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  1. Does anybody have the tour booklet for 1961- I believe it was in the Poconos (PA)? I'm set to return my '14 Simplex to the Glidden tour this year and it was owned/driven by Mahlon Patton in the 1961 Glidden. Leads appreciated! Thanks!
  2. James - I am in the Charlotte area and believe I was a previous owner of your Auburn. I can help you and have sent a PM. David
  3. Nice 1928 Auburn just listed under Cars for Sale. Thanks for looking!
  4. Last June, we lost a good friend and avid old car fan – Clay Thomas. A true southern gentleman, Clay made many friends touring with his wife Mary Ellen in their Marmon and Auburn. The family has expressed a desired to see these cars be passed on to an equally enthusiastic old car lover that will continue to enjoy the driving of such special classics. The Marmon was sold last fall and now only the Auburn remains. It is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. 1928 Auburn 8-115 Phaeton Sedan - For Sale - Reportedly the 1928 New York Automobile Show display model. Purchased by a Mr. and Mrs. Craig at the show and driven home to Indianapolis. Remained in their family until the late 1960’s - Very rare model and the first year for roll up windows on the four-door convertible - Beautiful tricolor paint with gorgeous deep red leather interior - Lycoming 8 cylinder 300 ci engine, 3 speed transmission with overdrive, 4-wheel brakes on a 130” wheel base - Bijur lube system, King-Seely gas gage and dual side mounts - Clay Thomas bought in 1973 and commenced a no expense spared, ground up restoration - AACA Awards include First Junior, Senior, and many Repeat Preservation Awards - AACA National Award – Thomas McKean Touring Award - in 2015 - Recognized as a CCCA Full Classic - A well sorted touring car that has completed many tours over the 45 years owned by the Thomas family - Years of maintenance records, tires replaced in 2018 with new Firestone 7.00 – 18 wide whitewalls. This was a dependable tour car and driven regularly. It is currently being detailed and serviced so it will be ready for the upcoming tour season. It has never been abused but lovingly exercised similar to the Marmon. The family is encouraging reasonable offers in the 90's. For more information, contact Russ Rogers at 704-589-2983 or by email at mbrjr60@twc.com
  5. Thanks Al, that would be most helpful! The tank depth is 18" so most anything between 15" and 17" would work. I've also seen a side mounted Triumph gauge of the same vintage and that would work just as well. David
  6. Looking for a Triumph fuel stick gauge that would mount in the top of a early car gas tank. They came in various lengths and the float was inside the stick tube. The needle and face was in the top of the unit. Thanks! David dpeeler6 (at) gmail (dot) com
  7. REMINDER We'll be taking the Marmon to Hershey! Please stop by and take a close look at it. Still looking for offers in the low 90's. We're in the Red Field near the stadium - Spaces RCF 13 - 16 Hope to see you there! David
  8. By popular request, we'll be taking the Marmon to Hershey! Please stop by and take a close look at it. Still looking for offers in the low 90's. We're in the Red Field near the stadium - Spaces RCF 13 - 16 Thanks, David
  9. Thanks to all that have weighed in on this posting. The family has decided that a reasonable offer would be in the 90's. If you're really interested, please let me know as I don't think this Speedster will be available for long. David Peeler 704-564-5468 dpeeler6@gmail.com
  10. Auburn-seeker - Good question and really difficult to answer as the Model 34 rarely comes to market. Produced from 1916 to 1924, the Model 34 spans the late brass to mid-nickel era with constant improvement during the run. I believe the later years were the more mechanically refined, better driving and more desirable cars. The other similar Speedsters that have sold in the past several years or were for sale are: 1924 Speedster at RM Hershey Auction (2015) – a very nicely restored Marmon that sold for $203.5k 1924 Speedster at RM Hershey Auction (2014) – an unrestored car that didn’t sell at pre-auction estimate of $125k - $175k. Later restored by Dragone Both of these can be seen at this link: https://rmsothebys.com/en/search#/?SortBy=Default&SearchTerm=Marmon&Category=All%20Categories&FromYear=1916&ToYear=1924&IncludeWithdrawnLots=false&Auction=&OfferStatus=All%20availability&AuctionYear=&Model=Model&Make=Make&FeaturedOnly=false&StillForSaleOnly=false&Collection=All%20Lots&WithoutReserveOnly=false&page=1&pageSize=0 1922 Four Passenger Speedster sold by Hyman at auction several years ago for $155k - $160k https://hymanltd.com/vehicles/5542-1922-marmon-model-34-speedster/ 1924 Speedster fully restored (noted above) and currently for sale by Dragone at $265k (Hemmings News) http://dragoneclassic.com/currentofferings/1924-marmon-34b/ Trimacar’s assessment is a fair one and certainly in the ballpark. As you can see pricing is all over the map and thus it was difficult to just stick a number out there. If someone were seriously interested in the car, we would encourage a visit to see and drive it. We are considering taking it to Hershey as well. Please note, I have no financial interest in selling the car and would take any offer to the family for their consideration. There is a clear North Carolina title that can be transferred without the normal estate issues.