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  1. Here is a photo of my restored GE charger for my 1921 Milburn Electric mounted on a cart for easy movement.
  2. A couple of weeks ago I installed the new oil valve (picture below) and started the engine. Still no oil pressure, so I couldn't put off dropping the pan and inspecting and replacing the oil pump gear. I slid under the car to assess the difficulty of the job and found that there is a cross member blocking access to the rear pan bolts (see next picture). I spoke with Mark and he said the it was necessary to remove the cross member first. The weather has gotten very hot again so when it cools down I will try removing the cross member.
  3. Here are some interesting photos that I believe were personal photos of Ralph Hamlin. They are about 11 x 14 so my scanner might not have gotten it all.
  4. I got a new oil valve from Mark but it had a problem. I got replacement from him yesterday but the air quality is so bad from all of the fires in the West that I will have to wait until the smoke clears so I don't choke to death before I can put the oil valve back on the car.
  5. The question is now are any of these reproduction valve bodies available?
  6. When I cleaned up the part I found that the pot metal was cracked all of the way through. The fitting was loose and with only finger pressure the part broke.
  7. After reading the previous posts, I decided to check the oil valve before moving on to the oil pump. I had only removed the piston last time I worked on it and hadn't removed the valve body from the block. Before I removed it, I noticed some slight checking on the pot metal.
  8. After I got the engine unseized, I took the valve apart. It was unmovable because of old caked-on oil. I cleaned it and put it back together. The metal rod looked fine after I cleaned it and it moves up and down easily when the accelerator is pressed. It is set with the flag pointing forward towards the front of the car.
  9. When I started my car, I was only idling the engine. Maybe I should rev it up a little and see if the gauge shows any pressure?
  10. I got the new oil pump gear from Mark Young. Hopefully, it will be cooler at the shop this week and I can drop the pan and replace the gear. Also hopefully, this fixes the "no oil pressure" problem.
  11. I have been looking at lifts lately but I am a few spaces short of fitting all the cars in there now so if I put a lift in the shop it would end up storing two cars in the space of one but there would still be no room to more anything around enough to put cars on and off a lift without moving 4 or 5 cars (most of which don't run. I am thinking it would be a better use of space to put some containers in my back parking lot and storing a few cars there but I still wouldn't have room for a lift that I could load and unload conveniently. If anyone says I could sell some cars, they surely are not
  12. I don't have a lift at my shop. The photos you may have seen of my cars on a lift are at a friends shop who lets me use his. It has been in the high 90's outside and low 90's inside at my shop. Since the Stearns can't be moved right now, the oil pump will be done as most of the other underneath work that I do on my cars with me on my back.
  13. I have been emailing with Mark Young. I ordered a replacement oil pump gear from him. He said " The pump bodies are iron. The opposing gear is steel." so only the one gear is needed. I haven't dropped the pan yet. It has been way too hot at my shop to work on anything, but as long as I have the pan off to see if the pump is the problem I may as well replace the gear.
  14. I got a replacement part from an ACD guy in Canada. It's at the speedometer shop being assembled and calibrated.
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