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  1. Buick Reatta/Riviera Lot For Sale! Included are 3 clusters, Riviera trim, two CRTs and 2 Tape players. These will need rebuilding and repair. Both CRTs function but there is nothing on the screen. The clusters are also in need of repair as well. Tape players click. If you are technically inclined these would be perfect! Make an offer!
  2. I paid under $2k for my 81 running and driving from an elderly lady who was hanging up the keys, besides a small dent it’s in excellent shape and I’m into it less than $2k and that was to fix all the little things with it down to the ac. The FS I’m going to be in about $2k to get it going but I did get it for free. I still will have to do paint and a headliner. But I got it for free so I’ll be into both about the same amount of $.
  3. well according to the article junk will always be junk in regards to postwar cars haha I might point out that 80s and 90s cars are still in daily service and can go hundreds of thousands of miles (3800 Buick’s, etc) without any major work.
  4. Yes they are cool cars for sure! I love my 81 too!
  5. Hey folks! So how to I fill up one of these suckers? There is no access from the floor pan which seems crazy to me! Should I get a pump of some kind? I don’t have a lift unfortunately....
  6. As you may recall I picked up this old gal for free back in July and I have a few updates!: The pictures below are it’s First time on a rack in at least 23 years! They have begun working on my Free Sinatra Imperial very excited and even more excited that I picked up all the spare parts with coupons and Cyber Monday sales! I went by to check on my Free FS Imperial yesterday they have already removed the gas tank and pump (in box below!) and here is what is happening with it: 1. Replacing the hydraulic plate with the NOS one that i have from the revised parts bin in the late 80s. I also have the copper inserts for the lines as well. Power module on the old unit is bad the pump is however good. Power is going to everything when key is turned (ASDM module is good) 2. Replacing throttle body unit with the NOS one that I have Both of the above they tested per the efi manual and are shot. The throttle body was stuck wide open and would not budge. 3. Replacing all fuel hoses and filters 4. Bleed brake system and replace master and hoses and wheel cylinders (possibly turn drums and rotors) 5. Replace starter 6. Repair fusible link wiring (not burned but a rat got to it) 7. Replace in tank fuel pump with external unit and clean tank. We are using a sending unit from a Mirada and an external pump matching the oem specs. External will also make it easy to replace yay! 8. Replace muffler and pipe (completely rusted) Thankfully I have 98% of the parts already! I told them of the story of the car and how I got it for free, both of the guys at the shop who are in their 60s told me how they had never seen an Imperial before let alone an FS one! The man working on it is extremely knowledgeable with ancient fuel injection from this era be it ford or Chrysler or GM and is an excellent trouble shooter, a mechanic not a “technician”!
  7. I found this in my grandfathers books, it would explain why he purchased the 48 Lincoln around this era! It’s so funny all of your 50s and 60s car collector’s cars aren’t considered collectible and never will be! I believe this foreshadows excellently what many of you feel about 70s to 90s cars which are 20 to 50 years old. Imagine a 48 Continental was 24 years old at this point when the book was printed!