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  1. Speaking of Chinese food, I've been enjoying Ramen these days This place is in Santa Rosa. The purple stuff is seaweed.
  2. https://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/video_url/user/5486576529001 Kimchi Tofu soup
  3. I saw a gas engine powered Maytag washer, with ringer, at a 4-H chicken BBQ, along with some other antiques, and early Ford tractor, and I think an early Ford pickup, late 1930's I suppose. Didn't have my camera. The linkage to operate the washer agitator was interesting, and it had a shift lever to make the ringer work.
  4. It is Korean. Translates as this. 라이브바카라 べ⊱ 782yes.com ⊱べ 라이브바카라게임 Live baccarat ⊱ 782yes.com ⊱ べ Live baccarat game
  5. Two or three months for someone to deposit a check is no big deal. I've had checks go through long after I would have thought they'd be negotiated.
  6. That looks interesting, though I am not understanding it very well. Maybe when we get a picture of the actual, with the rods connected to the crank, it will make more sense. Maybe it's the same idea as this only executed differently?
  7. The Humber Register The Humber Register is a one make club which caters for owners of Veteran, Edwardian and Vintage cars and motorcycles; that is those made before 31st December 1930 and also those i.o.e. engined cars made in 1931 and 1932. (The Post Vintage Humber Car Club at www.humber.org.uk caters for the more recent Humber models.) The Register has about 320 members worldwide and organises at least one major social rally each year. There are also a series of gatherings organised by members in varied locations across the country during the year. The Register also belongs to the RAC approved Inter-Register Club together with a number of other one make Registers, enabling members to participate in further mildly competitive rallies and events, jointly organised, of which the Humber Register event is one. There is a very good bi-monthly bulletin containing reports of Register activities, members' news, rebuilding and repairs, articles featuring Humbers, photographs, and advertisements of cars and spares for sale and wanted. Members serve on a panel to answer questions of a technical nature on the running, maintenance and rebuilding of the various models. There is also a Spares Register for the acquisition and disposal of spare parts, and the making of some unobtainable spares. There is abundant technical information available for the various models as well as a library of previous technical articles as printed in the Bulletin over the years. Copies of handbooks, road tests, etc. may be obtained from the library, and advice can be given on insurance, reclamation of original registration numbers and the history of the vehicles known to us. The Membership Secretary will be happy to answer any queries about the Register and to send out and subsequently receive applications for membership. On joining, members will receive a complete 'starter pack' of information which could be of considerable assistance, especially if they are Humber owners for the first time.
  8. H-D Connecting Rod Dimensions ( This is a Link to Connecting Rod Dimensions ) I never realized they were made like that !!!
  9. A '39 Buick has a lot of personality to the front styling; like a bugeye sprite.
  10. Looks like the Dort has been sold; at least according to eBay.
  11. Not sure what the problem is. You might try 3M "77" Spray upholstery adhesive. It may be no different than contact cement though. I use it on the back of vinyl and on foam and other things and it seems to work fine and is very sticky. 3M 77-10 7 Oz Super 77 Spray Adhesive - LINK $8.99 If your project involves keeping things in place, then the 3M 77-10 7 oz Super 77 Spray Adhesive can provide the binding you need to finish. Lightweight materials can be bonded onto various surfaces, thanks to its high coverage with a fast, aggressive tack. For construction projects or arts and crafts, the adhesive features a low soak-in for long-lasting bonds. The Super 77 adhesive comes in a 7 oz consumer aerosol can and meets performance requirements of MMM-A-1058A. 3M 77-10 7 oz Super 77 Spray Adhesive: Spray adhesive 3M spray adhesive provides high coverage with a fast, aggressive tack Delivers versatility by securely bonding many lightweight materials Gives a low soak in for long-lasting bonds Has a long bonding range Meets performance requirements of MMM-A-1058A Consumer aerosol can 7 oz aerosol
  12. Chequered Flag International, 4128 Lincoln Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA I used to live in an apartment near this dealer in Marina del Rey. They used to have a lot of interesting vintage vehicles. Not so much anymore. They have a couple Bentley and one Rolls at this time.
  13. i sent a PM to the OP asking for this info. hope that helps to prompt a response. It seems sometimes threads are started by people who never look at them again.