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  1. New tires! The old ones were from 1989!
  2. Sadly no but they were standard commercial releases I have most of them
  3. Was it specifically a Sinatra edition? There were about 200 made. They are rare and far between.
  4. Im not parting it out it’s still in restorable complete condition. Was your nice one owner one a Sinatra? I have not seen one near that price for about 5 years most nice ones are now in the 10 to 15k range. Plain Jane imperials are easy to come by for cheap like my 81 was. I didn’t get this one it to resell it. I wanted one for ten years never found an FS anywhere near locallyBringing them back is all the fun. I have an 81 as well as this 82. My 81 though is not an FS and it is fairly plain with a cloth interior. As as far as the asterisk yes that was on carbed ones like my 81 this 82 has the asterisk but the previous owner swapped it out. Thankfully I have an efi cluster which I will install. I have ave a whole complete original working imperial fi system coming in the mail in addition to the throttle body hydraulic unit (still new in the box)
  5. They only made a couple hundred of them. I found some prelim info my 1981 is non injected and was converted to a carb by Chrysler during the tsb I do have a plug on a good efi system that I’m being given in trade for a imperial radio that I don’t need.
  6. Hello everyone! Well I just picked up a free, yes free 1982 Chrysler Imperial Sinatra! It hasn’t been on the road since 1997 due to issues with the original fuel injection still in the car. I have been working on cleaning it and mainly obviously the paint is baked but very little rust seat bottoms need to be reupholstered. The car is complete and the wiring in great shape. It’s like it was parked and left. I spoke to both of the previous owners and found out the history going back to 1988. It came with with a number of free spare parts as well! 1. Should I keep the original FI? (Yes I have read the issues and know about the Imperial site). I have the opportunity to get every efi part for free and al in good working order. 2. If I convert it to carb what is a setup for the 318 that is CARB compliant for California? 3. Other suggestions to get this thing rolling?
  7. Problem solved! So it looks like the overdrive cable was halfway out, so not in overdrive and not in regular, pushed it in and voila no noise! No grinding smooth as glass. will have to get a new cable as it is now stuck pushed in and cannot be moved. Anyone know where I can find one?
  8. So I took it for a drive it sounds more like a rattle rubbing against the clutch pedal and I hear it very slightly without the clutch in and it seems to change if I go over bumps It sounds like it’s coming from the center or drivers side. When going uphill I don’t hear it at all. What could be loose?
  9. I forgot to mention it only happens when I am driving and not in idle so maybe it’s something loose that is just reverberating throughout the pedals? Unreleated but what trans fluid fluid do I use in the car?
  10. 1. Yes it was the inspection plate my mistake 2. Standard 3 they replaced the starter with the original after a rebuild the one that is sold the drive is too big so they were seeing if it would fit by removing the inspection plate 4 what’s odd is it’s only happening when the clutch is depressed 5 they told me to bring it Saturday
  11. This was the photo they sent me when they were trying to figure out why the new starter wouldn’t fit.
  12. New radiator just before completion and rusted inlet