cannot find a Joe Tam or Tams Automotive in the book. Do you know where he is from and I know his brother is also in the automotive. same fellow??? I bought 15 T chimney parts from him last year.
  6. I am at Hershey and lost my info on the fellow that makes the Ford T model switches. Anyone know his name or his vending location. Need a switch for my 12 T Thanks Joe
  7. I called and they will have it there for me. The mail has gotten so expensive I am trying to get all I can at Hershey. Thanks mercer 09
  8. I will give them a call in the morning Thanks
  9. I dusted off my machine and plan to put a new top on my 12 T this winter. Called Snyder's to add it to my Hershey delivery but was told they can not get top material. Anyone know who may have top material at Hershey??????
  10. HCCA was in Kingston 2 weeks before the Vintage Tour where they had a gas light tour one evening. The only complaint I heard was the police escort was going to slow and some of the cars were getting hot.
  11. Not all venders are there to sell. Took a friend to a vender that had the bakelite parts for the center of a 30 Cadillac steering wheel on a rainy morning that I had seen the day before. Knocked on the motor home door and was told he does not sell when it is raining. I never understood because he had large tent with everything was inside and dry?
  12. The wife has been asked to work one of the AACA booths so that will leave me free to walk around more on my own. Will be there on Tuesday.
  13. Actually I believe folks back in the day had a choice of either black or white as you can see in the picture.