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  1. Steve Moskowitz

    Are design renderings done at automakers "fine art?"

    Bob, I am 100% in agreement with your statement! Way too many hang ups in this world about what is right and wrong over things that matter little in the scheme of life. As each year rolls around I realize that friends, family, and the future of our world are far more important than some of the silliness we argue about day to day. Now hat is really a classic car? JUST KIDDING!
  2. Steve Moskowitz

    2019 Grand National - online registration open

    We do not know how big this meet is going to be but the requests so far are way ahead of any previous year. Not sure what that means this early on but I would strongly advise those thinking of coming to book reservations now!!!
  3. Steve Moskowitz

    1912 olds limited

    Ray welcome to the forum...we know where your Limited is and it is in a wonderful place with a wonderful family. Glad you guys keep showing it and having fun with it. I enjoy having the painting on my wall of your car.
  4. Steve Moskowitz

    1912 olds limited

    So the car you are talking about was sold in Florida at the RM Auction. I was there. Collection of two brothers and their name escapes me. I believe I know who has it now but do not have permission to divulge. Otis Chandler had the Olds Limited Limousine and I still remember the ads on OCW when it went up for sale. Somehow $187,000 sticks in my mind but that was in the 70's and I could be all wet. After the '12 sold I kept wondering what the 1911 factory car could be worth today!! Bet more with its provenance and quality restoration. That was a great project and I was happy to be a part of it and be its caretaker for several years.
  5. Steve Moskowitz

    24 Hupmobile speedster

    Don, I am with Mike as well. It is your car, your vision and something you did with your own hands and tools. Kudos.
  6. Steve Moskowitz

    Woman reunited with Land Rover she built 70 years ago .

    This story perfectly points out that to our generations transportation was not just a means to get from here to there. The love affair (sometimes hate) we all had with our cars and with the industry is something todays fans might not fully understand. While the country has changed rapidly in technology and communications, gone are the days of trying to peek into a dealership to see the new models. Gone are the days that you could easily recognize every car on the road. For some the days of getting hands dirty, rebuilding, machining, etc. are fading. Somehow electronics don't give me the same excitement. What a great story, reality at its best! Not a made up TV show but real world reality.
  7. Steve Moskowitz

    National awards banquet

    Tommy is 100% correct. However, if you come you might want to take in the seminars, trade show and judging schools that also take place beginning on Thursday. Most of the action is Friday and Saturday. You also will get another special gift on Saturday night given to only those who attend. Most of all congratulations!!!
  8. Steve Moskowitz

    Brand New 1956 Oldsmobile 88 (3607 miles!) *SOLD*

    Matt, I can think of two collectors that may have bought your car and hope they did. It is a great car! Dan, I am sorry to hear about your wife but would love to correspond with you as I sense you are part of the family from Griffin Motors. For those unaware, Griffin Oldsmobile had a huge history in NASCAR.
  9. Steve Moskowitz


    AACA member saw a '36 Airstream convertible sedan in the latest issue of our magazine. It was in the car corral at Hershey. If the car is still for sale he is interested. Call me at 717-534-1910 for his number
  10. Steve Moskowitz

    "Mag Wheels" In the AACA Official Revue : Disgusting !!!

    Oldford, really no double standard at all. The rule for the flea market is that if a vehicle could be exhibited in a AACA class it is eligible for the car corral. Secondly, there is no AACA national police at Hershey running the car corral. Hershey Region members and volunteers do their best at attempting to follow the rule book. A VERY tough assignment for them. They do a very good job but sometimes a car gets in that should not and maybe a car goes home that would qualify. As explained by A.J., the Studebaker was approved for a non-judged class by a committee of AACA judges. As to the Packard, I think I know which one you are referring to (rushed so have not gone back to your post) and all I can say is that if it is the Speedster it does not meet the criteria of the rule book but when it was entered in the show how was anyone to know? Once it got there and in place then it was not asked to leave. It was a hit though! I am all for following the rules. No reason to have them if you do not follow but sometimes you have to use common sense especially when "no babies or animals" are harmed!
  11. Steve Moskowitz

    What have I got? Brass lamp info needed

    The pedal cars I am aware of never had anything that fancy! Of course I had to put a real set on my Hallock Junior restoration.
  12. Thank you for your business...we like it when excess materials get in in the hands of our members. You can never have enough stuff!!
  13. Steve Moskowitz

    What have I got? Brass lamp info needed

    No idea Terry but bring it up here Saturday and I will take it off your hands so you are not so perplexed!
  14. Well this one didn't!! Purposely built for a South Carolina library system. According to our library staff there were very few bookmobiles built from buses until the late 50's. We have a great picture from the Anderson Library of their fleet of these trucks. Thankfully one survived and is now ours!!!
  15. Guess there are only a few left but I bought mine. Granddaughter and I had a lot of fun putting it together. Great and unusual gift idea!