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  1. So recently I came across a 1986 New Yorker Turbo with the talking feature! I’m thinking of purchasing the car. What do you know about this interesting feature?
  2. Well folks, I ended up finding the reason why the car failed smog and it was a missing rubber gasket around the hydraulic plate (unit ontop of the intake) with this missing there was a vacuum leak. Also I noticed they charged me for wheel cylinders and they were never installed in the car! Lol so I have emailed the owner now regarding this and one of my missing manuals. They did a nice job mostly but I’m glad I got it out of there!
  3. I own a running driving 1921 Chevrolet 490 ask away!
  4. well I went up to check on the car no progress so I brought an air sensor and four screws and a plug later it was all fixed. I settled up for the tail pipe and the brake work they did and am just waiting for the tow truck. i thanked them for their work. But it was time to get it home. I still have to replace the egr valve and belts but that’s small stuff!
  5. 41 Dodge D19 and a 21 Chevrolet 490
  6. So everything is done on the Reatta I picked up for $400! Spent about $1700 or so getting it right: new ecm cam magnet, crank sensor, cam sensor timing chain, water pump, fluid change, abs sensor leads replaced, ac repaired new battery and alternator and belt coil and ignition module. And the ignition cylinder and fork thing replaced I replaced a lot of it as much was being removed for the timing chain anyway so I only had to pay for parts. and of course a good cleaning! I’ll post some more Detailed pics later!
  7. I took one of my cars to a mechanic and he did a beautiful job getting it running and doing the work. Besides a misunderstanding back in February with some of the bills for the car it’s been smooth sailing and I have been generally happy. It’s been there since November. There is still a hesitation with the car. However the project seems to be at a dead stop the last three or four weeks or so. I’m thinking I should pick it up and figure it out myself. It seems to be taking a back seat to his other cars because “it’s a project car” I feel it shouldn’t as we are no longer waiting for parts etc. and there is simple issue. Also I am sure not paying a discounted rate. anyone else go through this? Should I set a deadline for the mechanic?
  8. $1500?!?? Haha they are taking you to the cleaner. An OBD1 catalytic costs around $200 to $400 installed.
  9. If you were in Southern California I have a perfect place its failing because of the vacuum leak it’s making the car not running right
  10. Welcome! I’m a huge fan of the 70s and 80s cars and have been here for 13 years on the forum. Sadly and for some odd reason many still don’t view 70s cars as collectible or worthwhile. yet the newest 70s car is over 40 years old. In the year I joined this forum my 66 Mustang was 40 and was well considered a classic going back at least a decade or more prior to that. Some people need to catch up with the times!
  11. mine is not for sale, I have three of these 81 to 83 imperials and just picked up another efi 82 that has been parked since 1993!
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