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  1. The 100 year badge which is a beautiful cloisonne like (hard enamel) badge is given out by the President during the show. Frequently, he or she cannot find the owner as they are out looking at other cars. They stop by several times but if no one is there the badge is usually not left with the car.
  2. Jeff, this is my last reply to all this. The secrecy was due to the benefactor not wanting to make his name known nor what he was attempting to do in the long run, as it would potentially had an effect on his future plans. A little complicated but his heart was in the right place. Sometimes you proceed with a project having the best intentions and it takes a turn. Yes, they underestimated the level of detail members would have on certain parts. There were several cooks in the store, the benefactor, the company making the parts and the company that was hired to put the process together. Once they started putting together the dinner they ran into problems. Still, they are continuing to find solutions as the goal is to help hobbyists get the parts they need and at the quality is expected by everyone. By the end of the year I expect we will have a new website, probably temporary until we can build what we really want BUT this same group has already put together a cool new feature for us with over 1500 stories and photos that will soon be operational. It is done but I do not want to start it until the new website is up. People will be able to put their own stories and pictures up and the pages will be searchable. This project was made free to the club and our members. In the end, sorry to have disappointed people but nothing ventured nothing gained and as an undersized ex-halfback i will continue to try to push the ball over the goal line!
  3. Matt, all I can say is you have your viewpoint and I have mine. I am not worried about protection and not sure even what that comment meant. Hopefully at this advanced age I can still stand up for myself! The facts are that this was a failed attempt and they are working on finding a better alternative to serving the hobby at a low cost. That was the primary long term idea behind the project and the benefactor who was willing to underwrite it. Personally, I would have like to see it handled differently that it was but the key chain was produced with their technology and something they did not have to do for hundreds of people. They are in earnest but people seem to want to jump gun and not give these folks the chance. So be it... I still will not deter me in trying to find benefits for our members soI still have hope that something very good will come out of this project.
  4. Guys be cynical if you want, I guess I cannot blame you but this was in fact a legitimate attempt at doing something good. It fell through as it became too difficult to replicate the parts as they planned. They are not giving up ion trying to do something. There is a very famous person who you all would recognize behind this effort. Proves once again that no attempt at a good deed goes unpunished.
  5. Ted, I am not sure where you got the impression Friday was over by 2 PM. I had to be in numerous places on the fields and it was still doing very well all day with less people pulling out than the past two years. When vendors travel to be here by Tuesday and many were at Carlisle it is a long time to be away from home. I wish they would stay and we are going to look at some ideas to help make Saturday stronger next year. This was a great year for Hershey!!
  6. The flyover WAS spectacular and the funny thing is so far no one knows who it was but we are trying to find out to thank them! Let's stop with the thank you's...the thank you goes out to all those who attend, all those who honor us with their membership and the loyalty people have to this event. If you are not a member you should be as the Region and AACA work awful hard on your behalf. Support us so we can continue the work. "Fan" you help was much appreciated in Auburn...we will be back this year again.
  7. We have little tolerance for spammers and banned them routinely. Now we have resorted to banning two countries thanks to the persistent spam with different ip addresses. The last 24 hours seem to have brought some relief!
  8. Personally, I cannot stand the guy. Lazy, shiftless bum... Thanks for the kind comments. AACA has a great staff here in Hershey and we were all working our tails off for the week (and the weeks before and still today!) It is an honor for all of us to serve our members. Always nice to hear from a fellow Bay Stater (Great Barrington in the Berkshires).
  9. VERY few carts were on the showfield and most of those were for the judging crew and volunteer workers. All carts are to have insurance and no dogs allowed BUT there are people that think rules are for others. Most of the dogs were from locals who may or may not know the rules. This is a gigantic event and it will never be perfect. Just check the police records every weekend from events here were people drank to much, did not follow the traffic rules, etc. It happens!!! The region and national are always trying to make the event safer.
  10. Jay, we have the results BUT we need to verify things and make sure we have everything perfect before posting. Hopefully tomorrow.
  11. So, sadly we have had to block all guests from Russia and Germany as they tried again today to hit this site.
  12. To clarify: national headquarters sends out the badges after they are engraved. If this is from Hershey it will take a few days. If it was from a previous meet you should already have it! Contact us at 717-534-1910 if you do not. You do not reach out to the chief judge to get your judging sheet. That comes from the VP of Judging, Chuck crane whose address is in our magazine on page 6. It will highlight the area(s) you lost points on.
  13. I do not get to do the flea market but a nice gentleman handed me a couple of Olds items as a gift. That was unexpected but nice. We did manage to acquire this piece to add to our growing inventory of educational models that are housed in our Library. In the new building we hope to have a great display of working models in a room designed for training and education.
  14. Joe, and hopefully you won't. Our forum support desk has blocked everyone from the offending country and will see if that cuts down on the issue.
  15. Issues of golf carts and mobility devices are a problem we have and continue to have . Mixing them up with pedestrians at an event size of "Hershey" is a challenge. My year old trailer was damaged by a golf cart this year and the repair will not be cheap. So far, I have not heard of any injuries thank god. The discussion on how to make this event safer for everyone will continue , as we all recognize the issue but it is complex.