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  1. Send me your email address and I will send you PDF files of what I have. I know that the cover is missing and there may be other pages missing but I hope this will be a start for you. Steve
  2. AJ, I have ridden in a Franklin V12 many times. In fact, I believe this is the very car I rode in when it belonged to Len Urlik (same owner as your Reo Royale). We used to go to dinner every week and we often took this car. I can't read the serial number in the photo but Len's Franklin was serial # 73-10315L23. Steve
  3. I have a 1937 Stutz Pak-Age-Car. It has a Hercules 4 cylinder engine. 1937 was the last year of the Stutz Pak-Age-Car. It was sold to Auburn (Lycoming) and then Diamond T. There are about seven Stutz Pak-Age-Cars that I know of. Most of the surviving ones seem to be the Diamond T version which are slightly different. Steve
  4. Here is a photo of a 1930 LaSalle phaeton that I bought in January 2019 after chasing it since 1961. The previous owner bought in 1951. It is totally original never having been painted or upholstered. Steve
  5. This is the correct Black Hawk instrument panel. Steve
  6. pughs

    Barn Find!

    This car has a bronze worm gear differential. Do not put any oil in it containing sulfur. It will eat the bronze gears. Steve
  7. Ed, Thanks. I got the tail light stanchion from him but didn't realize he had other parts. I will contact him when he gets back. Steve
  8. I am looking for a driver side outside door handle, the advance/retard knob for the dash, and the dash ignition switch (preferably with key) for my 1930 LaSalle Fleetwood phaeton. Does anyone have these parts? Thank you. Steve
  9. Thank you for the diagram. It looks like this image came from Art Aseltine's website which seems to be no longer in existence. Would it be possible to send a copy at a much higher resolution? The image that is posted is too small to read and when I enlarge it it becomes too pixilated to be legible. What kind of car do you have that you are looking for this carburetor, a Stearns-Knight possibly? Steve
  10. A reproduction was found. (thank you Ed).
  11. Does anyone have a parts list or diagram for a Tillotson SP-15B carburetor or does anyone have SP-15 carburetor they would like to sell? Thank you. Steve
  12. Does anyone have a 1930 LaSalle Tail Light Stanchion to sell? It looks like this: Thank you. Steve
  13. All of my cars are made of unobtainium. My hobby is not old cars, it's looking for impossible to find parts for obscure cars.
  14. 1929 Stearns-Knight Radiator Badge I am looking for a radiator badge for my 1929 Stearns-Knight. It looks like this: Thank you. Steve