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  1. Welcome to Canada EH! for the AACA National Vintage Tour We have been working on this event for the past year and is coming together very nicely. Will be based in the historical city of Kingston at the head of the St. Lawrence River on Lake Ontario. Only about 45 Min. west on the 401from the Ivy Lea Bridge. If you do not have a passport you can get a passport card for only $65. This event will be a hub tour with accommodation's at the Ambassador Hotel that can accommodate all parking on the hotel grounds. Watch the dollar exchange rate for every penny you spend is getting 25% off. All proceeds from this tour go to the AACA Library. Last picture credited to Daniel Vorndran
  2. Yes it can be done through Peggy's Cove down to Mahone Bay along the eastern seaboard to Shelburne would be great. The best road would be the shore line around Cape Breton Island except for the very steep hills and no guard rails from the Atlantic. Our Canadian club last year did a tour from Ontario to Newfoundland with newer cars and they had a blast. This July the Model T club is having a national event on Prince Edward Island. Expecting 250 cars and we are missing out working on the Vintage Tour in Kingston. Have to watch my calendar closer.
  3. They could also be closing because of poor management. I know a mid size manufacturer up here where the younger took over the business and closed the doors after a few year. They held an auction before going into receivership. Spent the money on themselves leaving nothing for updating until it was too late.
  4. Can you trust an appraiser if it is a very good price? An appraiser looked at a Jag in California and gave a bad report on it saying it was not worth the price. It was later found on line for sale again by the appraiser that gave the bad report on it.
  5. A really nice car and if it is not sold by Aug. 5 you could bring it to the AACA National Vintage tour in Kingston On. seeing you are not that far away. I have a 12 and a 15 T and the 15 original touring I bought in Detroit 2 years ago and paid more than that. A 15 T is a great car for getting into vintage touring with the accessibility of parts very dependable and exhalent value.
  6. They have been spending lots of money on the building. It was originally a car dealership from built in the 20s with the old car elevator to carry cars to the second floor still in service. New roof, reface the front of the building, new sign that they had a major fight with the city and lost. Now redoing the interior. It was all long overdo but money was a big issue I believe. If you do a tour through Oshawa the McLaughlin estate and the car museum are a must. Not a large museum but very nice.
  7. There is a 1931Gardner Phaeton in Oshawa restored
  8. I could be wrong but I believe CCCA is loosing active members and by increasing their span of Full Classic criteria may help solve the problem temporarily as we age. I see also that CLC and Chevy clubs have already done the same. It is a fight for survival one might say. Up north here clubs are having the same problem with dwindling memberships. Saturday I was out on a HCCA garage tour seeing what other members projects were hidden in their garages. I was surprised by the numbers of members that were in there 40 in the group.
  9. Mike Butters made all the handles for my 30 Cadillac. 905-672-6926 need a reference he does Sunny Elliot and Jeffery Pearson's work. Castings is full time for Mike and yes you will even see his work at Pebble Beach so you know his work is good.
  10. May even be a 350 but likes 427 markings. I know it is done to often up here and you never see the hood up on those. The real ones always have there hood open when on display at a cruise. All in all a nice car keiser31.
  11. I believe he has been a Michigan regional member and still is from the late 50s. Here is a better picture I took of it at the Gilmore in 2015.
  12. Bad lighting it is actually a tan colour / light brown.
  13. A good friend is selling one of his cars, a 6-40 Packard supper 8, as his age is reason for sale. Car has been judged 99 points at the Gilmore CCCA Experience 4 years ago and has been driven very little since. Send me an email and I will give you his contact info. I am only posting it for him as Ralph is not computer literate. Asking $150,000.
  14. Found this and this take your choice who to buy the Pierce from???