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    Kissel Restoration and Exhibition. Owns the largest private collection of Kissel Kars and Kissels that exists. Specializes in "nickel-era" Kissels from 1916 - 1927, Models 6-38, 6-45, 6-55, 8-65, 8-75, 8-126. Also owns the most extensive cache' of spare Kissel engines, chassis, trim, wheels that exists anywhere.
    Also specializes in Yucatec Maya Archeology and 12 Grandchildren.

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  1. Harvest - i’ve seen these off-centered brackets used on cars which mounted luggage trunks high would be impeded by full length brackets. One of my 1920’s sedans has this settup.
  2. Bjorn - Do you know what manufacturer or model number ? There are several common brands in 1919 Thank you. RON
  3. I've actually fired one at an FBI demonstration for executives at an armed forces base. The Thompson gun is heavy, and because the .45 cal round is a pistol ("submachine gun") round, it has far less recoil than a rifle round would. Between the heaviness of the weapon and the lesser powered round, it was "comfortable" to fire bursts with. But you do have to concentrate to control the "climb". FYI, RON
  4. Brad, Considering that Fredonia Wisconsin is quite close to Hartford, Wisconsin where Kissel Kars were built, This might be a roadster model of a 1913-ish KisselKar. There aren't many pictures of all those Kissel models but there are similarities. And proximity to Hartford would be another indicator. Thanks, RON HAUSMANN P.E.
  5. If you are interested, I have 6 NOS or almost buffalo #5 caps as pictured. Sell as set only and not cheap. I would take the STUTZ plates off before sale. Call me at 313-510-8463 or PM me. thanks, Ron
  6. Sir - here are pictures of Kissel spicer drive shaft covers that I have. The restored one has dimension of 5”. The ones on the pile are unrestored and are 4 1/2” diameter that you need. My spares have the spring loaded stoppers. let me know if you are interested. thanks, Ron Hausmann P.E. 313-510-8463
  7. Jan, kissel cars from 1918-1924 used these identical spicer drives. I have eight spare driveshafts with two different kinds of shells and seals - some with springs like yours and some that thread on. If you post some diameters and dimension , I can tell if these are the same. I’ll never use all of these. I have eight disassembled kissel parts cars From this era. ron Hausmann P.E.
  8. I have a 1931 Desoto 6-cylinder SA 4-door Sedan that has 32,000 original miles. I bought it from the original owner, a minister in Wisconsin, in 1972 and drove it in college. It was last driven around 1980. Always been in heated storage. I’m second owner. I am going to sell it for the first $8,500 I get offered but haven’t gotten around to digging it out yet. If you are interested, send me message, it doesn’t fit with my other cars obviously. ron Hausmann
  9. Leroy, I will take some measurements today at my shop. Yes the seats in a 1923 Gold Bug are a fixed bench style. I’ll also check my unrestored original Gold Bug to answer the above question about buttons. I know that my 1918 Kissel Sedanlette swayback originally DID have buttons. ron
  10. All - looking for Remy ignition parts for late teens and early 20’s Kissels. need Remy coils # 284 need Remy generators # 912 Any condition. hens teeth and unicorns. thank you. Ron Hausmann P.E.