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  1. In my experience Fords don't get subjected to that mentality the way GM cars do. One of those type owner/restorers will invariably say "that's how I'd have ordered it new!" Hmm... you were probably making minimum wage and adding a grand's worth of options would have doubled your car payment, plus would have added weight and dropped yer performance and fuel mileage... Yeah, that's exactly the way you'd have ordered it.
  2. Frank did not say the 283 was the only 1966 engine option. He said it was the only option that particular car came with. As in nothing else but the one-step-up V8. My dad's 68 ElCamino was a comparative stripper. Malibu trim level with vinyl roof cover, 307, AM radio and factory installed air shocks. Nothing else. The Superlift air shocks may even have been standard on EC; it had steel lines and being standard equipment would have made sense on the trucklet. At one time my 74 Hurst/Olds was the lowest optioned H/O known to the Hurst/Olds Club. Other than the H/O appear
  3. That Galaxie sounds a lot like the way most were ordered around here back then, though most folks went for the AT. Chevrolet and Plymouth about the same. When you got into mid-price territory the options became more common. I don't think either of the three Olds dealers in this area ever ordered a stick shift big Olds after 1955 or so, and every one I remember seeing had the step-up deluxe interior trim. Mercury and Dodge likewise.
  4. Now I know how the meeces made off with my snap trap!😃 I finally found the squirrel trap that disappeared a few months back. Somehow, whatever swiped it dragged it close to 100 yards into the woods across the county road. Spied it after leaves had dropped and sun glinted off it. Course getting it back was another matter. Had to whack thru a thicket of smilax vines. That mess is worse than kudzu and has thorns to boot.
  5. 60s finny things... I like old hand-drawn animation and cartoons. Boomerang just showed 1962 Jetsons "A Date With Jet Screamer". Jet Screamer's big-finned spacemobile was beyond doubt inspired by a 59 Cadillac. Pink to boot. Jet himself was voiced by none other than Howard Morris- the Shakespearean actor who also played Ernest T Bass on Andy Griffith and comic foil to Sid Caesar.
  6. 🤣 When GM redesigned the H cars in late 90s I had taken Mama to her doctor appointment. A new Grand Am was at a cross street waiting for the light. She says "what kind of car is that?" Told her new Pontiac. "That car looks like an insect." Mama was a woman of style and taste and the GA was just one of many cars she threw shade towards. By the 90s she often said "cars used to look nice".
  7. "Zoot suit, white jacket with side vents five inches long..." Never made acquaintance of anyone who was actually part of 60s British Mod scene. The Who's landmark "Quadrophenia" is to this day one of my favorite albums. A local city councilman has a white 1964 Vespa 150.
  8. Didn't Ford have a combination mirror-spotlight option those years? Door mounted?
  9. I also think fender mounted spotlights, probably 50s-60s. Unity was a big manufacturer of fog and spot lights. Appleton also but many of theirs were non-functional, for looks only.
  10. That plate on it offers no identification? Figured a Weaver or possibly a Lincoln. Beautiful piece. There's a large vintage jack community over on Garage Journal if you haven't visited there.
  11. Old money generally has more class than nouveau riche. The newly rich around here make sure everyone knows they have money and they are arrogant beyond belief, which is the vibe I get from this kid and his dad. Roseanne Barr's comment about white trash with money applies well here.
  12. First thing to remember is people at that level don't worry about a lousy 5 million. They pass that mindset down to their entitled brats. Kid's lucky to have survived. Pops will either fix or replace the wreckage and the brat will go out again and hopefully not maim or kill someone else. Pops would probably pay that off too with no qualms. F. Scott Fitzgerald had it right. "Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me."
  13. Ya gotta love spell check and auto-correct. Zachary- after 84 years doubtful more than 1 to 2% of original run is left. Maybe 1000 if that many.
  14. Marty and Brass- THANK YOU for putting this great thread back on track!👏
  15. I'm no expert on prewar, but if not on the lamp itself, see if there's a slide switch somewhere on driver side rear armrest or trim panel. Guessing the wire travels down the top bow? I can't offer anything past that but Carlo Cola's family is on here sometimes and if anyone knows on a 1940 or 41, they will.
  16. Pussycats have a thing for cars too, which is why I have none. After coming home from WW2, my uncle Edd got a 1941 Ford Deluxe coupe which he named the Super Duper Double Deluxe Pea Green Coupe. He had washed and polished it one morning when along came a rooster. Rooster saw his reflection in the shiny green paint and started fighting with it. Now, full grown roosters can have spurs over an inch long, and you can imagine what they did to the SDDDPGC. There was chicken and dumplings for supper. Mama with the SDDDPGC in Spring 1946. Guess her plaid skirt was
  17. And the interloper. Belongs to my cousin in Charlotte who bought 15 acres adjacent to me and bought this JD to work that. The day it was delivered the MF got a flat front tire. Fergie knows deep down I believe real tractors are RED! Hey, look who's got the shed while the new tractor lives outside...
  18. My 135 and Woods mower that just finished up mowing 7 acre field. IDK, a herd of goats might be cheaper... If a goat is any dumber than some of the dogs I've had, I don't want none! 🐐
  19. Agreed, but Dexron/Mercon VI is probably going to be your safest bet. GM claims all Dexron formulas are compatible with every automatic trans they ever made. Used to be Type A, Type F, and Dexron. I don't get why every carmaker now insists on having a specific proprietary fluid for its transmissions, available only at a franchised dealer and at an inflated price, except to force a customer to use it.
  20. "Farmed" out the grass cutting, didja? 30-some years ago bud and I were in a junkyard. I had spied a 64 Olds and was headed toward it when he stopped dead in his tracks. "What?!" He pointed to this bigazz billy goat perched on a station wagon and eyeing us, and you could tell that goat had mayhem on its mind. Since I have no goats I guess I'll have to get the Ferguson tractor out and bush hog my fields. Cue up Green Acres... I even have a straw hat with a green visor in it!
  21. I have always wondered if Cadillac's "Nineteen Fifty Six" dashboard proclamation and Buick's 56 and 57 year designations in their grilles was part of a planned obsolescence scheme. And Ford did it in their 1953 horn buttons. Doesn't affect people like us of course, but back then it told the world you had a year-old car while the Joneses had a new one.
  22. Keith. When you are old and gray and done with them, pay it forward by finding a youngster who'd cherish them. They ARE out there. I sure do miss Auto Restorer magazine. I don't like reading things on a screen.
  23. I'm ignorant here. Is the Ford's top vacuum or hydraulic operated? First thought is make sure no linkage is binding and lubricate all the pivot points. Disconnect the actuators and if the top operates freely you've narrowed it down to the actuators. Might try wiping the cylinder rod with some hydraulic fluid. If hydraulic, you may have to top off and bleed the pump and lines. I'm not familiar enough with vacuum cylinders to offer anything there. I'd rather deal with this than a 1970s GM all-electric top though!
  24. There was a forum member years ago who had Cadillacs. He'd have described that injury as "Caddy-whomp". Have often wondered what became of some of those folks. Sure many of them have passed. I miss them.
  25. I'm the same except for the Buick. Rounded corners didn't "work" as well with the delta-wing styling and that stamped sweepspear at the rear has always jarred me. 59 Pontiac quarterpanel bright trim did too. Didn't work with the sheetmetal and especially the rear bumper lines. Looked afterthought-ish. Now my finny Cadillac dream is a 1962. One of those years that the styling told the world you had arrived. Chevrolet's blatant 1970 ripoff of that grille didn't work for me either. But boy do I dig a 1969 big Chevy. Not that I'm opinionated or anything...😁 Class is class,
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