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  1. I suspect there will always be gasoline available for the diehards who insist on it, although it will be expensive. I mean, if you can order delivery of propane, you'll be able to order a delivery of gasoline. Maybe you'll need a few deliveries a year to gas up your 100-year-old Corvette, but it will be doable. And if not, maybe you'll be able to reenact "The Last Chase" with Lee Majors:
  2. I feel like this should be divided into two classes: factory-bodied cars and custom-bodied cars.
  3. Drawing from 8th grade (or around then): Recent purchase:
  4. I was recently looking through a box of stuff from my childhood when I found a drawing of an antique car I had made when I was probably in 8th grade (just dreaming up a car, not based on an actual vehicle) . I had to laugh, as the drawing looked almost exactly the same as the antique car I actually bought last year. Same era, same look, same body style. I now have the drawing up on the wall in my garage next to the car. It made me realize that my taste in cars hasn't really changed since I was a kid. I wonder if that's common, or if your taste in antique cars has changed o
  5. Sounds awesome, Ed! ll's all the more interesting because I'm not sure I would have recognized how unique and special the car is without all the context about it that you have provided. It's the kind of thing that's super interesting once you get into it, but that casual observer might not spot being as special as it is. Looking forward to more, and thanks for it!
  6. An ice-cream run makes everyone happy. The car's owner wants to take it out because, well, of course he does. And kids love ice cream. So if you go for an ice cream run, they really want to go with you. Everyone has fun.
  7. Such a fascinating adventure, Ed, thanks again for detailing it. (But be safe, too!)
  8. I think it depends on the year, with '32-'34 driver closed cars finding buyers at higher price points than '35-to-later cars. But my guess is that the $$ risk a potential buyer faces with the 30s-era Packard closed cars is much more in the cost of getting it running reliably than the risk that the market price will fall all that much. Ed is the expert on this much more than I am, so listen to him more than me. But you might buy a decent car for $40K that hasn't been driven much, and then have to put in $15-20K to get it running well. You would get some portion of this back if you sell it r
  9. I had a thread on how to register classic cars in California, and in particular how the taxes work on classic cars, back in 2017. Here was the conclusion:
  10. Out for a drive in my '35, nice sunset.
  11. I've not yet done a Caravan, but maybe they should give some kind of recognition (not sure what it would mean, but stay with me) for bringing earlier cars. Like some recognition for driving a 30s car instead of a 40s car, and double recognition for driving a 20s car. Maybe you don't want to do that because you don't want people to feel bad bringing their '47 Cadillacs and Packards, as just showing up is the most important part, but it does seem (from the published lists) that the mix of Caravan cars is skewed by the practicalities of the later cars.
  12. Sounds like you already talked to Ed, which is the right call. Ed knows this stuff backwards and forwards and in and out, so you can bank on his advice. (I did, as my bank account will attest!) And having recently bought a '34 Packard, I can say without hesitation, YES to the '32-34 Packard range. I think they're just absolutely magnificent cars. In my view, every aspect of their styling is just absolutely perfect. I've only had it for a few months, but I absolutely love driving mine -- and did so just about 8 hours ago. So solid and stately, just the best. Such things are a
  13. Agreed. I am a longtime member of the Cadillac-LaSalle Club, but I don't go to their events often because there are so few early cars and the later cars are just so different.
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