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    Kissel Restoration and Exhibition. Owns the largest private collection of Kissel Kars and Kissels that exists. Specializes in "nickel-era" Kissels from 1916 - 1927, Models 6-38, 6-45, 6-55, 8-65, 8-75, 8-126. Also owns the most extensive cache' of spare Kissel engines, chassis, trim, wheels that exists anywhere.
    Also specializes in Yucatec Maya Archeology and 12 Grandchildren.

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  1. Cruising on a trailer to avoid the Goonies Ron
  2. Lump - I drove it today. And I’ll be showing it off during our Woodward Dream Cruise here in Birmingham! She loves to be driven and shown off! Here she is with the Gold Bug in front of our house which is four doors from Woodward! Ron
  3. Five years between this total restoration and building a new home . Happy they both are done. Time to enjoy! thanks, Ron Hausmann P.E.
  4. Thanks Al, yes I looked at it. My preferences are earlier Kissels, 1016 they 1926 ish. Nickel era stuff. thanks , Ron
  5. All - it’s Woodward Dream Cruise this Saturday and all weeknights leading up to it. Ten miles of eight-lane highway packed with every conceivable muscle car, hot rod, classic car, tractor, truck, and even a few half tracks. My Kissels will be driving around the Birmingham, Michigan area these nights and at the intersection of Old Woodward and Woodward (South End) on Saturday. Here’s a Picture of the two cars I’ll drive and display. Ron Hausmann P.E.
  6. I have four dentil drive wheel hubs but no wheels. The hubs are, in my opinion, harder to find than the wheels themselves. I also have a buffalo number 4 wrench. Email me if interested.
  7. I’m not a pick up truck guy so my very day driver had to be a good towing SUV. I have used Ford Expeditions to tow my open trailer and 20’ enclosed trailer with my Kissels with absolutely no issues. The Ford Expedition SUV with the tow-package has the highest manufacturers rated towing capacity when compared to GM or FCA products, by more than a thousand pounds. You can also put a supercharger unit on it for a small cost (I didn’t). From Michigan, Ive towed cars to Montana, Texas, Wisconsin, Kansas, etc. without any problem
  8. A few more pics of top and interior. its a one-of-a-kind. ron
  9. All - The convertible top has been completed on the 1918 Kissel Sedanlette. It is now being trimmed and I will pick it up this week. Thanks for another great j9b by Mark Larder. More pictures to follow when she is out in the sun. Ron Hausmann P.E.
  10. Tim - Is your friend with the pictured chassis interested in selling or trading it? I have been looking for a dual tired rear end for a Kissel truck project I'm starting. If not selling, I have many spare Kissel car chassis and parts from 1916 to 1926 which could be traded. Please advise. Ron Hausmann P.E.
  11. John Mereness - i had to start building (rebuilding) the car using the hard top as a guid3 because that was the only t3mplate for dimensions that I could use, see original pictures below. Rotten wood but still could be measured. Those parts actually determined the car. Ron Hausmann P.E.
  12. All, As of July 20, 2019, the carved oak hardtop and show stand are completed. All windows, window garnish mouldings, and metal trim pieces are in place. It looks wonderful. the front door top windows raise and lower as designed. Can't wait to have it sitting right next to its car body with the roadster top on it! RON
  13. deaddds- Some cars actually came with these E & J Model 20's either original equipment or as a dealer up option. We believe that 1922 - 1923 Kissel Gold Bug Speedsters were dealer equipped with these, as there are a few such cars found with these lights, although there are no extant factory records. Actually, these lights don't throw out as much light as regular period ones. Some cars just look "cool" with them!
  14. Bobby, Your Lycoming engine block should be interchangeable with the cars listed earlier in this thread. Some high end auburns, cords, etc. Although my Kissel 8-126 engine used this same Lycoming block, a Kissel Lycoming would have Kissel made internals, head, pan, and rods and not standard Lycoming items. Kissel only bought the blocks from Lycoming. Kissel was pretty fussy about their balance issues on these big engines and preferred to make and use their finely made components in their Lycoming blocks. If its the same as my engine, the carburetor should be a Schebler S-2 Duplex. Ron Hausmann P.E.