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  1. Thanks for all the help. It boils down to voltage, single or double contacts,and base diameter and pin arrangement. I am installing a correct new harness, including a LED headlamp and taillamp conversion. Besides brighter light, they are easier on the generator and cut out relay!
  2. Is there a chart for automotive replacement bulbs from the 1930's? My 1933 owners book only lists obsolete numbers such as 15-S, 3D, 3S, etc. I know the letters refer to double or single contact. Have these numbers been replaced with different part numbers? And where do I find correct 6 volt replacement bulbs?
  3. I recently discovered this box of NOS fuses. I've been told these large fuses were used in early '30s Packards. Anyone have any more info on these?
  4. Any recommendations for a LED turn signal system, perhaps run wirelessly by blue tooth.... need the lights to clamp on the bumper brackets for an early 1930's automobile. I'd like to avoid wiring if I could. I'm probably correct in thinking not many drivers know what hand signals are these days!
  5. I've tried both methods,for me powder coat gives superior coverage and finish. Your wheels need to be free of pitting however.....
  6. As Hudson continued to be in the red financially, exterior and interior trim reflected the hard times....less ashtrays, no headliner trim, less stainless on the exterior, and so on. '52 Hornet was the Zenith for style, pizazz, and quality materials....it was all downhill after that. As for the Hollywood, IMHO it lost the look of the cool stepdown design with the high roof line with way too much glass. Remember....its always dark in a Hudson!
  7. I saved this '32 ET from becoming a SBC powered hot rod. He had the original engine ready to pull!
  8. The heart and character of the original car is gone,..Now, it's just a shell that looks like a '39 Chrysler.... however it is still desirable to someone?
  9. I'm the owner of a 1932 Terraplane, 52,000 original miles with no rebuilds. This engine is a "Splasher" engine, with the majority of lubrication coming from the little dippers on the ends of the connecting rods that splash oil from a secondary pan that has separate troughs for each dipper. This engine is NOT equipped with any type of oil filter. Routine maintenance involves removal of the pans and the sludge contained at the bottom. I've yet to have any long time Hudson owners recommended anything but non-detergent 30w oil.
  10. When did 14mm spark.plugs come into use,and for what reason? I have a '32 Terraplane that I believe uses the 14mm size.... I don't believe there were any before then?
  11. Are you referring to the Auburn Automobile, or the non related Auburn Spark plug company?
  12. Anyone here have old aftermarket parts books with interchanges? Looking to see what the application of Filko # GC-12 voltage cut out is, and any crossover to an Autolite #. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the clarification on my question, problem solved.
  14. When did spark plug wires change from flat ends held to the spark plug by brass thumb screws, to a bare metal 90° snap fitting? I am restoring a 1932 Terraplane and have the correct lacquered cloth plug wires, but not sure of which style plug fastener to use.