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  1. Correct. Base engine in all 1973 Cutlass/88 was 350/ 4-barrel. Only the Omega had the six. That said, I have seen one 1973 3-speed column shift Cutlass coupe, and one 1975 Cutlass sedan with six and THM.
  2. Kurt- did the Heritage Center have anything on the 1965 4-speed Starfire convertibles? For years most of us thought there were only two produced but way more than that have surfaced in recent years. Shame Olds didn't keep as through records as Pontiac.
  3. I actually had one of them tell me GM named the G platform for "gangsta". Unfortunately I laughed out loud, so I'm probably on a hit list somewhere...
  4. They had become pretty reliable units by around 1982, then they went thru the same thing with the 2004R (overdrive 200). The finance people made HydraMatic Division build those transmissions cheap as possible until it became obvious warranty costs were eating their lunch, especially on Turbo Buicks and cars in mountainous areas. Though I'll knock on wood- neither of the 2004R's I had gave me any problems. They'd shift weird sometimes but no failures. Though it was unnerving to mash the gas for a part-throttle downshift around 40 mph only to have it try to go into OD.
  5. It was simple. The 77-90 GM B-bodies were very good cars as well as very good selling automobiles. Well- after they got that lousy THM200 metric transmission resolved, anyway. Some of the early 305s had soft cams and we won't mention the Diesel fiasco, but both go back to GM bean counters and engineering. I'm on my 3rd B wagon and you could not ask for a more comfortable, reliable or better running car. The analogy to the Beretta/Corsica proves that GM was building its share of junk back then but the B platform was very good.
  6. Heh. The 65-66 big car 4-speed consoles were pretty much identical to the A-body units, maybe a little different on the console body for the difference in floors. The top plates are the same- as are the 3-speed floor shift consoles. They put a 3-speed shift pattern plate on top of the cast-in 4-speed plate. I have seen one 73 S coupe with column shift 3-speed. That same junkyard (long closed) also had a 1975 Cutlass sedan with inline 6 and 3-speed which I thought was just plumb weird because most Olds dealers here would not order anything like that. Only one I ever saw. Supreme, search thru th
  7. I used to hate seeing those 70-74 Dodge and Plymouth State Police cars here. You could tell the Plymouths at night by the location of the parking lamps, but I found that 69-70 big Oldsmobiles had similar parking lamps. Probably kept me out of a few tickets 'cause I'd always slow down when I saw those lights!
  8. Took a while to get rid of it. My moderation tools are not working worth a hoot this morning for some reason...
  9. Great progress Ken! You keep showing these pics and WTony will be backed up for years!
  10. Sadly, the WW2 vets are leaving us quickly. Obituaries in today's local paper included an 86 yr old WW2 vet and family friend, Aubrey Carter. Aubrey Lee, like most, would not talk much about his war experiences though knowing him did influence me to look to the electric utility business as a career. He was a VEPCO lineman for many years, retiring as a safety supervisor. He also had a 1950 Pontiac that I wanted some kinda bad when I was a teenager but my dad talked me out of it, saying it was old-fashioned and not practical for a 1970s 16-year-old. Pfft. Me old man never understood wanting to
  11. We went to Golden Corral for dinner last night and when we were walking thru the lot I saw a Virginia "Pearl Harbor Survivor" license plate on a Grand Marquis, so we knew there was someone special in the restaurant. It was the old guy's 90th birthday. He was on the ground at PH, having turned nineteen just the day before the attack. We made sure to pay our respects and thanks for his service and for his milestone birthday. The WWII vets (all vets do really) appreciate it- you can always see their gratitude that someone remembers and appreciates them, because there sure aren't many of them lef
  12. Harry, glad to hear you're still around. I always lusted after that black four-speed car from the first time I saw it at the 93 National Meet but I didn't have anywhere suitable to keep it back when you were ready to sell. On another note, one of our well-known 66 Starfire collectors is thinning her herd in new JWO classifieds- the red one and the bench seat bronze one are for sale.
  13. How in the world I missed this first time around, IDK. Most local PD around here used Mopar or Ford police cars, though in 1977 Danville City bought a fleet of LeMans with 301s. I understand the cars handled fairly well but could barely get out of their own way with the weenie engine. The local Pontiac store had bought back the first GTO they ever sold and used to take it out and bully the 301 police cars with it. When all the LeMans were worn out, you saw a bunch of Dodge St Regis cop cars here- and it seems the vast majority of those ended up in Hiatt's junkyard. They couldn't even get rid o
  14. "That law now requires all gasoline sold or offered for sale to be blended with 9- to 10-percent ethanol, except when sold for some special use, said Matthew Curran, chief of petroleum inspection with Florida's Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Among those special uses: Fuel for aircraft, boats, collector/classic vehicles with a state tag, off-road vehicles, motorcycles and small engines, i.e. lawn equipment." So at least someone in Florida realises the folly of ethanol for those "special uses". Sounds to me like Floridians need a wholesale changeout of their state legislature,
  15. One of the guys on classicoldsmobile.com just scored a 91 Quad442 W41 car, so they're out there. Though I can't remember the last time I saw an N-car on the road. And there were Grand Ams out the wazoo around here. Literally thousands of them.
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