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  1. Gil, good point. Several cars have not seen much road time but a few have over the years. I have also seen a lot of work done out of Rick Britten's shop that in fact have been driven and have withstood the test of time. No authority on the subject, just an observation of the cars I have seen. I would imagine that a lot of use in touring could affect the product but no facts to back it up either way.
  2. No wrong answer here. If you enjoy polishing then that is certainly the way to go. However, all my brass cars were cleared by a very well known brass restorer in Michigan and decades later they are like the day I got them.
  3. The following two trucks were owned by the dealership I eventually owned. Sadly, they were long gone. The 34 olds pick up was built by the guys in our body shop as a parts hauler. The other truck I believe is a 28 Chevrolet
  4. There is an hour long show on the 2019 Amelia Island Concours coming up soon. It will include some info from past shows and some info on this year's silver anniversary. If you have never been to Amelia here is a chance to get SOME of the experience. If you were at the show a chance to relive it again. Amelia is a terrific event that combines the best of the production car world with race cars. The seminars are the best ever! NBC Sports Network (NBCSN) Tuesday, January 28, 2020 at 9 PM EST, replay at midnight EST
  5. please disregard my idiot answer above then...Stacy has had it out for a few days and there was not only an email blast but it is on our home page. See you in Philly and congrats on your award.
  6. Little late in seeing this post. We had a 1903 Cleveland Rear Entrance Tonneau shown for many years in AACA. It was owned by Roger Weiss of Yorkville, Illinois. I used to show my Curved Dash Olds next to him at many shows. I believe I heard a few years ago that Roger passed away. In any event, I am not sure where the car is today but there is a fully restored example somewhere.
  7. Put it on eBay and it will bring what it will luck.
  8. Roger it is very close to coming out...a few last minute changes I believe Stacy is working on.
  9. From Chuck Fanucci: This is my grandfather's tow truck circa 1917 Series 4 Pierce-Arrow. This photo was taken in front of the AAA office in San Francisco, CA. His shop was in Mountain View, CA for many years. My father also used it in his garage/tow business in Santa Cruz, CA until it was replaced in 1944. I remember riding in it when I was very young. At the time, as it was right hand drive, I was allowed to sit in the front seat with my elbow on the window sill and pretend to be driving it! It was such a thrill!! Sorry the picture upload upside down...not sure how that happened.
  10. Terry, you are missing a great AACA Facebook page!! Almost no crap and lots of great stuff posted every day. 18,930 members. You can be involved as you want or not involved at all. However, just to go and look at the stuff is pretty cool. When super guys like Lloyd Riggs are on it you know it has to be good. Our group page is AACA Antique Automobile Club of America. Can't believe you are holding back.
  11. Marilyn Lewis is her name Bill. Sorry, not on the forum much right now and just saw this
  12. Folks, very sorry things are up in the air. We hope to have everything buttoned up in the next two weeks and get all your questions answered. Sorry for the delay but we have been waiting on answers from others and I have been saddled with a medical issue the past month. We are on it strong now! There will be parking near the show site.
  13. Not yet, still putting the final touches on the program.
  14. Locoman, explain your handle? Has it anything to do with Locomobiles or are you nuts like the rest of us? Couldn't resist Tim, talk to you soon.