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  1. Its more a curiosity to see when my car was last used. When installed, the battery is under the trunk floor in my '32 Terraplane coupe.
  2. any guesses on the apx vintage of this 6 volt battery? I had no idea this long forgotten car still had a battery under the rear seat. Supposedly the car (1933) wasn't driven after WW2. This battery age would be the only way I have to verify this!
  3. Thanks for the help, they have found a new home on a Caddy V16!
  4. I have these silver painted bumpers from the famous Hawkeye estate,looking for a new home.. I'm not 100% positive but they look to be from a 1930-1931 Cadillac V16?
  5. As an update on the Madam X aired 3/16/20, one of the experts suggested that radiator ornament was a stylized C and L letters, representing Cadillac and LaSalle, as that body was on a LaSalle chassis....
  6. The first 16" wheels I know of were on the 1933 Terraplane 8
  7. Simichrome paste always worked excellent for silver or nickel.
  8. I have had this Auburn knockoff for nearly 50 years,bought it from a old time local scrapyard. it's a heavy paperweight! I would guess 1930 vintage?
  9. I've been in the AACA since high school, 1971. Like many of you I feel the internet has taken away our printed materials we all loved and looked forward to getting in the mail. I learned so much about cars from those old Hemmings Motor News,and bought many parts for my first project,a 1937 Plymouth. It was great fun sending a SASE to the many for sale ads, and checking the mailbox for the reply.In many ways I wish those days were still with us. BUT... I also embrace the internet for what it can be. A source for parts (and photos of parts!) nearly instantly. Many connections are able to be made as well, along with for sale and wanted ads on many sights including this one. It's fantastic to show a picture of what you need or have questions about,and get instant responses. Printed material seems to take a lifetime to get the same results, and often leads to "missed opportunities". As an example of modern tech at work, I was attending a car show out of town. During a brief shower, I was going thru Hemmings for sale ads on my smart phone. I spotted my dream car for sale,in a nearby state. I called the number, and within minutes got all the info and pics I wanted to make a deal. I knew if I hesitated the car would be gone,as they're only a handful known and seldom change hands. I closed the deal by sending an instant PayPal payment for a deposit,right from my phone... It all worked out perfect, even with me negotiating and paying from a remote site show field! The following week we went to get my 1933 Terraplane 8 convertible coupe, whose owner decided to part with it that day,some 50 years after he bought it! Without the phone and internet, I'm sure I would still be looking....
  10. I think Mecum is the best venue for muscle cars like the Bullitt, they auction many more cars than the other so called bigger auction houses.
  11. Rumor has it the Frank is Frank Mecum
  12. Guess I guessed the closest.....
  13. I'll guess 3 million....any idea what time it will cross?