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  1. Pete and others, casting blame will not do us any good. HE&R has worked with us wonderfully over the years. They have a multi-million dollar company to protect and despite the green light we had, the rulings from our state government were unsurmountable at this location. We tried everything from asking for a waiver to changing the way we ran the show and we just could not find a way to meet the 250 limit by the state. Yes, many others are simply disregarding the rulings and doing whatever they want. We do not own our own property to put this event on so we are at the mercy of the land
  2. Joe, judges will need to contact the chief judge directly. show registration online will open up soon but we want those already registered to have first crack at the new show.
  3. Letters were sent out to all 835 show car registrants today including a registration card for Gettysburg. Same for judges...we are asking all judges to follow specific instruction to transfer their registration to Gettysburg. Judges will get the special Hershey fall meet chip and a judges hat from the show that never was!!! At least you will have that hat as a moment of this strangest of years.
  4. Any show AACA will have this year will be open to the public.
  5. Folks, I have not been on the forums. Things are going gang busters here in so many ways. Please wait for an official announcement by the club on our social media and in a letter to you.
  6. Peter, I have not been on the forum for several weeks. I quickly saw this thread. I disagree. It is up to all of us in the hobby that wish to see it perpetuated to actually do something! Create our own destiny! While we have had a scant amount of events I can tell you that there are young people getting into the hobby. Not enough but they are out there. We all need to find a way to give them the "bug".
  7. Bob, yes, we took a 1903 CDO engine and put a electric starter on it. The replica was to be used in a lot of promotional dates so ease of use was important. I called it engineering by Budweiser as at the time we only had three photos to use as a basis. I thought the head of Oldsmobile was going to be its driver but he informed me that we needed to build the car around my height and not his. Of course I objected loudly! (not). We had a fun event at Ormond beach with a Winton as well to recreate a time trial in 103
  8. Bob, shows you how much I have aged! That is me helping to remove the car from the transport and me driving it! I was authorized to get the Pirate built and Tim Ohlendorf in Beecher, Illinois carried the project through. It was a fun build especially since I got to play with it a lot.
  9. This one is running a fine line. As long as it is civil it bears appropriate discussion. There has been legislation proposed in the past to try and ban collector cars. We must not fall asleep and let something happen.
  10. I was upset too about some folks that did not wear their masks but some were in fact guests of the hotel or others who somehow heard about the show. The majority of people there were wearing their masks and we appreciate it.
  11. Add my two cents in here. We were selling t-shirts that were designed for Hershey. The front of the shirt said AACA STRONG! Well we were strong and manged in 30 days to move a meet from Allentown to Gettysburg. Pat is right, this was one heck of a feat but our staff, board, regions and members showed we could have a show and do it responsibly. My hat is off to all who took part and all who acted out of concern for others, not just themselves. It was a GREAT weekend for the club and bodes well for Hershey. By the way, we have extended the Hershey deadline to September 15th...we NEED 1,0
  12. Yes, trailers will be allowed to arrive on Saturday. Hopefully the parking people will be there by 7 AM if they did not party too much that night! As to Joe's comment, this event has not been advertised to the public at all. It is not fenced in like Allentown and there are businesses in the complex including two hotels and a restaurant so there is no way to limit people coming into the venue. With 8 different sections of the showfield we do not see crowds to be an issue since virtually no one but AACA members know the show is going on and you can not see the show from the road.
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