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  1. I bought this 1912 that had been sitting for many years on Vancouver Island 2 years ago from the grandson of the original owner . Here is a tip on a buying a car that has sat for a long time as this car had. When the car is put a way after been run with water and drained, over the years the engine will rot from the inside out. Had to put 4 new sleeves and replace much of the outside of the block water passages. When done the car will not have changed much in appearance but the new radiator and top.
  2. That is why I bailed after eBay started the global shipping program to gouge a few more bucks out of the customer.
  3. 1912 T that has been in storage for many years that I bought from the original family thanks to this forum. Extensively redoing the drive line only and leaving the original factory one of a kind trailer hitch on. I have a two speed axle that I plan to swap in and hoping the hitch will fit back on.
  4. Must be a D.T. tactic seeing election coming and they name the Democrats as the guilty party. I think it is just a scare tactic for Republican votes. Drive your old car and enjoy.
  5. Marty next time you and Dale are up here for a tour I will loan you a 15 T or even the 12 to take for a spin to give you the feeling for a T.
  6. Well USPS is saying shipping a 1/4 X 24 die a little larger than my thumb nail is now up to 41 days. I understand the USPS made some changes to their system causing the problem. Does anyone happen to have 4 1/4 X 24 screws they want to sell? I need them at lest 1/2 inch long and can cut shorter as long as it is threaded full length? Or a die and I could cut my own. Early Harley or Indian. Thanks Joe This is the quote from the E Bay listing Shipping: US $13.25 (approx. C $17.49) USPS First Class Mail International / First Class Package International
  7. I know Fed-ex has their own planes as per Tom Hanks.
  8. Will the USPS also shut down for good as the delivery in first class is now up to 5 week period for delivery. How many people will use the USPS with that slow of service as I will no longer use it. When we hosted the Vintage tour last August the longest mail delivery was 2 weeks. I think that more than mom and pop stores are in trouble seeing how hard the USPS is hit.
  9. Look at the cost of shipping that is more expensive than the 1/4 x 24 die I need. Also look at the shipping time frame US First Class mail 17 to 37 days shipping time frame is slower than when I buy from China. Also says 30 day returns and I will be lucky to get it that soon so I will shop else where. The USPS is now unbelievably slow and life is to short to wait that long. 1/4"-24 X 1" HIGH SPEED STEEL ROUND ADJUSTABLE DIE Be the first to write a review. Condition: New
  10. The Model T stamps from them are different than my numbers so check closely. My 3 is round on the top where there 3 is flat on top.
  11. I have 4 sets of letters and numbers and had to buy another set to have the correct 3 and 1 seeing it is not just the size but also the shape of the letter. I had to mix and match from two sets to get it real close. 1912 engine was rotten from the inside out and was a major undertaking including 4 sleeves.
  12. They were partially right as my wife has never pumped as much as 1 cent worth of gas. She will drive 10 miles and pay the extra not to pump.
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