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  1. There are other people and companies pulling out of the T business also we will miss. https://www.chaffinsgarage.com/ will be missed if they do not find someone to take over the manufacturing end of it. https://georgemoir.ca/product/ford-1909-27-model-t-tt-parts-catalogue/ https://mtfca.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=24234 
  2. No relation to me thankfully. My 12 T originally came from Manitoba so I did my part keeping an antique car out of their grasp.
  3. For a parts car it is incredibly complete with a nice dash , crank hole cover, trunk and nice luggage rack, stone guard, side mount hubcaps, side mount mirrors and even the goddess. All that is missing are white wall tires to go with the chrome lock rings it has.
  4. If you think about this question of why 1915 is a cut off point for vintage of cars acceptable by HCCA. Take into consideration that the club was founded in 1937. So unless this rule is the same as when it was founded a 1915 car was only 22 years old. I would say HCCA is in essence recognizing the coming of the automobile era. If you consider Carl Benz patent the first gas powered automobile Jan. 29 1886 may be regarded as the birth certificate of the automobile. From 1886 to 1915 only 29 years a lot of ideas were tried and failed / improved from tillers to chain drive as the automobile evolved. I fully agree with HCCA cut off date of 1915 and has nothing to do with how much brass is on the car.
  5. I have worked on many car tours weekend and week long over the years. Mainly with the early cars 42 and older. When running a tour it is difficult to mix 20s and older with 40s and up. You get into travel distance and road speeds a conflict with the two groups. You do not want to have a Vet following a Ford T for the morning which I have seen and not enjoyable for the Vet. You also have to consider road congestion around hotel location for the early cars. When we hosted the AACA Vintage Tour in Kingston On. the cars turned right when they pulled out of the hotel to avoid crossing 3 lanes of traffic. With newer cars you would not worry as much making left turns. Nickel roadster had a great time and sounds to be a knowledgeable seasoned tour participant so all worked out well. But if you get a new early vintage driver in the same situation they do not come back the next time.
  6. Some cars were produced during the war but for military use only.
  7. You could ask the same question about CCCA on their pick of 1915 and newer for some cars in their newer list. It used to be an uphill battle to have a car designated a Full Classic by CCCA. Then in one sweep they accepted many cars into their fold a few years ago. May have been a membership issue.
  8. I used a plasticized spray on stone guard than the paint color on top. You have to look to see it.
  9. This guy goes over the top putting on events at his home for car guys. Even has a circus tent put up for evening dinners with a 60s rock band. In the past he has featured Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Beach Boys, Martha Reeves, Mitch Ryder, Paul Revere’s Raiders and Gary Lewis and the Playboys to name a few. All money raised goes to charity.
  10. They can get very pricey if it is inscribed R Lalique rather than just Lalique on the base. The R was for Rena who was the founder and then the R was removed after his passing. Lalique also makes glass pieces from vases to perfume bottles with original pieces that can sell for over 100,000 $. Yes there are reproductions out there and the French Lalique company is now Swedish.
  11. There is no real answer to that question and only stories.
  12. When ever I think of this fellow I think of this car he has in his salon. It has a great deal of bling and with the split windshield. But I do prefer Georges pick by a long shot.
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