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  1. Something I have really missed this year is the Memorial Day flag display downtown near the river walk. Local businesses and individuals sponsored a flag and last year there were over 200 of them. I guess the virus squashed it.
  2. I was a big fan of the original Penny Dreadful series on Showtime and kinda thought "meh" when City of Angels was announced, but boy have I been pleasantly surprised! City of Angels is every bit the equal of the original. Plus there are dozens of 20s and 30s cars including a Pierce with Lalique eagle mascot. I won't spill the plotline, and if you're easily unsettled or think history should be rewritten to sanitize things for modern standards, City of Angels is probably not for you. It will take you to dark and disturbing places and the vernacular of 1938 Los Angeles is not sanitized at all. But oh the cars. Episode 3 had a hot swing dancing scene too. COA is also a tour de force for actress Natalie Dormer who plays FOUR different characters. Enjoy it! Waiting for the box sets to come out...
  3. I am. I did it mainly to avoid forgetting to send in the renewal, but I intend to have in my obituary that I was an AACA Life Member.
  4. I have found that Super Lube works well on adjustable wrenches AKA knucklebusters too. I used some PB Blaster on one of the push drills to free it up but I actually think some powdered graphite might be better for one with exposed spiral like the Yankee. Last year Spring Carlisle found a guy who had a case of Lock-Ease graphited fluid for a buck a bottle. Since I was there and it was there...
  5. As me Grandma would have said, I am "partial" to that Allstate dwell-tach too. That's one of the oldest ones I've seen. Totally cool!
  6. I dig that WIZARD ratchet! Been accumulating various WIZARD hand tools the last few years as it seems they weren't as common here as others, though 3 towns within 20 miles all had Western Auto stores. My uncle had beaucoups of Montgomery Ward Powr-Kraft hand tools from when they lived in Baltimore. I don't know what happened to them but I'd love to have them for the connection to him as well as to a brand no longer existing. Friend has found a list of Craftsman tools that you can find out what company made the tools for Sears and when. I didn't have any sand in my ratchets, just a lot of dried or non-existent grease. WD40, Q-Tips and a film of SynCo Super Lube synthetic grease I got at Harbor Freight made them work smoothly again. I swear some of those ratchets weren't this smooth new...
  7. I had wondered about those 19/32 and 29/32 wrenches that are in some older sets I've picked up. Truthfully I figured they were some Chrysler weirdness because I never found that size fastener on GM or even tractors...😜 Good to know what they're for as it helps me date those wrenches within a few years. I picked up an ancient S-K toolbox with a decal on the lid at an auction last year. Until that time never knew S-K stood for Sherman-Klove. I've taken to picking up push drills at swap meets, flea markets, antique shops etc and have gotten lucky enough to find some still with all the bits. Got one brass one from Bell Telephone. Yes, cordless drills made them obsolete but I enjoy using them on quick-n-dirty jobs. Been wasting time today taking apart old ratchets and doing a clean and lube on them. Amazing how good these old Craftsman, NAPA and Blackhawk pieces work now!
  8. If the local guy has older program cards for his bender I'd go that route and support a local business. Plus if the prebent system needs "tweaking", you'll prob end up visiting him anyway. Resonators are a personal preference. On a convert, they may eliminate exhaust "droning". They were generally installed to quiet things down as much as possible.
  9. Finding a Viking (or Marquette) makes your Caballero Riviera wagon look positively common. Try the RE Olds Museum in Lansing. They may have a lead on one.
  10. I'd have to dig the books out of storage, but you're already ahead of the game by knowing 1974 Cutlass (not S, Supreme or Salon), 442 and Hurst/Olds use the base (AF) header panel, headlight bezels and bumper. The grilles are the difference. Base car uses one, 442/Hurst use a different one. One from an AF four door will work. Not that that makes one any easier to find. No repos that I know of and the grilles/bumpers are difficult to find. I looked for a good set of 442/Hurst grilles for my Pace Car for years. Visit . Lot of knowledge over there and some 73-77 guys. There used to be a 73-77 Olds forum but it is long gone. You might be able to find it by googling but not sure how much is left of it.
  11. Uncle had a 68 Landau Sedan that had this roof console. He always said the low fuel indicator never came on till you were out of gas and the seat belt light would sometimes lose its mind and never go off till next time the car was started. He had a theory the car had been hit by lightning before he got it at 2 years old. I always thought the local Ford dealer mechanics just didn't understand the electric/electronic complexities of Thunderbirds. That Landau was the only car that ever made me carsick. Really soft sprung, and me in the back seat with those blind panels on the doors wasn't a good combination.
  12. Am I the only one who doesn't get "patina"? Especially if someone has gone to trouble and expense of making the interior and drivetrain very nice, but then clearcoats rusty metal and worn-thru paint. An unrestored original car, or even something like that Olds Limited that showed up some years ago is one thing, but I don't see finishing part of the car to standard and then ignoring the rest. Someone on another board I frequent once had a sig line "Patina doesn't mean holes big enough to sling a cat through". Maybe I'm not meant to understand such things.
  13. The Prince of Wales was often seen picking the boys up from school and activities in the Aston. I've read HRH Elizabeth would often give the guards the slip and sneak out in a Vauxhall Estate Wagon, though I'm sure she no longer drives. Face it- HRH was a motor pool mechanic in WW2. She's a gearhead!
  14. I dig that description as "hydra magic"! Sums it up nicely. We used to always say the powerplant ran of "FM"- **ing magic!
  15. When i cancelled landline service a few years back, I told the Verizon CSR I felt bad for whoever got that number next as it was on every call list in the country. The nice lady says "that's why we wait about a year before reassigning it". Now why couldn't they have done something about the nuisance calls when I had the landline? With elections in Vajenya, it's been really maddening the past week. At least it will all be over today. Kinda self serving on the pols' part to exempt themselves from the Do Not Call registry- which in my experience does little to no good. I get voicemails from 212 area code in Chinese sometimes, and the only thing I can understand is "Blue Cross Blue Shield". I expect that to ratchet up the next couple weeks too.