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  1. trini

    Dim headlights on a 1947 Lincoln

    With the lights on put your hands on the plug socket at the seal beam. If it feels warm it is an indication of poor ground. I do not know the colour of the wires at that particular spot but most likely the ground wire is black and the end is usually grounded on the body (fender) If so remove and clesn the ground . All 12 volts suffer from poor grounds. Needs frequent service, especially battery cables.
  2. trini

    Starting after dormant for a year

    Be safe, remove the coil high tension wire from the distributor end and ground it. Crank the engine until you get a reading of oil pressure before firing. I have seen old mechanics remove spark plugs and pour some diesel in the pistons for a few days may be a tablespoonful, 2 or 3 times in a week before firing. I was told it frees up any stuck rings.
  3. trini


    All the bows are not installed as yet. I bought the top canvass from SMS. It looks like the one used in Model T's. When I removed the old canvass top there was a thin layer of horse hair and then a layer of cotton batten on top of chicken wire. Or I do not remember which was first, the horse hair or the cotton batten. The rear seat is in original shape except the "wool"hair is eaten by moth . No tears. I will have to remove and use as sample to sew new one. At least it will look sew sew. I have all the old fabric samples, seat covers and door panels fabric with pockets. Great advice and encouragement from members, Thank you all. I will keep you all informed as I go along.
  4. Where can I get horse hair padding to re upholster my 1928 Dodge senior ? The material between the chicken wire and canvas is deteriorated and is discarded. The packing under the rear seat covers is in excellent condition. The cushion springs in the front seat are rusted and misshapen but some of the horsehair padding is good. I also cannot find original material for the seat covers, head liner and door panels., even from Le Baron Bonney. ANY LEEDS ? All suppliers I see advertised are from "30" upwards.
  5. trini

    Help With 1926 Speedometer

    The easiest way to test your speedometer is to disconnect the cable from behind the speedo meter. With the rear wheels jacked up, blocked safely , run the engine in gear and see if the cable turns. The drive from the tranny could be worn. It may be better to check the drive gear in the tranny and take it step by step. Pull the cable out and inspect. Next step would be remove speedo from the dash , hold it in your hand and see if it works while the engine is running in gear. remove the housing and look for felt covered oil holes. The parts inside of the speedometer are very delicate. Part with the numbers that shows through the window turns by some kind of magnet connection and floats on an axle which must be oiled and must move, rotate, freely. Spin it by hand and if working properly it will always come back and rest on zero at the window. If I remember correctly there is a micro adjustment screw . The " counter" adjusting thumb screw could be suspect for lack of lubrication . If the cable is new it may be fractionally too long . It will fit but the forward pressure will cause problem.
  6. trini

    1918 Buick

    I am going to try some more pictures
  7. trini

    1918 Buick

    I am limited to the number of pictures per tweet. So I will post some every day.
  8. trini

    1918 Buick

    Here are some more picture of Buick. I have about 80 more. These water pumps are none integral and runs the distributor and magneto all on the same train. The 1924 has 36 inches tyres.
  9. trini

    1918 Buick

    Here are some pictures of the 1918 Buick 4 Cylinder.
  10. trini

    1918 Buick

    I just learned how to upload files. I AM SO HAPPY. The pictures you see here of my 1928 Dodge Senior
  11. trini

    1918 Buick

    I spoke to Bernie today about his Buick pictures. He told me he just bought a 1924 Buick. So now he has 2 . A 1918 and a 1924 I will be going to his stable tomorrow to take some pictures
  12. trini

    1918 Buick

    He is lucky because the block could have cracked , or the head for that matter. JFranklin, I will be leaving for winter vacation in a weeks time and will be back in March next year. I will try my best to get a picture and mail it to you or if you send me your email addres to me. I do not know how to upload pictures on this forum. You see I am 821/2 years old and still learning how to use modern machines. I have to get my 12 year old grand daughter to teach me. I am going right now to try and get a picture of the Buick. Please send me an email to I am in Toronto .Canada. Cheers.
  13. trini

    1918 Buick

    I just thought I would like to share some news with you. Last year my buddy bought 1918 Mc Laughlin Buick made in Oshowa , Canada . It was dry stored, and in beautiful condition, all original paint. I never asked and he never told me the purchase price. The engine was not running. On removing the cylinder head he discovered one of the pistons pin had become loose and damaged the piston. He got a new one made by Egge Machine. He replaced the clutch lining. That is the cone type clutch design that use leather as lining. The right rear axle bearing was worn, and damaged the axle. A machinist fixed the axle and made a new bearing. It has a few cosmetic wear here and there and needs a new top and side curtains. The engine runs like a sewing machine. The valve train is open so he uses an oil can and pour some engine oil over it before starting. There was an issue with the carburetor, missing original spring. What surprised me is that a mechanic who is 86 years old and is familiar with those old cars took one look at the spring and said " that is the wrong spring" He fixed the carburetor. Buying old barn finds is like playing the lottery. My buddy was lucky.
  14. trini

    Fisher Body

    Dodge Brothers were famous machinist, it is said. When they got into building cars they possibly could not handle all the work thereby farming some out. That is the only reason I can think of. I am really surprised how advanced their technology was for the time frame . While other manufacturers sported torque tubes Dodge was sporting open driveshaft with flanges on the 1928 models. The machined tolerances is close, yet fit so easily. The diff is as large as that of a 5 ton truck. Compare that to a 28 Chev. Hydraulic brakes, when most manufacturers were still using rods years later. I thank all of you for your contributions. It make life interesting.
  15. trini

    Fisher Body

    Rusty-Toole, you are so right. 2 pistons always move together. The generator is driven by the timing chain. Made by North East. The exhaust outlet points behind and downwards towards the fire wall. In the 1929 6 cylinder, the exhaust outlet faces the radiator and the pipe makes a large "u turn" and back under the carburetor. I also heard the exhaust pipe, running so close to the carburetor, caused lots of vapor lock.The generator (delco) is moved to the other side and both the generator and water pump turns by adjustable belt by the engine pulley. The 1928 Senior water pump belt is fixed. No adjustment. Seems like that is a unique design, stands all by itself.