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  1. They have very good reviews, here's a link to the reviews. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g60763-d16704923-Reviews-Nowaday-New_York_City_New_York.html
  2. I think I'll make a black bed cushion for my cat, since my cat is black and will disappear when sleeping on it.
  3. giant size slip-cover sofa on the way to the dumps, some other furniture and misc. and some roofing material too.
  4. Don't attempt to drive it home, unless the journey is entirely uphill. " Four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes are present but currently do not function, and the seller notes the emergency brake can be used to stop from low speeds."
  5. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1931-chrysler-cd-8/?
  6. mike6024

    1950 Riley

    For $3,000 and a missing engine, I would put some other, but similar, engine and transmission in it. And not worry about inauthenticity.
  7. The guy in that video I posted says some things which are not correct. He seems to think that if you install the timing belt and are off a tooth on the timing marks you can compensate for that by adjusting the timing at the distributor.
  8. Maybe the timing belt was installed off a tooth, so the cam timing is off.
  9. If it was real there should be more pictures of it online. i can't find any.
  10. Yes i think that's it. Thank very much.