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  1. Coworker recently bought a Yellow Challenger Super Bee. Very fast car and tons of fun to drive. The trans in those cars is the best I have every experienced for a paddle shifted automatic. Will it ever be as valuable as the '67 Camaro he also owns? Probably not. But there will be plenty of demand for high horsepower limited production, well kept modern muscle cars.
  2. I didn't think we were talking about investments. I thought this was about desirability not something to replace your 401k.
  3. This is another case where there are probably more now than ever produced.
  4. And they will still be desirable. There are still a million Ford Model A cars out there and yet they are still desirable and still bring a lot of money for what they are.
  5. I know you're in the business, but you can't tell me the limited production modern muscle cars like the Hellephant won't be collectable. The most desirable 60's muscle cars are the ones that were the peak of performance and built in limited numbers. Today, what brings more money? A run of the mill '69 350/Auto Camaro or a true '69 DZ 302 Z28?
  6. Although no one has mentioned it, but I will. We want pictures of your completed project and even some in progress shots. 😃 We, here love all things automotive and would love to see your work. And there are some here, like Billy, that are very into scale models as well.
  7. I would think all of the big modern muscle cars will be collectable. There will be a market for today's Hellaphant, Super Bee, Camaro ZR-1 and the like. I would love to own a Corvette C8 some day.
  8. Too many digits for a Calif plate. Max is 7.
  9. I completed the survey the day it was posted. I used an isolated virtual machine I use when I want to open something I am not sure about. Zero issues with the link and no strange traffic going somewhere I wouldn't want it to.
  10. Very cool pictures. Thank you for sharing. Long hood and not much of a door to get in and out of it. But still very cool.
  11. Interesting, a boxer flathead with fuel injection.
  12. @darren32 your car looks great just like it is. Remember, a car can be restored a hundred times but it is only original once.
  13. I still have a Canon XL-1 camera. It is not an HD cam but it still takes great video all these years later.
  14. Amazing the horse was not hurt so bad it had to be put down. As for the Daewoo, that wasn't a real loss anyway.