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  1. That averages to 7-1/2 mpg assuming the tank was in fact empty below the fuel pickup. Even a big heavy Roadie with a DynaFlow should do better than that. If you were losing fuel to a leak, you'd smell it in the garage. I think you had some high-volatile fuel that actually evaporated from the carb and tank. Not unheard of with modern gasoline formulations that are blended for fuel-injected engines. If you have access to non-ethanol fuel, use that in your Buick. Even 87 octane should work fine due to the engine's comparatively low compression ratio. Fuel mileage should in
  2. One of the absolute strangest cars I ever found junkyarding was a very plain 1966 BelAir 4d sedan with 283/PG, no radio or other common accessories, but a 6-way power seat and Comfortron. I still wonder about that car 35 years later. Interesting on Craig's Mary Kay Cadillac too. I don't remember ever seeing one in the used car pipeline but don't know what MK did with their sales award cars. Another thread for another day. Daniela, be glad your Eldorado does not have Comfortron! Friend had a 67 Ninety Eight that had it and he always called it "Gumpfortron", as in Forrest
  3. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I'd soon as not behold! ๐Ÿ‘€
  4. 46 woodie and mike6024- You hate to be this cynical, but the people beating the drum loudest for wholesale conversion to electric vehicles quite simply have not thought that far ahead. That often happens when ideology and dogma take center stage. Kill a few firefighters and EMTs? They'd blow that off as collateral damage. Look how long it took NHTSA to push thru upgraded auto safety equipment.
  5. Grimy, am I right 64 was first year for Comfortron? And available only on Cadillac that year? I have passed on several nice Oldsmobiles because they had Comfortron. I understand how it works, but just seems unnecessarily complex. Add in mid-year and yearly changes to get it to work better and I just didn't want to deal with it. A now-retired Olds zone service manager once told me nearly half of their 1966-73 zone-level service problems involved trying to get Comfortrons to work. ๐Ÿ˜ป
  6. Pictures or it didn't happen!๐Ÿ˜Ž Engine knock or not, sounds like a great car.
  7. Also make friends with the AACA folks in the Hornets Nest Region. They will know who in Charlotte area can properly fix old cars. Gotta give it to ya- you didn't dip your toe in the water with your first antique car. You went with as classy as GM got in those years! Riviera, Starfire and Grand Prix are close, but an Eldorado just oozes class. Good luck with your Calackalac Cabirkable! Saw that license plate on a 60s Cadillac convertible at a late-80s Tom Mack swap meet over at Metrolina Expo Fairgrounds- which I understand is now a housing development.๐Ÿคจ
  8. Ms. Barra needs to start pushing improvements and upgrades to the country's electric infrastructure. An EV is useless without a reliable way to charge it.
  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one that happened to.๐Ÿคจ Like 18 acres of tobacco, 5 acres of melons, plus a big vegetable garden and nearly 3 acres of lawn wasn't enough. He loaned me out to his brother and Mama loaned me out to her uncle to work their tobacco fields with no pay. Is it any wonder I hate tobacco farming to this day?
  10. Dingdingding we have a winnah! One could say the love of money is the root of a lot of stupidity, no? Ya ever notice a lot of video clips carry the warning "don't try this at home"? I'm a firm believer that stupid should hurt. It's how we learn not to do stupid things.๐Ÿคก My Aunt Evelyn would often say someone didn't have good common sense. She had a low tolerance for stupidity and idiots, and that rubbed off on me...
  11. And they were so popular, it led to this to keep them from being stolen. You know Olds owners and tire shops just loved these things...
  12. I'm sure Reid has his reasons but a lot of knowledge and wisdom has left the building. I sometimes rifle thru old posts and come across names from 10 or more years ago, and wonder what happened to those folks. I'm sure some left the hobby and some have probably passed on. There's a quote from Dirk Wittenborn's book "Fierce People" that has stuck with me from the first time I read it- "We are the sum of all people we have ever met. You change the tribe and the tribe changes you."
  13. I assure you it's not. I have several hobbies considered "unacceptable" by the uninformed who don't like things and think no one else should have them either. Whereas we see something like these 1933 Oldsmobiles as beautiful and finely crafted, uninformed see a threat to their existence. ๐Ÿ™„ Whether it's innate or taught, it's still uninformed. The world would be better with more old cars and fewer uninformed people!๐Ÿ˜บ For the record I didn't think the Tommy-gun display was cool either, because of the gangster stereotype of 30s cars. That's why I posed the ques
  14. Is the axle a differential or straight? My money says a well-made homebuilt with a state-issued registration plate but anything is possible.
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