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  1. Beautiful car, more photos, location and price might help create interest.
  2. I found a 1936 cabriolet less than two hours from my house. Older restoration that shows little to none of its age. Has period correct speed equipment.
  3. Several chipped teeth on second gear. I think the gear is available, need to find a rebuilder in my area.
  4. What models of Buick have the same transmission as a roadmaster. Also what other years would be the same as a 1940. Thanks in advance Lou
  5. Thanks all, I been there will 20 thousand in cash, like the wire or cashier check better.
  6. Anyone from NC to NJ with a nice 1935-1937 Ford coupe, convertible coupe of phaeton for sale. I do not want a trailer queen nor do I need anymore projects. Older restoration of clean original would be considered. Must be good mechanically. I love body work, I had mechanical work. Let me know what you have. Heading out to Hershey if nothing shows up within a reasonable distance. Lou
  7. I went to Hershey for many yrs and stopped about 10 yrs ago. Family issues prevented me from going. I plan to go this year and I will be looking for a 1935-1937 Ford Coupe, possibly a convertible coupe, maybe even a phaeton. My question regards money. In the old days I just took thousands in cash, don't want to do that any longer. My bank is Wells Fargo, are there places where you can go with a potential buyer and transfer funds or validate funds. Times have changed. Lou
  8. I have a 9000 lb warn winch, pulled a 40 Buick roadmaster with two locked wheels on trailer with no problem.
  9. 30,000 is very reasonable. I am currently restoring a 1940 76S that is Monterey blue and silver French grey, very similar color combo. Everything for these cars are expensive. Cloth alone for the interior was 1700. They are beautiful driving cars. I have only seen two other 1940 roadmaster coupes in all the shows I have gone to in the last forty years. Buy it and enjoy.
  10. Still trying to find a 1940 Buick Transmission that is in good condition. Car is a Roadmaster coupe, but I assume any big motor 1940 Trans will fit, anyone know what other years are compatible.
  11. I have had seven tire trailers with trailers in my years of towing. All seven were deemed defective and all seven were Goodyear tires. I am not a fan.
  12. I just took the top of the transmission case off and one gear is in bad shape. I believe it is 2nd gear. Does anyone have a good trans available. I live near South Boston, VA, but travel to South Jersey nearly every month. I do see that this gear is readily available, but I have no experience rebuilding a transmission. I am currently in Brooksville Florida for the winter. Lou
  13. Does anyone produce the plastic inserts that go on the door/window moulding. They fit into the chrome. Looking for inserts for a roadmaster coupe. Thanks