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  1. Nearchocklatown thanks once I took the front cover the light bulb came on Bent the locking tabs back and tapped on the locking ring got my 1/2 inch slack adjustment .now to tackle the water pump rebuild. Ordering lots of parts from Meyers this week and hopefully will see them at Carlisle Thank again for a point in the right direction. John
  2. Looks like a BMW twin turbo v8 out for some valve stem seals$$$$🤣🤣🤣🤣
  3. Took the oil pan off for a little sludge maintenance on my25 dodge Cantrell noticed some slack in the starter generator chain Loosened all the bolts I could find but cannot seem to turn the generator am I missing something?
  4. Starter Generator just seem to get it to turn to make the adjustment
  5. Doing big maintenance on the 25 Cantrell head off for a de carb pan off for sludge removal and to check overall engine health looks good so far ! My silent chain has a lot of slack and I want to adjust it have all the bolts loose.... that I can find Just can’t seem to get the SG to turn John
  6. Looking for a passenger side idler arm for a 1962 GMC 3500 v 3505 truck gvw is 18000 any help would be greatly appreciated. John phone 862 354 3535
  7. Car is sold thank you all for looking
  8. Yeah guys the corvette is really cool last raced in 1977 owner is a really great guy asked if it was for sale he said not shure yet frame is really chopped up set up for Ford 9 inch. Tilt nose has a 427 hilbourn injection Told him he should buy a stock rolling frame and set the body on it and make it streetable he’s thinking about it Trying to load a video of the car racing in 1968 but not working
  9. Doing corn inspections in Pa and Mass. usually turns up some cool stuff some totally rusted cars some not 1926 model T sitting since late 60s witch I was able to purchase and a early MGA sitting according to inspection sticker since 73 still trying to track down the owners And a plastic car as well😁. John
  10. Not a barn find but an under a tarp find note large carriage house in background 1925 dodge Brothers Cantrell sitting 30 years Runs great repairing some wood going to be my daily driver this summer!
  11. Supercargirl is correct about searching other car forums. I found a ton of information about my 1925 dodge brothers Cantrell I found a site that did a story on the Cantrell body works added a picture of the car Two months later I get a call from a very nice gentleman in Montana inquiring about the car sent him some photos and said I found that car in Colorado in 1969 at a gold mine restored it sold it to a friend in 1974 From there it went to New Jersey witch makes sense it has a 1978-79 parking sticker from the town his friend sold it to.From there it went to Pennsylvania not far from where
  12. Watching Motor Week last night they did a pice on this museum Duesenbergs As Ts lots of cool stuff 2 hour drive from my home gonna check it out this summer Check it out o u tube. John
  13. Dang it it’s snowing here in Orange County NY again!
  14. A great 47 degree day here in upstate NY snow melting butt.......20s tonight and snow forecast for Thursday and Friday 🤬
  15. Thank you mike 2064 that would be great ! The price is very negotiable we need the space here it is a great parts car for someone I have no internet in the car as I am into pre war cars . Thanks again. John
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