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  1. just a note on get smart, sunbeam tiger was later replaced by vw Carmen Ghia when vw became their sponsor.
  2. How about 70 corvette with 350 engine & 4sp. A/c & p/s. In blue. Nice top down cruiser. Other choice 39 plymouth convertible. Maybe both if available at original price!
  3. Suggestion for next year. Saturday handicapped parking is too far from show field. 1 1/2 miles. Also no place to charge scooters by show field, had to push my wife’s scooter back to giant center. Great show as always!
  4. I will check with my agent but getting down to the wire now. Is it suggested or required? We are always very careful around the cars but things happen & then you have to man up & pay up.
  5. We are bringing a scooter we rented and were told we had to register it. Nothing was said about insurance. We have a placard from the state for our car. Hopefully we are ok.
  6. Last year they were recharging scooters by giant center. My wife is renting one here in nj for $100 for the week. Comes apart & fits in back of my Jetta wagon. I just can’t buy as many parts, no room left!
  7. I remember reading Tom Macahils roadtest of first a/c cobra w260 v8. 140mph! I was in love. I also remember him rolling over testing a Renault! He impressed me that a car had to corner well &not just go fast. My other favorite was Gus Wilson’s model garage. Part detective part mechanic. I diagnosed my bosses truck at age 16 with help from Gus. Like to think what I learned then helped me through my 40+ years working in the car business
  8. You should try a voltage drop test. Attach digital volt meter, pos to engine bock, neg to battery post. Crank engine & watch reading. Should be less than tenth of volt. You can move leads around to plan point where drop ls. Same for pos side. Battery post (positive) to starter post. We used this method my vow shop for years. Old bugs would burn throttle &heater cables if engine ground was bad. We had trouble with sciroccos losing spark when cranking in cold weather also. Resitance between trans mount & trans case(ground cable @ mount) caused back feed to stop spark but starter still worked. Hope this helps.
  9. my wife & I have been showing our 65ford for 9years in HPOF & this year we were not able to pick up our award-I just read the list & we are not on it! The judges viewed the car & no changes were made since last year. all seemed ok. Why is our car not listed? 1965 ford galaxie blue, 6cyl, 4door hardtop. vehicle #16690.
  10. I am lead tech at a large VW dealer & agree with mastertech that people do not do maint. I am required to go to school & maintain my training(ase & factory & state), some paid some not. We check over every car & top up fluids for free. Yes we may be expensive($111 @ hour)but I dont get that. we get little respect & work very hard for our pay. Many times I clock off a job but keep working so as not to run up the bill. Many times I speak with customers myself to ensure I get correct info. I test drive with customers with phantom noises & have to smile. 37yrs with VW & getting tired. Sorry if I ranted on. Not all dealers are crooks but we all take the blame & yes I try to upsell maint items but only as recommended by VW.
  11. My wife wants me to add her favorites. Brickers fries, ice cream from those guys with the hit & miss engine churn & dinner at the Crossroads diner, My sons always want Penn dutch chicken soup at Chocolate world. The soup however has gotten expensive & portions smaller. I got very very sick one year eating at the wrong stand so now I am very careful.
  12. My wife & I had similar concerns when we got our 65 ford. We got antique insurance & regular plates. We had that for 8yrs. Inspection was funny because line guys would stop to look & didnot know what to do about emmisions. We recently had to renew & opted for historic plates.(cheaper) Do not worry about police, they love old cars too. Just make sure your car is safe. If you come to Hershey look for us in HPOF. (blue 65ford w/jersey plates) Larry
  13. we uesd to have this problem with old vw's that sat too long. we took a large sledge hammer & whacked the face of the drum a few times & that always worked & never damaged anything. I never tried it on a car as old as yours. I hope this helps.
  14. We recieved our DVD yesterday & watched it last night. Good coverage of flea market & glad you had the high wheel event, but where was the saturday show? I was very disapointed that it was not included. Is there a reason you cannot show that part of the event? Years ago I got a vhs of Hershey & they didnot cover saturday either. I was hoping for shots of cars parading in & out or even a panning shot of the field.