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  1. The light output of the dual filament headlamps on my '29 is quite good, actually. They provide plenty of light out front, light up the road well with a nicely focused beam. And I will get flashed by other drivers if I don't manage to take them off high beam in time.
  2. Edinmass posted a photo on the PAS website. Let me see if I can grab it and post it here. The NY thing has been debated numerous times in the PAS and not a single shred of evidence was found that NY outlawed the fender headlamps. But the myth persists and is larger than life now. It would be the height of irony for a car made in NY to have their most distinctive feature outlawed in the state.
  3. I know any BMW that is more than 6 years old is going to have constant issues but I also know that late 80's and early 90's Vettes weren't the most reliable cars out there, either. It would be interesting to hear what people think about the C4's overall reliability. The C3 I owned was very reliable, never had an issue. But it was a very low mile, one owner car. Car went to Australia with 34k miles on it. Now I've got to widen my search for a DD / toy.
  4. Normally, I don't care for green cars but that Polo Green just looks so nice with that body style. I have been in the market for a slightly older BMW as a daily driver toy but with the price Matt listed I may have to rethink my options.
  5. I wouldn't mind a '92 in Polo Green. I miss the '78 Silver Anniversary I used to own. Even with the L-82 it felt under powered but the 4 speed and the handling made it a fun car to drive.
  6. Our Pierce was purchased in the very early 60's from someone that had purchased it from the estate of the original owner with the intent to flip it. All he did was clean up the car and put it up for sale. It wad WW then and it has had WW ever since. When I went to put this last set of tires on the car I did not use a tire with the truck like tread pattern because they would not fit in the fender wells unless they were completely deflated. The next size down that would fit did not look right for the car, they looked noticeably too small. So I opted for the Lester with the smoother tread shoulder and they have been great tires. They ride well and do well at freeway speeds. My Rickenbacker has artillery wheels and it wears black wall only. Both of my 20's cars are allergic to rain so I cannot say how they do in rainy weather.
  7. @C Carl You should probably PM phone numbers and other personal info and not post it in an open forum.
  8. Bucket seats were standard on all SS Chevelle/Malibus from '64 to at least '72. Consoles delete could be added to remove the standard SS console and a bench seat could also be substituted for the standard buckets.
  9. Trimacar or edinmas would probably be the ones to shed some light on this.
  10. I have a 143 inch wheelbase Pierce Arrow, doesn't get much bigger or more high end than that, and the dome light is nowhere near that size. Never seen a dome light that size in any full sized classic, either. But you're right, something that big would definitely light up the entire passenger compartment.
  11. Have you tried contacting Lucas Tire? https://www.lucasclassictires.com/
  12. A locking fender mount spare tire hold down can be seen in this picture. Had to look one up on the internet since I am not home to take a picture of my car's spares.
  13. The heaving of asphalt is more likely caused by heavy trucks stopping there on hot days. I have never seen regular cars cause heaving like that even in really hot areas like we have around here.
  14. Sure does. These days you can upload an image into a computer and the machine will do the rest.