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  2. Folks, the region will be sending a post card out very shortly giving you the information about refunds. That is their territory and I cannot speak for them at this point. I hope no one reads too much into any of this but David it was NOT mostly driven by the volunteer issue. Many were more than willing to risk health issues so that everyone could enjoy the fall meet. Our state government has policies now that preclude a lot of things happening and if you read our Governor's press releases it becomes very clear that the region had a huge obstacle to clear and at this time there was no way to get around it. I am not bashing nor do I want this forum to turn into a political debate. For us, it is simple, AACA and the Hershey Region has to abide by the laws and regulations of our state.
  3. Please take note of the blue section in the above post, the fall meet has not been completely canceled. At the present time the flea market and car corral are in fact canceled but all parties are working as hard as humanly possible to get the show approved on Saturday. We have a plan. We, AACA, the Hershey Region and HE&R are all 100% in agreement to do this...we just need cooperation from our state government and we WILL have a show!
  4. It is with great regret that the AACA Hershey Region Executive Board informs you that the 2020 Hershey Fall Meet has been cancelled. This decision was not arrived at lightly. Our Club prides itself on producing a world-class event that thousands of people anticipate every year, so we felt the heaviest of burdens when faced with this decision. While making the difficult choice to cancel, the Board took many obstacles into account, including but not limited to: the health and welfare of our volunteers, vendors, partners, and visitors; the unknown restrictions and/or guidelines that may be in place at the time of our show; and the volunteer-only workforce we rely on to prepare for a show of our magnitude. We appreciate you understanding how difficult this decision was for the Executive Board to make. We know that some people will be upset by the decision and others will applaud it. Either way, please know that the Hershey Region Executive Board has acted in what they believe are the best interests of the Club, and we ask for your continued support as we navigate these unprecedented times. Refund information will be sent very soon in regards to all payments already received by the Hershey Region AACA. Please know that we continue to explore ideas to benefit the hobby and are working toward the possibility of still hosting our usual car show on Saturday in October. While this may not be doable, AACA and the Hershey Region along with other constituencies are working hard to make this possible. Please visit our website and social media as often as possible for the latest news. Hershey Region AACA
  5. At this time I would avoid speculation as there should be a press release out by tomorrow if not today that will explain where we all stand in this unfortunate time.
  6. Ugh! So sorry to hear. They WERE mailed but I am letting our printer know of the issue. Normally they tell us that everything should arrive in 20 days. They were shipped by 5/12. If by March 32 you don't get a copy let us know at national HQ.
  7. Gentlemen, everyone has a right to their opinion. There are plenty to go around from well meaning, smart and educated people who now have the responsibility of keeping us safe and yet at the same time allow people to find a way to survive economically in these difficult times. It's like the person from Harvard, Yale, Princeton etc. opining on things and all having different answers. We also have individuals who are getting their information from news sources that may or may not be reputable or informed or even getting their information from friends. Everyone has a right to their opinions and to make decisions for their own personal best interests. This thread, however, was not designed to debate the virus issue one more time. The region has to weigh numerous issues and has more than one constituency to hear from. Factors from our state government mandates, use of property, concern for volunteers, concern for AACA members and the desire to serve the automobile hobby in hosting "the greatest show on earth" all come into play. A decision will come soon and IF the show is held there will be regulations that will have to be followed, like them or not. If Hershey does not happen if will be a sad day for all of us but something that in the end was felt unavoidable. Those involved in making the decision have already spent and enormous amount of time thinking through the options. Let this play out and do your best to respect whatever decision is finally will not have been an easy one!
  8. Since we did not send out the Survey Monkey piece, I cannot tell you why. They had the same list from the email.
  9. Just to clarify one issue: The HCCA Library is available only to HCCA members. That is the decision by those that run their library.
  10. The Hershey Region sent out two surveys. The first went to vendors who we had emails for, the club developed the list for the region. If you got the email from us you should have gotten the survey. The survey may have gone to spam ( I know several people including us who did not get it). Also, if you have changed your email and not notified us you would not have received one. The second email went to Hershey Region members. The Region has a very difficult decision to make given a host of concerns that are legitimately not any easy call for them. Hopefully, in this daily changing environment where new rules, new science and new answers regarding the virus are the norm, the region will be able to come to a conclusion that will keep "Hershey" in 2020. If in fact, they feel they cannot or the state does not allow the event then that is something sadly we will have to live with and hope for a great 2021. If you did not get a survey please check your spam filter...looked this morning and viola there it was!!
  11. So, I am not a librarian but I do know that the new system which is a $40,000 plus investment will allow a lot of our holdings to be searched in the same manner as Google. So instead of having to have the name of the book, author, etc. you can get a better search result. I am sure there is much more to the system. It should be very friendly. It might even say hello! Once we are in the new library and have things up and running staff and volunteers will be redoubling their digitization efforts to allow even further access. However, as someone who has done a little research in his life and has watched many authors, writers and historians come to the library and spends days and even weeks researching there is still no substitute for doing your own work with the vast holdings we have here. There is too much to find. We recently had a team of people here doing research and it was a eureka moment every hour or so as they found obscure info that we would never know to look for as the researcher has a much better idea of his or her needs. At some point, there is an element of personal responsibility to do the research or to pay to have it done if that is the only option. We will not have 3,000,000 items scanned and available in my lifetime! However, our library will be doing more than any such operation of its kind in the country to make material available and for free. We will be doing the best we can with our resources.
  12. Interesting discussion. As to Bob's question: We have little time to indicate on every document donated to us who gave it to us but we do and will have signage about the collections we own and who the donors were as in the 3,000 plus William T. Gerrard Class Car Collection, The Charles Schalebaum Collection, etc. As to duplicates, if we get them our librarians try to keep the best copy and sell the other copy. This helps in a small way to pay the library expenses. As to shipping, no issue really, if the collection is that worthwhile and helps our mission then we haul it by a variety of means. We had a full tractor trailer load come to us from Oregon and we paid the bill. We had pods delivered and we have taken trailers to pick up materials. We do NOT make a donor pay for shipping if he cannot afford it but we are choosey what we accept. As to value, the view of AACA and our staff is that we are here to benefit the hobby, not increase our value. It is what it is, if we do not make it available then we are simply a warehouse and that is NOT our goal. The value for a 501 C 3 is a entirely different story than for a for-profit. The value to us is being of service to those that need it. History needs to be shared, not hoarded. I'm doing a lot of speaking for our library as I am very passionate about what our great staff does. I am simply a supporter to Chris, Mike and Matt and our organization.
  13. Greg, Some times when things get transferred it saves them "forever"! This is our new building scheduled to open this fall. 35,000 sq. ft. with the entire second floor devoted to a brand new library with room for well over 3,000,00 documents. A media room, digitization room that is even capable of digitizing film, special rooms for authors/writers to work on research, etc., etc. Every desk/table set up for laptops for visitors. Huge WI-FI capability. THREE librarians with their Masters' degree in Library Science. Added the purchase of the Philly library and the numerous other collections we house for other car clubs and you have what we believe will be largest free library dedicated to the automobile in the US. Yes, I am extremely proud of this venture and all those that have made it happen. So, you may not be that familiar with us but we will be making a lot of noise come this fall and our massive digital efforts will make it even easier for any in the world to have access to our holdings. Even you Canadians! (Actually, the BHA has recently brought the McLaughlin collection to our building just waiting to be properly moved to our new home.
  14. I really should not play this out in public but despite all the great intentions I see some type of reality check might be in order. I will point out to an example of a project several years ago that the AACA Library & Research Center tried to accomplish that failed. Our library staff, along with support from our board, a grant from one of our supporters and others tried to host a conference in Hershey of all the automotive libraries in the US. Topics of mutual interest would be covered and the idea was to foster cooperation between the libraries. All expenses at the conference would be covered, rooms, meals, etc. NO CHARGE to anyone attending, just get here. It went nowhere. We did have a little support but we also had libraries telling us that it made no sense to share ideas, resources or anything of the like as we were "competitors"! Others said it was to expensive to travel here. There was a million excuses or just plain no interest. Our library is a free library and available to everyone world wide, it is there for the common good, period. Now that the Simeone and AACA own the the Free Library of Philadelphia's collection it will centralize a lot more material. Virtually every week (pre-pandemic) we have received collections from basements or personal collections so we know the need for a repository of this info which is why we are building a brand new library to open this fall with massive new technology and access let alone the volume of material. The idea posed is a noble one, filled with all the good intentions in the world but based upon what we have seen is going to be a massive expense in time and dollars and cooperation with all the stakeholders problematic.