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  1. M8-28-SY84B translates to: M8 = Model M 8 cylinder 28 = 2 passenger speed car (Stutz model name) SY84B = 30848 - Serial number
  2. I haven't touched the 1927 Victoria coupe pictured above but I have been working a lot on the J limousine. As you may know, the engine was seized when I got it. I spent about 8 months pouring stuff into the cylinders and trying to turn the crank shaft using a strap wrench on the fan pulley and a 4 foot piece of pipe. I used to try to turn it almost every day. Finally, after 8 months it moved about a quarter of an inch. Each day it would move a little more. After two months, I turned it a full revolution. All of the accessories and radiator were off the car when I got it. I put the starter back on, hooked up a battery, changed the oil, and turned it over continuously with the starter for about half an hour. I put the rest of the accessories back on, put the carburetor and ignition stuff back on, poured some gas into the intake manifold. It started and ran for a few seconds. I did this several times. I went to hook up the gas tank and fuel pump and found that there were holes in the gas tank. I removed it and sent it out to be repaired. I sent the sending unit to your friend Mike to fix the broken sending unit. The gas tank is back and I am waiting for the sending unit. I expect to have it running and drivable in the next few months.
  3. Not quite as nice as the one in the ad, but the next best thing.
  4. Update: I tried E-Z off, alcohol, acetone, and lacquer thinner. None of them did anything at all. Thank you for the suggestions. Steve
  5. Thank you A.J. and Ed. I will send my fuel sending unit to him for repair.
  6. KM Lifestyle says that they can rebuild my fuel sending unit. Has anyone had any experience with them?
  7. I need a fuel sending unit for my 1929 Stearns-Knight or if I could find just the gears I could probably repair this one. The rest of the unit seems to be OK. Thank you. Steve
  8. Vellios Machine Shop 4625 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Lawndale, CA 90260 They have been doing work for me for 40 years and are excellent.
  9. To clarify, I posted the ad on the forum on May 9, 2002. The scammer sent me an email to an address I posted on the forum. I learned my lesson and would not put an email address in a post ( or craiglist or Hemmings, etc.). Of course, this ad was posted 17 years ago and I, and perhaps others, were more naive about the internet in the past than I am now after getting requests from Nigerian Princes and the like. Steve
  10. In 2002 I ran an ad requested parts for 1929 Packard 633 Victoria Coupe. Two days ago (17 years later) I received an email Saying that the person "Paul" was parting out a 1929 Packard and did I still need parts. I emailed back and said I did need some Packard parts and what did he have and how much were they. He sent the following and with the photo of the car" "Just attached the picture of my car below , I`m breaking the complete for parts , since you need some parts there is no problem , I want you to send me the complete list of parts that you need , so that I`II will give you prices for them . Please I`II also need your exact shipping address to enable me figure out the shipping fees to your door step . Hope to hear from you soon next." He also sent this photo: I asked him where he is located and how much he wanted for the car. He responded: "I understand but the engine is smoking, and again dad just pass away few months ago, the car belongs to him. There is no space for the car in the yard, so let me know what you need from the car. I'm in Pensyviana, I'll accept just $3,500 because the engine smoke , So let have your exact shipping address." I asked him for additional photos. He responded: " On 6/21/19, paul haggis <paulhaggis78@gmail.com> wrote: I'm working now, I'll do that when I get home, but hope my price is fair enough? Also were is your address, so that my agent can figure out the shipping fees to your door step. Hope to hear from you soon next." I said that if I bought the car that I would come and get it myself so there was no need for his agent to get involved ( I had decided when I saw the price that this was a scam) and have not heard from him since. I also found this very same car for sale in Hemmings for $85,000. https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/packard/eight/2281756.html Be careful, there are scams out there. Steve
  11. Send me your email address and I will send you PDF files of what I have. I know that the cover is missing and there may be other pages missing but I hope this will be a start for you. Steve
  12. AJ, I have ridden in a Franklin V12 many times. In fact, I believe this is the very car I rode in when it belonged to Len Urlik (same owner as your Reo Royale). We used to go to dinner every week and we often took this car. I can't read the serial number in the photo but Len's Franklin was serial # 73-10315L23. Steve
  13. I have a 1937 Stutz Pak-Age-Car. It has a Hercules 4 cylinder engine. 1937 was the last year of the Stutz Pak-Age-Car. It was sold to Auburn (Lycoming) and then Diamond T. There are about seven Stutz Pak-Age-Cars that I know of. Most of the surviving ones seem to be the Diamond T version which are slightly different. Steve
  14. Here is a photo of a 1930 LaSalle phaeton that I bought in January 2019 after chasing it since 1961. The previous owner bought in 1951. It is totally original never having been painted or upholstered. Steve
  15. This is the correct Black Hawk instrument panel. Steve