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  1. Bernie, Fantastic progress with the body removal. Maybe you will have a market for some of the original panels in the other LeaF enthusiast you found. Looks like you are well on the way to your special. I hope the engine does not present too big an issue. Have you tried turning it over by hand? Any indication of the condition of the transmission? Cheers! And continued success!
  2. The CA DMV runs horribly antiquated data systems, with frequent downtime. They also have incredible difficulty, again, a programming issue, with VINs or Serial Numbers less than 13 digits. Every transaction involving my MG TD (5 digits) involves submission by paper, though there is no logical reason for it. With COVID, a creaking, antiquated system has, indeed, largely ground to a near halt.
  3. Ed, I have been following this thread from the beginning and it just gets more amazing. To say the PO had amazing taste is an understatement. All that seems to be missing from the list is a Talbot-Lago or a 540K Mercedes. Wow! A as the family genealogist, I can appreciate the thrill of your discovery. Enjoy the journey and continue to keep us up to date.
  4. Good afternoon, all. I have posted my MG TD for sale on several sites. Lately, I have been contacted by "Mike" from "Harris Classic Cars". He started by asking for some more pictures and descriptions, which I forwarded to his email. He now states that he has a buyer interested in the car. But, here's the deal...he will place me in touch with his buyer. The buyer and I negotiate the deal. "Mike" collects his $1,250 fee...from me. the seller. Keep in mind that I never initiated a conversation with this person; he reached out to me; I cannot place him on the site where the add was posted; nor, can I find any information about him on-line. There is no contractual relationship between us. This all smells as bad as last Friday's fish. I was wondering if anyone else had heard of this person , his business or had any dealings with him. Thanks
  5. Bernie, good for you and Helen...out enjoying the Lagonda on a road trip day. Our old cars need the exercise of a good run. On your shot illustrating the shifter for the pre-selector gearbox, there is a "mushroom" situated further back, almost between the seats. What is the function?
  6. Wow, that is really gone! Reminds me of the t8me we found termite damage when we lived in New Orleans. The framing lumber was turned into shredded wheat. sad to see the coach framing in such bad shape…a true los$.
  7. Something along the lines of a 1947 LeaF 14 hp Sports?
  8. Just to chime in, my TD is about ten months older than me. I think Old Car Fan has provided you with a great plan…start with the engine and work from there. Plenty of time to consider your options. If you decide to keep the LeaF and shorten the chassis to sport spec, why not consider something more cut down for the coach, rather like a roadster look. That would still allow you to keep a good chunk of the original body and fenders.
  9. You might want to contact Joe Curto for a full rebuild. If the throttle shafts are not loose in the bearings, get a kit from Moss or Abington Spare…otherwise you are looking at a professional rebuild. years ago I had a BN6…a great cat!
  10. Serious looking drums. Are they self adjusting or adjusted by oneself?
  11. When I titled my MG TD here in California, it underwent a VIN inspection because it came from Texas. I had our local police do the inspection as we do not have a DMV office in our small town. It was a farce and cost $60 but they agreed that the vehicle serial number was the VIN. The vehicle was titled in Texas using the engine number but California switched it to the 5 digit serial number when I pointed out the error. The only consequence of having a 5 digit VIN is that I cannot renew registration on line, California’s software only handles modern VINs. It seems to be a common problem that titles for our old vehicles have bad information. The MG has a chassis serial number, an engine number, and a body serial number on the inspection plate. Also, the screwed on plate is a real problem: to the DMV, it screams that there is an issue. I used to live in Louisiana and it is difficult dealing with their calcified bureaucracy. Good luck to the OP and I hope you get it sorted out.
  12. That con rod failed in a rather spectacular manner. Your walls do not look much different than ours, except in our case it is books, lots and lots of books, which is to be expected of two retired academics.😁
  13. Just out of curiosity, do you have any idea of the problems with the engine? Have you tried to turn it over?
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