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  1. I have seen many owners throw away those pesky things and replace them with mechanical wire pull chokes . Those kits were sold at many outlets. I saw one such choke with a steel tube from the exhaust manifold to the spring assembly all blocked with exhaust goosh. That was one of them condemned and replaced with the manual kit.
  2. trini

    starter trouble

    Smacking the starter to get it to operate is usually the solenoid problem. Worn internals terminals. In the old days a temporary relief was to loosen the nut on the terminal and turn 180 degrees around . Low spots on comutator is not uncommon and must be cut on a lathe. There is something we tend to forget . Especially on 6 volts starter with low current/voltage the heat generated melts the solder on the terminals wherever there is solder joint. A common place is where the coil wire is soldered onto the comutator . Another area is the buildup ground brush dust causes shorts.
  3. How about making them yourself ? The "dot" like terminal on the wire is simple to make. Use a tack nail and sink the sharp end into the cable and solder. Most times one "dot" is higher than the other and cause irregular lighting. Clean "dots" and put on fresh solder, Use fine electrical solder and a solder gun. I repaired mine.
  4. These are the original lumber, 1928 Dodge Brothers Senior I suspect made by Bud. The main sills on the frame are definitely white Maple. The curved pieces at the tub area looks like maple but could be ash and has changed colour. The roof rails are definite oak. the cross rails onto which the chicken wire are nailed definitely oak. There were 5 of them and they all changed shape. I am replacing them with maple. The roof side frame is certainly oak and painted black. Oak smell is especially when wet. What I am finding out is that no body on this forum were able to tell me how to dismantle this four door saloon. Now I am going to document my experience I am leaving tonight for vacation and will be back in April 2020.
  5. There may be a blown gasket or cracked head. Save every fastner because the threads on those engines are not standard, especially head bots.
  6. Part of my job working for a large transport company was to assist the electrician repair starters and generators. The alternators for the Cadillac , if I remember , were designated 25 something and produced 90 amp . The common 10S1 was 37 amps The charging voltage were about 14 .5 average , minus or plus There was tester powered by a 3 HP 3 phase motor to turn the alternator. I cranked up the carbon pile to reach 90 amp and the electric motor would stall. It had to be held there for not more than 15 seconds. It takes about 3 horses to run 90 amp alternators.
  7. Check with a plumbing outlet (not Home depot) There is a grey sticky material in a roll like tape that is used to seal kitchen sinks on a counter top and can be used for sealing most things . Check them out. It is about 5/16 wide and 1/8 thick . A paper between the coils to prevent sticking to itself. Ford has a grey sticky stuff like the thickness of a AC welding rod but not sold to the public . It was used in factories only and workers would sometimes accidently on purpose put some in their pockets and bring home.
  8. Hello TIMURF will you mind PM me please. I am coming up with the same question. I am looking for the aluminiun drip rail for my 28 Dodge Senior . I sought information on this forum for replacement rails and no body was able to tell me where to find such part. That is amazing. The rails on my car was nailed with 1 1/2 inch thin headless nails into oak lumber and by removing the nails the soft rail got twisted up. Harry in Thornhill , Ontario
  9. Bud Tierney, you are absolutely correct. Not enough information. If the engine is used regularly and the oil and water level monitored, lets us say every x miles , and the oil level rises and the water level drops then there is an equation to work with.
  10. trini

    starter trouble

    Most good battery charges have a 6 volts mode in addition to 12 volts with timers Choose the 6 volt mode even to fast charge the 6 volts battery. Red cable for positive post. (fat post) and black cable for negative post .NO DAMAGE.
  11. Laughing Cayote, I do not think you will like it in Florida unless you have lots of money to pay electricity bills. Mosquitos the year round and hot and damp. There is a mosquito screen behind almost every garage door. Here in Canada by the middle of March the weather starts to break 10 Degrees C is great.
  12. Recently I saw a 1917 Buick McLaughlin with an OHV. engine Under the bonnet was an oilcan. Every day before stating the driver had to oil the valve train. Same with the Chevrolet. In sometime 1980 Oldsmobile developed a diesel engine with 20:1 ratio . Talk about trouble.
  13. Nothing is wrong with your dash clock gauge. The bulb that goes into the head developed a leak and lost it's goosh. They are similar to Lucas on most British cars. There is company in N.E. US. who does work for all British gauges . PHONE CUSTOMER SERVICES .800 689 9313, Moss Motors. They will connect you. They might be able to repair yours.
  14. I do not know what kind of charging system there in in the 1966 Pontiac but the one thing I detest most is a flat battery and no start. With a flat battery charged by generator , push the car and let the clutch out. With an alternator, no dice. It needs a little bit of juice to excite the field.
  15. trini

    starter trouble

    NO. I will not try that. Your car has electrical gauges powered by 6 volts and is all tied in together. By using a 12 volt battery even briefly the gauges might damage. IT IS DIFFICULT ENOUGH TO FIND REPLACEMENT FOR SIX VOLTS GAUGES. Six volt system has always been a problem, mostly battery cables and ground. Sometimes it might be helpful to just add a second ground cable from starter mounting bolt to frame.