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  1. For castings such as door handles call Mike Butters in Cobourg Ont. and a great guy to deal with 905-372-6926. He can make most things you may need when it comes to castings.
  2. We had a student mechanical engineer for a summer who bought a new Saturn car with a standard transmission. The problem was he did not know how to drive it and could not get the hang of it. Ended up trading it in for an automatic at a great loss.
  3. If you can not get hold of Tom I can call him for you. Came up here for the Vintage tour we hosted. Then I sold him some Cadillac 16 parts a few months ago. A great guy.
  4. Any pictures on how the original ones were fastened on? Always wondered if the wire were not tight did they ever wear through the thin tube from vibration.
  5. Remember in the early 80s Sam McLaughlins long retired chauffeur telling a friend that besides the drivers compartment being smaller to give room in the back. It was also designed to make the driver sit up straight he said. Sam McLaughlin was the founder of the McLaughlin Car Company that became GM Canada.
  6. I have a feeling signs will some day go as the antique furniture, glass to the Beene Bear market did. I also notice auction houses selling off many private car collections in the past year if there is any reason for that. I myself am keeping my hoard of cars gas pumps and signs to let my estate worry about disposing of.
  7. Yes he removed many sorting machines a little before the elections and never fixed the problem after congress asked to have them replace. You can see the interview on you tube. I am also waiting now 4 weeks for payment of parts. When we hosted the Vintage Tour in Kingston in 2019 registration took on the average of 2 weeks and now much longer thanks to Louis.
  8. Sorry that was for antique car parts as I do buy my Stihl power equipment parts on ebay directly from China. That way I am bypassing Stihl that is now the middle man. The last Stihl saw I said I was not going to buy and I did is made in China. But I will never have to buy a part for it from Stihl. Example air filter here is $20 and from China $2.50. Shipping is cheaper than if I paid for shipping here.
  9. I quit E Bay years ago for that reason. Tired of entering parts for a 1930 Cadillac and get 10,000,000 hits from T shirts, shifter knobs with pinup girls, a blower for the engine, curb feelers, disc & calipers, cd players, amps, sub woofers, hydraulic lift kits, seat coves or spinner hubcaps. Never found any of those parts listed in my parts books. On a good day there might be 6 parts that were actually for my car out of the 10,000,000 listed.
  10. Just think the modern cars they arrived at the event in would be on the show field today. Plus many would say today that they are to old for to days road having no ac, power windows or steering.
  11. Wrong! wrong! wrong! Best thing to do is put it in auction as a barn find with the dirt on it. You may get lucky selling when the bidders do not know when to stop bidding.
  12. Sorry it is a 1913 Mercer photo is from Cobble Beach 2018 if I remember the last time I was in his old shop 7/8 years ago he may have had another early unrestored original Mercer sitting. Getting old and fogy I guess. Click on the picture. https://www.cobblebeachconcours.com/gallery-2018-winners#&gid=1961291692&pid=4
  13. A fellow from Ontario Canada name is Michael Longfield has a Pebble Beach quality restored one in his collection. He is on this forum occasionally and an extremely nice family and may be able to help.
  14. Go to the Canadian Rockies and see rigs on the side of the road that cant make a hill being under powered with a 1/2 ton pulling large camper.
  15. Nice to see some early steam cars being restored and by the way great looking progress.
  16. I notice there may be a fellow that is trying to respond on this thread from China but is having a few issues how to post here. He must be board sitting in the corner of his mothers basement trying to get some needed attention one his big sisters computer.
  17. He has not been on the forum for 10 years and 3 days after he listed it. Good luck
  18. Put in a very thin fluid and and see the one that does no drain. Pull that head remove the crank cap and tap the piston out. Give that piston new rings if needed and hone the cylinder. Save yourself waiting around and longer life to the engine.
  19. What to do with old brass carbs you can not find a home for? You make book ends out of them. One I posted a couple of years ago I got an email from a fellow that wanted it for his 17 Oldsmobile. Great for your automotive library and becomes a change of shelf for the carb.
  20. Fleet sales was a hole new ball game in pricing and depended on how many cars you were buying. Mostly it was only a custom order color that meant it had to be hand sprayed rather than automatic. Like the Mary Kay pink cars that went through fleet sales rather than the dealership negotiated
  21. The police package was a different option not listed for the public. Had many different suspension to interior changes and were usually Biscayne. The Biscayne did not have the chrome trim down the side was a giveaway.
  22. I had a 66 396 Biscayne when I took this picture of a 427 4 speed at the Winter Nationals in Melbourne Florida a few years ago. See the national tags up front you know it is all correct. We referred to them back in the day as sleepers. If I remember correctly this car put the miles on 1/4 at a time.
  23. I bought a 1966 with a 396 automatic about 15 years ago out of New Mexico that was an x police car. Still had the holes in the roof and tops of fenders. I lost interest in the newer cars and sold it to a fellow from Nova Scotia and he hauled it home. If you watch Easy Rider you will see one sitting across the road in the restaurant take also a police car.
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