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  1. Just to add to Matt's point, everything that we really know about this virus has been learned in the last 10-12 weeks. The supposed information from prior to that period I would charitably call unreliable from the source. There's a lot of subject area experts here and I'm pretty sure that it took a lot longer than 10-12 weeks or even years to gain the knowledge that you have. Like the vast majority I'm hopeful that this will be short term pain and that this will soon pass us by, however, in the meantime I'm content to follow the rules from the London tube and Mind the Gap.
  2. I once had a trout drop out of the sky onto the highway right in front of me. Of course the bird that had just scooped it out of the lake made the wise decision to jettison the extra weight to gain altitude and avoid the traffic on the road.
  3. Take a look to see what's for sale again - guess the new buyer either figures he knows more than the previous owner or suddenly needs to get out of the car. He is even using a picture taken in the previous owner's garage. I can't believe what he's already done to the car with the wheels and tires. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/windsor-area-on/1931-dodge-brothers-3-window-coupe/1502866856
  4. Rough and I have no connection but different being a Desoto: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/barrie/barn-find-1941-desoto-business-coupe/1503028716
  5. This spot here on the distributor was the guilty location shorting out the bolt that passes through the body there. There's supposed to be a fibre bushing around the bolt that was missing. But as one problem gets resolved another crops up. While trying to fire the motor further we discovered that exhaust gas was exiting out beside the number 6 cylinder spark plug and after playing around a bit more discovered that the there is a hairline crack in the head - so back to the spare parts bin to raid a head off a spare motor. On the upside, at least at first blush the top end looks clean but we'll get a closer look tomorrow.
  6. I picked this sign up a couple of years ago only because it's porcelain and transportation related. On another recent thread there was talk about grounding chains and ground straps dragged on the ground which got me thinking about this sign and if anyone would have any knowledge about it's origins. I'm only speculating now that it's from a truck terminal and a safety reminder to ground the truck by the bumper during loading or unloading to stop static electricity??? Any and all thoughts are welcome. Thanks in advance, Don
  7. In a normal setting wouldn't those cars all be rotated out and sold off anyway? What it does mean though is that's 760 000 that the manufactures likely won't be selling this year.
  8. This one is not for the faint of heart but looks to be fairly complete and that is Canadian dollars - About 1435 real dollars asking: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/ottawa/1920s-stewart-truck-dual-wheel-flatbed/1501694296 1920's Stewart Truck. Dual wheel flatbed
  9. Here's another one I just stumbled on tonight: Selling my project car... have another project to work on.. 1965 Meteor Montcalm convertible, have never tried to start engine since i got it, but looks decent. I was told its a 390 big block. Body has minor rust spots. Needs driver floor patch and slight rear side frame repair. Deserves to be restored back to a daily driver... lots of parts to go with it... PLUS ownership. Have more pics to send if you're interested... i'm asking 3999. she will be a beauty once you finish her up!
  10. Here's the link to the initial recall: https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/rcl/2020/RCLRPT-20E016-6561.PDF The 3 ton were added to the recall later.
  11. After much head scratching and hand wringing we finally have ignition! Now to get a get fully running motor. I will have to get some pictures but the culprit to our ignition problem was the fibre bushing that insulates the condenser connecting bolt as it passes through the body of the distributor and connects to the points on the inside. The bushing was missing and the bolt was shorting out on the body - thankfully we had a spare distributor to source the missing part from.
  12. I found this on the London, Ontario, Canada - the other London, firefighters archive - some very interesting vehicles shown there but this one caught my attention if anyone has any information to add I'd be interested
  13. For the fire engine crowd - these were built in my home town by Bickle and the factory that is in the background still stands as does the house beside it - in fact once this lock down passes by the house is now home to very nice, all be it bit pricey restaurant - SixThirtyNine . Alternatively there is a Dairy Queen directly in front of the factory now. Bickle became Bickle Seagrave and then King Seagrave and the second location that they moved to still stands as well, though they no longer make fire apparatus there. Reported to be a Studebaker Reported to be a REO From what I can find the last two trucks still exist
  14. This is a true testament to your character, a lesser person would have said nothing. I can safely say that there's not a person here who has not made a mistake, though not all are willing to admit to it, especially in a public forum. Thank you and do not be too hard on yourself. I vote with TerryB that we go for round 2.
  15. There's this listing if you haven't had any luck yet - says that there is an extra steering wheel with the car. With our low dollar up here heck the whole car for parts might be cheap. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/north-bay/1955-chrysler-windsor/1493470378