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  1. First Cobalt Corp is a North American venture with stakes in Idaho and Cobalt, Ontario that may become a more local, as it were, producer. For the history buffs in the crowd, Cobalt, Ont was the sight of a massive silver rush in the early 1900's that produced more in dollar value, than the more famous gold rushes. Interesting little town in northern Ontario. Don
  2. https://www.fantasyofflight.com/collection/ If you haven't been to this museum it is well worth the stop. We were fortunate to have gone when the whole facility was still open. I stand to be corrected but I think most of the aircraft are maintained in flight worthy condition. There was a full restoration shop on site and the work that they were doing was incredible. I seem to remember that in one of the hangers there was a wall with 28 surplus Merlin engines. These people know their stuff and are extremely friendly. The day that we were there there was an antique car tour tha
  3. I find the forum members here to very welcoming and a wealth of knowledge that would be near impossible to find anywhere else, especially at the price. I'm fortunate that the shop that my family has is located in an old car dealership in a small village. The church that is just down a side street from us has a sign on our property that someone else has put a "Little Library" in front of - After both my father and I have finished reading the Antique Automobile I put it in the library to try to spur interest in both cars and the club. In normal times we get lots of people just dropping in to
  4. With the border basically closed to all but commercial traffic you might try one of the companies that hauls RV trailers up out of Indiana into Ontario and Quebec. One of them headed back empty might be an option.
  5. Continuing with the Mopar ephemera (Terry Bond someday I will remember the correct spelling) here is a couple of pieces of Chrysler advertising from 1956 and 57. These are on newsprint and include the ad agency that prepared them along with the print space for the actual newspaper ad along with the line count from back in the days when you paid by the line. These came out of a dealership in eastern Ontario. The individual ad pages are about 8 1/2 X 11.
  6. The boys are making pretty quick work on this one. Now I'm thinking that another one may be in order to store bumpers.... The youngest has also learned to fix the seat in the shop bathroom faucet, replace the furnace filter, build a cabinet for our coffee and lunch station (still need to trim it out and put an aluminum checkerplate counter top on), a little electrical work, change the oil in a couple of vehicles and since he just turned 16 driving so that he can enjoy the fleet!
  7. I suppose for the same people who like their Porsche to look like this: But to me both are just wrong
  8. Thank you wmsue! From the car in the background that looks from the 50's this must have been at early antique car show
  9. This may be a bit of a challenge being that it's a negative to begin with. I'm hoping that someone with better computer skills than I may be able to turn this into the positive image.
  10. Besides the neighbors kid?
  11. Thanks Terry - I think that you are correct Don
  12. I just picked this up today and now realize that it is not the brand that I thought that it was and now I'm trying to figure out what it is Thanks for your help Don
  13. And being a Mopar fan I have to include these two. Eichenburg is still in business today under that name. You have to love the hedge in various businesses on this one: Last one
  14. For the Ford guys and girls. My father says that the picture of Middlesex Motors is exactly the way that he recalls that building looking
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