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  1. I might not be 100% accurate but the station wagons were built on base Fleetwoods, not on the commercial or professional chassis. You could order it through the Cadillac dealers. They took the GM corporate wagon shell and grafted it onto the Fleetwoods. In the 1970s Traditional Coachworks in California made a station wagon and pickup called the "Mirage" on a Fleetwood and Coupe deVille. Tim
  2. The color of the first 2000 was called Georgian silver. Tim
  3. Appreciate the comments. Thanks for fixing the photos, they look great. While I drive the Seville like it is one of one (very carefully), I drive the Brougham like I stole it. Like Adam Ferrara from Top Gear used to say "big girl can run". When I have had them on the interstate, the Seville likes to cruise around 65mph while big girl likes to get up to 75 & 80mph and just floats. I wanted a Talisman but they are to find and very expensive and besides this one has some celebrity history with it. When I bought the Seville I later learned it is #1293 of the first 2
  4. It was (final year), it aint, just a Brougham. Tim
  5. When I was researching Corvairs I too wondered why Volkswagen got away with it. Was Nader afraid of the Germans? Tim
  6. Since I have learned how to post pictures and have never posted any of mine, I thought I would share some from yesterday
  7. I have decided that if I do get one it will be a '65-'69 as I do not really like the early ones front end. Tim
  8. Big thanks to all who replied. I appreciate the advice and knowledge given. Like I said earlier, I'm not looking for another "project" vehicle as I'm still working on 2 at the moment. If it could have been bought in the $3000. to $4000. range, I might would have got it just to play with as I have never owned, driven or even ridden in a Corvair. Thanks again Tim
  9. Okay here are some pictures. Price is firm.
  10. Thanks again for the reply's and advice. I'm not really looking to buy another car, this one just happens to be for sale on the way to our son's house and the wife saw it (Corvairs have never been in my top ten list, sorry). I just wanted to know what to check out and I knew the experts here would tell me. I have visited several websites and youtube but there is no interaction like here. I will post what I find out about it and if I decide to bite. Tim
  11. Thanks for the advice. I'm in upstate South Carolina and don't know of any Corvair clubs. So, with the rust at the corners, should I leave it alone?? I'm going to try and contact the seller and see if I can look at it Wednesday and maybe drive it (assuming it runs). It has been on this car lot for over a year and a half. Thanks Again Tim
  12. Hello all. I'm looking at a '67 Corvair 2 door. I have stopped to look at it but no one is ever there, just a number to call. What should I be on the lookout for when I call and go for an inspection? I am not familiar with Corvairs other than I hear the leak oil badly?? Do they have rust issues and where to check. I apologize for no photos but I will get some and have a friend help me to post them later but for now I just need to know what to look for mechanically and structurally. It is an automatic with bucket seats with a fair interior and some rust at the lower corners of the winds
  13. This should be illegal. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1976-Cadillac-Seville-Classic/192685666549?hash=item2cdcf5f0f5:g:qv0AAOSwMvpbvlYY:rk:13:pf:0&vxp=mtr
  14. I'll just say I tried the "it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission" once. Still happily married for 30 years. Tim
  15. FWIW...1976-1979 Sevilles used the Oldsmobile sourced 350. 1980 only, Sevilles sold in California used the Olds sourced 350, all others used the 368. 1979 only, the Eldorado used the Olds sourced 350. (info obtained from CLC 2018 directory) Has the timing chain and gears been replaced?? Reason I ask is because the original gears were nylon coated and some of the nylon could have broken off and messed the timing up and/or some pieces may have oil passages blocked. Tim
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