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  1. It sounds like you may be able to use bike cable. Go to a bike shop. They are getting sophisticated these days, low friction, housing lined with teflon, and stainless cable that may be teflon coated. Bike shifters require low friction cable actuation.
  2. mike6024

    Shipping/Postage costs

    I had found in the distant past that FedEx was cheaper than USPS Parcel Post, and so I even opened an account with FedEx which made it even cheaper. And FedEx (Ground) was cheaper than UPS. Also FedEx included tracking and insurance, which at the time would have cost more with Parcel Post. That was before the time of these "Flat Rate" boxes. Apparently things have changed now, but I'm going to ship something FedEx soon and see how it works out. You never know what FedEx will be until you take it in, it gets measured, weighed, and the destination put into the computer. And yes delivery to residences costs more than delivery to business addresses.
  3. mike6024

    Ford Bronco Illinois company has rights from Ford

    The 2020 Bronco will come in a 2 door version. Both 2 and 4 door versions. Based on the Ranger chassis, and a 4 door option was needed to make it viable from a marketing perspective.
  4. mike6024

    Ford Bronco Illinois company has rights from Ford

    http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/cto/d/1966-bronco-roadster-u13/6758493367.html The proposed 2020 model doesn't look indistinguishable from the 1966. I'd rather a real '66 .
  5. mike6024

    Shipping/Postage costs

    There are two types of medium flat rate boxes, big shallow, and smaller but taller one. The smaller taller medium box is perfect for shipping a pair of brake calipers. both are the same price, $13.65. Should be available on request at any post office. Medium Flat Rate Box – 1 size is 11 1/4" x 8 3/4" x 6" Medium Flat Rate Box – 2 size is 14" x 12" x 3 1/2" http://www.usps.com/ship/priority-mail.htm?
  6. mike6024

    Lagonda Rapiers

    http://www.frictionservicesltd.co.uk/ Terrible. Does "Friction Services" even have anything to say about this?
  7. mike6024

    Trying to figure out what this car is

    He said it has an "unforgettable history" which does mean an Interesting History. Yes he AGREES with you. you misinterpreted. IF he had said a "forgettable history" that would have meant unimportant.
  8. mike6024

    L29 CORD CRASH == Frank Lloyd Wright?

    I have a book on his "Usonian" houses. Small, affordable, concrete slab with radiant in floor heating, mostly flat roof. Large living area with fireplace and kitchen/dining area is one big open area. Other side of the house is a couple bathrooms and the bedrooms.
  9. mike6024

    Trying to figure out what this car is

    The car was used by the Prime Minister at the time – Ibrahim Nasir – who went on to be the country’s second President. The car was State-owned, and had the State’s crest on it. It was used for transportation when Queen Elizabeth II visited Male’ City in 1972. Make and Model The car is a fifth-generation Chevrolet. It has four doors and is cream in color. Manufactured by: General Motors, United States of America Manufactured in: 1966 Engine type: Spark ignition four-stroke, 250 cubic-inch, six cylinder, rear-wheel drive, three manual speed gear box Fuel: Petrol Length: 5,415 mm/ 213.2 inches Width: 2,022 mm/ 79.6 inches Maximum speed: 156 km/hour The car, used by historical figures such as Ibrahim Nasir – who brought independence to the country – and Queen Elizabeth II has been taken out of its dusty covers and is being repaired once more, to be driven in time for the opening the most significant landmark in recent times – the China-Maldives Friendship Bridge.
  10. mike6024

    L29 CORD CRASH == Frank Lloyd Wright?

    This municipal building is still standing. The roof is cast concrete panels with a rubberized waterproof coating, or some such type coating. The roof leaked, and had to be re-done, but the concrete roof remained. It's just the coatings were all removed and a more modern type of coating used. It's a spectacular building. Has a library at the top I've been in. Library was put at the top to symbolize knowledge being of the highest importance. http://www.marinij.com/2016/11/21/marin-hires-firm-for-21m-civic-center-roof-project/ Wright is reputed to have said, “If the roof doesn’t leak, the architect hasn’t been creative enough.” There is a separate building behind the Civic Center that is round. The Marin (convention) Center I think it's called.
  11. mike6024

    Trying to figure out what this car is

    This video shows the car well, from several angles.
  12. mike6024

    Trying to figure out what this car is

    This video shows the car at the very beginning, Queens Chevrolet.
  13. mike6024

    Lagonda Rapiers

    Wow, I would ask they be handed over to DHL - http://parcel.dhl.co.uk/parcel-delivery-to-australia/
  14. mike6024

    Big find in the south of France

    Here is the list of cars - http://www.interencheres.com/vehicules/vente-de-voitures-de-collection-243124/