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  1. The Bliss was a CDO recreation and has a devoted group of owners as it was the sturdiest of all the CDO recreations made over three decades. I am pretty sure we have info here in our library on the Bliss and I see from time to time original literature or copies come up for sale. If you are looking for the fake lamps, etc that is going to be pretty difficult. If you are looking simply to make the car look close to the original then you have some options. Very simple car overall. I have the smallest motorized version of the CDO and I simply used a real set of small Neverouts as sidelamps in
  2. Billy, sorry that happened but the GROUP page. We took it over a few years ago when it was headed in the wrong direction. If you have been there lately it is heavily populated by newer cars and the moderators all are into Post-War cars, even I have two! Being a group page made up of many, many non AACA members we get all sorts of viewpoints. Hopefully, we are keeping the insults to a dull roar. Lots of would like to say here but rushing to get out of here for our event in Charlotte, NC this weekend. Should be a good show!
  3. Ed. so this was a true story. Hmmm, does it mean the others you have told may not be! You should have little time for driving around in that fine automobile as you have three magazines to finish reading. Actually, I do envy you as there is not a single car in the collection I would not kill to drive to breakfast.
  4. The tallest of the three awards will be given out to the lucky winners of special glass awards at Auburn. They are much prettier in person and were used at the Elegance at Hershey Concours in 2019. Really gorgeous and unique! Hope you folks can join in on the fun. The gold/black award is the class award being given out ( 3 per class).
  5. There are several radio shows about the hobby and hopefully we can support them by listening in and checking them out. Shame that America's Web Radio is on at the same time but pick your interest and enjoy. Both shows get some great guests and of course our own Walt Gosden has a show too. Makes me wonder how many collectible car shows are on the radio these days. I will be giving them all a listen when I can...
  6. What we do know is the spaces will be 10 X 20 and all on black top. Brian, we can provide Display Only Windshield cards for anyone who needs them. We use DO Not Judge windshield cards to help the judges but can label them anything.
  7. Thanks, we just finished the first "final" draft about 10 minutes ago and having it reviewed by the team. Tommy call me if you have any names or contact info of famous retired NASCAR drivers in the area.
  8. Roberta, we hope to have info from RM about our spaces this week and will get them posted and Fred will have. Working on several ideas and locations.
  9. Mr. Earl, I still do not have an answer...have not forgotten you! Awful quiet here. I expected a lot of comments both pro and negative on what we were doing. Hopefully it is because everyone is just planning on coming...hope we have a big crowd. AACA members, registration cards in the mail, online is open!
  10. The chairman of the Eastern Division Tour was consulted prior to selecting the date and was gracious in having no objection to our plans. The tour is not a large one and we regret if anyone on that tour now has a conflict but as I am fond of saying, "it is what it is." Unfortunately folks there are only so many weekends to play with and virtually every date we looked at had a issue with some event. We actually moved the date due to the ODMA event as it was one of the few weekends available to us. The date chosen is not ideal for a lot of us, especially national HQ staff but we
  11. No, John this is the beauty of the event which we have done for several years with other groups. Join in the fun and show with the Buick guys but you do have to register with them, however, if you want to take advantage of the 1/2 year AACA membership at only $20 you can also register to be judged in AACA at the same time. Totally your call.
  12. Folks, stay tuned..we have a Date June 3-5. Williamsburg, VA Working out contracts and details now!!!
  13. Self contained only for our event at this time. I will ask RM if they want to open up their hook-up camper area but I assume the charge will be much more. It has been so at their auctions. RM will only have a skeleton staff for this event so it presents challenges for them and us
  14. Dennis, absolutely but unfortunately there is a $25 charge this year (NOT per day). The brochure explains the show pretty extensively. Thanks
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