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  1. Actually, considering the insanity we face almost daily in our businesses, our lives, and our world, this course really doesn’t seem to be too bad. True peace and serenity sounds pretty appealing. ron
  2. Al, I apologize as when I hit the button, I remembered it was a Packard Rollston, not a Lincoln rollston. It had been butchered into a tractor, but the cab, hood, fenders, and engine were there. I’m a Kissel guy so I wasn’t that interested then. Since then, someone bought that 1931 Packard Rollston and restored it. If you google it today, she’s a real beauty! Ron
  3. This 1923 Kissel Gold Bug was in a crammed full shed in mid state Michigan a few years ago. It was rolled into that shed in 1956 and not moved since. The tires still held air. I bought it. It was stored next to an early 1930’s Rohlston bodied, split windshield Lincoln roadster. Wish I would have bought that one as well! Ron Hausmann P.E.
  4. Laura, The octagonal wrenches for octogonal Houk #4 or #5 hubcaps are usually available on eBay for $50-150 dollars. The “flush-type” wrenches for Houk flush-type caps are extremely rare. In ten years, I have never seen any flush-type wrench on eBay. Only once in several years was I able to find and then buy one at Hershey. Unfortunately that is the type of wrench you need. That said, I have one spare Houk #4 flush-type wrench (pictured) that I would sell, but not cheap. PM me if you are interested. Thank you. Ron Hausmann P.E.
  5. Ok, now the top is done with fasteners and straps. Looks great! Ron Hausmann P.E.
  6. All, Here is 1917 Kissel Light Artillery Truck as of today, March 13, 2021. Top material is being applied. Still need to finish trimming and fasteners and straps for roll-up sides and interior curtains. Getting there! Ron Hausmann P.E.
  7. Better picture yet. Identical to nzcarnerd’s mystery car picture at top.
  8. Dodge - I’ll take it. Please send me by email, message, or text the address to which to send the money, etc. Ron Hausmann 313-510-8463
  9. here’s a period correct picture or advertisement. Looks identical to nzcarnerds picture at the top. ron hausmann
  10. Here are four Kissels that I took out yesterday. We have very very few sunny, above freezing days here in Michigan so I got them going on that one day yesterday!
  11. Wayne, My 1919 Kissel with the 1918 Kissel All Year Touring body in the picture above, is factory original and correct. For the first 1919 post war cars, those left over bodies were all that Kissel had available to sell. Mine is number 0235. It’s complete but not running (yet). Ron Hausmann
  12. There were two different wheel sizes for he two different engine sizes. The 1916-1918 Kissel 6-38 usually had the 6 cylinder with 34 x 4 tires. but you could get the Special Kissel double six (12-cylinder) which had 35” tires. One Kissel double six car survives at the Denver Fourney museum. And then in 1919 Kissel used left-over Double Six bodies on their first Model 6-45 cars - only one survives and I have it. Here is a picture.with the convertible top on. Center door. Ron Hausmann
  13. All, I’m pretty sure that the car in the picture is a late 1916 to 1918 Kissel Model 6-38 All-Year center door touring. These cars had a removable wood hardtop which could be removed and replaced with convertible fittings in a few hours. See pictures A. The hood on those Kissel models had shorter side vents., as your car in the picture. b. The front side windows on those Kissels curved into the windshield exactly as in the picture. c. The door hinges for the front are hidden while the handles are correct Kissel rings. d. Those Kissel cars had a relatively long 117” wh
  14. Been awhile since my last status report. been working on other cars and this one . As of today February 20, 2021, - - - a. Truck is loaded and goes to upholstery shop Monday for canvas top and shades. b. Ngine is being overhauled at St. Claire Engine, c. Radiator repair-core work will be done next week. d. Starter has been rebuilt by AER. Generator rebuild/ rewind is almost done. E. still need to put a hitch on. f. Created spare tire side mount hardware. g. Restored fold up stretcher from WW1 Ron Hausmann P.E.
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