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  1. Let's not end up with a political thread here folks. Our moderators have come out strongly about such talk. However, going to try to add my two cents for what it is worth in this thread about perfectionism. 1. Like Larry I was a factory service rep and saw thousands of cars and as a dealer even more. ALL cars during my time were far from perfect be they fit or finish. Paint jobs and gaps today on these restored cars are incredible. Very few, if any, would be happy restoring a car to those original standards. The game changed years ago and there is no putting that horse bac
  2. Indiana I would suggest checking out LaVine in Nappanee. There are excellent shops in Illinois too and a friend had done several high Wheelers but i think he is totally booked up for awhile. Looking for repairs or restoration work?
  3. A little late to this thread but Dale was as good a restorer as there was. Super talented and had the ability to do amazing metal work. We were fortunate enough to have him build a pedal car for our auction several years ago thanks to his friendship with our editor West Peterson. He did not take the easy way out and built a Cadillac that is now owned by one of our members. The bidding was amazing and rightfully so! He built if from scratch and made wooden bucks to hammer out the shape. The process was amazing. Great guy and I felt he was really quiet and un-assuming for someone of his imm
  4. One of our members called yesterday from California, he got his Nov/December issue yesterday..was mailed November 14th! In any case from our perspective things have gotten much better lately.
  5. Yes, Bob I believe there are quite a few but can't handle that right now. Good eyes, I missed seeing that. In the actual photograph it appears they are offset so the driver can see...really interesting.
  6. Photo 1-1920 #33 Mulford Special driven by Ralph Mulford. On the scales at the Indy 500 Photo 2-Ralph Mulford racing up Pike's Peak cog railway in 1920 Photo 3-1912 Knox with Ralph Mulford and Billy Chandler at Indy
  7. Perfect shirt for you...after seeing the shop! We are all going to start to dislike you if you keep sharing all the wonderful things you get to do!
  8. We have explored all sorts of ideas for sending out membership cards including putting them in the magazine but so far for a variety of reasons it does not work for us. Yes, other clubs can make it work but we have some unique issues with doing it that way. You can request a second card to be mailed or we can email you a pdf quickly. As to the Baush & Lomb guy, Ron Zarella, maybe the worst executive I have ever come across. He made Karen Francis GM of Olds and talk about incompetence! If I said all I want to, I might cross the legal line. All I can say is that he was over-c
  9. Bob, I "lost" my chance of getting a bunch of cars I was drooling over at those auctions. I had the desire just not the money. I need to find someone locally to post more of these pictures. Hard to find the time but I will try to weed out some of the better ones. Most of the 8 X 10's are identified but the smaller ones are not.
  10. Well I promised to send some this weekend but only grabbed three off the top, I am not sure if any are previously on this thread but I do have the luxury of identifying the cars and drivers. The first photo with #3 at the bottom is from Sheepshead Bay in 1916.. Puegeot #3 Aitken, Peusun# 12 Franchi, Maxwell #11 Rickenbacker, Hudson #21 Vail and Peugeot #9 Mulford. Photo#2 Is Ralph Mulford in the #9 Frontenac and Tommy Milton in the #7 Deusenberg at Uniontown, PA May 16, 1918 Photo#3 is the #10 Duesenberg with Jimmy Murphy, #12 Meteor (Duesenberg) and the #9 Deusenber
  11. I am pretty sure this is correct and I saw it in Barney's daughter's collection when I bought a CDO from them. An experience and sight I will never forget as there were wonderful brass cars all around and a huge pile and crane in the center in a industrial complex in Wixom, Michigan
  12. I have had little chance to go through the Mulford material...we are still burning the midnight oil with our move in to our new building. However, some of the photos I definitely posted before as they were in our library collection. Others brand new to me. The bulk of the letters wee between Mulford, Peter Helck and Charlie Betts. It culminated with a several part story in our magazine. They tried to get a book published but the one publisher skewered their writing, a rather biting criticism of their literary style. He told them they should have emulated Roger Kahn's book "The Boys of Su
  13. Hershey Region does NOT have a street address. Bill do not wait for your card in the mail..check your email. I just sent you a PDF of your card.
  14. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2021/01/all-39-gm-brands-listed-in-one-article/
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