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  1. Where can I find them without breaking the bank?
  2. MarkV

    Remembering our Veterans

    My grandpa Willison who served in WWII in the Merchant Marines and the Coast Guard, he served on the liberty ships and was constantly under attack!
  3. MarkV

    Remembering our Veterans

    This is my Great Uncle Doyle and he served honorably in WWII in Chemical Warfare. His Story is fascinating, thankfully he typed it out for my grandma and I many years ago. He passed away about eleven years ago. I will always remember his dedication and his loyalty to his family and friends and the amazing woodwork that he was always so talented at doing. He was one of several family members of mine who served in WWII, including several other great uncles and my Grandpa Willison.
  4. MarkV

    Remembering our Veterans

    To mark the 100th Anniversary of the end of the 'Great War' I thought I would post this photo of my Great Grandfather Charles Wesley Merriken who served in the trenches of Europe. He was specially trained in the browning machine gun and was a bugler as well. Following WWI he was sent to serve in the territory of Hawaii. After his service, his bugling would be featured in several movies most notably Edna Ferber's 1930 film 'Cimarron' which won the Academy Award for best picture.
  5. MarkV

    collector cars in California fire

    In 2003, the Grand Prix fire came through our area. A few hours before my mom and I moved her blazer and my 66 mustang to my friends house in downtown about 10 min south of mt. Baldy. My mom then sent my sister with my grandmother and my mom and I stayed until the fire came over the mountain and was feet away from our house. When we left the street was on fire as we escaped in the 85 corvette. It must have been about 130 degrees and filled with smoke. The fire moved so fast and no one expected it there. We didn’t lose our house but several on our street were gone. We tack it up to leaving our sprinklers on. When we we came back the next day the yard was bone dry and the water fountain was bone dry. I just restored the fountain all these years later and when I look at it I always remember. My mom and my step dad still live there.
  6. MarkV

    Help recommend a car for a 17 year old?

    1958 imperial, large, cheap, lots of parts, 50s with ac
  7. MarkV

    Damage to my 48 Lincoln

    No they called for a statement from him. They are just waiting for me to take it to a shop of my choice. The problem is the shop I’m planning on going to is filled up until next week. My insurance will fix and then go after the shop.
  8. MarkV

    Damage to my 48 Lincoln

    Update: the insurance called the shop and they refused to give their insurance information but promised they would “make good” yikes!
  9. So I took the Seville to the Clc show in la last weekend and it was very nice. I typically display photos, ads, etc with the car and in the trunk I made a display of items from 1977 or about 1977. What do you display with your car?
  10. Autozone and oreilly only had 1/4 in a multi pack
  11. Autozone and oreilly only had 1/4 in a multi pack
  12. MarkV

    Damage to my 48 Lincoln

    Well I saw the car about no more than 4 to 6 weeks ago and it was not there. Personally I can’t believe they were shocked it was just recklessness.
  13. MarkV

    Damage to my 48 Lincoln

    Called the insurance filed the claim, now I just have to find a body shop
  14. MarkV

    Damage to my 48 Lincoln

    No he didn’t figure anything. I was committed 1000% to getting the job done even with the chaos as we were going to use the Lincoln in our wedding pictures. Anytime he called me needing a part I ordered it the same day and had it shipped directly to him. I always was able to pay for 13 years and hundreds of projects, on this I paid $500 up front than another $500 at the jobs midpoint all cash then I settled in cash the day it was done their delay was on them not me. He told me he could do the job so I trusted him. They were just lazy and put it aside in favor of quicker jobs. I didn’t push because of these other situations and the unknown cost of sending it elsewhere. Let alone the fact that I paid already to get things rolling. Can you imagine trying to get that refunded? Also I took several other cars to him during the intervening time to do various repair jobs he was always promptly paid. I wish they would have been honest with me and just told me they couldn’t do it.
  15. MarkV

    Damage to my 48 Lincoln

    Life happened all since I dropped the car off: got married laid off (hired at a new place within three weeks but it set me back a month financially) Numerous major home repairs, sewer, hvac, plumbing, fence finished my second masters degree had to buy a new daily driver and put money there (Volt) and my wife needed another car. i had to settle my grandmothers estate (lots of attorney bills! ) Finances being diverted was the only reason why it went on so long on my end as I didn’t have an unlimited source of income for this project during much of those two years to where I could take it elsewhere. Also i didn’t want to pressure the guy too much because of this. The biggest issue was that they tore apart the car within two months and I didn’t want to have to haul it somewhere else. I work 18 hour days and I don’t have time to do major work to my cars. I have to rely on others. The problem was the son took over the business in the intervening years and botched this project and he is nothing like the dad. I also called every week or so and was promised progress was being made. Went down about once a month and progress was slow but moving forward especially in the last 6 months. After I pressured them. With all this going on now life has calmed down and I am active on this forum again, going to car shows, and have a little bit of money to put towards my cars. My wife is also very supportive too!