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  1. Most inline diode ( 2 x 10 amps ) in parallel with terminal on both ends can be attached to the output of the cut out to the battery feed will do it. The diode will only allow the current to flow one way. It can be checked with a test light on the battery.. If the current does not flow one way, reverse the terminals. The objective is to prevent accidental flow back from battery to generator.
  2. Goo morning,. Do you have a sun visor to fit a 1928 Dodge brothers Senior 6 ? I am also looking for an original style rim 650 x 19 for a wood spoke wheel ( rim is close to 4 1/2 ins. wide.
  3. trini


    Thank you, Terry. Harry.
  4. Can you not get a steam pot or a steam cooker, direct the steam through a heater hose into one hole and let the steam out through another hole. That will get the fumes out and if the steam is intense enough it will certainly get some rust out. Please do not paint inside tank unless it is some special stuff made for that purpose.
  5. The panels on the lower quarter window in the 1928 Dodge Senior is made of some sort of asphalt/tar like material which lends itself to the shape of the fender well . It is also used around the corners of the rear tub. The final topping is mohair. Is this material still available and where ?
  6. I used a thermostat installed inside the top hose of my 1928 Dodge Senior. I boiled the hose for about ten minutes . With a slight grease on the thermostat it went into the hose easily. I could not find a regular style thermostat.
  7. I have a Moss British car parts catalogue which advertises L E D bulbs replacing incadesent bulbs. It is stated "NOT RECOMENDED FOR TURN SIGNAL"
  8. I think in around 1987 Chrysler had problems with the front disc brakes pistons sticking . The problem was the chrome on the pistons was bubbling. The problem was corrected by replacing the pistons with some sort of material like phenolic or something like that. It was black in colour and hard. May be just the type of material needed to make pistons for stainless inserts on cylinders. Just my thought.. Or may be plain stainless steel.
  9. While away on vacation last winter I came to find lots of emails on my laptop. One was from Le Baron Boney soliciting customers to buy Coupons for their products. Today April 29 I phoned to get some headliner for my 28 Dodge Senior . What I saw on line is that they are on bankruptcy chapter 7, or 11 or something like that. What about those customers who bought those coupons ? Their phone line is dead. I am subject to correction. Cheers.
  10. trini


    I am looking for a rim size 550/600 with 6 mounting lugs for wood spoke wheel. This for a 1928 dodge Senior. Please phone 905 889 0621 or Thank you.
  11. I am looking for a rim size 550/600. x 19 with 6 lugs for a wood spoke wheel. This is for a 1928 Dodge Senior. Please phone 905 889 0621 or Thank you
  12. 6 volts system will not work on a 12 volt system efficiently. Use 6 volt bulbs on the trailer. You can buy readymade magnet tail lite assemblies with either 6 or 12 volt L E D . All wired up and ready to go. The trailer brakes must match the voltage you intend to use. I will not compromise safety. In an emergency you might end up in a pretty nasty situation.
  13. Try He has lots of parts. The air mixture comes with the repair kit. The fuel adjustment at the lower end of the bowl I bought new from broadstreet. I tried adjusting the air mixture. It made difference in idling so I used the adjuster at the lower end of the carb and I am happy with that. I cleaned the carb thoroughly and replaced all the balls in the kit. A few could not be removed but I made sure they were clean and rattling. The new mounting gasket has 4 notches inside to line up the port for the air screw. There is no way that gasket can be placed incorrectly. Yet by turning that screw in or out , idle made no differentce. I will live with that. I am using B B 1 as shown here.
  14. With the lights on put your hands on the plug socket at the seal beam. If it feels warm it is an indication of poor ground. I do not know the colour of the wires at that particular spot but most likely the ground wire is black and the end is usually grounded on the body (fender) If so remove and clesn the ground . All 12 volts suffer from poor grounds. Needs frequent service, especially battery cables.
  15. Be safe, remove the coil high tension wire from the distributor end and ground it. Crank the engine until you get a reading of oil pressure before firing. I have seen old mechanics remove spark plugs and pour some diesel in the pistons for a few days may be a tablespoonful, 2 or 3 times in a week before firing. I was told it frees up any stuck rings.