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  1. Welcome! I’m a huge fan of the 70s and 80s cars and have been here for 13 years on the forum. Sadly and for some odd reason many still don’t view 70s cars as collectible or worthwhile. yet the newest 70s car is over 40 years old. In the year I joined this forum my 66 Mustang was 40 and was well considered a classic going back at least a decade or more prior to that. Some people need to catch up with the times!
  2. mine is not for sale, I have three of these 81 to 83 imperials and just picked up another efi 82 that has been parked since 1993!
  3. Well there doesn’t seem to be much information even though this model revolutionized Chevrolet and 1921 was the year of General Motors. my particular car has been in my family since 1972 and it was the first car I ever worked on with my grandpa at age 4 or so. I do have photos of it back in 1921 which I will post. (Yes my exact car!) it used to be on display at the dealer my grandfather worked at for 50 years. They sold New in 1921 and it was the first car they sold. So I have some of that documentation.
  4. I popped a new battery and some gas into my 490 last week and took it for a long drive! Anyone out there still have one? Are there any good references besides VCCA, etc for them?
  5. Perhaps ‘cheap’ is the only thing people can afford. as far as car parts I bought a beautiful set of tires for my 48 one of the huge expensive name brands that rimes with ogre. I’ve now had to trade them out under warranty three times. Yet the ones from Korea last years and years and were a quarter as much! This old notion of getting what you pay for is not necessarily true anymore.
  6. Online, online and online all items should be archived in or with something like Jstor. Paper archives and libraries of car information don’t work anymore. The odds of me visiting one are low to 0. Not only there is the time component but accessibility. There is very little possibility I will ever visit the AACA let alone have enough time to research. It’s sad but that’s how today’s society is. on the other hand if it was online, organized and complete I would consult it often!
  7. Oh yes! But only one speaker works right now! The fact the efi is running is a miracle as most were pulled
  8. Last week the 82 Sinatra was driveable after 23 years! (See link above) drove it down a back road and filled her up with gas! Still a hesitation to deal with and it’s getting a new exhaust this week too.
  9. I must chime into this topic! so last summer a guy from the Imperial club gifted me a Sinatra Imperial that hadn’t been driven in 23 years due to the efi, etc. I love these cars and wanted one bad (see my post from 2008) He was 6 hours north in San Diego. He aired up the tires and replaced a blown out one for me. i called a transport broker and told them the car had to be moved immediately and told me that they couldn’t get someone out there until the next day, then there was no one. The car unregistered was in the street so i was worried about impound. broker after broker dropped the ball I even had a few cuss me out as I told them to cut the bs. Finally found a broker in Florida who only charged a $75 fee and they had someone there in 3 hours! Excellent company I left them a great review. The transporter also moved the car 400 miles for $450. I have never had to move a car long distance before but I had a good experience with the last broker they were true to their word and got their transporter out there in three hours!
  10. Goodyear Arrivas from 1982 and Michelins from the later 80s
  11. but people are saying I paid too much at $400 for this reatta no rust and needed a timing chain! Lol Let me tell you what happened- Some vendors were selling parts for too much. It soured the market. As a result people began to avoid the reattas especially as prices for the cars plummeted. So then people moved on to other cars. Demand also went down as a decent driver reatta price went up and most of the low price ones are junk. Then you have stupid articles about what an electronic ‘nightmare’ the car is which is purely not true.
  12. $400 and the tires are new seriously the set of tires was $400 no doubt! Even IF I put 2k into it and everything was new you have a completely new Reatta more or less lol.