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  1. Im in California very well aware of arizona and how it bakes every rubber part. Im sure it’s fine but, their asking is still too high. If it was closer to me I would consider it but once again the ask is very high for what it is
  2. Yup they popped those on eBay and think they are gold
  3. Considering I bought a car for a few hundred dollars just a few months ago probably worth anywhere between $100-$200 each
  4. Hope they enjoy the $5k they get after all the fees. They really should have worked a bit harder listing it in places like this and for a more competitive price. the problem with all of this is that the car has been sitting outside along with the parts for years.
  5. Hello everyone looking for the following: wiring harness tail light lenses horns and relay hood hinges and springs hood release rear passenger stainless windshield and side window glass driveshaft (everything from trans to rear diff) wheel cylinders and master cylinder and hoses wiring diagram front bumper guard gas cap passenger armrest radio courtesy light housing and glass passenger rear fender steering wheel center oil filter housing and lines
  6. Reading the recent posts about that 42 Connie I’m wondering what everyone’s preference is: 1. Purchase a complete and assembled car to restore? Or someone else’s disassembled project? 2. A full or partial restoration?
  7. 12k is too much cash talks, I would have taken 7-9k cash in an envelope and see if they would take it. Why all this back and forth? Just looking at the boxes of parts it was meticulous and I would have offered $7k and see what they say. (Up from my previous of $5k) remember in the eyes of the family this is probably a junk car and boxes of parts taking up space that was purchased forty years ago and money long spent. for those worried about a widow getting ripped off the price is a bit high and they know that. My primary concern would be the storage in the elements, who would store an open disassembled car like that?
  8. Tell her $7k cash who is sally rand? She certainly isn’t Frank Sinatra!
  9. I’ve got a 1921 490! It only goes about 25 mph on a good day so this golf cart engine is probably enough to haul it
  10. Well take it from a guy who rescued his grandfathers 48 Lincoln 17 years after he sold it (I found it and bought it back). These cars are expensive with the original v12. Luckily I have a flathead Mercury v8 in mine which was put in during the 50s. The v12 is a horrific engine. the trim parts on these are very expensive and there are so many. Lots of the parts dealers think they have gold. Yet these have an ever fading fan base and dying interest. 75% of the people I knew a decade ago who liked these and were in our club are dead. what I did was convert mine to 12 volt, put in new wiring and fuse box and an alternator and it’s great! It was not original anyway but I love it and it’s story. I would pay no more than 3-5k for your example. Did I mention parts are expensive and impossible to come by?
  11. Yes absolutely! Considering it has been off the road for the better part of 6 decades it’s progress!
  12. Back in august I saved this 1940 Studebaker Champion off of a trailer! After decades she runs again (lots of protest initially smoking, pops and booms! etc!). It looked like it was someone’s project many decades ago and the engine was pulled and reinstalled. The oil pan was spotless etc. I replaced the water pump, thermostat, distributor, radiator (which was recored in the trunk!), tires, hoses and belt, as well as the starter and fuel pump. basically now I’m onto the following: 1. I need a driveshaft it was missing. 2. Re wire 3. reattach the transmission linkages 4. change trans and differential fluid 5. reattach the exhaust system.
  13. Get the generations correct! Gen Z are the sensitive ones not us! We didn’t grow up with participation trophies
  14. I hate it when they say “what’s the least you will take” it’s like whatever it says in the ad! And cash talks
  15. well read up on the efi that was specifically on these imperials only. I successfully repaired this one and one other. There are only about 15 left with running efi!
  16. Still have to do the interior but I replaced the console and cluster and cleaned it several times through the years.
  17. A little over two years ago I saved this Sinatra imperial from about five hundred miles north. It was stored outside and hadn’t run since 1996. I had it painted and just got it back from the shop! Now with everything else done I just need to get the interior done!
  18. your friend needs to hire a public adjuster or attorney immediately on that house claim. Last year my wife and I about four weeks after we came home with our daughter noticed water coming up through the raised floor. No water lines are under there but it appears water came from potentially the washer or the dishwasher or both end went up under the floor. I called the insurance thinking they would just cut out the floor etc. no they gutted the kitchen a bathroom laundry room etc. we had to move out because of it for 6 months my daughter was a premature newborn and initially they wanted us to stay in a house that 1/3 was destroyed and they were doing asbestos and lead remediation. Did I also mention their remediation team hacked away at the walls and destroyed and damaged my wiring, etc? damages were about 65k insurance tried to pay out 14k our building code states when walls are torn out everything (wiring etc) has to be brought to current code. I had code upgrade on the policy and the best replacement policy as well (the one that doesn’t depreciate) they didn’t want to honor that or anything else. Then two weeks later after they gave me $13k they sent a letter denying everything else. their last ditch thing was to put me in front of their special investigations unit for questioning me after I threatened a lawsuit with a certified letter to the president of the company. Because “it was unusual we were out of the house for so long” and that I knew so much about building code (yes I can read!!) really? There was a pandemic raging, plus the holidays and shortages (it took four weeks to get the right breakers) and it took 15 weeks to get the cabinets in and another eight to get them installed as the installer came down with covid and their workers quit to claim unemployment and one died. Let alone scheduling the electrician to rewire 1/3 of our house and install a sub panel to bring it up to code, plumber (for gas and sewer), plaster guys, paint and floor. did they really think I wanted to have this happen during a pandemic with a premature newborn and a sick wife? I owned the house for years and the kitchen was redone just a couple of years before. They ended up paying for everything except the sewer line replacement under the kitchen (which I did out of precaution on my own) I find that many insurance people are morons, and think the public is scamming them yet they are the scammers low balling claims by tens of thousands and fine print or denying claims, they don’t think, and cause lots of misery. The bigger the claim the worse it is. If you don’t want to insure don’t write the policy. Their final gimmick this year was to raise the premium by $300 and want it paid in one payment which I did. I called them out on it and they said the one payment thing was a ‘clerical error’ Never go it alone on big house claims never.
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