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  1. I have tried to use an Echlin in my Pierce Arrow but the body of the coil was too large to fit into the holder that is mounted on the firewall.
  2. What did you sell and what are you currently looking to buy? Have a pics of the one you sold?
  3. I hope Bob's recovery goes well and with as little discomfort as possible. Prayers for Bob and his family during this very difficult time.
  4. That is quite a story. You chased this truck for years only to see it go to someone else. Any chance you can talk the current owner out of it?
  5. I enjoy going to the occasional demolition derby but just launching cars off a cliff wouldn't really appeal to me. And who is going to clean up the side of that cliff when it's all done? Some of those cars are going to be real tough to recover along with all the pieces.
  6. This is the reason that Pierce Arrow advertising rarely focused on the car itself, the ads were more focused on the lifestyle of someone that would own a Pierce Arrow.
  7. I have a 1/2 inch 20v Li Porter Cable impact that can sit for well over a month and still have a very strong, if not completely full battery. Best part is I also have a Porter Cable screwdriver and impact driver that use the same batteries so I always have at least 3 fully charged batteries on hand.
  8. Any decent 1/2 inch battery powered impact wrench should be able to lift a fairly heavy car more than once on a charge.
  9. But, unfortunately, Peart didn't have any red cars in his collection. As the main lyricist for Rush he had some great lyrics and some horrible lyrics.
  10. I had planned on being elsewhere for those dates but I may just have to change some plans around so I can attend this swap meet.
  11. I wouldn't dare drive a car with tires that old, no matter how the car was stored. When I took possession of my Pierce, the tires were of unknown age. There was a mysterious death wobble that would pop up from time to time above 35mph or so when you hit a decent bump. It wouldn't do it all the time, just once in a while. Thorough front end inspection revealed the king pins to be in good shape, all steering linkage was solid and front wheel bearings were tight but were repacked. Replaced the tires and did a front end alignment and that cured the death wobble. It could have been way out of alignment or it could have been the hard as a rock old tires. Either way, the car drives fine now at any speed and over any road surface. Tires are so inexpensive, compared to the rest of the car or getting someone hurt, that is it foolish not to replace old tires. BTW - the tires on my Rickenbacker have seen no more than 500 miles in the last 10 years due to various issues that have cropped up. A lot had to do with repairing/sourcing another water pump. I will not drive the car without having the tires replaced. The old ones will make great rollers for someone's project.
  12. Not a huge collection but some very interesting pieces. https://www.motor1.com/news/516428/rush-neil-peart-car-auction/
  13. Thanks Greg, for all the pictures. In the mid 80's until the early 90's I did guitar tech, sound and lighting work for a band that played all the rock and roll spots all over Hollywood. Every club and bar with a stage you posted I've been in, along with places around the area like the Palladium. Gazzarri's is long gone but I spent more Friday and Saturday nights there than I can count. The stage there had a horrible electrical system that would blow breakers if you had the band playing and too many stage lights up at the same time. I even got a J-walking ticket right out front of The Rainbow. After a set a bunch of us were crossing the street to grab a bite, nowhere near a crosswalk, and I was the only one dumb enough to stop when a cop yelled at us to stop. Everyone else just kept walking and was inside and settled in by the time I caught up with them.
  14. Spectacular looking car! Congrats on the purchase.
  15. The only way you could have let your dear friend Dale down is if you allowed the car to fall into disrepair or you sacrificed your loved one's needs to keep the car going. One of the greatest ways to pay respects to Dale is to make sure the Pierce finds another owner as passionate as Dale was and as you are about the car. BTW do you have a link to a for sale ad or to the thread you had where you posted many pictures of the car and a little of the history? I know someone that has been looking for an open Pierce but this one is so nice it may just change his mind about not looking at closed cars.
  16. I am very sorry to hear of Carl's passing. Although I never met him, I immensely enjoyed reading his posts. His wealth of knowledge and kind spirit will be greatly missed.
  17. Very sorry to hear of Carl's passing. And he was just starting another chapter in his life. I second Ed's comment about needing to find his car and make sure it gets to his family.
  18. Sorry to see that you are letting your Pierce go. That is more than a fair price and I would be very surprised if it has not been sold already. I know a little about your history with the car and I know you really wanted to hang onto it. Good luck with finding another passionate owner.
  19. The Hat in the Ring was the emblem for the 94th Aero Squadron. I have read that it was crafted to show that Uncle Sam had thrown his hat in the ring and joined the fight in WWI. Capt Eddie was quite fond of the emblem and Capt Eddie was a HUGE celebrity after the Great War. I know the cars don't garner much respect in today's pre-war circles but the car was said to be a very nice car at the time. The Rickenbacker Motor's company slogan was, 'A Car Worthy of its Name'. As for the spare tire covers, I have seen them as far back as I can remember into the early 70's. My Rickenbacker has been in the family longer than I have so my earliest memories involve pre-war automotive gatherings and I do remember quite a few cars with rear tire covers though ours never did have one.
  20. Oh my, that would be horrible if Carl lost one of his Cadillacs.
  21. I bet that car would scoot along just fine with modern cars in city traffic. Only drawback would be if you wanted to do more than 50mph but a coupe would be fun. Rickenbacker cars almost never come up for sale, it really hurts that this one is so far away and I do not have the room at the moment.
  22. Here in Calif they would not allow the car unless it had seatbelts and full lighting front and rear, that includes blinkers.
  23. Here in So Cal there were a handful of TR7s and X19s that were running around and would regularly be seen out and about. I always thought the TR7 was a huge letdown from the TR6. And the X19 was a Fiat, so........
  24. That is a pretty nice looking car. Good luck with your restoration and make sure to start a thread in the Restorations/Projects section so we can all follow your progress. I had never heard of them before.
  25. When I was a young kid and we would go for rides in one of the family's prewar cars, I always loved the sound of the gears because it reminded me of the sound the school bus made.
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