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  1. I can't say anything about having a car sit. The fun for me has always been doing the work. I have a beautiful 1968 impala convertible, that I finished nearly four years ago and I still have not registered it for the road. Hopefully this summer if DMV ever opens again.
  2. It is a sharp car, there is a cowl tag in one of the photos he posted in the ad. I really don't have any idea of value, but agree, 25000 seems a bit high for a car that has not been started in eight years.
  3. 1936 Buick 3-window coupe, straight 8, 3spd $25,000 · 01867 I have no connection to this car, found it on facebook marketplace and thought I would share it. I think you can get to the actual ad by searching 1936 Buick 3 window coupe. I only posted four pictures, guy has 37 photos in the ad. Hi guys thanks for the add. I'm trying to help a 75 yr old friend of mine to sell his 36 Buick three window coupe. Straight-8, 3spd manual, floor shifted. A very cool car that was restored 20 years ago and never driven. It's a very rare dual side-mount car. It's been in a garage ever since, comes with a ton of rare parts and manuals. I was last running 8 yrs ago. I'm sure this will be a blast to drive with a little work. He's asking $25k - not sure if he's being realistic or not... see pics. It's located in Massachusetts. Thanks! The first 4 pics are of the car when it was just completed, the rest were taken this past Saturday, as I found it. Stuffed with dryer sheets to prevent any mice from entering the car. .
  4. Car is worth whatever scrap price is.
  5. Hirsch in NJ mixed paint for this car years ago, can no longer do it. Hibernia has the ability,but said they are not mixing at this time. I will call them again in a week or so.
  6. I have tried several paint manufacturers, they could not come up with a cross reference code, they had mix codes but the paint bases are no longer available. I have dupont and Acme chips with the mix ratio, they are both different. I will probably haul the parts to Raleigh and see if they can come up with a match.
  7. Thanks guys, I actually started painting this car 40 years ago in multicellular lacquer, match was excellent. Got the body done then sold car. 35 years later I bought it back just like it was when I sold it. Closest place that can computer match is 1 1/2 hours away, but I guess that is what I will do. Need to take a door and coal vent. I was hoping someone might already have a color that had been matched. I am repainting entire car so it just needs to be close. Thanks for help.
  8. I am getting ready to paint my 40 Buick Roadmaster sport coupe. It was Monterey blue and silver French grey. No one seems to have mix codes for modern paint. I can go the nitrocellulose route, if required. How are you guys matching the paint?
  9. Just saw another one on market place in Raleigh, NC. 11000
  10. I have seen at least two advertised on the marketplace in Florida. My search is for area code 34601. This has been in the past month.
  11. Beautiful car, more photos, location and price might help create interest.
  12. I found a 1936 cabriolet less than two hours from my house. Older restoration that shows little to none of its age. Has period correct speed equipment.
  13. Several chipped teeth on second gear. I think the gear is available, need to find a rebuilder in my area.