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  1. No ID that I could find. This IS a full roof,albeit in 2 sections. It takes 4 adults to change it out....
  2. I have a gorgeous 1953 Packard Caribbean I will be selling Thursday/ Friday at the Hershey car corral. It has a very unusual custom 2 piece hardtop attachment covered in vinyl. It looks factory, it is so well constructed, but I am told it is a one off custom piece. The car can be fitted with the rear section only, similiar to a town car with an open front! Has anyone ever seen or heard of such a removable hardtop for a Caribbean?
  3. I'll be searching for the correct starter for my 1933 Terraplane 8 conv.coupe Autolite MAB 4051 or 4052, also a dash gauge cluster, front bumper, and most any '32-'33 Terraplane items!
  4. Here's some recent pics of the Maxwell.. Value needed because 2 brothers inherited the Maxwell, and one wants to buy the others share.
  5. Older restoration to a #2 condition, 2cylinder LD. Maxwell is in upstate NY.
  6. A valuation of a 1909 Maxwell is needed to help settle an estate. None of my price guides list these cars. Is there any source of an accepted price guide for these cars?
  7. Wanted 1930 Buick bumper guards, need 3 for front and 3 for back, small vertical guards that go over the 2 piece bumpers. Maybe 1931 the same? Thanks!
  8. Wanted! Bumper guards for a 1930 Buick. 3 guards for the front and 3 for the rear. These fit the 2 piece bumpers used that year. Maybe 1931 the same? Thanks!
  9. Yes if performance was needed,buyers went for the Terraplane, an unbeatable competitor in hill climbing and speed contests,in 1932 with a 6,and then in '33 a one year only 8 was offered as well,and that had the highest horsepower to weight ratio of any production car in the world.
  10. 1932 was the first appearance of the iconic "Ram". The creator, Avard Fairbanks went on to design the one year only (1933) Hudson/Terraplane Griffin
  11. Thanks for all the help. It boils down to voltage, single or double contacts,and base diameter and pin arrangement. I am installing a correct new harness, including a LED headlamp and taillamp conversion. Besides brighter light, they are easier on the generator and cut out relay!