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  1. zepher

    '73 400 Heads

    Thanks for the reply. As I said, I didn't grab these to make a quick buck, I mainly didn't want to see them scrapped if they were desirable at all. What would you suggest they are worth? Would it make them move faster if I cleaned them up a little? Chased the threads, fresh paint, maybe do some valve seals. I don't want to put a ton of money into them but I don't want them to get scrapped, either. I'm not a Mopar guy so I have no idea.
  2. zepher

    '73 400 Heads

    So I picked up a set of 1973 400 heads out of a Roadrunner. I went to look at a carb a guy had for sale and he had a set of low mile heads just sitting the in the corner. He pulled them off his car to upgrade to aluminum heads and said he was just going to scrap them if I didn't want them. His Roadrunner has a little over 80k miles on it and they look to be in great shape. I didn't want to see them get scrapped so I brought them home. Are they worth anything to anyone? I'm not looking to make a quick buck, I just didn't want to see another set of early 70's American heads get scrapped.
  3. I would pass on the car in question. Don't think I would ever take on something that someone has already started to hack up and given up on. For only a few thousand more I would rather own this one. http://www.2040-cars.com/Chrysler/New-Yorker/1965-chrysler-new-yorker-convertible-624838/
  4. Not enamored with the styling but the overall platform shows real promise. I can see the Rivian selling well in the US. https://youtu.be/QMfxJEfb4lw
  5. Back in 1988 I worked for TRW/Technar and I was a tech on the part of the assembly line that made crash sensors for airbags. I worked in the Chrysler room but we had Honda at that facility as well. On my first day I sat through a big production about how important these devices were because they were life saving safety devices. Turns out that on the assembly line they were forcing me to pass parts that were nowhere near being within spec and all they really cared about were number of units off the end of the line. Later on, It was no surprise to hear that some Chrysler vehicles were having spontaneous airbag deployments or failure to deploy at all. Long story short, in the beginnings of the manufacturing process, they were called airbags.
  6. Yup, exact same gauges as my '26 Brougham but without the copper accents that the Super Sport had. You can barely make out the Hat in the Ring logo in the center. The dash layout is quite nice.
  7. Matt, you may be one of the few completely honest dealers out there and I hop your business grows because of your honesty, not despite it.
  8. Doing his best to grab all the Michael Bay fans out there.
  9. I always heard that as long as the car's wheels are not touching the roadway the car does not need to be licensed or even insured. Friend in high school's Dad had a used car lot so we transported non-running, non-registered cars pretty regular and that was the rule we always went by. But if it was a runner we had the option of just slapping a Dealer plate on it and driving it.
  10. Early CVT transmissions were junk. Numerous failures and seriously lackluster performance. Newer ones seem to be more reliable but I am still not a fan. I have driven the Nissan and Subaru versions and the Nissan was miserable to drive. Even with foot to the floor the trans never 'downshifted' to raise RPM to get into the power band when power was needed going up a freeway onramp. The RPM just gradually increased as I almost got run over by a big rig. The Subaru had a much better driving feel but it was still not as responsive as a traditional transmission. I wouldn't own one since I like to keep my cars for at least a decade and I am still not sold on CVT reliability. I'm sure I would get used to the strange driving dynamics but give me a traditional transmission any day.
  11. That had to be some serious animosity between the owner and his son for him to bury the car rather than have his son own it.
  12. The odds that David's car would ever be in the same zip code as its original engine are astronomical so it's great to see that they are a matched pair once again. Congrats, Dave!
  13. Don't get me started on the grills just about all new cars seem to have. I think Audi started the trend and it has just gotten worse and worse over the years. The front of all the new Toyota and Lexus cars reminds me of this.
  14. What a great find. And the price was right, too! A lathe is one of the tools I want to add to my garage at some point along with a plasma cutter. Please keep us updated on your progress as you clean it up.