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  1. The bodies for 1927 only (F and G) appear to have been built by the Ohio Body Company (officially Ohio Body & Blower Co. Inc.). 1923-1926 (D and S) bodies were built by the Witham Body Company. 1928 and 1929 (M, N, H, and J) bodies were built by "Baker, Rauch & Lang" with a body tag of Raulang. I believe this is correct but welcome any corroborating information or corrections. Steve
  2. I don't need it removed but can you tell the approximate depth from the rim to the back of the reflector?
  3. Ed, Thank you for the photos. They are a big help. Steve
  4. My 1927 Victoria Coupe has the same problem with sill rot.
  5. ED, The photos of the reflectors are already posted on the thread.
  6. Instead of arguing about who's getting the Pierce, please go over to my Stearns-Knight "headlight reflectors wanted" thread and tell me which of the 3 styles that will fit would be most correct. Also, I hope none of you get the Pierce because if you did it would mean that I am dead.
  7. It's time to buy another warehouse.
  8. If $1,234 as shown above is the price, I will take it. Steve
  9. There were two Pierce-Arrow trucks at the Bernie Long estate auction in Bloomington California last summer. Neither truck got any bids, probably because of their size. The auctioneer was Alex Trepanier. They were in rough shape.
  10. I spoke with Donald Axelrod. He has three sets of reflectors that he thinks will fit but they are each slightly different. One has a groove for the gasket while the other two sets are flat where the gasket goes. One set is deeper than the others. Any thoughts about which is most correct?
  11. AJ, I saw them but I think they may be too small. The auction says they are 10" but the lenses are 10 1/8. What do you think? Will they fit?
  12. I bought a pair of NOS lenses on eBay this morning so only need the reflectors. I can probably manage to find connectors and retaining springs fairly easily(I think). I was planning on calling Donald Axlelrod if I didn't find them here on the forum. I have bought stuff from him before. Thank you to all for your help and suggestions. This would be a much more difficult hobby to pursue without all of the community support. Steve