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  1. Ah. Thanks. Any pics of a '32 grille?
  2. My family Dairy owned this truck and the cat!
  3. I dug out an old lens I've had forever. I'm thinking it was a Pontiac fender lamps lens, as a friend had a '34 years ago. Can any one confirm if this lens fits '32-'34 Pontiac? Or?
  4. Found this going thru boxes of misc parts! It needs a new home!
  5. I sold most of it over the years, I still have a grille shell and grille in storage.
  6. http://www.earlytimeschapter.org/1933.html Looks like 1933 was the last true roadster for Pontiac. Did Chevrolet have its last roadster in 1934?
  7. Thanks Ben P. At least there is one survivor!
  8. Ben P, that appears to be a 6 cylinder model as the 8 has a totally different grille.
  9. I've had parts of one for years, and got to thinking if any 1933 Oldsmobile 8 cylinder convertible coupes exist, in stock form. I also find it unusual that Pontiac offered both a roadster and a convertible coupe in 32-34, while Olds only offered the convertible coupe!
  10. That's the one. I need to stop being so trustworthy. Not sure why he's still able to post? I filed a dispute with the cash app,but so far,nothing....
  11. I had a response from Holmes Hall . A scam?
  12. By more conservative, do you mean it was replaced with a more "upright" grille? So there was a sheet metal change?
  13. Thanks Gary, the bearing needed is in the steering box.
  14. They are closed until further notice.
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