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  1. Lifters where not frozen, went to Florida four for months, now back home. Going to pull motor since all front sheet metal is already off.
  2. Love old cars like this, however, ad gives no information about car. Also seems high to me, but honestly, I have no idea what a nicely finished car is worth.
  3. I know nothing about these cars. Is it normal for the gauges to be on the right and the steering wheel on the left, or has this car been converted to left hand drive?
  4. Who knows, will pull engine, take to my guy and let him figure it out.
  5. Push rods are free, I need to check lifters. Since all sheet metal is off car, I will most likely pull engine.
  6. If you saw all the stuff in his building you would know. Probably find it there some day.
  7. Do you know if a cam from a 1938 320 is the same as a 1940.
  8. Thanks, probably going to need a good cam. Very frustrated with the car at this point. Body is ready for paint, I bought the paint, orginal color is Monterey Blue and Silver french gray. Entire interior is redone in correct material, most chrome is done, grill needs to be redone in my opinion. I thought the engine was fine, since I had everything done to it years ago. About ready to sell it and be done with it. I have other cars. This was a virtually rust free, dent free car when I got it 40yrs ago. Unfortunately, the person I sold it too, a friend, just let it sit in a building. He lost the h
  9. Pulled one push rod, not bent, there moved freely.
  10. I am restoring a 1940 Roadmaster sport coupe. I owned the car 40 yrs ago, sold it unfinished, bought it back 4 yrs ago. Nothing was done to the car in the interim. I had the motor completely rebuild 35yrs ago, new babbit bearings, everything was done. Put the motor in the car, started it, ran beautifully. Sold it unfinished a couple years later. It then sat for 20yrs, not sure if it was even turned over. I bought it back, it turned freely, I started and it ran ok, but had a miss. I have started it occasionally since then, but yesterday decided to try and find the miss. Zero compression on last
  11. I just recently called Hibernia about having some paint mixed, they said they can no longer get the tints and are no longer doing custom mixes.
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