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  1. Even though most of y’all don’t care about celebrity owned cars, I thought I would still share mine. I bought it in 2001. Tim
  2. Maybe my original post wasn't really clear. I know the reason why headlights are adjustable, I was just wondering why the housing the headlamp goes in (the part with the two screws and spring) wasn't permanently fixed at factory so the lights would always shine straight and level. Just curious. Tim
  3. I had to change a headlight on the '76 Seville this weekend and it got me to wondering, "why were headlights adjustable" prior to the late eighties when autos switched to where you just change the bulb and there is no adjusting. Tried Google but no answer, just how to adjust. Tim
  4. The one that aggravates me is the "fully loaded" description. Go look at a car described as "fully loaded" to find out it has no options, just what it came with as standard equipment. Tim
  5. 2 that I like are the original "Gone in 60 seconds" and "Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry". Tim
  6. I affectionally refer to the '76 Brougham as "Big Girl", guys at work call her "Big Bertha". The Seville is simply called "The Seville". Tim
  7. Check out "The Andy Griffith Show", season 6, episode 27, "The Foster Lady". Tim
  8. Spartanburg, South Carolina Just saw it parked at a convenience store I pass on the way to work. I wondered if it is staying or just passing through. Tim
  9. The upper adjust screw is broken or should I say the plastic it screws into is broken. I've replaced all of them on both my 76's. From what I can see of the steering wheel, it is either a '77 or '78. My Fleetwood was originally EFI but has been converted to a carburetor but my Seville is still original and runs great with 92,216 miles. Tim
  10. "Personal luxury Car"?? 1967 Cadillac Eldorado...period! Tim
  11. I've regretted everyone I have let go and that's why I wont sell my '67 Eldorado even though I haven't touched it in 5 years or so. Every time I think about selling it I talk myself out of it because I know I wont be able to afford another one. My wife wanted me to sell it and buy her that '67 Corvair I asked y'all about. Nope aint happening. Tim
  12. I might not be 100% accurate but the station wagons were built on base Fleetwoods, not on the commercial or professional chassis. You could order it through the Cadillac dealers. They took the GM corporate wagon shell and grafted it onto the Fleetwoods. In the 1970s Traditional Coachworks in California made a station wagon and pickup called the "Mirage" on a Fleetwood and Coupe deVille. Tim
  13. The color of the first 2000 was called Georgian silver. Tim
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