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  1. You guys should try owning a Rickenbacker! Talk about a tiny group of owners and enthusiasts. 😢
  2. That is a fantastically preserved all original car.
  3. Kris, at Running Board Rubber, recently did a huge project or the Pierce Arrow Society and the results were spectacular. I would check with him and see what he has for your car. Kris is a super nice guy to work with and his quality is outstanding. I have spoken to Kris during the lockdowns and they are still up and running just fine. They are located in Canada but shipping was not an issue. http://runningboardrubber.com/
  4. It would seem to me that much of the art world is just a legal way to launder money.
  5. Unfortunately, that is audio only. Many years ago I purchased the complete series on DVD so I get to go back through and watch them whenever I want.
  6. @Grimy, I'm sure Ed's blood pressure went through the roof when they gave him the news about the lost paperwork. I know mine would have.
  7. Jay Leno has a Baker electric that he goes over in this video.
  8. Here's a pic from the interwebs. The grill in OP's pic is missing the bumper guard assembly.
  9. Sounds like I need to get out to Virginia so I can sign your door. 😀
  10. I met George Barris at his shop in LA and Del Worsham used to live right across the street from my sister so I met him a bunch of times. But for real movers and shakers, I've met edinmass, alsancle, trimacar and Grimy. Heck, AJ even rode in my Pierce and Grimy and I had an impromptu race up a mountain in the Cascades. 😁 Seriously, does it get any better than that? Edit: I very egregiously left trimacar off my list of legends. Heck, David and I even co-sponsored a banner at the Pierce Museum a few years ago.
  11. Sounds to me like a museum car can be taken as a car that has had all the cosmetics done but none of the mechanicals done. Plan on spending a whole lot of time and money to make a museum car road worthy.
  12. $2.89 for regular and $3.09 for super at the Costco in my town. Calif is insane for gas taxes.
  13. Congrats on your purchase. It makes me long for the days when I used to drive my father's '64 Galaxies. He had 3 different ones at one time, two XLs and one 500. Great driving cars but not so fun to work on.
  14. Hyper-flash is a big issue in modern cars when you switch to LED bulbs. There is much less current draw overall so the system thinks you have a bulb out. I have not tried to use LED bulbs in my 60's cars yet so I would think the same would happen with the bi-metal flashers, either that or it would flash very slowly. Taking much longer to heat of the element and move it away from the contact.
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