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  1. Maaco may be my best route unless I can find an opening at the vo-tech highschool. With 409k on the car, it's become a point of honor to keep it running, and while it runs and drives 100%, it just looks shabby. But I'd still rather drive it than the newer cars with all their damned electronic gadgets. Suffice to say that "drive-by-wire" just feels weird to me until I've driven about 20 miles...
  2. They're out there and i find most of them have a lot of disdain for those who try to tell them anything with an engine is bad. I have two teenage car buddies, one 19-year-old who is searching for a 1969 Barracuda (and is finding that even hardcore Mopar folks are dismissive of the 67-69 cars) and a 17-year-old who has a nicely done 1992 Camaro 25th Anniversary. I took them to the GAA auction in Greensboro a couple weeks ago and those boys were in heaven. Both can talk knowledgeably about cars and the Camaro kid takes exceptional care of his car, as I'm sure the Cuda kid will once he finds it. So I encourage youngun's who like cars every chance I get, as we all should do. They get fed enough crap without older car guys feeding them more.
  3. is your best bet to help a Toronado find a good home. It's a magnificent car, but not mainstream enough for most people.
  4. Curious if this is everywhere or peculiar to this area. The old Gray Ghost wagon needs paint badly, just a maintenance thing to preserve it. What I'm finding is that if a job doesn't have an insurance check attached, body shop doesn't want to talk to you. And if they will, they tell you it would be fill-in work and may take months if not years. Or have painters here just never been hungry? Even the autobody class at the Vo-tech high school is backed up 3 years, so that's not an option like it was in 1999.
  5. It had been nearly 15 yrs since I'd been by this one but rode past it last Tuesday and appears to still have a lot of older stuff. They were pretty easy to deal with way back when. Germanton is north of Winston Salem NC and trip involves some backroads, but it's easy to find.
  6. Now THAT is a classy Oldsmobile! Thanks for the info, I'll sticky it and make it easy to find for future needs.
  7. Best option for SSIV trim rings if you can't find good originals (and they are hard to find without road-rash) is a set of 1988-97 GM pickup 15" trim rings. They don't have the bevel the originals do but they will fit in the recess between the polyurethane section and the wheel outside rim. You can also use the narrow trim rings 77-79 Thunderbird/Cougar Polycast wheels used, but that's stealing from someone who might need them for one of those cars (and nothing else works on those). A lot of the Chevy truck pieces were takeoffs from people putting aftermarket wheels on those pickups.
  8. To my knowledge modern electronically controlled ABS was first available on GM E-body cars in 1971. That basic system is still in use today. Likewise, the 1974 ACRS (airbags) system has survived to present with the same basic architecture. I remember trying to help find a 1974-76 ACRS equipped Oldsmobile for the 1997 Olds Centennial Celebration and we never could find one. Shame since Olds Engineering pioneered the system.
  9. I always thought 428 was as large as the Pontiac block should ever have been taken, but after Olds went to 455 ci in 1968 Buick and Pontiac had to follow. I likewise think the Olds 425 and Buick 430 were better engines than either Division's 455, but cars were getting heavier and more strangled with emissions, so displacement had to make up for that. Biggest complaint I had with the Pontiac 455 is they tended to run hot and the two I had were murderous on starters. But in an F-body I'd lean to the 400.
  10. I like OCW's "new" appearance and hate hearing they have financial troubles. I'm one who still enjoys sitting down with a PAPER copy of my magazines. I can drop it and then pick back up a few hours later. Aggrafretting as hades to do that with digital. I was at my favorite Italian joint Friday night with my local newspaper, and the 20-year old server said he didn't know anyone his age who read newspapers or hardcopy magazines. Pfft.
  11. Don't underestimate your little 330. They could be had up to 310 hp rating, though that would be a real stretch on modern fuels.
  12. I have no experience with these engines, but the folks in National Antique Olds Club will know. and look thru the prewar advisors list.
  13. "License please" "It's back there man, on the bumper!" Couldn't get away with making a movie like that now. The professionally offended (or as my bud calls them "neeners") would be up in arms. Funny's funny, and I'm mighty afraid too many people have lost their senses of humor. And yes, I sat thru both Up in Smoke and Young Frankenstein with a stupid grin on my face and looking for something to eat... Hey, I'm a child of the 70s! who thankfully grew up.
  14. Fremont did things differently from the other assembly plants but that one doesn't appear to be as "out there" as some Fremont plates I've seen. Paul, do you or Joe P have your trim books handy? Mine are packed up. Right now I'm thinking 974 is gold vinyl.
  15. I can't swear to 61, but the one you pictured is a 1962 and Dave's pic is also a 62 interior. The star on the 63 is different. 64-66 are identical but larger to accommodate a 6x9 speaker where the earlier ones use a 6" round speaker. What year do you have?