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  1. One of the later cartoons had a shrunken Wile E. clinging to a giant Roadrunner. Then he realizes how badly outmatched he is and holds out his sign. "OK wiseguys. You always wanted me to catch him. Now what?" An early 80s National Lampoon did their mojo on a story about Wile E's lawsuits against the Acme Corporation. I squalled laughing at that!😁
  2. If there are Amish in your area it's worth asking if they can do it.
  3. There's hair all over, just "thinning"- meaning I have on some kind of hat when outdoors in summer. Toasted noggin is no fun! I've had it buzzed with either a 1 or 2 guard for 20+ years. As I get older I have become big on low maintenance and ease of upkeep- which is why closed/limited access guvmink offices are a pain! Can't get a damned thing done...
  4. Insurance is based on zero risk. Insurers simply do not want to pay a claim on anything, is why they strive for zero risk- which I hate to tell 'em, in the modern world that ain't happening. Zero risk is unrealistic at best. Taylor, what state are you in and what type car is it? Every state has its own insurance regulations. Could you possibly register and insure it as a daily driver till you can figure out what to do? Does seem odd that a storage unit requires a vehicle to be insured as most (here anyway) are metal and concrete i.e. fireproof construction. Someone here will have an answer to your dilemma.
  5. Great thread. Out here in Ruritania I never knew of anyone who had these. Granted, they were uncommon and expensive so few people had them, but you have to wonder how much these phones contributed to distracted driving. A little off topic, and maybe they were just in the movies, but how did table phones work in nightclubs and restaurants? They never seemed to have a cord when they were brought to a table for some high muckety-muck or other "individual of great importance" to use.
  6. They look after their own. Interestingly the only VA guvmink agency that stayed open unrestricted were the state-run liquor stores- which were declared "essential businesses"! πŸ₯ƒπŸ₯΄ that make the Commonwealth a lot of money. Don't drivers' licenses and other DMV transactions make them any money? Couldn't get a haircut but I could buy me all the booze I wanted! But I wanted a haircut- me long haired shaggy days of tending to a Rod Stewart roostertail are in the distant past! (I truthfully don't have enough left on top to do the rooster☺️.) Never saw the Guvnah looking shaggy though...
  7. Virginia DMV still requires appointments for in-person transactions and they're backed up too. I want to get a specialty plate for an organization I'm in but DMV requires a DMV employee to lay eyes on your proof of membership before you can get that plate. I'll be glad when they can no longer use the plague as an excuse. The guvnah let the bars reopen but keeps DMV and other state agencies closed. What a world. I'm sure you won't be able to claim DMV delay when your OL or plates run out either.
  8. Moo, y'all!πŸ„ Had never considered mattresses though I know a lot of furniture used horsehair.
  9. That where our beloved "old car smell" comes from? One of my other "obsessions", if you will, is wet shaving. Brush, shave soap, mug, vintage safety razor etc. No Good News razor or can shave cream here! The best shaving brushes are badger bristle, but since that's kinda high $$$, hog (boar) bristle is an acceptable substitute. It's amazing what uses humanity has created for animal hair.
  10. You don't buy the premixed?!😦 Just can't understand why people don't take advantage of the convenience. After all, airboddy knows water's cheap. Half water don't drop the price any!😼 🀣 I generally buy undiluted parts store house brand coolant and mix 50/50 with distilled water. Batteries and the steam iron get distilled water too. They do work better using it. Reminds me I need to check the Ford truck's coolant level and hope I have some coolant mixed up!πŸ˜ƒ
  11. Here's what was lost. 1966 427 Biscayne 2d just purchased in February. 1966 ElCamino 1955 and 1956 Chevrolets (56 Ray's dad's first new car) and 1956 Chev 150 sedan delivery Terry's father's 1958 Apache pickup (bought new and what she learned to drive on) and her grandfather's 1952 Studebaker truck 1969 and 1997 Camaros 1970 Chev C10 2005 Chev SSR 1971 HD SuperGlide Several original gas station signs and other petroliana. Some nice original and restored vehicles and a couple of modified cars. You can tell the Butlers loved their Chevrolets and their families' history.
  12. Guessing that's Chrysler Australia product. Interesting car. Always good to see what cars the rest of the world plays with.
  13. Isn't spell-check wonderful?! 😺 Add in auto-fill and you often find yourself trying to read and comprehend a newly invented language!πŸ€“ Esperanto or Parlare anyone?πŸ™ƒ
  14. These firefighters had the advantage of a city hydrant to fill the trucks but probably still took a half hour every time a truck went to fetch water. I've preached on a couple other car forums about the importance of supporting your local VFD/EMT companies. Most are already underfunded and 2020 beat them up bad in fundraising. If everywhere else is like VA/NC volunteers are expected to maintain the same level of training and equipment as a paid department on a volunteer's salary, and county commissioners are notorious for cutting emergency services funding to fund something that benefits only a small special interest constituency. I rely on 3 volunteer companies here and donate yearly. The primary in VA is 10 miles away. Both backup/mutual aids are 3 miles away but are in NC, so the primary has to request backup. All three are aware the garage full of Oldsmobiles is here. I have four extinguishers in there as well as an alarm system but you always wonder what if the unthinkable happens. There's a small spring fed creek behind the house that could probably make a good water point for fire trucks if I dammed it. Trouble is it's also the property line so I'd have to get two other landowners to buy in. But it would be within 1/2 mile of 13 homes. NC makes agreements with landowners who have ponds to use them as truck fill water points. They're marked as such. Walt, agreed that garage and storage fire protection is a worthy topic.
  15. "New older car" Imperialover, I like the way you think!😺
  16. I guess this is everyone's nightmare in old car world. http://www.sovanow.com/index.php?/news/article/massive_fire_torches_vintage_vehicles/ I've known Ray and Terry since 8th grade and this hit me like a bag of bricks. I told a friend Saturday night after this storm went thru that it was one of the wildest storms I'd ever seen for lightning. They had just bought a survivor 66 427 Biscayne he'd been after for years, and some of the cars had been in their families since new.
  17. We HydraMatic people deal with it too, we just don't have to take half the car apart to install another seal guaranteed to leak again in a few thousand miles!πŸ™ƒ
  18. My experience is that pop on deceleration is almost always ignition related. It's not really a backfire; better referred to as an exhaust explosion, when unburned fuel in the exhaust lights off due to a momentary interruption in ignition and then ignites when spark is restored. An aggravation more than anything with worst case being blowing the exhaust system apart. Go thru your distributor and check for bushing wear and overall condition of both primary and secondary ignition circuits. This is a good excuse to pull the distributor and have it set up on a Sun distributor machine, or to be really authentic a Ford Rotunda (Allen Electric) distributor machine. There are people who have them. And I wish I was one of them!☺️
  19. The Buick is entirely different. Goes against every torque sequence I was ever taught too. Spiral or X sequence, one will still begin in the center and work to the outer edges. They often did things differently in Flint. Must have been something in the water... Sorry, couldn't resist!😼
  20. Don't have your exact idle specs but 1100 rpm fast idle and 650 curb idle are common on mid-60s GM cars. I cannot remember if Pontiac used an idle speed solenoid on A/C cars. Been years since I've owned one. Every hood tach I'm familiar with sweeps left to right with zero at the left. Different engines will use different rpm ranges and redlines. Some 0-6000, others go to 7 or 8 thousand. All depends on the car's original engine usage. The Hurst Dual/Gate (correct name, His-and-Hers came out of the original 1963 sales brochure) operates thusly: in the PRNDSL (left side) gate, the transmission shifts thru 1-2-3 in D and will hold 1st or 2nd in L or S. Put the shift lever in the 3-2-1 (right) gate and it functions as a ratchet shifter. Start in 1, when you're ready to shift push the shift lever forward and sharply to the right against the stop and it will lock in 2. Shift 2-3 same way and it will lock in 3. The idea behind the Dual/Gate is to prevent a botched 2-3 shift where you'd go too far, hit neutral and over-rev the engine. I can't find a good youtube of anyone actually shifting a Dual/Gate the way it's meant to be used, but here's one of Pontiac's in-house ratchet shifter they used starting 1970.
  21. Motor Wheel was in Lansing MI so possibly 20s-30s Oldsmobile. Think 1935 was Olds' last artillery wheel.
  22. Clean feet, windshield and front bumper/license plate can make even a grungy car look clean. Anymore I have to sit to get down low enough to clean any of those. Knees and back just won't tolerate much bending or squatting. I have one plastic stepstool about 18" tall and a rolling seat that you can adjust the seat height. Lifesavers.
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