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  1. 1948 Packard Super 8 VIN: 2272914665 condition: good cylinders: 8 cylinders drive: rwd fuel: gas odometer: 68525 paint color: brown size: full-size title status: clean transmission: manual type: sedan 1948 Packard Super 8 8 Cylinder manual 3 speed on the column. 327 original straigth 8 engine. Complete interior done($10,000 cost) plus bumpers $2,500.00 needs paint. Moving sale, my loss your gain $8,000.00 o.b.o. Herb. copy and paste into your email: 0a392a6f68d2302a9bc04621bd05993b@sale.craigslist.org contact name: Herb call or text: (321) 405-8461
  2. My mom had an '85 Buick Regal V6, with an automatic of course. Not really my type of car, but in many ways I really did like it. It rode well, comfortable, and cruised on the freeway very well and got great gas mileage on the freeway. It seemed to cruise in an overdrive at low RPM. One thing that made me mad was I couldn't even change the spark plugs. It almost seemed you would need to move some of the air conditioning to get to some of the plugs. I drove it Northern California to Southern and it overheated on me. But I got a new oversize radiator and that didn't happen again, the return trip north it was fine. It looked like this one:
  3. The "online version" could be stolen by hackers, even unsophisticated hackers. So if the printed version comes out first, and the online version is delayed by a month then the online version cannot be stolen when the print version is hot off the presses. It can only be stolen after the print version is a month old.
  4. It's the best way to prevent non members from getting the digital version, without members having had a month to read it fist. In other words print is more secure.
  5. Most of the vintage cars I see are lowriders. Got these two last week.
  6. Jimmy-Jimmy summed up this auction best jimijimi This author's likes: 4,003 Are you kiddin’ me? ARE YOU KIDDIN’ ME? A full classic,, that runs and drives, with an immaculate dashboard, solid body and decent interior…for USED COROLLA MONEY?? Wow, do I wish I had some spare cash and, more importantly, some space for this gem! And this fellow is going to buy it off the auction winner for $25k, after it just sold for $18.5k RedRacer10 This author's likes: 535 Easy to say now but I was preparing to bid to $25K but never got the video…
  7. Benz in the background is a Mercedes o319 Panorama Bus – coming to B.A. T. soon
  8. So you'd call this Helical Gears on perpendicular shafts Helical Gears Connecting Non-Parallel Shafts Helical gears used to connect non-parallel shafts are commonly called spiral gears or crossed axis helical gears. If the shaft angle is 90 degrees, the gears will be of the same hand and the sum of the helix angles will be equal to the shaft angle (90 degrees). Helical gears used on non-parallel shafts must have the same normal pitch and normal pressure angles. They may, however, be of the same or opposite hand depending on the shaft angle. Helical Gears Connecting Parallel Shafts Helical gears connecting parallel shafts will run more smoothly and quietly than spur gears, particularly when the helix angle is great enough to ensure that there is continuous contact from one tooth to the next. A pair of helical gears used to connect parallel shafts must have the same pitch, pressure angle and helix angle, but they will be opposite hand gears (that is, one will be a left-hand gear; the other a right-hand gear). Helical Gears
  9. Sounds like you have you answer ight there. Earlier were left hand (counterclockwise, as the person sitting in the dive seat views it) while later were clockwise. So if you try to use a later speedometer with a transmission drive gear meant for the earlier left=hand drive it will be a mismatch.
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