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  1. To Caprice's credit, it was a lot better than those computer generated "soothing" and "non-offensive" names the Japanese came up with in 80s and then spread to US carmakers. Oldsmobile for example: Cutlass. Sounds adventurous and swashbuckling. Even "cutting edge"! Achieva. The car wasn't bad, but the question always begged. Is it an "under-Achieva" or an "over-Achieva"? 'Course had Ford listened to Marianne Moore and named Edsel "Utopian Turtletop" the poor car would probably have died its first month of sales. You have to wonder who dreams up these car names. They're bound to be doing the same drugs the stylists are.
  2. The key is remembering to put it back!
  3. Pontiac version of Mimetic wire wheelcovers? I know Chevrolet, Oldsmobile and Cadillac had those early to mid 50s. Fords also had versions that fit over the small dogbowl caps.
  4. I think we all know Buick Division got its hand smacked more than once for treading into other Divisions' sacred cow territory. Notably Cadillac and Corvette. Buick, to me, often operated as if it were a stand-alone entity unaccountable to any other entity. Before WW2, they could probably have pulled that off. By the 50s with Chevy, Ford, and Plymouth raging against each other, the lower-production marques probably needed the support of a large conglomerate.
  5. Pat Hood singing out of his vocal range notwithstanding... this is one of those songs that hits you like a bag of bricks when you listen to what it's saying. My Uncle Julian always said the war movies didn't get it.
  6. TCM showed 1964 "Kiss Me Stupid" with Dean Martin, Kim Novak and Ray Walston. Final scene showed Kim Novak driving a Fiat 500- pulling a travel trailer!😄 Fiat had "$495- new tires!" plastered all over the windshield. Yes, I cackled!
  7. Just went thru this on a 93 F150 with dual tanks. Suffice to say a batch of "unusual" gasoline destroyed the check valves in both pumps which created some weird problems. I can no longer physically wrangle a fuel tank out from under a vehicle so farmed the job out to a former Ford dealer tech who went out on his own when the Ford store changed ownership after 100 yrs in the same family. His idea was to lift the bed and go in from the top. 28 year old bed bolts had different ideas. So, go from the bottom. When he dropped the rear tank he found rust pinholes under the straps, so had to spring for a new tank in addition to the two pumps and filter. I hated to spend that $900 but he had the lifts and tools, and where it took him 4 days, had I tried the truck would still be sitting idle. Good luck if you try the job yourself. A floor jack will be your friend lowering and lifting the tank.
  8. Has anyone else noticed the young people who are finding us? 🙂
  9. Dang, young'un. All you need is to take on old mechanical clocks and old tools and your obsessions would nearly duplicate mine. Though you've gotten started way earlier than I did... Start with a simple and reasonably common car that has good club and parts support, and as you go further in the hobby you can sell/trade/otherwise move up to more complex and higher-end cars. Kingrudy has given excellent advice on one-year cars, and unscrupulous people for whom the hobby is not about the cars and history, but how much profit can be made.
  10. GM's big problem in 80s and beyond was not that they had too many brands (the MBA mantra) but that they had too many brands that were identical except for the grille and taillights. Buying public saw thru that ruse, and decided there was no reason to buy BOPCad when the exact same car wearing a bowtie was in some cases thousands less. So- GM in its stupidity had sabotaged parts of its own market. The Sloan Ladder worked for decades until some snot-nosed freshly minted MBA decided it didn't. What they did to Cadillac in 80s was criminal. At the time Oldsmobile, despite being given junk to sell, was at least making some money. But... instead of letting Oldsmobile reinvest into R&D, that money was siphoned off trying to save Cadillac. I have always thought Roger Smith should have done prison time for what he did to GM. Their reliance on high-profit trucks and SUVs for the past 20 years has got them into the same situation they created for themselves 40 years ago. EVs or no, let gas prices go out of control again and they're gonna find themselves in the proverbial sling once again. I came from a GM family and was diehard GM myself until I bought that 97 Bravada. It broke me of GM and drove me to Fords for daily transportation. The Fords have their own quirks, but not nearly as many failures and the Ford dealer is way and again better to work with. All I'll say about the local GM dealer experience is it was a good thing I was friends with some of the Zone Service people. Don't like GM's dealer strategy either. They purposely shut down a lot of small dealers in favor of "territories". Small-town businessmen who were civic-minded and supported and sponsored local things. I haven't seen the local GM dealer's name on a youth sports team or anything else since the "territories" began. Let 'em go down in flames. They did it to themselves.
  11. If you're handy with a torch, that wagon can wear some Buick taillights!
  12. Up front- I'd never fit in the thing. Then there's getting in and out of it... But still an interesting car, from a time when carmakers weren't afraid to experiment. Re getting in and out: there was a glass T-bucket at last night's cruise that had attracted a skinny 18-year-old's attention. Kid asks "how do you get in and out of that?" When I told him "over the side" he looked at its sidepipes and then at his Crocs shoes, and said "what if the engine's hot?" Well, bo- that's why they call 'em leg burners!
  13. Depending on the circle it's in the stick is seen as a plus, since by then only about 2% of annual Olds production had sticks. Even then most stick cars were bottom line 88 2 door sedans. It was standard equipment in 88 and Super 88. Ninety Eight had HydraMatic standard. I like it, but as stated a lot of folks get caught up in HydraMatic, which had kinda become synonymous with Oldsmobile by the 50s.
  14. How about the distributor condenser, if it has one? You're sure no cracks in the distributor cap?
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