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  1. Closest that I could find of the same angle for Buick 10, same body lines under the rear passenger area as well.
  2. This car is not mine. Just stumbled across the listing. It's at an auto wreckers, Tate's Auto Parts, Brantford, Ontario. Price seems a bit steep even with the exchange but the car looks fairly complete and savable. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/brantford/1925-dodge-brothers-sedan/1465527298?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  3. Thank you both for the additional information. After I made the original post about correspondence between a dealer in Chatham and Chrysler in Windsor I seemed to recall reading someplace that Chrysler also had operations in Chatham, Ont. Maybe someone can clarify if this was actually the case and what those operations were. This material came out of a collection of a fellow who's father had worked at the Chrysler offices in Windsor and I can only guess how it possibly ended up into a private collection.
  4. I should have mentioned that the caps did not really fit, almost pushed on instead of threaded on which had been a bit more puzzled.
  5. Thank you - I will take a look to see what all I can find on them to identify them further.
  6. Hello All, I'm looking for help to identify this rear end. I'm guessing from the size of it that it is out of a 20's truck. It came in a pile of stuff that I picked up so that it didn't go for scrap. The fellow who had it described the lot as being early Dodge but there was a complete Star motor (already donated to a fellow with Stars) in the mix so I don't really know what this is out of. It had Dodge Brother caps on it but I'm fairly certain they were just there because that was what was on hand at the time. The drums are 15 inches across and the center section is 13 inches. The bolt spacing appears to be roughly 6 1/5 X 5 bolt. Thanks, Don
  7. Does anyone out there know the location of these cars. Some were built by Ghia others it looks like Memphis Coach and Armbruster. I have a quantity of service information regarding some of these cars including some internal Chrysler Teletypes and communications from Chrysler Canada and US to a dealer in Chatham, Ont that was repairing one of the cars that was damaged in a collision. I will try to pull out the serial numbers below from the documents. Ideally I would like to be able to unite the material with the cars that are discussed in the documents if they still exist. Failing that my intention is to send them to the AACA Library for future research and use. They include may part numbers specific to these cars. It appears that the cars were 56, 57 and 58 model years and the last document is from 1961. C56-9826 - C70 Crown Imperial body shell supplied to Boano or Bonno Co in Turin, Italy C56-1157 C57-1419 LY1-1031 LY1-1001 1958 Chrysler Ghia delivered to John David Eaton LS2-13676 Montreal SO21500 - there is mention of one other car to Montreal possibly S021499 and 2 to Toronto SO21450 second number U/K LS2-13767 LS2-M 7 Pass Sedan I found this in a lot of sales brochures that I had picked up a couple of years ago and is very interesting reading but really should go to the cars discussed in it. I will include a couple of pictures of what I have. Don
  8. Looks very similar to 39-46 Chev Truck but I can't find any pictures to show the backside of those ones.
  9. Why do I get the feeling that when it comes to correct parts on cars the answer is usually d) All of the Above...but learned something new
  10. I guess the next question is to identify what you already have, they look to be in excellent condition and you might end up with a little gas money when you are done!