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  1. Bernie, Great to see you at it and the results look great. Although, I may be biased...my TD is Sequoia Cream with green interior. You can probably fob off a good number of the cupped washers to the MG tribe in your area...there are several places they are used in the T series, especially the dashboard. And, if the T series used them there are probably a bunch of old LBCs that also use them. Speaking of old LBCs, how is the Rapier these days? Our Sunday in Northern California was up in the 90s F (mid-30s C). Much of my day was dealing with information requests as I have decided to run for the City Council in out little ville (about 12,000). I can easily do better than any of the three clods whose seats are open this time. In the meantime, the clutch and pressure plate are being replaced on the old TD. Seems the replacement pressure plate that was installed lacked pressure. Any time I went up a steep hill, the plates barely made contacted. Last trip home was extremely problematic. I seem to have been able to score what looks like a NOS Borg and Beck kit, so that should heal all. Because of backsliders, we have again closed indoor eating and drinking. Instead ordered take out from one of our favorites...paella. Cheers!
  2. Bernie, Great progress, especially since it seems one of the half shafts was struck, several times, by the proverbial "BFH" Good thing you are also bilingual ! I don't recall from earlier, but do you have any engine/transmission pieces that could assist with your rebuild? Cheers!
  3. Bernie, It is painful to read that you have been scammed over the engine and transmission. As you say, though, it is not the end of the world. I appreciate your optimism and doggedness with this project and I very much enjoy your progress posts. While you do not need a "Gold plated giggle pin:, I can supply you with the special tools to deframitize the woblem shaft on your Renault, at a very reasonable price Cheers!
  4. Bernie, Have the engine and transmission arrived? What sort of condition are they in? Hope all is well.
  5. Bernie, Remarkable progress on the Renault. The axle and torque tube look great...probably better than it looked coming out of the factory. Have you had any success on repair to the brake shoes? The drum looks a little gnarly. I hope you can get your drums relined, if needed. With my old TD, decent drums are as scarce as hen's teeth. The other option is to convert to wire wheels which require new Alfin style brake drums which are readily available. I hope the motor and trans live up to expectations. I agrre with you on the need for "fastest available shipping". Here in the US, if you do not go that route, there is a 50-50 chance the POstal Service will lose your package. Cheers!
  6. Looks like a gearbox rebuild is in your future! Yikes...just a u-joint. How are the engine and the rear end?
  7. Bernie, An unbelievable find on your part. To have the Renault go through two owners and make it back to your "shop" relatively unscathed is another amazing story. Your original thread on the restoration of this car was something I followed with a great deal of interest...just the idea of taking on such an old car, so far from its home country takes courage. Glad it made its way back to you and hope you get it on the road this time around. Cheers.
  8. Bernie, Good to see you re still posting through COVID-19. In the Bay Area of California where I live, we are ever so slowly coming out of hibernation, good news since the engine rebuild on my TD is finally complete. Imagine, not being able to find three 10 mm bolts in BSF threads here in small town Northern California While it is nice to see some businesses opening up, I do find it interesting that people under 40, for the most part, refuse to wear face coverings in public; I guess they think the pandemic has passed, like our rainy season.. Yet, that age group has the most diagnosed cases in our county. Our postal service finally got them here, only two days late, and the final assembly was done. Now driving a bit seating the rings, which seem to be doing really well, at working out some kinks. I'll probably take it in for some adjustments this week. Normally they are things I would do myself but I will defer to the mechanics who did the rebuild. In reading your posts, I suspect you are working yourself up to dragging the 3-liter Special back to your carport if you can. I hope so, since your posts on your projects are always interesting. Cheers,
  9. Bernie, Always enjoy pictures of your travels with the Lagonda through Europe. Your and your wife are indomitable. I am really impressed that you coaxed the Rapier up the Col du Tourmalet. That is quite the climb! I am also impressed that you made it down safely. My only experience the even remotely approaches that one was the time I moved to the West Coast of the US driving an old U-Haul truck, filled with furniture and books, with questionable drum brakes, and towing a Datsun 280ZX Crossing the Rockies and the Sierras with that rig was adventure enough. To make it even more hair-raising, the trailered 280ZX belongs to my wife and I did not want to have to call her and tell her what possibly could have happened to her "baby." Hope you are well and safe from the COVID. Cheers!
  10. Bernie, You and your Lagonda have certainly shared some interesting experiences. Glad to hear all went well with your last annual. May you have many more... Cheers!
  11. Bernie, Quite the souvenir! The original rod really let go...what is the backstory? I seem to recall that when you let go of a project, you often jump into something new rather quickly...anything interesting on your horizons? I was finally able to locate (have made) a set of piston rings for the oversize Wellworthy pistons in my MG. As long as mechanics are considered "essential" businesses, the old TD should be back on the road in few weeks.
  12. One of my favorites is whenever I get a call from "Bruce from Microsoft" who tells me my computer has a problem. I like to tell him that I know that he is not who he says he is, since I have no Microsoft products, I then ask him how he can look himself in the mirros in the morning, knowing his job is to scam people. About that time they hang up and I do not receive a call for several months. I tend to look at old cars on various websites, but that's as far as it goes until I win the lottery. I would never think to hassle others knowing that "she who must be obeyed" would never abide with springing the funds from the retirement account for an XK 140.
  13. Bernie, Glad to see you made it back safe and more or less sound from your jaunt to Tasmania. Your restoration of the Rapier looks fantastic, I only wish my old TD looked as good. A lot of the MG folk are very intent on getting T-series and later cars restored back to "new" condition...putting wire wheels on a TD is considered a venial sin. While I do appreciate that POV, I just really enjoy driving my TD and do not fret over the occassional stone chip. Also, I am not above using non-original replacements for things like water pumps, master cylinders, etc. Stay safe. We are still in shelter-in-place mode in Northern California. Our little town is eerily quiet.
  14. I have really enjoyed this thread, guys. There are some really amazing photos. Here is one from my family archive. as kids, we referred to it as the "flyingcar" This is an early 1930s Pierce Arrow which belonged to my great grandmother (her husband and father-in-law were both successful saloon owners in downtown Pittsburgh, PA) and is being loaded aboard a transatlantic liner for a trip to Europe. Not only did my GGM take her car for touring, she also took her chauffeur with her to Europe since she did not drive. They sailed, probably from New Yrk, to Bremen and then toured through Germany and Austria. Then everything got shipped back to Pittsburgh.
  15. Bernie, Glad to see you are back working on the Singer and it looks like some great progress on the tub. Your picture reminds me of the current state of the engine in my MG TD. Having overcome some other obstacles, we are now trying to locate the odd sized compression ring that a prior owner used in the last rebuild. The joys of old British cars. I love your dog kennell...out does any "man cave" Safety fast!