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  1. I did not get any. May be she does not like my profile.
  2. If for example you have a bumper with some rust you would like to remove, just hang it , put a wide receptacle under and fill with evaporust use a paint brush and constantly brush with the liquid until clean . Do not let dry in between. Better than blasting. Are you interested in reusing original fasteners ? Put them in a cup and fill with evaporust. You will be surprised. Like almost brand new again.
  3. She is on the incorrect forum and should be removed from the list. GOOD RIDDANCE.
  4. I do not think there was any particular Motor Meter for trucks . The smaller ones for smaller cars and larger ones for trucks and large cars. The Rad caps size dictated which Motor meter is appropriate. Check with Cindy Myers for sizes. Most radiators were about the same size for small trucks and larger size cars. BE CAREFUL. THERE ARE VENDORS WHO ARE SELLING OEM STUFF THAT DO NOT WORKF FOR EXHORBITANT PRICES. For 5 or 10 dollars more you can buy a reproduction with any type of Logo that will work and no body will know the difference.
  5. The question is 'Do you want to bring it back to original or continue with modification ? " It will help the guys on this thread make some contributions one way or the other. The majority of the guys on this blog are dedicated to keeping original.
  6. You are in the right place. Welcome. In the Classic car periodical published by Hemmings are the 2 companies you are looking for . I do readily have them but I will check on my latest publication and let you know on this thread. The one I have in front of me is in Canada is Don Graham, 964 Will Johnson Road, RR1 Frankford , K0K2C0, He did a lot of research on the types of antifreeze. They are not equal. Cheers.
  7. Do you mean the block heater in the frost plug ? No problem. If it leaks after cleaning just replace the coils. It was about to leak any way. To flush cooling system remove thermostat and use garden hose with engine running
  8. I used evaporust all the time. It safe on your hands and environment friendly. When the colour changes to black it is ineffective. It does not damage gaskets or rubber It softens hard rubber.Vinegar might do the same. One old gentle man told me his Ford carburetor was sucking transmission fluid from the tranny and his valve cover was clean as a whistle If you decide to store a radiator for long term it is best to fill it with Automatic transmission oil. Cannot beat it.
  9. I am looking to buy horse hair for stuffing seat in an old car. Please PM me with contacts Thank you.
  10. trini


    I think I figured it out.The material is laminated with several ,may be 15 or more layers of the /or similar material used under asphalt shingles. The piece is then pressed on a mold to form the wheel well. Look at the picture closely and you will see the mohair folded and sewn around the panel. Now I will have to rattle my brain (I do not have much left since I am 83 and a half years old) how to overcome this problem. I will keep you posted.
  11. Looking at the picture of those brake lines they resemble the lines on my 1928 D B Senior. I bought them on evil bay as new reproductions. There were some concerns about whether the insurance companies will accept them. Old cast iron cylinders are not the best to hone unless you have precise instruments to measure. They must be 99 percent equal all round . Then you have to hunt for oversize rubbers which might be difficult to find. Honing cylinder and matching rubber has to be precise. I learned that years ago with my 62 Land rover in spite of warnings from experts. The best thing is to sleeve master and wheel cylinders to original with either stainless steel or brass and use new rubbers. I came across an article about that in this September Issue of Hemmings . I had all my cylinders relined and honed to original .
  12. trini


    The panels on the doors are flat and it looks like a heavy card board used in home construction. (Hard board ? ) come in 4x8 sheets . The originals were not well fitted to the doors and that tells me the workers were probably doing piece work.. I Have it down pat. They are nailed to the doors with 1/2 inch headless nails. At the edge of the doors there are slots with a 1/2 square wood inside. I would like to show a picture of those wood but it does not show well. On the 4 doors panels, in the center are fabrics sewn pockets onto the card board panels. Must have used a giant sewing machine. The sticky part are the two panels in the back against the wheel well where in some places the material lays flat and it is pronouncedly bumpy on the wheel well. I think you guys are on track when you say it looks like the sheets under roof shingles. Here and there I can see the different layers unravelling. It is a challenge but I am not going to make that a problem. You can see the dimple of the wheel well on the top with the rusty shade. This one is for the left side
  13. I would like to see a picture of the sending unit if you have one. If it is anything like mine on the 28 DB Senior made by North East Electrical, it has an internal ground wire. that is possibly broken. Skippy reading ? you can probably replace the windings yourself,
  14. trini


    Thank you all mates. That is good advice.
  15. Sounds like a good idea. A good machinist will be able to that . If you have a good press you should be able to push out the shaft and interchanged them but it is more work . Comutaters, field coils and shaft are all separate at the factory A worker will press them in place .