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  1. Problem solved! So it looks like the overdrive cable was halfway out, so not in overdrive and not in regular, pushed it in and voila no noise! No grinding smooth as glass. will have to get a new cable as it is now stuck pushed in and cannot be moved. Anyone know where I can find one?
  2. So I took it for a drive it sounds more like a rattle rubbing against the clutch pedal and I hear it very slightly without the clutch in and it seems to change if I go over bumps It sounds like it’s coming from the center or drivers side. When going uphill I don’t hear it at all. What could be loose?
  3. I forgot to mention it only happens when I am driving and not in idle so maybe it’s something loose that is just reverberating throughout the pedals? Unreleated but what trans fluid fluid do I use in the car?
  4. 1. Yes it was the inspection plate my mistake 2. Standard 3 they replaced the starter with the original after a rebuild the one that is sold the drive is too big so they were seeing if it would fit by removing the inspection plate 4 what’s odd is it’s only happening when the clutch is depressed 5 they told me to bring it Saturday
  5. This was the photo they sent me when they were trying to figure out why the new starter wouldn’t fit.
  6. New radiator just before completion and rusted inlet
  7. Thought I would give an update! I have owned the Imperial for 1 month. So far I have done the following: 1. Replaced the radiator and hoses as well as thermostat and housing (the housing rusted through). The radiator was rusted through. 2. Had wheel cylinders replaced and front torsion bar adjusted. 3 new tires 4 new battery and voltage regulator 5 I picked up a few spare parts from a wrecked imperial I found The car is still not charging sadly so i took it to a mechanic and it looks like there is a short somewhere, I am also having them replace the temp sensor, window gear and the blower. I also had the chance to clean it up and buff it out a bit. My current problem is trying to figure out how the springs hook on behind the grille? Mine was missing them and the grille was going back and forth as a result as it was not being pushed out.
  8. Hello everyone so I had the starter replaced in my 48 Lincoln. The one from Mack’s that is 12 volt with the bendix drive would not fit. The shop I took it to tried to see if it would fit and removed the flex plate on the trans. It would not fit, so I had to get the original starter redone which took about a week. Anyway I took the car for a drive today and felt and heard a slight clicking sound when depressing the clutch the trans was rebuilt 5 years ago. Would this have something to do with them moving the flex plate? Maybe it needs adjustment?
  9. Well I am into 1940s and 1970s and some 1980s luxury cars. This is mostly due to the fact that this is what I grew up around with my WWII grandfather born in 1916. The earlier cars don’t do much for me because sadly they can’t be enjoyed here in ca due to the insane traffic (I only take my 21 out twice a year) even my forties cars have a hard time so they don’t get out much but they are started weekly. 50s cars do nothing for me except the 58 imperial and the Mark II. 60s cars are so common and not exciting (I own a 66 mustang which was my first car). My tastes now in car buying are luxury 70s and 80s. I have the Seville 77, 2 reattas, and now my 81 Imperial. I feel that if I am going to buy a classic I want to keep up with traffic and have something super comfortable to drive and the nice part? I find great deals on these mostly under $2k and they are nice and clean usually original or second elderly owner and they get a lot of looks. As as far as cars getting passed down/sentimentality my 21 Chevy, and 41 dodge came through 3 generations, the Lincoln was my grandpas and I bought it back. The caddy is a clone of my grandpas and that is why I bought it.
  10. Full story: “It’s Time for You” So for many years I have loved the 1981 to 1983 Imperials. Famously sold by Iacocca and Sinatra and famous for their infamous 10k recall of the fuel injection system and their ticket price in 1981 being more than any other American car. 10 years ago I test drove a Sinatra but sadly I couldn’t sell my mark v fast enough. Most are either junked or very expensive outside what I am willing to pay. Flash forward to this year and my wonderful wife asks me what I want for a gift for a few different holidays and I of course said an Imperial. So I set out looking for one and I found that junk one last week that was too far gone then I found this one posted the next day. Which is highly unusual for an imperial as most were junked. So I corresponded with the owner who told me that his mom was the second owner for the last 19 years. She is 91 and lost her license due to the trim damage in the back (thankfully no paint or body damage). He told me at had all records back to 1981 and that it was a factory carb conversion. So we set up a time yesterday morning to look at it. It was pouring rain and he was surprised I showed up. I found he car in good shape interior and the paint is shiny and the original but with bad tires and a sagging front. So I took it for a test drive and fell in love. I told him of my love for the Imperials and the fact my grandpa Frimand collected Mopars and that I still have his 1941 Dodge. He told me he did too and that the imperial had a rebuilt transmission and new suspension in front and that his mom loved the car so much but it was time for her not to drive. So in the rain I made him a very low offer (cheaper than a phone), and what was in our gift budget. I fully expected him to say no but to my surprise he said yes! He said he was glad it was going to someone who appreciated it and that it’s small foibles would be fixed. When we were doing the transaction he almost forgot to take the $ from me which showed me he wasn’t selling it for money. I called AAA and the tow truck showed up. The poor driver almost got run over by morons trying to scoot past on a small residential street. One tire even went up the ramp of the truck (see photos). I towed it to my old tire and brake place which was empty due to the rain where the gentleman worked on these new. He told me the suspension was all new! He said it just needs a torsion bar adjusted and two wheel cylinders rebuilt. So under $100 later I had the imperial loaded on the tow truck this time my wife called using her AAA membership and had it towed home (because of the rain and the horrible tires which were bald and destroyed due to the torsion bar and bad alignment). When I got it home I went through the trunk and found loads of spare parts and the receipts. She saved and wrote on every receipt times and dates. She also took a mature safe driving course. The imperial needs the passenger stainless trim replaced below the door and around the wheel well. It also needs the ac fixed and the drivers window. But it drives beautifully and starts on the first try. Thank you to my beautiful wife for the gift and for understanding me and for helping me live my dreams with this and my Seville 🙂. I look forward to many fun years driving this rare and unique car around!
  11. Got it home, still needs a good cleaning!
  12. Well I’m glad it’s in fairly good shape and running a registered. I am also happy that it needed wheel cylinders and a tortion bar adjustment and alignment. Apparently the whole front end has been redone. Lots of newer parts under the hood too.