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  1. There is far less sludge than I expected to see. 👍
  2. That poor Cadillac looks like it got plenty of moisture from a leaky roof. 😢
  3. And it's missing the cap that goes over the motor portion of the horn.
  4. Unless they were playing a live version of Mario Kart, I still don't see how a turtle became airborne.
  5. Story doesn't even seem to guess as to how a turtle because airborne in the first place.
  6. If you don't mind moving into the 60's with the cars you are considering, I would recommend you take a look at the mid 60's Ford Galaxy. Four door versions should still be reasonably priced and they drive wonderful. Sure, they have much more body roll than a modern car but they just seem to effortlessly float down down the freeway. My Dad had 3 at one time he liked them so much and I got to wrench and drive all of them. Even though I'm not a 'Ford' guy, I did really enjoy his Galaxies.
  7. Good to hear you got it running well.
  8. Congrats on the new acquisition. They are great cars.
  9. Pay close attention to what edimass has to say. He's one of the most knowledgeable members on this site.
  10. I had some definite sticker shock when I had the shocks on my Pierce rebuilt. And all they needed were seals, the shafts and all internals were fine. It makes me want to build the jigs I would need to be able to rebuild them myself.
  11. You are going to have to reline the brake shoes you have on the car now, you will not find a rebuilt set ready to bolt on. Do as Auburnseeker did and find some brake lining material or have a competent shop do the work for you. You may also need to rebuilt the wheel cylinders and master cylinder you have.
  12. In Calif there is a Release of Liability form that you complete and submit to the DMV that releases you from any DMV fees and liability should the car be involved in an accident or a crime. I never let a car leave my driveway with the new owner unless one of those forms are completed at time of sale.
  13. Congrats on such a wonderful piece of history! You have a beautiful car on your hands. Do your old friend right by taking him for a ride or two once you get the car roadworthy. I would listen very carefully on those rides as to what he wants to let it go for as well as the history of the car.
  14. Check out the link I posted. All of the cars of interest should be listed with photos of each.