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  1. Was kidding sat for 30 plus years I’ve known about it for 10 I did pay for it
  2. Thanks for the reply near chocolatetown I knew that🤣 Been sanding wood for awhile and helping a friend sandblast a old Wayne 60 gas pump
  3. Thanks Pete k just needed a little assurance. Coil mounting was not my idea😁
  4. Going to be ordering some engine parts this week pan gasket head gasket and water pump rebuild kit for my 25 . Just want to be shure I get the right parts. Engine number is. A434 464 footwell tag A 385085 Any help is greatly appreciated. John
  5. Hiding in the bushes over 30 years now I have it It’s living a much better life now!
  6. I go to the Woody forum I know it’s been a rough summer but it’s a snooze fest over there Awesome site !!
  7. Where did you find this? Need to have a T made up of this ! So cool. John
  8. Jeeeze nobody’s posted here since last year!!?? Anybody got more great Woody pictures? Cleared brush in a neighbors backyard and found this🤣
  9. Hey SMB cool momma mirage I had the exact same one it was 5 years old when I bought it. Wish I still had it!
  10. Been sanding varnish off the 25 Dodge Suburban and replacing some of the rotted wood
  11. O just found the pictures of model T sitting since early 70s
  12. 26 t in a barn in PA last October was restored in the 60s run drives great! 1925 dodge 3/4 ton Suburban sat outside next to a carriage house covered for 31 years cleaned it up put 10 1/2 miles already
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