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  1. Looks to be a 30-31 Ford Model A
  2. I keep searching - the truth is I was really hoping to find a pit picture with Petty using the truck but, I found this picture. It doesn't explain the blue paint but if it is the same truck if it is an ex Woods Brothers that just as cool
  3. You forgot the most frustrating part of that rule - 20% of the people take up 80% of your time
  4. I just pulled this off the web with a search for Petty trucks: In other years with the Dodge there was this Not to say that he didn't use different haulers, but it looks like his preference in that era was for an open trailer and a box truck. That being said - you have one heck of a cool ramp truck!
  5. I just stumbled across this while trying to find the listing for the 1926 "Buick" from another thread - safe to say this guy has had enough of the 1% that really annoy the rest of us.... https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Cowl-shell-1924-27-Buick-1924-1925-1926-1927-GM-Hot-Rat-Rod/154387626737?hash=item23f2383af1:g:taYAAOSw9CdgWq5c
  6. Looks like any early example of Rock and Pinion Steering
  7. Try a 1967 Chrysler Newport Custom, left front fender between bumper and wheel
  8. Check out the models produced at the Newark Plant - looks like a lot of C body products in late 60's. The ribbed piece is similar to the lower side moulding on a 69 Polara 500, might be a starting point for image searches at least. Toughest part with trim is shipping it - those long pieces will kill you on the costs as the box will end up being oversized almost every time and you get hit with a surcharge but C body stuff is getting popular. Don
  9. Just a wild .... guess, Maybe to keep their whites white instead of picking up the dirt while on base?
  10. Here's a couple of more pictures to show the inside measurements. The second one is the inside diameter of the threaded area which is stepped down from the outside. PM sent about the other. Don
  11. All of the so called modern or new ideas (which they really aren't) remind me of the BASF commercial with the line: At BASF, we don't make a lot of the products you buy, we make a lot of the products you buy better
  12. I stumbled across these newsletters today. I had never heard of the Desoto Fuel Cell car before and was shocked that they were looking at this technology in 1959. I wonder where that model is now and if anyone has any more information. Just thought that you all might enjoy this look back from what was new and going on in this time frame. Don
  13. And a huge shop - that Greenbrier beside it really gives some perspective on the size of it but still intriguing
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