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  1. The Hersheypark campgrounds are about a mile from the show. The KOA one is about 12 miles away.
  2. The closest to the campgrounds is Hersheypark Camping Grounds...not inexpensive. The other place I know with hook ups is in Elizabethtown, a much farther drive but less expensive. It is the Conewaygo and it is a KOA. The only other place is all the way in Lebanon.
  3. Roger, I am very late to this thread but your work is nothing short of amazing. We have a little something in common as I was a District Service Manager for Oldsmobile in the 70's. I imagine you were quite good in the job! Wondering if you ever worked with Darwin Clark from the US? He was posted in Switzerland for a time.
  4. Late breaking news!! Auburn will be a four-day event for RMSothebys this year. Wednesday and Thursday will be a sign, memorabilia, petroliana auction! Friday and Saturday will be vehicles. More info to follow!
  5. There is a Gardner that has won numerous awards in AACA and a national award to boot! It also has been a hit a numerous other shows and concours. Unfortunately, it is usually snowed in until July! Of course, Prewar40 knows that person very well!
  6. Tops, fenders and lights were available in 1902 but not standard. Fenders are listed in the parts book at $1.50 each for the front and $1.00 each for the back! Neverout lights would be correct for this model. The correct carburetor for this was simply a mixer and it was fed by gravity. No pump involved. CDO's were made from 1901-1907 and the best guesses I have heard is that there are about 500-600 at least still around. The CDO Club had about 60 of these at the Olds 100th Anniversary celebration...pretty cool to see them all coming down the street. I was lucky enough to drive the 1904 owned by Olds Division in the Parade. Great cars, I have had several and now have a 1903 that sadly has seen little use lately.
  7. The spring registration will come out in the May issue of Antique Automobile. All materials are sent out at the same time during the first week in July. Then it is first come first served. That is for the flea market and car corral. It is also when we ask about the show and those materials go out as soon as we have all the approvals for the info.
  8. Mark, great of you to want to get this to a current owner. REO Club most likely will not have an answer as this was a car built by Oldsmobile. The right club is the Curved Dash Olds Club that keeps a database of all the single cylinder cars including the Model N built in 04 and 05. I will forward this to the guy in officers in the CDOClub!
  9. Well there are several French Fronts out there . The Stahl Museum and the REO Museum have one in their collections. The title of this post may confuse some...the runabout was apparently sold in 1910 but most likely it was a '04.
  10. I missed these latest posts but JB it did win in 1963 in Corning in Class 9B. Owner was Harry Gladding. If this is Harry Gladding, Jr. he has not been a member since 2010. Was located in VA. This was a two-cylinder car which through some of you guys off. Once the poster confirmed 1963 it was simple to get the info. Earl, there is still a book but kept by us at HQ and not sold. Records actually started back in 1952 . There was no demand for it and as such we are not publishing it any more. Records are in the computer and on my master file.
  11. WoW!!! This will rock the industry. Nothing new in the industry, in one variation or another it has been done before by several manufacturers. Most things new are in fact old! There is a solid business case for doing so and as a former new car dealer I can tell you that in the end it seems to work out well for the consumer, manufacturer and dealer.
  12. Steven, not sure this is the best way to let us know as this is the general forum and not always monitored by us but our apologies about the banquet. We are having a lot of discussion about hotels, cost of food and the quality as well. It has been a concern at our first two events and we feel bad for our members and the hard working folks at the regions who put the show on. They did not prepare the food. Our board of directors have had a lot of emails fly back and forth since Philadelphia and Ocala and the subject is being visited. The solution? Not sure but I can tell you the banquet at Auburn is fabulous and at a much lower cost. Guarantee you that your comments are being taken seriously and if you visit the page on meets and tours you will find others who also had the same feeling.
  13. Of course Bob is correct, we do have records of the many cars he showed at AACA meets which is how I found your car and the owner.
  14. The car was owned by a pretty well known person in the hobby. Richard K Carroll. He showed the car in Florida in 1983 and did not show it again. Quite a departure from all his Duesenbergs!
  15. Jeff if you did not see my edit you CAN go to the Charlotte Meet in April and get your Senior and then go to Auburn!! A whole bunch of people are doing this as it is a new rule for the do not have to sit out a year as in the past. Most of the time our judges do the right thing. A couple years ago as I was judging national awards the team captain came over to me on this same subject (blue dots). Fortunately for a change I had the right answer.