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  1. I know the owner of this car well, and I knew his dad, too. Both very active and well known in local Packard circles. Absolutely honest, know their stuff, and love their Packards.
  2. 1935Packard

    1937 Packard 120 Convertible Coupe For Sale $79k

    I live near this car. If there are forum "regulars" who want me to take a look at it for them, I'd be able to do that near the end of the week. Just PM me.
  3. 1935Packard


    I though this was interesting. If Tesla is a stock scam, it's a stock scam that sure is selling a lot of cars. This chart is interesting, too. Granted, I assume these figures are somewhat impacted by the declining tax credit, which I believe was cut $3,750 if delivery was made before 1/1/19. Still, pretty interesting numbers. ETA: I'm not surprised by these numbers based on the cars I see. I live in an expensive area of Southern California (is there any other kind? rim shot), and Tesla Model 3s are everywhere. Go for a ten minute drive around town and you'll expect to see at least five of them.
  4. My favorite way to experience this is to take a friend who has never been in an old car for a ride around the neighborhood. The friend will invariably comment that everyone is staring at the car; that most people stop and point at it; and that most people break into big smiles when they see it. It's especially true of little kids, especially boys, who usually proclaim out loud something like, "Mom, look at that car!" Whether people will collect the cars is different from whether they like to see them: They do, at least in my experience. As a friend once put it to me, "Your car is a happy-mobile -- it makes everyone who sees it happy!"
  5. An earlier thread reminded me of my favorite vintage TV advertisement for a then-new car: Mel Torme's advertisement for the Oldsmobile Rocket 88. That then reminded me of the 1931 promotion film Oldsmobile put together based on the same tune, the 1905 hit "In My Merry Oldsmobile." Perhaps a thread is in order: What is your favorite vintage TV ad for a then-new car?
  6. I'm in my mid-40s, and I hope that I get to live to a time when almost every car on the road is a self-driving electric car powered by solar-generated energy. I hope gasoline stations are hard to find, having any gas-powered car is an oddity, and driving around in a 1935 Packard is considered so eccentric as to border on the bizarre. It will be a good thing for the environment, and for the long term sustainability of the planet. All for the good. Our cars probably won't be worth much by then. Collecting them will probably be an unusual and wholly impractical hobby. With that said, I hope to be that eccentric character with a big garage filled with 1930s cars anyway, and I hope to fire up a 30s convertible, head out on the road, and enjoy every minute of it even if the neighbors think I'm a complete weirdo.
  7. 1935Packard

    30s Packards at the Scottsdale auctions

    I wondered about authenticity, too. It's an odd-looking one-off with no known history, or at least no stated known history in the description. Maybe it's the real deal, but I wondered. Seemed sort of like this "Rollston."
  8. 1935Packard

    Vintage dealership buildings that are still around

    Yes, good memory! http://neplains.com/1933-chicago-worlds-fair---nash-cars---century-of-progress.aspx
  9. 1935Packard

    Fantom Works

    I just appreciated that they told us the bill. I always liked watching that show with my wife to help me by comparison. "See, honey, our latest repair bill wasn't all that bad!!"
  10. 1935Packard

    Historic Packard Plant bridge collapses in Detroit

    Glad they realized the problem and cleared the area before it happened. Interesting context in the video.
  11. 1935Packard

    30s Packards at the Scottsdale auctions

    Interesting data points: 1934 Packard Twelve 1108 Touring Coachwork by Rollston Estimate: $300,000 - $350,000 Without Reserve SOLD $201,600 1939 Packard Twelve 1708 Convertible Sedan Estimate: $200,000 - $250,000 Without Reserve SOLD $106,400 1934 Packard Super Eight Phaeton Estimate: $180,000 – $240,000 Without Reserve SOLD For $156,800 1937 Packard Super Eight Coupe Estimate: $100,000 – $125,000 Without Reserve SOLD For $106,400 1934 Packard Eight 2/4-Passenger Coupe Estimate: $100,000 – $125,000 Without Reserve SOLD For $100,800 Maybe just some screaming deals, or maybe the market softening, or maybe some of these cars weren't what they seemed, at least for the first few cars on this list. Curious if anyone has insight.
  12. 1935Packard

    Mark Clayton on 1922 and 1932 Packards

    Some of you may have seen these, but Mark Clayton's views on the 1922 Packard 116s and 1932 Packard Standard Eights is pretty interesting.
  13. 1935Packard

    Vintage dealership buildings that are still around

    What a cool place to store cars! That's amazing. And I love the '60 Buick and '48 Cadillac -- two beautifully designed cars. (The Pontiac is nice, too.)