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  1. I will take 2 if it is 30 minutes ore free. But it has to be with black been sauce.
  2. Do the tire slashes actually work or are they just a movie prop??
  3. If I also did not have a project on the go I would also be interested. Most of the wood is there for patterns and the sheet metal looks good from the pictures. The expensive things are the motor build and the shiny bright stuff. Good parts are also getting scarce for this vintage of projects. It has no reserve so see if it sells at that price.
  4. I have a 12 T I do not care for the top material on it now put on sum time ago. I was thinking of putting a new top on myself going as far as buying an old Singer 111W155 machine that is supposed to be able to handle the material. Friends have now talked me out of replacing it and drive it the way it is. Trimacar is correct you get what pay for as the less expensive the more imperfections you may have bought also. As for the old Singer it now sits in the corner of my basement waiting for my kids inheritance auction.
  5. Here is an original picture of the real deal and the second one is from the show. Looks as though the front end has been changed at some point in time that kills the original paint statement. As for the expert on the show said they swapped out the engine from a V8 to a V16 in 1930. That would be a neat trick seeing the frame is longer for a V16 and you would have to swap chassis to do it.
  6. The first 2 Madam X cars were built on a 314-B chassis that were also a V8 so I guess he got ripped off. Had to look this up as I did not know about Madam X on a V8 chassis. The story goes Harley Earl had one body removed and placed on a 16 chassis for the 1930 New York auto show. So that would leave only one Madam X with a V8 chassis still out there but still not a 1931. Chassis #336340 left the factory May 3, 1929 and #337668 that was shipped May 29, 1929 and so they should be traceable with these numbers.
  7. Ever notice when they freelance that when a person opens the door the cameras and crew are never mentioned or even looked at.
  8. Never mind the cars and if you look at the parts you will see some nice early brass lights and varies other early parts.
  9. A fellow in our club up here still has his first car when in high school and he is 81. A 1931 Chevy roadster that has sine been professionally restored.
  10. A few years ago I heard of a 1964 Impala SS convertible that lost storage and was sitting outside. The owner moved to BC leaving the car with the farmer and no money for storage. Ended up out side in a field with grass so tall you could only see the top. I bought it from the father of the owner for $100. after tracking him down. I stored it for a few years then sold it after loosing interest in it being a newer era car for me.
  11. Easy question on what show to attend. Just pick one that is not on the same date as a touring event.
  12. There is a fellow 10 miles north of me in Kendal On. that makes them for the antique outboard motor club and will see if I can get his number. I think he makes vinyl and water slip.
  13. I see you are asking for a year only and that would be 1934.
  14. I see CCCA has greatly expanded their acceptance on Classic cars not to long ago. I believe the earliest they now go to is 1916 where HCCA acceptance ends. My question is does CCCA have touring events for the early car to be able to keep up? Many of the CCCA tours seem to have a majority of late 30s cars I suspect for the easier handling and comfort.