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  1. Fortunately it went to a great guy even if he would sell it to me I don’t have the garage space for it.... but I am selling my model T and🤔
  2. Went to our local car show last night when a friend said hey check out the old tow truck coming in! The truck turned out to be a 1937 dodge wrecker that I had lusted after since I was a teenager The Dodge dealer had it since it was new I was after it for years I used to play in it when I young when I got my driver license I would drive there and beg the old man to sell it to me this guy got rid of nothing cars he took in trade in the 40s through the 70s when the place finally closed His son tried to keep the place afloat by using it as a jiffy lube and eventually the town started to get on him about all the old cars laying around and they just started hauling cars out so I said please please if you won’t sell the tow truck at least can we push it inside to preserve it! There it sat for many years it disappeared and the beautiful Art Deco building was torn down . The man who owns it now has an industrial pipe company and he plans on preserving it lovely
  3. Had a 1986 Jeep Comanche pick up with a factory Renault turbo diesel and 5 speed . Starter broke off the bell housing common problem . Lived on a hill to jump start it but had to leave it running if I went anywhere where there was no hills this went on for months before I finally pulled the trans and welded the broken piece back on
  4. TAKerry you are correct about the meaning of rusty I live here in NewYork state where 5 year old cars a rotted to death because of salt use in winter Yes this car has surface rust no rot like some other old cars around here My 1925 Dodge Brothers Woody sat outside underneath a tarp for 31 years no rust or rot amazingly it was very dry where it sat
  5. Yeah sorry about that sent the text from my I pad but couldn’t send pictures they were on my phone
  6. For the week people have been telling me about a ModelA aren’t they all over in the next town over so I’d figured what the hey Soon as I saw it I knew what it was 1931 Pontiac looks to of had a repaint in the 50s or 60s nice strait no rust car might run does have a new battery door panels redone asking price is 10 thousand I personally do not think it’s worth that but what do I know I am a Dodge Brothers guy whoops photos in a bit
  7. Got my pan kit from Meyers the other day trying to figure out what felts go where I can tell the smaller one is the one that gets glued to the rear main Bering cap But the two larger ones are my concern Someone told me the larger ones go in the slits on either side on the rear of the pan they would not fit too large and too long also there is no felt on the front of the pan Do I cut one of the larger ones to use in the front? Any help would be greatly appreciated 1925 Dodge Brothers 12 v
  8. Just got my parts order in from Meyers great people to talk to My car is a 25 4 cyl 12 volt I see where the front and rear felts go but can’t see where the third one would go Any help would be great pictures too. John
  9. Nearchocklatown thanks once I took the front cover the light bulb came on Bent the locking tabs back and tapped on the locking ring got my 1/2 inch slack adjustment .now to tackle the water pump rebuild. Ordering lots of parts from Meyers this week and hopefully will see them at Carlisle Thank again for a point in the right direction. John
  10. Looks like a BMW twin turbo v8 out for some valve stem seals$$$$🤣🤣🤣🤣
  11. Took the oil pan off for a little sludge maintenance on my25 dodge Cantrell noticed some slack in the starter generator chain Loosened all the bolts I could find but cannot seem to turn the generator am I missing something?
  12. Starter Generator just seem to get it to turn to make the adjustment
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