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  1. Ed, What is a shunt and how do the shunts differ between the two regulators?
  2. Here are some pictures of the the Owen Dyneto 40300 that is currently on my car (and doesn’t work) with the Autolite 21732 sitting next to it. Although they look identical to me could there be less than obvious differences that would make them not interchangable?
  3. I am looking for these Firestone 33TN wedges. They have a patent date of 11-6-23 and say "Firestone" on the top. I need 3 but will buy a few more for spares if you have them. Thank you.
  4. Ed, Let me know how you do with removing the water jacket. I pound on mine almost everyday and have been soaking the outside of the spark plug tubes in diesel since April to no avail. Steve
  5. Johan, I have used vinegar before on other things with good results but hadn't thought of vinegar for this. I will try it.
  6. Ed, And are you still gluing the pieces back together??? I would have thought a 5 pound hammer would have been sufficient to pulverize it.
  7. I have been soaking the water jacket in the grooves around the spark plug tubes with diesel oil for one month now. The diesel level hasn't gone down so it's not yet seeping through the corrosion. I tap on the shims everyday to keep the upward pressure on the water jacket and pound on the water jack sides and corners with a rubber mallet. It took nine months to free the sleeves so maybe I will only have eight more months to freeing up the water jacket.
  8. I have a pair of Franklin 130 fender lights. Yes, they are smaller. I am out of town until Sunday, May 2nd. Send me PM with your email and I will send photos when I get back home.
  9. There is a 1935 Pierce Arrow Radio Grill on eBay. Are the speaker grills for 1936-37-38 the same or different from the 1935 speaker grill?
  10. Ed, Did your switch look like either one in the photos?
  11. Thank you for the photo. This is supposed to be one but it looks much different from yours. How does it work? Is there one vacuum line for each half of the windshield or something else? Also, the knob or piston appears to be missing.
  12. Hi, Does anyone out there have a good photo of the on/off switch used to control the Trico Visionall Wiper? Thanks.
  13. Jiffy Tire Tool Does anyone know what this tool is and how is it used? Thanks.
  14. The water was pouring out all of the way around the bottom seam. With the inserting of the box cutter into the space around the bottom edge I have gone too far to try to patch what was there. if that was even possible. I bought the O-rings and rubber cord from Grainger. They have a store near my shop. I will get some diesel oil and try that instead of the Kroil. Will the stuff that dissolves aluminum oxide do any damage to the rest of the water jacket? Thank you all for the suggestions and interest. Steve
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